Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 15 – another CAA AVN supporter

Over two years ago, on August 8 2013, the Chiropractic Board of Australia issued a press release announcing it was “cracking down” on anti-vaccination misinformation from chiropractors:

The Chiropractic Board of Australia cracks down to protect the public.

The Chiropractic Board of Australia is cracking down on chiropractors who step outside their primary role as healthcare practitioners and provide treatment that puts the public at risk.

To protect public safety, the Board has:

  • ordered practitioners to remove all anti-vaccination material from their websites and clinics
  • removed several courses from the list of approved CPD programs, and
  • introduced random audits of practitioner compliance with the Board’s registration standards.

And, yet, here we are.

Today’s star is Stacy Budlender, who operates a business called Caulfield Family Chiropractic, in Melbourne. Budlender is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, the Gonstead Society, and the US anti-vaccination chiropractic pediatric organisation, the ICPA. From Health Engine:

Budlender 20 CAA ICPA Gonstead member Health Engine

Alarmingly, Budlender’s website states that she treats the following:

Ear Infections

ADHD Management

Bed Wetting


Chronic Fatigue

Budlender 29 website list of conditions ADHD bedwetting ear infect colic

Just over one month ago Budlender’s website also claimed that chiropractic was used to treat autism. I would say that Twitter put an end to this bio page, which no longer exists:

Budlender 12 autistic childtren

Budlender uses both her business Facebook page, as well as her Facebook profile, to conduct her business and promote chiropractic; as we can see from these screenshots:

Budlender 2 Caulfield chiro profile


Budlender 3 profile Caulfield

Only yesterday, November 24 2015, we found Budlender rallying support against the new No Jab No Pay legislation – I’m guessing – on the Facebook page of the disgraced anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. As you can see, hovering over her name reveals her trade, and her business:

should we be posting our opposition on the governments facebook page? I have voted liberal til now, never again.

Budlender 13 AVN comment Nov 24 2015

On October 8 2015, Budlender asked an astonishing question on the AVN page:

Where could I find information on vaccine induced strokes. A 13 month old had multiple strokes and wondering if there’s a connection?

Budlender 1 AVN info request

In 2011, Budlender liked this IMCV anti-vaccine post on the AVN page. The now broken link leads with this text:

The needle nuts are at it again…

Budlender 17 2011 like AVN

“Needle nuts”. It still cracks me up, four years later.

And even back in 2010, Budlender was making astonishing anti-vaccine claims in support of the AVN:

Budlender 18 2010 AVN op

Stacy Budlender Thankfully I have a wholistic gp who has no probs with not vacc. We have the most problems with the inlaws who say we are jeopardizing our sons life and it’s illegal not to vacc. That we can’t imagine the risks we’re placing on this poor innocent child blah blah!! They don’t want to know the truth, can’t even finish a sentence. Very frustrating considering her son and other grandchild r typical cases of long term vacc affects. Asthma, eczema, allergies, chrojns, colitis, diabetes and learning disorders!!

Budlender 19 AVN 2010

Meanwhile, over on Budlender’s profile we see the anti-vaccine propaganda flowing, Firstly we see the lies about Gardasil:

Budlender 14 profile Gardasil kills

We also see unsubstantiated stories of alleged vaccine harm being treated as fact:

Budlender 15 Rage aginst the vaccines

Across many of Budlender’s online fora I allege several substantial breaches of the Code of Conduct, the Guidelines for advertising regulated health services, and the Social Media Policy of the CBA. I will add a series of commonly breached sections of the previous at the end of this post, for ease of future access.

This section has been removed from Budlender’s website, so no longer applies:

Budlender 9 website ear infections colds bedwetting tonsilitis etc

There are, however, still many breaches – similar to the above – on Budlender’s Facebook page.

The increase in autism diagnoses, without identifying that the main reason for the increase is better identification and a broadening of criteria:

Budlender 6 autism

Questionable claims from the ICPA about pregnancy and chiropractic care:

Budlender 10 ICPA pregnant women

The cell phone meme:

Budlender 11 phone reception sublux

Chiropractic treatment of ear infections:

Budlender 21 CFC ear infections

Adjusting a child. Why? What is this treatment for?

Budlender 22 video child adjustment

Again, what reason – using reputable evidence – is there for babies to be treated by a chiropractor, because the baby is “not feeling great”? Why is this marketing allowed in a regulated health profession?

Budlender 23 baby dress ups

This post is just outrageous:

A few times a week I often get asked why I adjust newborn babies and kids…

The simple answer is birth can be extremely traumatic!
Our children have more physical, chemical and emotional stress then ever before in the history of mankind.

I often see babies with difficulty nursing, who suffer from reflux, colic and constipation, children with chronic respiratory and ear infections. Even kids with Autism, behavioral issues and ADHD. Even a vaginal birth can be very traumatic to baby! With kids these days, the sky’s the limits. We have sicker kids today then ever before.

This is why Dr Stacy has completed Post grad studies in Paeds and now Dr Jake is starting his own Post grad Paed course.

Everyone should have their baby checked by a chiropractor who specializes in pediatric care. Your children deserve it. For more information, please check out our website

Budlender 24 ADHD autism birth trauma etc

Ah, yes; Palmer’s Wager: can you really afford not to believe in the power of the innate? Are you really going to gamble on your child’s health, by not seeing a chiropractor?

Budlender 26 nerve function babies

Why is this child being adjusted, and used for chiropractic cradle-to-grave marketing? What is the evidence base for this?

Budlender 28 daughter adjustment

More claims that chiropractic can treat ear infections:

Budlender 30 ear infections 2014

Over on Budlender’s profile we see the claim that chiropractic adjustments of subluxations can treat asthma:

Budlender 16 profile asthma cured by chiro

Testimonials also  come in many forms. They are illegal. The chiropractor has a duty to have them removed from view.

Budlender 4 testimonial

Who gives themselves 5 Stars?

Budlender 5 gave self 5 stars

This is online marketing. This is a testimonial:

Budlender 25 testimonial photo chronic symptoms

This is a customer featuring in or making a claim about the service.This is a testimonial:

Budlender 31 baby crawling photo testimonial 2014

This link to a YouTube testimonial is against the law:

Budlender 7 YT video testimonial

And this link to another YouTube testimonial video is against the law:

Budlender 27 YT reviews vid testimonials July

Thanks for  reading.

As stated above, here’s a general list of common breaches from which the reader can pick, should they wish to lodge a complaint over anything they’ve read today:

Code of conduct for chiropractors.

1.2 Professional values and qualities

[Practitioners] have a duty to keep their skills and knowledge up to date, refine and develop their clinical judgement as they gain experience, and contribute to their profession.

All practitioners have a responsibility to recognise and work within the limits of their competence, scope and areas of practice. Areas of practice vary according to different roles; for example, health practitioners, education providers, researchers and managers will all have quite different competencies and scopes of practice.

2.1 Providing good care. Introduction

a. appropriately assessing the patient, taking into account their history (history includes relevant psychological, social and cultural aspects), views and conducting an appropriate physical examination

b. ensuring that the diagnosis/clinical impression is appropriate, relevant, justifiable and based on sound clinical reasoning

d. formulating and implementing a reasonable management plan (including providing treatment/care and advice and, where relevant, arranging investigations and liaising with other treating practitioners)

2.2 Good practice

a. recognising and working within the limits of the chiropractor’s competence and scope and area of practice, which may change over time

b. maintaining adequate knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective care, including providing treatment/care and advice and where relevant, arranging investigations and liaising with, or referring to, other health professionals

e. considering the balance of benefit and harm in all clinical management decisions

g. providing treatment/care options based on the best available information and practising in an evidence-based context and not being influenced by financial gain or incentives

h. ensuring that services offered are provided with the best possible skill, care and competence

m. ensuring that the chiropractor’s personal views do not adversely affect the care of their patients, and

n. evaluating practice and the decisions made and action taken in providing good care.

3.4 Confidentiality and privacy

b. seeking consent from patients before disclosing or sharing information

g. ensuring that all staff are aware of the need to respect the confidentiality and privacy of patients and refrain from discussing patients in a non-professional context

j. ensuring that use of social media and e-health is consistent with the practitioner’s ethical and legal obligations to protect privacy

3.5 Informed consent

b. providing an explanation of the treatment/care recommended, its likely duration, expected benefits and cost, any alternative(s) to the proposed care, their relative risks/benefits, as well as the likely consequences of no care

c. obtaining informed consent or other valid authority before undertaking any examination or investigation, providing treatment/care (this may not be possible in an emergency) or involving patients in teaching or research, including providing information on material risks

3.6 Informed financial consent

a. ensuring that any financial agreement is based on the clinical needs of the patient

3.7 Children and young people

b. placing the interests and wellbeing of the child or young person first

d. ensuring informed consent to providing care for children involves the patient’s parent and/or guardian being provided with clinically relevant information for the chiropractic management of the child; unless a chiropractor judges that a child is of sufficient age and mental and emotional capacity to give their own consent to a service and relevant state and territory laws are complied with

e. ensuring that risks of care and alternatives to care are sufficiently explained as these are essential elements of informed consent

4.1 Use of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in chiropractic practice

a. a full and thorough assessment of patients using tools, tests and procedures that are appropriate for the gathering of information necessary to form a reasonable diagnosis or clinical impression

c. only using diagnostic tools, tests and procedures in accordance with established protocols for their appropriate use

d. evaluating and reporting the data obtained in a contextual way to ensure that a reasonable and relevant diagnosis/clinical impression is formed, and that appropriate and necessary care is provided

e. when using tools, tests and procedures in formulating a diagnosis/clinical impression, management plan and/or for prognostic purposes, the tools used should be for conditions where there are demonstrated acceptable levels of reliability and validity, and

f. not misrepresenting the clinical value or significance of the findings of any tool, test or procedure.

5.1 Respect for colleagues and other practitioners

b. acknowledging and respecting the contribution of all practitioners involved in patient care

6.4 Public health matters

a. understanding the principles of public health, including health education, health promotion, disease prevention, and control and screening

b. participating in efforts to promote the health of the community and being aware of obligations in disease prevention, including screening and reporting notifiable diseases where relevant

6.5 Provision of care in a healthcare facility

Good practice involves:

a. seeking permission to access and provide care

b. adhering to and following the policies and procedures of the facility

c. communicating effectively with other practitioners involved in the management of the patient

d. keeping the the facility informed of any care

e. ensuring professional indemnity insurance (PII) coverage to cover care in that facility, and

f. keeping adequate records.

9.6 Advertising

a. complying with the National Board’s Advertising guidelines and relevant state and territory legislation and Commonwealth law.

b. making sure that any information published about services is factual and verifiable

10.2 Chiropractors’ health

c. understanding the principles of immunisation against communicable diseases


Guidelines for advertising regulated health services

6.2 Prohibited advertising under the National Law

Section 133 of the National Law prohibits advertising that:

  • is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to be so
  • offers a gift, discount or other inducement to attract a user of the health service without stating the terms and conditions of the offer
  • uses testimonials or purported testimonials
  • creates an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment, and/or
  • encourages the indiscriminate or unnecessary use of health services.

6.2.1 Misleading or deceptive advertising

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1. A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

a. Is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to be misleading or deceptive


– mislead, either directly, or by implication, use of emphasis, comparison, contrast or omission

– only provide partial information which could be misleading

– imply that the regulated health services can be a substitute for public health vaccination or immunisation

– advertise the health benefits of a regulated health service when there is no proof that such benefits can be attained, and/or

– compare different regulated health professions or practitioners, in the same profession or across professions, in a way that may mislead or deceive.

6.2.2 Gifts and discounts

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1. A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

b. Offers a gift, discount or other inducement to attract a person to use the service or the business, unless the advertisement also states the terms and conditions of the offer

Advertising may contravene the National Law when it:

– contains price information that is inexact

– contains price information that does not specify any terms and conditions or variables to an advertised price, or that could be considered misleading or deceptive

– states an instalment amount without stating the total cost (which is a condition of the offer), and/or

– does not state the terms and conditions of offers of gifts, discounts or other inducements.

6.2.3 Testimonials

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1. A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

c. Uses testimonials or purported testimonials about the service or business

6.2.4 Unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1. A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

d. Creates an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment

6.2.5 Encouraging indiscriminate or unnecessary use of health services

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1. A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

e. Directly or indirectly encourages the indiscriminate or unnecessary use of regulated health services


Social media policy

When using social media, health practitioners should remember that the National Law, their National Board’s code of ethics and professional conduct (the Code of conduct) and the Guidelines for advertising regulated health services (the Advertising guidelines) apply.

Registered health practitioners should only post information that is not in breach of these obligations by:

  • complying with professional obligations
  • complying with confidentiality and privacy obligations (such as by not discussing patients or posting pictures of procedures, case studies, patients, or sensitive material which may enable patients to be identified without having obtained consent in appropriate situations)
  • presenting information in an unbiased, evidence-based context, and
  • not making unsubstantiated claims.

Additional information may be available from professional bodies and/or employers, which aims to support health practitioners’ use of social media. However, the legal, ethical, and professional obligations that registered health practitioners must adhere to are set out in the National Boards’ respective Code of conduct and the Advertising guidelines.


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Tristan Wells of the AVN calls for the execution of vaccine workers

On June 23 2015 I wrote a post highlighting the violent rhetoric and the incitement of violence – using the dehumanisation of public health advocates, journalists, and politicians – which is common in the anti-vaccination and anti-fluoride movements. Please see:

Beware the violent antis – Lismore Mayor physically assaulted

Tristan Wells (AKA Punter) of Canberra is one of the leading lights of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. He has been the darling of past-presidents Meryl Dorey and Greg Beattie for as long as I’ve known of the anti-vaccination cabal.

In 2012, Greg Beattie told us that one of the highlights of the AVN’s 2012 road trip to self-destruction was meeting the “brilliant Punter”:

Wells 12 Beattie August 23 2012 brilliant Punter Dorey blog post comment

Funnily enough, it was in the same AVN blog post comments section as Beattie’s fawning comment, above – also on August 23 2012 – that Wells made this comment; which was also, coincidentally, the precise moment I stopped taking Wells seriously:

For the record I don’t think anybody spreads any disease to anybody

And pertinent to today’s subject, note Wells is also claiming to be one of the victims of the evil pharmocracy, along with his bullied anti-vaccine brethren:

You know that you can bully us with relative impunity and you like to bully people – so that is what you do. If you could bully other groups of people who questioned your cherished beliefs with the same impunity you would happily bully them too.

Wells 13 August 23 2012 nobody spreads disease to anybody bullying Dorey blog post comment

To show the depth of the feeling of arrogant certainty which exists inside the poor, persecuted Australian anti-vaccination cult, one need only look at this Wellsian pearler, from April 25 2013; made on the AVN Facebook page:

One day, the whole of Australia will recognise how incredibly brave and true you are [Meryl Dorey]

AVN 6252 Dorey Wells brave and true

Dorey responds, in all her omnipotent, magnanimous glory:

I’m no hero Tristan Wells – though I thank you so much for saying so :)  I believe with every fiber of my being, that natural justice will one day see these people held accountable for their actions.

Which, when I glaze over, looks like this. Every single time:


Only recently Tristan Wells has been on the end of some serious laughter for these comments. Made on October 2015, in the anti-vaccine cesspit, Vaccine Resistance Movement, Wells lets the freak flag fly high in a stiff breeze:

Nobody *catches* anything. Disease cannot be spread from person to person – if it could doctors would have the lifespan of a fruitfly.

And this keeper:

diarrheoa is the resolution of “not being able to digest trauma”

Wells 5 VRM digetion trauma no one catches any disease

So, there have been several indications, for many years, that it is pointless debating with Wells. He is a proponent of German New Medicine; a germ theory denialist beyond reason. And he is vicious.

This is what Wells had to say about public health champions Catherine and Greg Hughes, the parents of baby Riley,  who passed away from whooping cough in March 2015:

Just because an evil  fascist has gone through a tragedy doesn’t magically make them not evil fascists

Wells 7 Hughes family evil fascists August 24 2015

Remember, this is the same Catherine Hughes who was just recently awarded with the 2016 Western Australian Young Australian of the Year.

On November 21 2015 – only last weekend – at the Canberra anti-vaccine protest, Wells ramped it up another notch. Long-time member of Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network, retired solicitor, John Bundock, was accosted and abused by Wells – who was appropriately dressed in the yellow hat and shirt – for simply turning up to watch the anti-vaccine event. Wells told John that he was a child abuser:

Wells 8 Canberra protest3

But, yesterday, November 23 2015, on the 7 News Melbourne Facebook page, Tristan Wells finally turned into The Taliban. In response to news of the passing of the No Jab No Pay legislation, in our parliament, Wells advocated murder:

Disgusting fascist policy. And the people who support it are all child abusers.

The fact is that nobody would ever subject themselves to the equivalent (weight adjusted) dose of what babies are expected to get.

Everybody expects babies to receive a dose that they would be petrified of taking themselves. Vaccines are pure evil and all those involved in this disgusting criminal enterprise should be executed 

Wells 10 vaccine workers should be executed 7 News Melb Nov 23 2015

And, at the time of writing, 46 people agree with Wells:

Wells 15 7 News execute liked by 46 people

And here they are:

Wells 16 likers of execution comment

People Who Like This


Update November 25 2015

Sandy Gottstein’s lawyer threatens  me with defamation. Via email:

Incorrect Blog Entry

In a recent posting on your blog you discuss an individual named Tristan Wells and list 46 people who are said to have “liked” one of Mr. Wells’ postings.  Included in that list is the name of my client, Sandy Gottstein.

Ms. Gottstein did not “like” Mr. Wells’ posting and does not agree with it.  If information you obtained  indicates otherwise, it is incorrect.  Because the statement on your blog suggesting that Ms. Gottstein agrees with Mr. Wells’ comments is incorrect and defamatory, we request that you remove her name from the list and your posting.

I assume that her inclusion on the list was an inadvertent error, but with the information I am providing to you, your continuing to list her on your blog would be intentional, seriously defamatory, and actionable.  If necessary, we would take such legal steps as are necessary to ensure that her name is removed and seek all available forms of legal remedy.  I certainly hope that is not required.

If you need any further information or have any questions about this request, please let me know.  If not, please advise when Ms. Gottstein’s name has been removed from your blog.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Jeff Feldman

Response to Jeff Feldman from


I won’t be removing Sandy’s name. She features in this screenshot taken of the list of likers.

The list is a direct copypaste of the whole list of people who liked Wells’ call for the execution of health workers.

So the blog entry is not “incorrect”.

I will add her disclaimer and your email threatening defamation action to the blog post.

Thank you for your time.


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Esther Rockett needs our help to raise funds to fight cult censorship

Esther Rockett has been a vocal, legitimate critic of the cult, Universal Medicine, for a few years. Esther’s concerns about the conduct of the cult are based on her personal experience whilst undergoing what she describes as a disturbing treatment session from Serge Benhayon, the leader of Universal Medicine. The more Esther investigated, the worse it got.


The cult has done its best to destroy Esther’s life – and the lives of others who have spoken out against the cult – attempting to have her de-registered as a health care practitioner; attempting to have her arrested for online bullying; mercilessly pursuing her and defaming her across a wide range of internet fora; and now the latest tactic, the SLAPP action (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). From Wikipedia:

A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.

To help Esther, please read and share. From Esther’s blog post:

Cult leader, Serge Benhayon, is suing me for defamation, claiming I’ve damaged his reputation. A hearing is set down for December 11, 2015 in the Supreme Court – Civil, Sydney.

Donate to my legal defence fund at:
OzCrowd – Esther Rockett legal defence.

More details at my blog:
Help fund Esther’s legal defence.

Follow the case on Facebook, or
follow me on Twitter, @EstherRockett 


Read how the cult, Universal Medicine, has vilified members of the community, and journalist Jane Hansen. Excerpts from The Sunday Telegraph, September 28 2015:

Jane Hansen: How Universal Medicine bullied me

Universal Medicine…closely guards its reputation, employing an internet reputation manager to have some critical blogs and media stories wiped from the internet and mount personal attacks on others who report on or complain about the group.

In the beginning, Serge Benhayon was a tennis coach, and a bankrupt, when he had what he calls ‘an energetic impress’ while sitting on the toilet in 1999.

Universal Medicine was born: its creator made up treatments like esoteric breast massage, ovarian massage and chakra puncture.

Mr Benhayon has no medical qualifications.

Lacking certification, Mr Benhayon set up the Esoteric Practitioners Association so his own students, who pay to learn the techniques from the College of Universal Medicine, can graduate with certification from his EPA.

Mr Benhayon said in a television interview that he made about $2 million a year from his courses and retreats.

In the same interview, he claimed to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci…

In another book, Mr Benhayon claims that autism and Down syndrome are karma for past life sins…

When Ms Rockett — an acupuncturist — moved to Byron Bay late last year, an unnamed registrant bought the domain name

When you Google for an acupuncturist in Byron, up comes the site, which warns people to avoid Esther Rockett.

“Byron Bay Locals Be Warned” the site says above a big picture of Rockett, whom it describes as ‘a cyber-bully’.

The signed names at the bottom of the site include several Universal Medicine members, but this is not disclosed.

“It’s an attack on my livelihood, I’m an individual with legitimate complaints and they are (part of) a multi-million dollar corporation,” Ms Rockett said, adding she could not afford to take defamation action.

The group has managed to have her Facebook shut down and Ms Rockett believes they may also have been responsible for her Twitter account being suspended.

She has received 150 notifications from Twitter that her account “may be suspended” for “abusive behaviour”…

Serge Benhayon and UM have also hired Internet Reputation Australia, associated with private investigator group Phoenix Global [edit: see this disturbing ABC story for more on Phoenix Global and its head, Mick Featherstone], to have critical blogs and posts about Universal Medicine removed from the net.

A total of 36 blogs have been removed. It also managed to have links to television stories, ABC radio reports and newspaper articles critical of UM, including stories by this journalist, removed from the internet.

“I have hired an Internet Reputation Group to assist in the removal of the lies and the offending material on the Internet,” Mr Benhayon said in response to our questions…

Lance Martin, a Bangalow-based businessman, has also been labelled a cyber-bully for airing his story where he alleged his marriage failed as a result of the group’s interference.

He has since been accused of being an abusive partner, which he vehemently denies, and his former business, an online hotel booking site, suffered after online publications repeating the allegation became associated with the name of the business.

“By keyword loading on the business name they attached these blogs about me and they do a lot of link sharing on Twitter and Facebook, whoever they are attacking and then Google starts ranking them higher and higher until it’s the first thing that came up when you googled my business.

“The blogs intimated I was an abusive husband, which is contrary to the facts.”

He had to close down the business.

And Jane Hansen writes of her own distasteful, ugly vilification by the cult, Universal Medicine:

Last June, I wrote a piece about Universal Medicine in The Sunday Telegraph.

The Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing had received an official complaint regarding $500,000 Universal Medicine had raised using a charity licence to build the College of Universal Medicine on Serge Benhayon’s land.

LGA found it wasn’t their area of responsibility and dismissed the complaint.

Mr Benhayon was offered an interview but chose to not answer the questions in favour of berating me for posing them.

“If you are going to pillory me, as have the other scurrilous journalists before you, lies they chose to tell the public, why do you need me to comment?” he wrote.

After the article went to print, “The Facts” team turned their attention to me.

Google “Jane Hansen journalist” now and the first thing that comes up is a hate blog from UM berating my ability as a journalist, lack of integrity complete with claims I have a “murky past”.

They even used the death of my eight-month-old son in 2004 as ammunition against me.

“But would this life-changing moment signify fundamental change in how she works? Would it mean that she would take action to arrest harm if it would get in the way of a good story?”

Serge Benhayon tweeted this particular blog on the morning of the 10th anniversary of my son’s death – an incredibly painful day despite the years

Jane Hansen continues:

They accuse everyone one else of cyber bullying while embarking on a systematic, online pack hunt says Ira McClure who went public last year with her dealing with UM.

She has been vilified since with numerous comments from members.

“Ira McClure, absolute shame and disgust on you too to have enjoined this hunt of evil and wickedness against Truth and Love,” one member writes.

Ms McClure has seen her medical conditions discussed openly in the blogs by members she has never met.

“These vicious comments sicken and disgust me as they are from people who are ignorant of the facts. This journey has been riddled with many distressing events and these people with their twisted and bullying comments are just the icing on the cake,” she said.

Mr Benhayon said to his knowledge Ira McClure had never received any Universal Medicine treatments, yet The Sunday Telegraph has viewed her receipts from the practitioner she saw. She has taken her complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission.

Mr Benhayon also denied any involvement in the blogs written by The Facts team saying “they are not ‘written on direction’ by me” he said, before defending the group’s right to do so…

Although Serge Benhayon denies he directs his ‘Facts Team’ on what to write, the Sunday Telegraph’s email sent directly to his address on Thursday March 5 was posted on “The Facts” site shortly after with six more blogs including “Jane Hansen Revenge Trail” and “Jane Hansen and Junk Food Journalism” complete with over 600 comments on my lack of integrity and professionalism.

The editor of this paper also received dozens of emails accusing us of being liars.

Please help, if you can. We cannot allow legitimate public criticism to be censored by cashed-up thugs wielding expensive defamation cases. We must help Esther fight this action.

Donate at: OzCrowd – Esther Rockett legal defence 

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Flinders University nursing lecturer an anti-vaccine, anti-fluoride activist

We often wonder how it comes to pass that so many nurses and midwives end up being anti-vaccine activists. How does someone who goes through a whole university course of evidence-based learning end up rejecting the evidence behind immunisation? It boggles the mind, it does.

On November 16 2015 the 7 News Queensland Facebook page posted a whooping cough health alert:

HEALTH WARNING: A Whopping Cough alert has been issued for Brisbane.

DETAILS: The Metro South Public Health Unit has warned of an increased number of whooping cough (Pertussis) cases recently diagnosed in the greater Brisbane area, with a number of babies afflicted with the disease.

The following vaccinations are recommended:

– The standard childhood immunisation program (started from 6 weeks of age) including the four year old booster dose, followed by a Year 8 booster as part of the School Immunisation Program
– An additional vaccination at 18 months to boost immunity
– All pregnant women at 28 weeks of each pregnancy, provided free of charge
– A booster for those close to infants or young children if it has been 10 years since last receiving a dose.

It’s important to see your GP early if there were concerns about a family member having whooping cough.

For more information, contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or visit:

Good stuff, you would think. The public needs to know about whooping cough outbreaks. Only in the last couple of days we have seen two separate stories, including confronting videos, regarding babies who are suffering from the hideous disease. The two mums who recorded the videos – Rebecca Harreman and Jade Lewis – deserve our thanks for capturing just how awful this disease can be. They are wonderful  public health advocates. They are the sort of public health advocates you would hope all evidence-based health practitioners would aspire to be.

Well. Not quite.

On that 7 News Brisbane Facebook thread we find these rabid anti-vaccination comments:

Christine Palmer Unvaccinated children do not cause childhood illnesses.

Christine Palmer I am an educated health professional who has read far more widely than you could imagine. Do the reading yourself before you accuse others of ignorance.

Christine Palmer I have done everything for my child Melissa. My beautiful 22 year old daughter has never been vaccinated and is rarely sick. Vaccinations are not just harmful for a range of reasons, they are insidious in their impact on natural immunity. We have been taught that germs and illness are to be avoided but they’re extremely important to the strengthening of our immune systems. A recent study even revealed that people who hand wash their dishes have stronger immunity than people who use dishwashers. That was scientific research …

Palmer 1 7 News Queensland Facebook page

Okay. We’re intrigued. Christine Palmer claims to be an “educated health professional who has read far more widely than you could imagine.” Luckily we can find out immediately what she is talking about. This is what happens when you hover over her name:

Palmer 2 7 News Qld Flinders Lecturer shown

A “Lecturer in Nursing at Flinders University”. Palmer’s about page tells us more:

Flinders University
Lecturer in Nursing · Adelaide, South Australia
Have returned to teaching and research in mental health nursing. I provide Clinical Supervision for other mental health nurses and teach Clinical Supervision too.

Queensland University of Technology
Diploma of Applied Science – Nursing Education · Master of Nursing · Bachelor of Nursing ·Brisbane, Australia

University of South Australia
PhD · Adelaide, South Australia

Palmer 2 profile about Flinders lecturer

You read that correctly. “PhD.” Dr Christine Palmer is a lecturer in mental health nursing at Flinders University. She is the course coordinator, no less:


I joined the School of Nursing and Midwifery 16th June 2014. I moved to Adelaide from Brisbane where, for the past 6.5 years I worked as a credentialed mental health nurse in private practice. This work was collaborative with General Practitioners and Psychiatrists and also autonomous in the provision of mental health care to people in the primary care setting, largely within their homes.

In the past I have held academic positions with the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane and with Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand. I am passionate about mental health nursing as a specialty and also as a necessary skill for undergraduate nursing students in all areas of practice.


Credentialed Mental Health Nurse; DipAppSc-NEd; BAppSc-Nursing; MNursing; PhD

Key responsibilities

Co-ordinator for NURS9539 Mental Health Nursing Practice I and NURS9533 Primary Health Care for Mental Health.

I will also be involved in the teaching of NURS1007 Dimensions of Physical and Mental Health.

Palmer 5 Flinders University biography

Oh boy. I’ve got nothing. Except this:

Please read this information. This is an excellent summary of the facts.

Palmer 3 anti fluoride


Update November 18 2015

Some hours after this blog post was published, Flinders University commented in the comments section under this post; on Twitter, and on the 7 News Brisbane Facebook thread in question.

Comments under this blog post:

Flinders 2 comment on RH and reply


Palmer 8 tweets Flinders university

7 News Brisbane Facebook thread:

Christine Palmer Just by the way, my well informed views on vaccination are my own and not the views of my employer. As an academic I have the right to express my views in a public forum as a private citizen :)

Flinders University All Flinders staff have the right to advise their view publicly on any matters of public interest provided it is clear they do so in their capacity as private citizens. Where this is not clear, staff are asked to ensure that any ambiguity is removed by emphasizing that comments are made in their private capacity. Flinders University is committed to evidence-based teaching. The University expects its lecturers to adhere to the endorsed curriculum which is based on accepted scientific standards. The University is confident that this expectation is being fulfilled in its Nursing program.

Palmer 6 7 News thread cont Flinders

We can see that Christine Palmer doubles-down on her anti-vaccine claims, and shows absolutely no contrition for them. The reader can see that Palmer’s Facebook profile still shows her Flinders University affiliations, even after the Flinders University places its disclaimer underneath her comments:

Palmer 7 still shows Flinders lecturer after Flinders comment

Palmer then refers to her academic position whilst making a Big Pharma Gambit:

Christine Palmer I have assignments to mark. I suggest you do some reading yourself … beyond the research funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Palmer 9 7 News FB cont


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Of all the anti-vaccine lies; of all the perfidy of the anti-vaccination movement; of all the direct threats to public health they pose; those who argue against the administration of neonatal Vitamin K are right up there amongst the most heinous.

In 2012 an Australian infant died because her parents refused Vitamin K. From The Courier Mail, January 10 2013:

A BABY girl died from vitamin K deficiency bleeding just 33 days after her parents gave instructions that the newborn child was not to be given any injections or medication, a coroner has found.

Deputy State Coroner Christine Clements has supported a pathologist’s recommendation that future siblings of the baby receive vitamin K, which can prevent bleeding problems in infants.

An investigation into the death of the girl – born in a regional Queensland hospital last year – heard that the mother, 30, wanted an entirely natural birth for her first baby.

Ms Clements said in her findings: “As part of the birthing plan and, in accordance with her parents’ spiritual beliefs, the baby was not administered vitamin K after her birth, or any other medications.”

The parents had made that decision despite being given information at an antenatal visit that newborn babies required vitamin K to prevent bleeding problems in the first few months after birth, the coroner said. She said the pregnancy was uneventful and the baby was born 10 days early in hospital.

The baby was not given vitamin K – nor was she vaccinated for Hepatitis B – before the mother and baby went home a day after the birth. A month later, the mother noticed her baby had been sleeping a lot and was not feeding as much as usual.

In the early hours of the next morning the mother saw the baby was limp and an ambulance was called.

The baby was taken to the nearest hospital and then airlifted to Brisbane’s Mater Hospital, where a CT scan revealed the child had bleeding on the brain, the findings said.

The baby was given plasma and vitamin K, but she died the next day.

After an autopsy a pathologist concluded the cause of death was haemorrhages due to late onset vitamin K deficiency bleeding.

In her December 3 finding, Ms Clements concluded the baby died after suffering extreme bleeding in the brain over a month, due to a lack of vitamin K in her system.

“The baby’s mother had a detailed labour plan and a considered position declining various medications and interventions in the birth process,” she said.

“This included a specific direction not to administer vitamin K to their baby.”


THE Australian National Health and Medical Research Council recommends that all newborn babies receive vitamin K after birth.

Vitamin K helps the blood to clot and is considered essential for the prevention of bleeding problems in newborn babies.

Babies generally have a low level of vitamin K in their blood, as it is poorly transferred across the placenta. Breast-fed infants are at most risk of developing bleeding through vitamin K deficiency unless supplementary vitamin K is given to them, usually by injection.

Late vitamin K deficient bleeding occurs from eight days to six months after birth, with most affected babies between one and three months and it is almost completely confined to fully breast-fed infants.

On what couldn’t be a more appropriate date – Friday November 13 2015 – University of Wollongong PhD student Judy Wilyman shared a YouTube video from the delusional conspiracy site, Infowars – yes, Alex Jones’ Infowars – on her official Facebook page, Vaccination Choice. The YouTube video is a 20 minute segment taken from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet newscast:

Wilyman 146 Infowars YT

The segment features an interview between a  former pharmaceutical company salesperson – a former salesperson – Brandy Vaughan, who has founded an anti-vaccination organisation for which she is seeking donations – Council for Vaccine Safety – and Prison Planet host, Lee Ann McAdoo.

Look, the whole segment is your stock-standard conspiratorial anti-vaccine screed; replete with the obligatory call for funds, at the end. But, there is one section of the embarrassing segment on which I want to focus: anti-Vitamin K activism.

Here is the video, starting at 4:40. My good friend at Diluted Thinking has very kindly transcribed the pertinent section:


Remember, as we go through this section: the person who promoted this execrable video has submitted a PhD thesis on immunisation policy under the tutelage of Professor Brian Martin, at the University of Wollongong. Although I’m pretty sure I don’t need to remind the reader how well this has gone for UoW, here is a snippet from an earlier blog post:

The University of Wollongong’s perennial anti-vaccine PhD student, Judy Wilyman, is the great, big hope of Australian anti-vaccinationism.

Does she say “the science” a lot? Tick.

Does she say “the research” a lot? Tick.

Does she vilify bereaved parents with slurs of kickbacks? Tick.

Does she refer to these bereaved parents’ deceased babies as “anecdotes”? Tick.

Does she and her cabal of thugs organise anti-vaccine protests under the disingenuous facade of “pro-choice”; the same thugs having followed her example of vilifying bereaved parents; some of the thugs even claiming that the bereaved parents’ baby did not even exist, as some kind of Big Pharma agenda, a thinly masked sales pitch? Tick.

Does she resent the tag “anti-vaccine”; whilst only providing information which is against vaccination, a lot? Tick.

Perfect! Wilyman is perfect. And the added bonus with Wilyman is that she appears to have the ongoing imprimatur of the University of Wollongong; who in turn would appear to have had the word “disrepute” erased from all of its libraries’ dictionaries.

In 2012 Judy Wilyman’s ugly behaviour, ably supported by Meryl Dorey and Dorey’s anti-vaccine cabal – the disgraced Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – even made the front page of the local paper, The Illawarra Mercury:

UOW researcher targets grieving parents

Wilyman Illawarra Mercury front page June 11 2012

I don’t need to add anything to the following transcript, so I won’t. It really is that bad. The lead-up to the anti-Vitamin K section featured this image:

Wilyman 149 Prison Planet 4 min 30 intro image

Lee Ann McAdoo (host): And you mentioned the vitamin K which I think is sort of a new thing that all of a sudden now this is something that children on their first day of birth – when they’re born – they need to have this now, all of a sudden. Your son wasn’t given it there in Holland, they didn’t even know about it, so you hadn’t even done a lot of research into why this is being given. But it was interesting here because Rob Dew, our producer, he just had his fourth child, a little girl, and so they wanted to give this vitamin K and he said, “well, talk to me about it, I want to read the insert”. And what they were saying was it’s 100% vitamin K, it’s completely fine, safe and effective – it’s that same talking point, safe and effective – and you actually brought some pretty interesting news to us. So go ahead and talk to us about what was actually going on with this vitamin K.

Brandy Vaughan (Council for Vaccine Safety): Right. Well, luckily it was kind of a random – although I think nothing is random in the world – a conversation with Rob, and I had a nurse send me, just last week, a photo of the box of the vitamin K injection that they give, and then also a different company, she sent a picture of the vial. And this is things that we would never see when we actually go into the doctor’s office, we don’t see, they don’t tell us in the hospital.

Lee Ann  McAdoo: It’s just natural, it’s vitamin K.

Brandy Vaughan: Right. Well, on the box, on one of them [this image shown]…

Wilyman 151 Prison Planet Vitamin K image 1

[Vaughan continues] – ’cause there are two different companies that make it, umm, three, but anyway, this was two of them – the main active ingredient is polysorbate 80 and there are strong links to infertility, to autoimmune issues. Polysorbate 80 is banned in a lot of countries – especially in injectibles – and that’s the main active ingredient in one of the vitamin K solutions. In the other one, on the vial it says, “contains no more than 100 mcg/L of aluminium” [this image shown]…

Wilyman 152 Prison Planet Vitamin K image 2

[Vaughan continues] And you combine that with the hepB shot, which is 250 mcg/L of aluminium, on day one our children are getting 350g, if not more, and this is just unheard of. It blows my mind because aluminium has no place in our body [this image shown]…

Wilyman 153 Prison Planet image 3 toxins gambit

[Vaughan continues] it’s a known neurotoxin. it’s a heavy metal, it’s incredibly difficult to detox from and we’re injecting these into the bloodstream, so it goes straight to the vital organs. It’s not like when you ingest something and 60% of it is filtered out through the kidney and the natural detox process. It goes straight to vital organs. And this is happening on day one. So it’s not surprising that the US leads the developed world in infant mortality rates and day one mortality rates. And we seem to think that we have the best healthcare protocol in the world and you’re not seeing these type of things in other countries. And people need to start questioning this because what I’ve really learned during my research is this is all about profit; it’s not about our health. I mean, how can we believe that it’s about our health when we have the sickest children, we have the sickest generation of children in our country at the moment. You know, things like peanut allergies, peanuts are no longer allowed in schools. You know, all the food allergies, the gut issues, the autoimmune diseases, all of these things that I mentioned. I mean, that is the true epidemic in our country are those diseases and that childhood level of poor health that we have.

Lee Ann  McAdoo: And the cognitive dissonance of the American people to just continue on and say, “well, the doctor says it’s safe and effective.”

Brandy Vaughan: Right.

Lee Ann  McAdoo: …I’ve got to go ahead and just do what the doctor says…

In her recent submission (number 468) to the No Jab No Pay Senate Inquiry, Wilyman concludes that “references can be obtained from my doctoral thesis submitted at the University of Wollongong.” If I was this university I would be trembling behind a rock at the thought that the name “Dr Judy Wilyman” will be forever wed to the University of Wollongong’s name, just like she is doing underneath every single one of her recent newsletters. As if she hasn’t brought enough permanent disrepute to the university.

Maybe when Wilyman has real blood on her hands the University of Wollongong might take this a bit more seriously.

Wilyman 155 digitally altered newspaper front page

Digitally altered image courtesy of my Super Shooper friend


Update November 15 2015

This post on Brandy Vaughan’s Facebook profile – from the time of her Infowars interview – shows us how much she knows about pharmaceutical manufacture. Vaughan is nothing but a conspiracy theorist who doesn’t understand her topic, so she makes it up:

…some great callers that talked about how toxic the vaccine manufacturing plants are and how full suits are worn even by the janitors that work in the facility…

Vaughan 1 pharma plant


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Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 14 – helping the AVN scare and misinform

Immunisation is a healthcare topic which is outside of the scope of practise for Australian chiropractors. Even the evidence-challenged Chiropractors’ Association of Australia was forced kicking and screaming into making a non-committal policy declaration on the subject, in 2013:

CAA Position Statement on Vaccination

The CAA (National) Board position on vaccination is:

  • Chiropractors do not provide vaccination services;
  • Chiropractors should encourage their patients to make informed health care decisions and to consult their GP in relation to the risks and benefits of vaccination.

– May 4, 2013 CAA National Board Meeting

Chiropractors – like all registered health practitioners – must behave themselves on social media. The Chiropractic Board of Australia’s Social Media Policy states:

When using social media, health practitioners should remember that the National Law, their National Board’s code of ethics and professional conduct (the Code of conduct) and the Guidelines for advertising regulated health services (the Advertising guidelines) apply.

Registered health practitioners should only post information that is not in breach of these obligations by:

  • complying with professional obligations
  • complying with confidentiality and privacy obligations (such as by not discussing patients or posting pictures of procedures, case studies, patients, or sensitive material which may enable patients to be identified without having obtained consent in appropriate situations
  • presenting information in an unbiased, evidence-based context, and
  • not making unsubstantiated claims.

The Chiropractic Board of Australia’s Code of Conduct states:

2.2 Good practice

Maintaining a high level of professional competence and conduct is essential for the good practice of the profession. Good practice involves:

a. recognising and working within the limits of the chiropractor’s competence and scope and area of practice, which may change over time

b. maintaining adequate knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective care, including providing treatment/care and advice and where relevant, arranging investigations and liaising with, or referring to, other health professionals

g. providing treatment/care options based on the best available information and practising in an evidence-based context and not being influenced by financial gain or incentives

h. ensuring that services offered are provided with the best possible skill, care and competence

m. ensuring that the chiropractor’s personal views do not adversely affect the care of their patients, and

n. evaluating practice and the decisions made and action taken in providing good care.

The Code of Conduct continues:

6.4 Public health matters

Chiropractors have a responsibility to promote the health of the community through disease prevention and control, education and, where relevant, screening.

On any public health matter, practitioners are obliged to provide balanced, unbiased and evidence-based information in order to enable members of the public to make informed health decisions. When called upon to provide advice that is beyond their usual area of practice, chiropractors should seek to refer those patients to another practitioner who possess such expertise.

Good practice involves:

a. understanding the principles of public health, including health education, health promotion, disease prevention, and control and screening

b. participating in efforts to promote the health of the community and being aware of obligations in disease prevention, including screening and reporting notifiable diseases where relevant, and

c. carrying out health activities in a public setting in accordance with the National Board’s attached guidelines (see Appendix 1: Guideline in relation to health activities in a public setting).

The Guidelines for advertising regulated health services – to which we will come, when investigating today’s subject’s business website – are governed by The National Law. That is, it is against the law to breach these guidelines:

Section 133 of the National Law regulates advertising of regulated health services. It states:

  1. A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way
    that —

a. is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to be misleading or deceptive; or

b. offers a gift, discount or other inducement to attract a person to use the service or the business, unless the advertisement also states the terms and conditions of the offer; or

c. uses testimonials or purported testimonials about the service or business; or

d. creates an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment; or

e. directly or indirectly encourages the indiscriminate or unnecessary use of regulated health services.

Maximum penalty—

a. in the case of an individual—$5,000; or

b. in the case of a body corporate—$10,000.

I have never seen any fines issued for breaches of The National Law.

Today’s star is Mr Matt Panetta, a registered chiropractor, who runs a business called Pinewood Chiropractic Clinic, in Victoria. Panetta lists his profession and business on his Facebook profile:

Panetta 1 profile chiro


Panetta 1 profile chiro event on wall

Panetta came to our attention when he was holding court on the Facebook page of the disgraced anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, on November 8 2015. Meryl Dorey posted a home-made flyer which showed the anti-vaccination organisation for what it really is; anti-vaccine:

Now THIS is real cocooning! A family put this on their door for the first month home from hospital with bubs. According to them, it started a lot of respectful conversations and helped their friends and family become better-informed about vaccination. Well done!


Panetta 4 AVN Dorey OP photo

Of course, being an anti-vaccine inspired flyer it completely misrepresents the almost non-existent occurrence of vaccine shedding into a typical anti-vaccine fright-meme. Panetta comments underneath the image (as you can see, hovering over his name immediately brings up his trade and business name):

Matt Panetta 6 weeks only covers the live virus vaccines that have the propensity to shed. Should also keep your child away from those vaccinated for pertussis in the last 2 years or more. If the vaccine affords any protection, it is only against the symptoms. The vaccinated still colonize the bacteria and transmit whooping cough. This is the sole reason for a resurgence in pertussis.

Panetta 3 AVN comment November 2015

But, this is not the first time Panetta has misinformed readers or displayed anti-vaccine hysteria on the AVN Facebook page.

On April 30 2015 Panetta joined in with the delusional AVN admin, Giselle Tonee, in a complete strawman based on the SB277 legislation which succeeded in California:

A possibility for Australia? Along with 300 new vaccines for all your medical conditions -but its all for the public good. And you cannot sue us when your family is damaged. TG

Panetta 17 AVN Tonee SB277 YT vid April 2015

Matt Panetta Medical Fascism!

Panetta 17 AVN April 2015 medical fascism

On April 14 Panetta added some awful comments to another unsubstantiated anti-vaccine story of alleged vaccine harm:

Panetta 11 AVN April 2015 OP

Matt Panetta So when there is a death from pertussis the media and astroturfers have a field day. An opportunistic moment of convenience to slander and blame conscientious objectors! Yet when a death occurs from a vaccine, the suppression of the event and lack of support is nothing short of inhumane.

Panetta 12 April 2015 AVN deaths from whooping cough field day

On April 14 Panetta joined in with more AVN scaremongering; one of Meryl Dorey’s infamous action alerts regarding the proposed No Jab No Pay legislation:

Panetta 16 April 2015 AVN OP NJNP intro

Matt Panetta democratic or draconian society? Heading toward the latter!

Panetta 16 April 2015 AVN NJNP draconian

On September 12 we find that Panetta has liked this AVN post full of discredited claims, which includes a video from the thoroughly disreputable Sherri Tenpenny:

This is a brilliant video – well referenced and incredibly important. If you have only 10 minutes to spare today, spend them watching this. And then, share it with all of those you care about. Your friends, your family, your children, your workmates. It is up to us to be the messengers. Vaccine harm is real. Vaccines deaths and profound injuries do occur. Vaccines do cause autism. If they are angry with you today for sharing this information, they will remember you tried to help them sometime in the future when they, one of their children or a friend’s child is affected by vaccination and the doctors say it was a coincidence. Can you live with yourself if you don’t take this opportunity to share?


Panetta 8 AVN Tenpenny video OP Sept 2015

Astonishing that Panetta would like this video:

Panetta 7 AVN Tenpenny video liked

On September 13 Panetta joined in with a screed from Meryl Dorey, attacking Dr Richard Kidd of the Australian Medical Association (QLD), as well as attacking the safety and efficacy of public immunisation programs:

Who do you think you’re Kidd-ing? How much does your doctor REALLY know about vaccines. Some scary info here

Panetta 9 AVN post Richard Kidd Sept 2015

Matt Panetta Typical pompous attitude doctors have! Disturbing that this represents the majority of vaccine administers. Ignorant of the facts and dismissive of the harm caused. They can’t for a second entertain the notion that inefficacies and major safety issues exist. It is just way too inconvenient. They run on faith and very little real science! Sacrilegious to say the least!

Panetta 9 AVN post Richard Kidd Sept 2015 attack meds

Turning to Panetta’s business website we can see the sorts of non-evidence-based claims he makes about his health service provision. I argue that most of these claims are a clear breach of The National Law and the Code of Conduct:

Chiropractic for Children

The spine can sustain it’s first trauma at birth. Damage can occur by pulling, forcing and twisting of the delicate infants spine during delivery. Modern procedures such as forceps and vacuum extraction can also place tremendous pressure on the spine.

Lacking the ability to express these spinal traumas many newborns will experience health complaints such as colic, reflux, breastfeeding difficulties, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions and chronic infections.

…a chiropractic examination is essential to determine if birth trauma to the spine is involved.

Panetta 5 birth trauma infections allergies colic reflux website

I argue that some of these claims are also a clear breach of The National Law and the Code of Conduct:

Common Conditions that Respond to Chiropractic

  • Low back pain and leg pain/numbness
  • Neck and arm pain/numbness including tennis elbow and carpal tunnel
  • Tension, migraine and cluster headaches
  • Dizziness/vertigo
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Bed wetting
  • Ear infections
  • Sinus conditions
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Colic
  • Stomach disorders such as reflux and gastritis
  • Menstrual conditions
  • Pains of pregnancy including morning sickness
  • Extremities and sports injuries

Panetta 6 conditions bedwetting infections allergies website

I would also argue that this advertisement, embedded and linked on Panetta’s website, contains implicit testimonials and is therefore also a breach of The National Law:


One day these blog posts will no longer be required. It will occur at a time when the Chiropractic Board of Australia takes meaningful, transparent, and substantial action – in accordance with The National Law and its Code of Conduct – so as to rein in these rogue public health menaces. I will not hold my breath.

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Catherine Hughes awarded 2016 WA Young Australian of the Year!

There is dust everywhere. It’s in both of my eyes. I hear from friends all over the country that the dust is there, as well. That damn dust.

From the Australian of the Year Awards Facebook page:

“As Riley lay dying in our arms, we knew that it wasn’t right. Surely in a country as lucky as Australia, children shouldn’t be dying from vaccine preventable diseases.” Congratulations Catherine Hughes, 2016 WA Young Australian of the Year

Catherine Hughes, 2016 WA Young Australian of the Year


For Riley


Visit Light for Riley on Facebook.

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Anti-vaccine representatives disgrace themselves at Federal Senate Inquiry Public Hearing

On November 2 2015 this senate committee public hearing took place, in Brisbane: Community Affairs Legislation Committee – 02/11/2015 – Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab, No Pay) Bill 2015.

The public hearing kicked off at 0900 hours, with the five anti-vaccination representatives, listed as such:

BEATTIE, Mr Greg, Member, Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc.

DOREY Ms Meryl, Private capacity

KEMP, Mrs Debbie Patricia, Member of Delegation, Citizens Concerned with Vaccination Legislation and Safety

SMITH, Mr Brett, Member of Delegation, Citizens Concerned with Vaccination Legislation and Safety

TOMLJENOVIC, Dr Lucija, Guest Speaker, Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc.

Dorey and Beattie introduced themselves:

Ms Dorey : I was the founder of the Australian vaccination network and I am just a concerned citizen testifying today.

Mr Beattie : I was past president of the Australian vaccination network.

Courtesy of my friend, our favourite black, cast-iron flying pig, here is audio of the pertinent section of the anti-vaccine testimony which concerns us today. I’ve added the audio to this video:


And here is the transcript, taken from the parliament website, so  we can read along to the breathtaking meltdown:

Senator DI NATALE: I might start with the AVN. You referred to yourself as the AVN on a number of occasions through your submission but my understanding was that you were instructed to change your name. Can you explain to me why you keep referring to yourselves as the Australian Vaccination Network.

Mr Beattie : I will respond to that by saying: what on earth relevance does this have to this inquiry?

Senator DI NATALE: I will get to that in a moment but I am interested in the reasons for the representation of yourselves as the Australian Vaccination Network when you have been instructed to change your name. I just want an understanding.

Mr Beattie : When I was president, it was called the Australian Vaccination Network. Chair, is this relevant?

CHAIR: The members are entitled to ask questions. We tend to have a fairly wide-ranging discussion. You are entitled to answer the question how you like but I am not going to rule out Senator Di Natale’s questions. He is entitled to ask his questions.

Mr Beattie : I will answer it with this: I would like to know why you have not recused yourself from this panel, Senator Di Natale, given the fact that you very publicly have shown your derision for the people who this bill is going to most affect. Why have you not recused yourself? You should have nothing to do with this process whatsoever.

CHAIR: I would ask witnesses and people in the gallery to keep order as best we can. There is no need for applause and the like. I understand there are strong feelings but we will try and have a back-and-forth with questions. Senator Di Natale, continue.

Senator DI NATALE: I have asked a specific question. I am keen to get an answer. It is actually quite a serious issue because a ruling has been made and I am concerned that this organisation is representing itself in a capacity in which they are not able to do so. I think it is important that we understand the rationale for them representing themselves as a group, which they are not entitled to do. That is where I would like to start.

CHAIR: I made the name clear when I introduced them. I am not going to stop them from saying certain things. These things are on the record and you have now noted that so it will be on the Hansard record and people can read that.

Mr Smith : It is good to see, Senator Di Natale, that you are doing great work for the sceptics. I have been a member of the Greens since 2001 and I will have to tell you now, I think you are a disgrace to the green movement and you will end up like the Australian Democrats—your primary vote is going to be gutted like the democrats—so well done.

CHAIR: We will try and stick to answering questions if we could.

Senator DI NATALE: Again, I urge you, Chair, to ensure that the hearing is conducted in the spirit in which most of these hearings are conducted.

CHAIR: I am certainly doing my best, Senator Di Natale, and I am giving you the call. Obviously I cannot instruct witnesses how to answer but I would ask people to all be respectful to one another.

Mr Smith : We have limited time so I am hoping that we can actually concentrate on the issues here and not worry about what Rupert Murdoch and News Limited want you to say today at this hearing.

So, instead of answering a simple question so the hearing could move along, AVN representatives attack Senator Di Natale over his directly relevant question, which goes to the credibility of the AVN and its representatives, as borne out by Senator Di Natale’s follow-up questions:

Senator DI NATALE: Given that today’s hearing is not actually about the effectiveness of vaccines, I am more interested in the credibility of the witnesses here today. In terms of the evidence provided by the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, there was a ruling made by the Health Care Complaints Commission in New South Wales that the information they provide on vaccination is:

… misleading to the average reader because it is either incorrect, inaccurately represented or because it has been taken out of context.

What has the organisation done to correct the way in which they present that information? How is that different today compared with the manner in which they have presented information on this issue in the past?

Mr Smith : About the AVN, there are a lot of groups here that are not represented by the AVN. You are wasting a lot of our time. I know Mr Murdoch wants you to ask these questions.

Witnesses interjecting

CHAIR: Order! It is going to be virtually impossible if people speak over one another. I cannot order Senator Di Natale. He is entitled to ask his questions and you can choose to answer them in whatever way you like. We are almost out of time and it is unhelpful. There was a question but I missed most of it. I am not going to instruct senators how to ask their questions; they are all entitled to ask their questions.

Witnesses interjecting

CHAIR: We are virtually out of time. If somebody would like to address the question that Senator Di Natale has—

Ms Dorey : No, we do not want to address that question.

Witnesses interjecting

CHAIR: Order! It is unhelpful when we have several people speaking at once. I would ask that we have one person speaking at a time.

Mrs Kemp : I just want to say for the sake of moving on, because it feels like there is a very definite strategy here to hijack our opportunity to speak, there is a committee that has been put in place by parliament. I can see on the paper here that Senator Di Natale is a participating member. I would like to give the committee the respect it deserves and accept that it has been able to choose the appropriate people to speak. I think we should move on and ask questions about the particular subject we are here for.

CHAIR: I think there is going to be an agreement to disagree between the witness and the senator. We are out of time. Senator Di Natale, do you have a final question before we move on to other witnesses?

Senator DI NATALE: No, that question was specifically about the AVN and it could have been answered very directly by the Australian Vaccination-sceptics Network. Obviously there have been a number of interjections. If they choose to ignore the question, that is their prerogative to do so. I am more than happy to discuss the matter but it is not the matter that the presentation was about. It was not about the effectiveness of vaccines but specifically about this legislation and its intent to increase vaccination rates. It may be a surprise to some of the witnesses here today but I indeed have some concerns, not around the effectiveness of vaccines but more around whether this legislation will achieve its intent, which is to increase vaccination rates. However, I have given the opportunity to the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network to perhaps provide an account of the Health Care Complaints Commission ruling against them and they have chosen not to do that. They are absolutely entitled to do that.

CHAIR: If you have a question, I invite you to ask it. I would prefer if you did not engage in statements as well.

Senator DI NATALE: I am more than happy to hand the floor over to one of the other senators if they have got questions.

Ms Dorey : Since Senator Di Natale has hijacked almost the entire question time, may I ask if any of the other participating or full members of the committee have any questions regarding vaccination that they would like to ask us or ask the expert witness we have here.

CHAIR: We are out of time and I am trying to manage the time. A significant share of the time has been given to opening statements. Of the 45 minutes, the vast bulk was opening statements so I do not think there is an intent to stop anyone from speaking.

There are two issues of direct relevance raised by Senator Di Natale, and the subsequent, ferocious attack upon him undertaken by the anti-vaccine representatives:

  1. The NSW HCCC Public Health Warning and the repetition of anti-vaccine claims cited by that warning, and
  2. Anti-vaccine thug – and “troll hunter” –  Mr Brett Smith’s attempt to distance himself from the AVN as a pure rhetorical flourish devoid of substance.

Brett Smith 91 Twitter public image

Publicly available image of anti-vaccine thug Brett Smith courtesy Twitter

Addressing the second point before we move onto the HCCC Public Warning; Brett Smith attacks Senator Di Natale over his questions about the AVN’s credibility:

Mr Smith : About the AVN, there are a lot of groups here that are not represented by the AVN. You are wasting a lot of our time. I know Mr Murdoch wants you to ask these questions.

There are very good reasons why the anti-vaccine panel is representative of the discredited AVN. By their own admission, two former presidents of the AVN are giving testimony; another witness, anti-vaccine PhD activist Lucija Tomljenovic, is appearing as an expert witness on behalf of the AVN; and Mr Brett Smith appeared on behalf of the AVN as an “AVN member”, at the recent Public Health (Childcare Vaccination) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 Public Hearing, held on September 10 2015. So, four out of the five anti-vaccine representatives are documented AVN representatives. Meryl Dorey even noted this in her blog post about the September public hearing:

The AVN’s group consisted of Greg Beattie, Tasha David (current AVN President) and Brett Smith, a member of the AVN.

AVN 7072 Dorey blog post Qld NJNP Brett Smith AVN member

And, courtesy of Dr Rachael Dunlop, Brett Smith even states that he is an AVN representative, for the September Queensland inquiry’s cameras [3:20]:

My name is Brett Smith and I am a member of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network


So, any attempt by Brett Smith at claiming that he is not representative of the AVN is, at best, disingenuous. And, while we are talking about Smith’s appearance, as an AVN representative, at the September inquiry, I want to highlight this lie he told to the Queensland Health and Ambulance Services Committee (Inquiry transcript: page 22):

If you actually look at how rotavirus got on the schedule in Australia and the Western World, it is a fine example of how a product like this should not be pseudo mandated. I do not know if anyone is really aware of rotavirus and how it became part of the schedule in the United States and then, de facto wise, in Australia, but it was developed and patented by Dr Paul Offit. He had the privilege of also sitting on the advisory board of the CDC to determine which vaccines would end up on the schedule. That vaccine ended up on the schedule in the United States and he made over $40 million, and it is now on our schedule.

Brett Smith 94 Qld HASC p22 transcript lying about Paul Offit rotavirus

It is a matter of public record that Dr Paul Offit did not sit on the advisory board which recommended his RotaTeq vaccine be added to the US vaccine schedule. From Liz Ditz, addressing a previous Meryl Dorey lie which is obviously being parroted by Smith:

Did Paul Offit MD “Sit on the FDA Committee” That Approved His RotaTeq Vaccine?

Here’s Meryl Dorey’s claim, made September 22, 2011 on the Australian Vaccination Network Facebook page …

At the time the FDA committee was considering approving this vaccine, he sat on that committee and even though he excused himself from the vote, he was there for the preliminary debate.

She is entirely wrong.

Dr. Offit was a member of an entirely different committee at the Centers for Disease Control, the Advisory Council on Immunization Practices (ACIP). He was invited to join because of his expertise in rotaviruses and intestinal immunology. He served from October 1998 until June 2003.

A previous vaccine against rotavirus, RotaShield, was voted onto the US  immunization schedule early in 1998 (note: before Dr. Offit was on the ACIP). He did vote to approve RotaShield for the Vaccines for Children program, which subsidizes vaccines for low-income families.

The ACIP voted to approve RotaTeq in February 2006, two years and 9 months after Dr. Offit had left the committee.

The facts laid out above have been public knowledge for years.  Ms. Dorey is either knowingly misrepresenting the facts, or is unable to take in new information.

So, Brett Smith misled the Queensland Health and Ambulance Services Committee.

Now, getting back to our first point: the NSW HCCC Public Warning, and its importance in demonstrating the AVN’s poor credibility, as alluded by Senator Di Natale. The importance of the Public Warning is twofold:

  • the AVN has previously been found to provide misinformation on the subject of vaccination; and it was asked to amend its misinformation.
  • the AVN included at least four similar claims in its submission to the Senate Inquiry which were already noted by the HCCC Public Warning.

The HCCC in publishing its Public Warning requested that the AVN “amend its published information with regard to the above issues and the Commission will monitor the implementation of these recommendations”:

AVN 7073 HCCC Public Health Warning amend information

The AVN has not complied with the HCCC recommendations. Not only has the AVN not complied with the HCCC recommendations; the AVN repeated some of the claims it was asked to amend, in its submission to the Senate!

Senator Di Natale was very aware of this. And so was Meryl Dorey. Remember this part?

Ms Dorey : No, we do not want to address that question [of AVN compliance with the HCCC recommendations].

Here is the text of the HCCC Public Warning [pertinent sections in bold], interspersed with sections of the AVN Senate Submission in which similar incorrect claims of vaccine efficacy, safety, and/or side-effects are made:

[HCCC Public Warning]

The investigation found that AVN provides information on vaccination that is misleading to the average reader because it is either incorrect, inaccurately represented or because it has been taken out of context. Specifically:

  • AVN makes specific assertions about the efficacy of the Gardasil vaccine used to prevent cervical cancer caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). It states that:
    • the connection between HPV and cervical cancer is tenuous at best and incomprehensive at worst
    • the vaccine contains only four of the 100 strains of HPV and therefore its use is a “shot in the dark”
    • it is an experimental vaccine with no proven record of safety or effectiveness.
  • AVN does not qualify that:
    • Gardasil contains the four strains of HPV that have the greatest potential to cause cancer
    • the link between HPV and cervical cancer has been established beyond reasonable doubt
    • significant research went into assessing the probable safety and efficacy of Gardasil before it was ever used in humans
    • since its use, extensive worldwide data on its safety and efficacy has been collected supporting its safety.

AVN Senate Submission questioning HPV vaccine. Page 36:

2) Many pre-market clinical trials of vaccines use a non-inert placebo such as aluminium adjuvant or another vaccine in the no-treatment control group. This has the effect of increasing the rate of side effects in the no-treatment group acting to minimise the difference in rates of side effect between the treatment and no-treatment group, which in effect is not a no-treatment group at all.  The following is one of many examples.

“Women were randomized 1:1 to receive HPV-16/18 AS04-adjuvanted vaccine or aluminum hydroxide as a control.”

AVN 7075 senate submission HPV safety efficacy page 36

[HCCC Public Warning continued]

    • AVN asserts that the pertussis vaccine used to prevent whooping cough cannot protect against a new strain of pertussis, and that 84% of cases in the community are caused by this new strain. Further, AVN claims that the administration of the new acellular vaccine sometimes requires surgery at the injection site and attributes this as the reason for the change in the vaccination schedule with the removal of the 18-month booster. It is incorrect to state that the vaccine cannot offer any protection against the new strain; and there is no evidence of severe local reactions to the administration of the acellular vaccine that requires surgical intervention at the injection site. Further, the removal of the 18-month booster dose from the vaccination schedule was based on a study that evidenced protection from pertussis was maintained until six years of age when the primary vaccine course is given at two, four and six months of age.
    • In relation to Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (DTP) vaccines AVN asserts that “all whole cell DTP vaccines contain mercury in the form of thiomersal” and that it is one of the most toxic substances known to man and has been linked with autism. In the past, the whole cell DTP vaccine used in Australia did contain thiomersal, however even if the maximum possible number of doses were given, it is unlikely that the World Health Organisation’s (WHO)  recommended limit of exposure per kilogram of body weight would have been exceeded. In 2012, the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety  reviewed available information on the safety of thiomersal and concluded that the levels of thiomersal attained in the body from cumulative doses of vaccines do not reach toxic levels, making a causal association between thiomersal in vaccines and autism implausible. Further, thiomersal is not present in any of the vaccines on the current National Immunisation Program for young children.

AVN Senate Submission questioning Pertussis vaccine. Page 6:

ES.10.1 The death rate from whooping cough in Australia is low and stable.

ES.10.2 Whooping cough is not a vaccine-preventable disease.

ES.10.3 Vaccine-induced herd immunity, including the cocooning strategy, has been shown to be ineffective to protect babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough.

ES.10.4 Pertussis vaccines have consistently failed to influence whooping-cough morbidity and mortality in the 60 years for which Australia has employed them.

AVN 7076 senate submission page 6 whooping cough

[HCCC Public Warning continued]

    • AVN states that many of the Anti-D injections recommended for pregnant women with a negative blood group who have babies with a positive blood group, and that prevent the mother’s immune system from making antibodies to the baby’s positive cells thus preventing harm to the baby, contain thiomersal. They also state that late cord clamping and lotus birth minimises or completely eliminates the exchange of blood after birth. The Anti-D injections used in Australia are made from Australian plasma and are free from thiomersal. Further, late cord clamping and lotus birth do not completely eliminate the exchange of blood after birth; there can still be contamination of the maternal system by foetal blood. There is also an increased risk of post-partum haemorrhage and foetal jaundice.
    • AVN provides links on its website to 68 journal studies that AVN states support the alleged vaccine/autism causation. However, the studies mostly describe an association between autism or other neurological disorders with vaccines or other environmental exposures, but they make no claim of causality. The subject of any link between vaccines and autism has been examined by a number of expert professional groups, including the Institute of Medicine , none of which have substantiated any link. A study carried out by the Institute of Medicine in 2011 rejects a causal relationship between the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. 

AVN Senate Submission asserting that vaccines cause autism. Page 31:

Vaccines can and have caused autism

Whilst some published epidemiological studies have purported to show that vaccines are not a cause of autism, all of them have employed critically flawed statistical methods…

AVN 7077 senate submission vaccines cause autism page 31

[HCCC Public Warning continued]

    • AVN states that “vaccine ingredients” and “vaccines” have never been tested, either individually or in combination. This statement is incorrect as all vaccines available in Australia must pass stringent safety testing before being approved for use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This testing is required by law and is usually done over many years during the vaccine’s development. There is also ongoing review of both vaccine safety and efficacy through post-marketing clinical trials and surveillance of disease and vaccine adverse events. This includes multivalent vaccines and the administration of more than one vaccine at a time. Further, much of the understanding of the safety of vaccine components comes from the use of the components and their lack of association over many years with reported significant adverse events. For components such as mercury and aluminium, conservative safety limits at most ages have been published by a number of reputable agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (USA) and the WHO.

AVN Senate Submission claims that vaccines have not been adequately tested. Page 64:

The health effects of multiple vaccines given simultaneously as part of the schedule has not been tested rigorously

When mass vaccination was first implemented in the 1950s only diphtheria, tetanus, pertussisis, and polio vaccines were recommended for babies and children, while today vaccination against 13 diseases is recommended starting at birth, with many subsequent boosters. While it’s claimed that individual vaccines are sufficiently tested for side effects prior to being added to the schedule, we would argue that the health effects of giving multiple vaccines simultaneously has never been sufficiently tested. Even if a vaccine has allegedly been shown to be safe when used individually does not mean it’s safe when used in combination with other vaccines.

AVN 7078 senate submission vaccines not tested page 64

[HCCC Public Warning continued]

    • AVN uses data from the United States Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on its website, without qualifying that no cause-and-effect relationship has been established. This is because VAERS collects data on any adverse event following vaccination and it is specifically stated that any report of an adverse event to VAERS is not a causal link that a vaccine caused the event
    • On the AVN website there is the headline ‘Nurses don’t trust vaccines’, under which an article from the Vaccine journal about a study conducted into the low rates of vaccinations among nurses who treat infants is referenced . AVN summarised the study conducted as conveying that a large number of nurses are saying no to vaccination because they don’t trust the way in which vaccines have been promoted. The study was performed on a small group of 25 nurses in Israel. Due to the small sample size and unique context under which the study was conducted, the results cannot be generalised without caution. The authors of the article “suggest” that low rates of vaccinations among nurses in Israel who treat infants are “embedded deep in the mistrust nurses have towards health authorities and the nurses’ desire for autonomy”.


The Commission has established that AVN does not provide reliable information in relation to certain vaccines and vaccination more generally. The Commission considers that AVN’s dissemination of misleading, misrepresented and incorrect information about vaccination engenders fear and alarm and is likely to detrimentally affect the clinical management or care of its readers.

Given the issues identified with the information disseminated by AVN, the Commission urges general caution is exercised when using AVN’s website or Facebook page to research vaccination and to consult other reliable sources, including speaking to a medical practitioner, to make an informed decision.

The Commission has recommended that AVN amend its published information with regard to the above issues and the Commission will monitor the implementation of these recommendations.

So, we can see why it was crucial that Senator Di Natale raised the existence of the HCCC Public Warning about the AVN. We can see that not only have the AVN not complied with the HCCC Public Warning recommendations, the AVN repeated some of the same inaccurate claims – cited by the HCCC as incorrect and misleading – in their submission to the senate inquiry. The arrogance is astonishing.

One wonders, as Senator Di Natale surely does, why the AVN were invited to give testimony in the first place. For those of us who have been following the AVN’s perfidy for some years, we cannot recall a time when the AVN has not abused any misguided opportunity afforded them to tell their story. The AVN cannot help itself: lying and misleading is their raison d’être.

Indeed, Senator Di Natale twice raised the question of the appropriateness of the AVN’s attendance, given the AVN’s history of misinformation about vaccine safety and efficacy, both in the wild and in their very senate submission:

Senator DI NATALE: Given that today’s hearing is not actually about the effectiveness of vaccines, I am more interested in the credibility of the witnesses here today.


Senator DI NATALE: No, that question was specifically about the AVN and it could have been answered very directly by the Australian Vaccination-sceptics Network. Obviously there have been a number of interjections. If they choose to ignore the question, that is their prerogative to do so. I am more than happy to discuss the matter but it is not the matter that the presentation was about. It was not about the effectiveness of vaccines but specifically about this legislation and its intent to increase vaccination rates.

Why were they there? Does the HCCC Public Warning mean nothing? Why was this senate inquiry – which was to be about the appropriateness of the implementation of new legislation linking immunisation uptake to childcare benefits – suddenly yet another forum for the dissemination of anti-vaccine staples which needed debunking all over again? Senator Di Natale gets it. We stand beside him, dumbfounded.

I was going to attempt to cover the embarrassing senate submission of Debbie Kemp‘s made-up group, Citizens Concerned with Vaccination Legislation and Safety, of which Brett Smith is also a representative; however this excerpt will have to do. From page 7, among the list of anti-vaccine notables:

25. Dr. Rebecca Carley [sadly, clinically insane person who smeared herself with faeces and urine to avoid arrest]

26. Dr. Andrew Moulden [sadly, a florid Moulden took his own life due to his mental illness]

32. Many doctors talking at once [it really says this]

Kemp 32 list of interviews senate submission


Update November 9 2015

Check out The Raw Skeptic, presented by Heidi Robertson – at 4:10 – on The Skeptic Zone Ep. 368. Heidi provides a run-down of the whole day, including the magnificent testimonies provided by the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters, Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network, and the Friends of Science in Medicine.


Update November 15 2015

Check out The Raw Skeptic, again, presented by Heidi Robertson – at 5:20 – on The Skeptic Zone Ep. 369. Heidi continues her No Jab No Pay Senate Inquiry public hearing coverage.


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Official anti-vaccine spokesmen off the leash

Last night, at a little after 10 pm, the official anti-vaccine protest movement allowed the grade-five boys to take over. Well, they’ve been in charge the whole time, anyway.

Posting from Stanmore, in Sydney’s inner west, Sydney anti-vaccination spokesman Damien Poulsen published some astonishingly crude sexism in an attack on journalist Jane Hansen:

Brett Smith 89 likes Poulsens ad hom on Jane Protest3

As you can see from the image it is inferred that Jane Hansen is only in her position as a respected journalist because she is sleeping with “Sugar Daddy Rupert” Murdoch. The kitchen knife stabbing the photos of the alleged lovers to the tree is an added bonus, for some reason I don’t really get.

Poulsen 33 giving Belgin Colk the bird at antivax protest1

Poulsen at the June 2015 Sydney antivax protest
his love to co-organiser Belgin Colak
who was in hospital giving birth.

Not only did Poulsen decide that this would be one of the best ideas with which to follow through, late on a Friday night – everanti-vaccine thug, the naturopath Brett Smith (AKA Lucas Jackson Kelly), thought the image was so appropriate he’d like the image in appreciation. Smith, seen in this photo, is due to give testimony to the No Jab No Pay Senate Inquiry, this coming Monday morning:

Brett Smith 91 Twitter public image

Publicly available image of Brett Smith courtesy Twitter.

Mr Brett Smith also made it past federal parliament’s security, in June:

Lazarus 4 Tasha David Brett Smith Michelle Burnum Burnum Max Harrison

Brett Smith (far right) with a carbuncle of anti-vaccinationists
who managed to make it into the parliament house
offices of Senator Glenn Lazarus
and many others.

We’ve come to expect this sort of sexist attack from the Sydney anti-vaccine leaders: Ian Hastings (AKA Ian Smith) is another of the Sydney anti-vaccine protest organisers who has been vilifying female journalists and politicians for some time. This is the first time we have revealed Hastings’ real identity. He has been hiding behind anonymity for years, as the No Fluoride Australia Guy.

NVA 19 Ian Smith Sapere Aude photo

The courageous Ian Hastings (Ian Smith) and his partner, Belle Angel
, who runs Conscious Hands Massage in Lilyfield,
and stands by all of Hastings’ misogynistic attacks
on journalists and politicians with
whom he disagrees.

Through his No Fluoride Australia, No Vaccines Australia, Refutations to Provax Memes, Things Pro-Vaxers Say, End the Illusion of Choice, and Worried Mama Facebook pages – among many others, such as Anonymous SA – South Australia – Adelaide, and his event, Million Mask March Adelaide – Hastings has been attacking female journalists like Tory Shepherd and Mia Freedman, for years. Here is just one example, attacking Mia Freedman:

WM 11 Mia Freedman pharma whore

In fact, Hastings’ work has made it into the media before; he is the coward behind the formerly anonymous, infamous, bullet-riddled wanted posters, also inciting violence against Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell, even after she had already been physically assaulted. See, Beware the violent antis – Lismore Mayor physically assaulted for these and other examples of Hastings’ anonymous, courageous misogyny:

NFA 88 Jenny Dowell wicked witch bitch cunt

Oh boy, boys. The things you’ll be forgiven for in the name of the anti-vaccine faith, eh? Attack women, based on their gender? Yep. Attack Jews and have this behaviour condoned by Jews? Yep. Anything and everything is appropriate.

Anti-vaccinationists are willing to overlook any bad behaviour, as long as you’re anti-vaccine;  just like they’ll applaud the boys for their latest jolly, back-slapping japes.

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Sydney antivaxer attacks Young Australian of the Year (WA) Cath Hughes – updated

This post was originally published on October 27 2015 as:

Sydney antivaxer attacks Young Australian of the Year (WA) Cath Hughes

On November 8 2015 Catherine  Hughes was awarded the 2016 WA Young Australian of the Year!

Cath Hughes is the mum of Riley Hughes. Riley passed away in March 2015 from whooping cough. Since Riley’s passing the Hughes family have worked tirelessly, in their own time and at their own expense, to raise awareness of the still present – and sometimes fatal – dangers of vaccine-preventable disease. The Hughes have successfully lobbied around Australia for the introduction of free maternal pertussis boosters and, in some states, free boosters for dads and carers. This family have had a direct positive impact on the health of babies for years to come. They are public health heroes.

Rightly, Cath Hughes has been nominated for Young Australian of the Year in Western Australia. From 9 News Perth’s Facebook page:


A Perth mother, who lost her newborn son Riley to whooping cough, is a finalist to be WA Young Australian of the Year. 28-year-old Catherine Hughes has spent the past seven months campaigning about the importance of immunising children and adults against the deadly disease. Now her and her husband are hoping for another child.


Now is when we ask ourselves – unfortunately, and with alarming frequency; already knowing the answer – “who on Earth would have a problem with such a wonderful, well-deserved nomination?”

Lo Mong Bridge is an anti-vaccination activist who resides in Sydney. She has become increasingly more active in the last few months with the advent of the national anti-vaccine protests which are tied in with the anti-vaccine campaigns against various proposed state and Commonwealth immunisation legislations.

Mong 10 public photo Simon Bridge

Publicly available image of Lo Mong Bridge with husband Simon Bridge

Mong 14 Protest1 Sydney

Publicly available image from June 2015 Sydney anti-vaccine protest

Mong 15 Protest1 Sydney

Publicly available image from June 2015 Sydney anti-vaccine protest

On September 15 2015 Lo Mong Bridge was also busily attempting to set up an illegal anti-vaccination childcare service in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Screenshot from the 700-member, closed Facebook group, Unvaccinated Australia; published in the public interest:

Community childcare: Any Eastern Suburb Sydney families out there needing alternative childcare arrangements? I have posted previously & there was not much interested generated. Either the families out there are not affected financially by the new legislation or they are going to vax their children to put them through daycare? I’m posting again in the hope of reaching out & generating numbers so we can all support each other. It would be good to hire a full time preschool kindy teacher for $200 per day cash in hand & each day a mum volunteers her time, we have 5 to 10 children per day, so the cost of the teacher is shared between the families. Each family may pay as little as $20 per day for childcare. Please get in touch with me now :)

Mong 11 September 15 2015 unvaxed childcare organiser

What follows is a publicly available Facebook thread taken from Lo Mong Bridge’s profile, today, in which she and her fellow anti-vaccine thugs attack Cath Hughes over the death of her baby son, as well as Cath’s Young Australian of the Year (WA) nomination. I can’t find the words to express any emotion over their cruelty, so I won’t add to them; only to say that this is no longer an outlier. This behaviour has become de rigueur for the modern anti-vaccination movement, much to the dismay of the rest of the community:

Lo Mong

Good to share the other side Gina Bernadette:

How disgraceful using her sons death to gain such an acclaim – what about the parents who’s children have died from vaccines – I feel sickened to my stomach at this publicity stunt on behalf of pharmaceuticals – shame on her!!!
The “awards” are corrupt.
I know personally of a government infiltrator I exposed who received an OAM for doing NOTHING.
Its all a set up.

Mong 2 Cath Riley Aust of Year

14 people like this

Josie Mai but the baby was vaccinated wasn’t he?

Kathy Matthew being a newborn, prob not – sadly this is what they are trying to portray to the public to get them to immunise against it – even though its shown that its the vaccine itself causing WC through the shedding

Erin Anne The probably had the Heb B and Vit K vaccine but not the Whooping cough.

Lo Mong So if this little baby only had visitors who were 100% up to date with vaccinations & it didn’t save him,he still died, then how can they keep pushing vaccinations?

Giselle Kara Vles Yes we need to fight to protect babies, but the current vaccines are not the answer! Obviously!

Kristie McDonald This is so infuriating!!

Julia Zahav Debbie Kemp theres a photo is that collage of him at the park!

Kristie McDonald They are still advising families to do what they did putting more babies at risk… Where is the sense in that!

Julia Zahav Kristie McDonald the mother didn’t have a third trimester booster, thats what they are pushing on people. they are recommending booster with every pregnancy regardless of time inbetween, crazy

Kristie McDonald So bad so now how many unborn beanie won’t make it out alive or be damaged. Of course links to the vax will be completely ignored and declared ridiculous.

Josie Mai how come when a mother lose a child to vaccines there’s no campaing?

Mong 4 Cath Riley

Lilly Spano Who are you to insult this woman. You have no idea what grief she is going through. Medical people have made her feel guilty about not vaccinating her child. She is speaking up because she blames herself about her childs health. Yes she may be brainwashed by doctors and scientists and those who own vaccination. But she deserves love care consideration and also human compassion. Perhaps instead of denigrating her someone could show her the other dangers of vaccination. As right now all she is doing is self blame for her childs death. She needs to be healed and to know it was not her fault. The drug companies are using this poor grieving mother.

Lili Bilal Riley was only 3 weeks old, the whooping cough vaccine is given at 6 weeks, medical people making her feel guilty for not vaccinating is not plausible.

Agnieszka-Geisha Maksacheff Exactly Lili , she is a well known member of a heavily pro vax group SAVN and she would had every man and their dog vaccinated and utd who would have had access to their son.
It’s nothing to do with not vaccinating and everything to do with vaccine failure .
It’s awful they are using the death of this baby to promote a ineffective vaccine.

Lo Mong If this baby was indeed confined & only fully up to date vaccinated members of family got to see him & he died, then how can this woman be rallying for vaccinations when vaccinating the population that visits him, had failed him?

Sam Pearson It’s not logical. You’d think this mother if she is going to use her son’s death to influence others would be trying to get them to see how ineffective they were in protecting her child.

Mong 6 Cath Riley

Lili Bilal Wow making claims that the vaccine is safe during pregnancy even when the manufacturer explicitly states no safety studies have been done on pregnant women, and claiming it’s effective when the vax does not even cover the predominant strain i.e. 80% of cases, and claiming that ‘cocooning’ works when expert advice was given to the Govt in 2012 confirming this strategy did not work (and in fact whooping cough rates rose). Misinformation much???

Cass Merrigan The puppet masters Really have no conscience.

Courtney Hebberman None.

Pete Melov long term profits we must, my precious…my precious.. 

Julia Zahav the video she state they vaccinated over 300 women, really, she’s vaccinating people now! and on their page it states that women have to get vaccinated every pregnancy regardless of when their last vaccine was and regardless of how long between preganancies. so they are either admitting that antibodies didn’t develop the first time, or they did work and they are just pushing it unnecessarily. you either develop antibodies/immunity or you don’t. and how does no one question why they need the DTaP,? Ok you want WC vaccine, why you need all 3, every pregnancy? none of it makes any sense.

Sam Pearson There is just no logic to their reasoning.

Irene Peace Disgraceful manipulation by the media. Many have DIED on the flipside of this slippery slope we call vaccines. The young and old are vulnerable regardless of vaccine status and this is where Big Pharma alongside the media clamp in on the feeble minded and uneducated sheep to PUSH their agenda. 

Mong 30 Cath Riley Hebberman

Lo Mong This woman is at all the baby expos around the country. We should all drop in on her & ask exactly how here baby died. Was her baby 100% in confinement? Was every family member & friends all 100% up to date with their vaccinations? How does she think he got it? When was her & her husbands last booster shots? Then we could probably poke bigger holes in her campaign………

Mong 8 Cath Riley

Julia Zahav her main message is pushing third trimester boosters. so in that logic, if a women has her third trimester booster, she passes antibodies onto the newborn, so if the newborn comes into contact with hoping cough, it won’t get very sick or die. in which case, wheres the logic behind cocooning? if the baby has antibodies it doesnt need to be cocooned or have every visitor up to date. none of makes any sense if you look into it a tiny bit! and can you imagine the uproar if vaccine injured parents started attending baby expos with photos of their dead and injured babies!!

Lo Mong That’s the sort of message required out there! Parents with vaccine damaged babies & dead babies from vaccines NEED to be at those baby expos to shed light on other side!

Kristie McDonald Areed

Anna Kaszonyi Don’t bother trying

Anna Kaszonyi My private message got published in public

Julia Zahav Anna Kaszonyi what do you mean?

Anna Kaszonyi * Google my name and you will find it :/ it was nasty to name and shame me 

Anna Kaszonyi Reasonable hank website

Anna Kaszonyi I wasn’t even rude but this person twisted everything around

Anna Kaszonyi I couldn’t get that frigging privacy back

Kristie McDonald Pro vax doing what they do best

Lo Mong Anna, this Reasonable Hank guy is paid a lot of money to do what he does. I recognise so many people’s name on there!

Mong 9 Cath Riley

Debbie Kemp ** I don’t think this woman deserves that, she’s grieving her child. She’s being used by an industry to not only spread their message but to discredit the anti-vax crew who criticise her. I suggest we move on and stop giving that campaign, and Hank, more publicity. That’s exactly what the key players want.

Lo Mong Anyway sure thing, everyone lets move on as Debbie says 

Mong 12 Cath Riley Kemp

Anna Rodgers Wow hank is a piece of work.

Lo Mong Yep couldn’t agree more. The HANK is so highly paid he all his paid time writing up about anybody. No body should bother with what he writes, just ignore him folks is the best way :)

Anna Rodgers I don’t actually think he has that many followers – same with that other troll Rosalie!

Lo Mong Funny, I was just sharing an opinion from another person & he has taken all his time to investigate & write up a whole story on me & made me out to be an ogre. LoL. We still have freedom of speech in this country. We are very sad that babies die from both sides of the camp. We just want equality in both sides being heard, both for vaccine damaged families as well as from poor mums who have lost their innocent babies to VPDs.

Anna Rodgers This is what he is paid to do! What a miserable man he must be

Mong 29 Cath Riley Anna Rodgers

Lynne Hopewell *** Not to mention Ben Hammond who was permanently disabled from the vaccine with no compensation and on going health deterioration its disgusting that the praise the saving of natural disease but suppress the harm caused by mans own hand hate all this agenda crap I want to scream!!!!!!!

Pete Melov breathe Lynne..we are going to get there..

Lynne Hopewell Yes Pete it just really upset me when you know them and know what has happened it makes me angry when Rileys mother is benefiting from all this because she is promoting the governments agenda and people that are harmed by their legislation are TOTALLY ignored and left on there own there is no justice in this world!!!!

Pete Melov she is lost lynne, we arent,,thats the difference….change is coming in such a massive way…I dont know, about you, but I can feel it, 20 years of this for me..and I am very..positive.. 

Mong 31 Cath Riley Hopewell Melov

Gina Bernadette Problem is this woman is channeling other parents to go through what she has gone through -this makes her a danger to all babies / children if truth be known – she should have declined this publicity and decision to front a corporation that is doing nothing more than injuring and killing our precious children – I’ve heard that many anti valets have been on their fb page to enlighten her and have had their comments deleted – so she is well aware of the controversy and risks of vaccination yet still spear heads this campaign ….

Josie Mai Why exacly mums with desable children don’t do the same? Campaing Campaign, it works!!!

Mong 19 Cath Riley

Anna Rodgers **** I agree! I got trolled because of me writing something about her! Actually don’t regret what I said either! She puts her sons death as more valid than those that die after vaccines. The ironic thing is he actually had hep b shot and vitamin k, so he probably didn’t make it due to those shots harming his immune system first! And he was c section birth as far as I know?! Is that right?

Mong 20 Cath Riley Rodgers

Julia Zahav Just saw two recent comment on the LFR page “my baby/grand baby has whooping cough right now, we are so lucky we are fully immunised as it’s very mild, thank you so much for tireless dedication”

Anna Rodgers Omg!! How mental are those people!

Julia Zahav They don’t even understand basic concept of health and immunity :(

Anna Rodgers Stupidity at its finest from people who see doctors and vaccines as gods!

Mong 32 Cath Riley Rodgers

Pete Melov Keep it up ladies with your awesome work, this is ALL about profits, and that woman is getting paid to do this, she doesnt understand, totally lost, and now a ”celebrity”, the first time she has something in her life.She hasnt got a ”husband”,weak relationship.. she doesnt have anything but the memory of her child, and blames herself, Self blame is what this is all about.And this criminal system creates that, through de-education, of how the body functions..lack of..we will get there..she will wake up..when she understands that the womens health to create healthy babies, solves the problem of disease, and also..the profiting..from it ..awesome for all…and ALL for one!..

Anna Rodgers Man those comments in there grr! Kudos to you Courtney Hebberman and Veritas Aléthia for fighting this out with some of those idiots

Mong 33 Cath Riley Rodgers Hebberman Lulu Langford

*Indeed, Anna Kaszonyi does appear in the blog post which lists the attacks made against the Light for Riley memorial Facebook page by anti-vaccinationists. Kaszonyi sent a private message to Cath and Greg Hughes insinuating that they were being dishonest. Kaszonyi was asked to cease messaging the family. She refused, sending them more messages. Screenshot from the blog post:

Kaszonyi 1 screenshot from LFR attacks

** Debbie Kemp is the owner of Bowral Street Childcare. Kemp is an anti-vaccine activist who was one of the speakers at the recent Sydney anti-vaccine protest.

*** Lynne Hopewell also concern-trolled the Light for Riley Facebook page.

**** Anna Rodgers has told many lies about Cath and Riley like those she repeats in the above thread. One of the things she is proud about is referring to Cath as a “bitch” and denying that Riley exists. Rodgers features in this post: The Abhorrent Cruelty of Anti-Vaxxers. Rodgers’ is known on Twitter as Miss Eco Glam.

Rodgers 50 Riley mum a bitch husband Nathan Rodgers missecoglam

Publicly available images of Anna Rodgers and husband Nathan Rodgers.

Tell your friends and your families, and alert politicians: this is the true face of the anti-vaccination movement. This is what they do, now. It is no longer just the rabid contingent like Meryl Dorey and her AVN cabal which vilifies grieving families. It’s the everyday anti-vaccinationists as well; the ones we used to think were well-behaved. Even those who appear not to condone the execrable behaviour only do so with the addition of further slurs against Cath and her family. They are all as bad as those who do their worst.

Morrison quote standard you walk past


Update October 29 2015

It would seem the provision of anti-vaccination misinformation is something which runs in Lo Mong Bridge’s family.

Huong Lau is Lo Mong Bridge’s sister. A registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Houng Lau owns Bondi Acupuncture.

The reason we know this is because Lo Mong Bridge left a testimonial on the Facebook page of Bondi Acupuncture, conveniently leaving out the conflict of interest that she is the owner’s sister. This testimonial is a breach of the National Law:

This is the best acupuncture clinic in SYDNEY!
I am very needle phobic & sweat at the idea of being needled. However at this clinic I have no anxiety as there is no pain or discomfort.
From the myriad of serious life threatening health complications I encountered since having a child, this clinic has been able to address everyone of them by assisting in my healing process.

Mong 35 review sister Bondi Acupuncture Fb page Huong Lau

This testimonial is also illegal:

Mong 43 testimonial 2014

This testimonial is illegal:

Mong 44 teatimonial 2013

This testimonial is illegal:

Mong 45 testimonial 2011

These testimonials are also breaches of the National Law:

Mong 36 Bondi Acupuncture testimonials

This is also an illegal testimonial:

Mong 41 testimonial September 28 2013

And this is an illegal testimonial:

Mong 42 testimonial January 28 2013

But, even worse than illegal advertising is the provision of that aforementioned anti-vaccination misinformation; this is a breach of the Code of Conduct. All of these breaches – above and below – should be reported to AHPRA.

On March 1 2015 Bondi Acupuncture linked to the rabid anti-vaccination website, Vactruth:

Do you need more information about whether to vaccinate your child?

Please refer to this website: wwwdotvactruthdotcom

Mong 37 Vactruth Bondi Acupuncture

On January 24 2015 Bondi Acupuncture included vaccines in a very misleading aluminium toxins gambit:

Want to avoid chemicals?

My chemical free romance (Excerpt from Sharon Hall).


Aluminum is a silvery white, soft, ductile metal and the 3 rd most abundant element on the planet. Being this available no wonder it’s used in the production of many everyday products, from food to medicine.

Look out for aluminum followed by the following words – chlorohydrate, compound, hydroxide, starch octenylsuccinate and stearate.

Health implications include:

⎯ Aluminum accumulates in the kidneys,
brain, lungs, liver and thyroid
⎯ It competes with calcium for
absorption and can affect skeletal
⎯ Slowed growth in infants
⎯ Aluminum attacks the central nervous
⎯ Studies show that it contributes to
brain diseases by producing oxidative
⎯ Commonly thought to be linked to
degenerative brain diseases such as
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
⎯ Linked to mental impairments in


⎯ Many vaccines

Mong 38 Bondi Acupuncture aluminium in vaccines

On January 25 2014 Bondi Acupuncture claimed that homeopathy is safe and effective for treating a range of serious conditions:


Homeopathy can be used for first aid and common acute conditions, like colds, flu’s, coughs, childhood illnesses, stomach disorders and headaches.

Homeopathy can also treat chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, arthritis and women’s health concerns. Emotional and mental disturbances, including behavioural problems in children, depression, anxiety and phobias.

Personalised kits available for Pregnancy/Birthing, Children ailments, Travel and General home remedies.
The list of ailments is endless and is a safe and cheap holistic treatment.

Mong 39 Bondi Acupuncture homeopathy safe treatment

On December 8 2013 Bondi Acupuncture made similar claims about the safety and efficacy of homeopathy in the treatment of serious conditions:

Mong 40 Bondi Acupuncture homeopathy safe treatment

Remember to include all registered Bondi Acupuncture practitioners in any AHPRA notification, as they are all liable for claims made by the business.

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