Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 11 – the chiropractic immunologist

We first met registered chiropractor Ben Phillips in my post which preceded my Anti-vaccine chiropractors series. You could say he, Billy DeMoss and Tony Croke were the catalysts for the series. Phillips was defending DeMoss’ right to return to Australia, on a professional basis. From my post:

Phillips 13 DeMoss original chiro RH post

We can see that Phillips uses his Facebook profile in a professional capacity, noting his place of business and occupation:

Phillips 1 about

Phillips has also used his Facebook profile to promote his profession and place of business from early on:

Phillips 11 2012 Total Lifestyle Chiropractic

Even Phillips’ Facebook profile picture and cover photo show clear links to the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia which he is promoting: “Get your happy back” is the official theme for the CAA’s 2015 Spinal Health Week:

Phillips 1 profile and cover photos CAA promotion

And to wrap up the evidence that Phillips uses his Facebook profile to promote and conduct the business of chiropractic, as a registered health practitioner, he promotes the Australian Spinal Research Foundation (of course he does):

Phillips 12 ASRF 1

And does it again a few minutes later:

Phillips 12 ASRF 2

Right. We can now see that Phillips is using his Facebook profile in a professional capacity, as a registered chiropractor. We can now get on and see how this chiropractor conducts himself in his provision of health information to others – particularly immunisation information – and the manner of his condescending sermonising used to portray some sort of expertise which he clearly does not have.

I was reminded to revisit Phillips after being led to his profile by his friend, anti-vaccine chiropractor Joanne Hayes, who shared Phillips’ bungled legal statement regarding the new federal changes to childcare benefits legislation:

I, Ben Phillips of Springwood, Qld do not support the “No Jab, No Pay” changes which are proposed to be enacted into federal law.

I choose to review science that is not only produced by paid industry schills or bureaucracy sold on 1960s medical dogma.

I do support efforts by our government to actually teach people how to live healthier lives, and how to raise vibrant immunocompetent children, rather than financially force them into a medical procedure against their will, on flimsy ‘herd immunity’ mathematical modelling, built from observing natural infection rates of measles mid last century (observations that incidentally claimed only 60% was necessary to achieve herd immunity!)

I do support learning more about how the body works so we do not need to live in fear…so we have the knowledge and resources to deal with an infectious disease, should a child I know (or an adult for that matter) express symptoms of such.

Why penalise people for not vaccinating if you are so sure of your position? Convince me to vaccinate…don’t force me!

Do the study that compares the overall health of the fully vaccinated with that of the fully unvaccinated…that is your responsibility as a government and health department…a responsibility you steadfastly refuse to accept.

I do support freedom of health choice and will vote accordingly in up-coming local, federal and state elections

Phillips 1 statement shills

There is a sane person on the thread: Phillips’ cousin, Alyson, who points out the recent death of Riley Hughes from whooping cough. Of course Phillips is then provoked into further incorrect assertions regarding immunity, herd immunity, misunderstood pertussis notifications (which he would have learned from Meryl Dorey), Nirvana fallacies, you name it. But, when anti-vaccinationists repeat the lie about deaths from vaccines in their ideological campaign to belittle the real deaths of little babies, like Riley; that’s when their demands for respectful debate must end. And when their JAQing off is conducted with the aim of casting doubt on real causes of death from vaccine preventable diseases; that’s when professional censures are demanded. The callousness of the anti-vaccinationist knows no bounds. And this guy is a health professional in a registered health profession. Who will act?

Phillips 2 assertions re Riley

At least Phillips’ cousin, Alyson, has banned him from seeing her daughter because he is an anti-vaccinationist. There is some comfort in this knowledge, that the poor, selfish victim is saddened by his own actions. The word is out there; it’s okay to say no to unimmunised visitors. It’s your baby. It’s your say:

Phillips 2 not to see niece

Phillips also repeats the anti-vaccine conspiracy lie that Polio has simply been renamed so as to make it appear that the vaccine is effective. I’m still not sure how he can claim he is not an anti-vaccinationist:

Phillips 3 polio renamed

I want to quickly point out another comment, from the same thread, from another anti-vaccine chiropractor who is/was a member of the fundamentalist anti-vaccine pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network. Clinton McCauley is a South Australian chiropractor who has worked with the ASRF. I have no words for this. This is just ghastly. It is hurtful. It is vile. And chiropractors everywhere should be condemning this grub and reporting him to AHPRA:

McCauley 1 Riley juxtaposed with another dead baby

Elsewhere on his profile Phillips shares this delusional anti-vaccine apologia:

Phillips 4 no antivax movemnt

In this embarrassing post via the ICPA Phillips proves he does not know the difference between measles “eradication”, and mortality (which is what is depicted). Now that raises an eyebrow:

Phillips 5 measles death rates

Phillips defends his attacks on evidence based immunisation policy by citing a YouTube video featuring anti-vaccine chiropractors Gentempo and O’Shea, and anti-vaccine homeopath/doctor Toni Bark:

Phillips 6 herd immunity Gentempo O'Shea Bark

People who vaccinate have blind faith. But, he’s not anti-vaccine:

Phillips 7 blind faith in medicine

Phillips fiercely advocates for everyone to watch or buy the anti-vaccine movie, Bought:

Phillips 8 Bought

The obligatory Gardasil lie, which features in any anti-vaccine collection:

Phillips 10 Gardasil

And because where would any upstanding conspiracy theorist be without an anti-fluoride article from Mercola…here is an anti-fluoride article from Mercola:

Phillips 9 anti fluoride Mercola

The Chiropractic Board of Australia can no longer sit by and issue forth private, petty admonitions to these people who are a threat to public health and safety, and a smear on the chiropractic profession.

This will not do.

Update May 23 2015

Phillips has posted a response which he seems to have done against his will, or better judgement.

Interestingly other stars of this blog add comment to Phillips’ screed: the above featured McCauley, and the anti-vaccine board member of the CAA VIC, Warren Sipser. Also congratulating Phillips for his behaviour is prominent Queensland chiropractor Trent Headlam.

In response all I can say is that the Chiropractic Board of Australia is sitting on its hands whilst the profession burns. I feel real sorrow for the moderate chiropractors in this country who are smeared with the association with these people.

Phillips  RH response 1

Phillips  RH response 2

Phillips  RH response 3

Phillips  RH response 4

Phillips  RH response 5 Sipser

Phillips  RH response 6 Sipser McCauley

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Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network uses the rape analogy once more

On April 22 2015 – less than three weeks ago – the anti-vaccination fundamentalist group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, made it into every mainstream media outlet, as well as being denounced by all sides of politics, for posting this thing:

AVN 6942 forced penetration meme

Public Officer of the AVsN, ideologue Meryl Dorey, even posted this defence of her organisation’s use of the rape analogy, by referring to other definitions of the word. It did not matter that the other definitions did not equate with the intent or depiction of the act in the image used by the AVsN: Dorey makes her own definitions, and everyone else should just go and eat faeces. This link was given to her by the AVsN’s resident, protected troll: the troll Dorey claims to know nothing about:

AVN 6978 Dorey Holland troll link rape defence

In 2011 Dorey used the rape analogy, accusing doctors and judges of ordering the “rape of a child” if they order the immunisation of a child as the result of family court proceedings:

AVN 6944 Dorey rape with full penetration January 2011

And, just like her recent attempt, above, Dorey offered a similar notpology in 2011; she apologised “unreservedly”, except when she didn’t apologise, immediate after:

To anyone who was insulted or hurt by my comparing the forced vaccination of a child against the custodial parent’s wishes with rape, I do apologise wholeheartedly and without reservation.

I looked up the definition of rape prior to posting that comparison and in the dictionary sense of the word, it is accurate.

AVN 6999 Dorey 2011 rape notpology

So. There’s quite some history of this fanatical anti-vaccination pressure group causing needless hurt in the community in the name of their beliefs. So we would think – after being condemned in every mainstream online newspaper, and by all sides of politics, including medical associations, and women’s refuge organisations – that the AVsN would be more circumspect in their deranged pronouncements?

On May 5 2015 this popped up in my Tweetdeck column; from the official Twitter account of the AVsN Inc:

AVN 6996 medical rape tweet

Patriot Nurse Speaks out on Vaccines: Medical Rape or Personal Choice?

The Patriot Nurse is a prepper. She is an anti-vaccine nurse who has courted much controversy over the years. And she likes her guns. And her freedoms. Because, as you all know, Freedom isn’t Free.

The AVsN Tweet was cross-posted from the AVN Facebook page, here:

AVN 6997 patriot nurse medical rapeAnd, of course, straight under that Facebook post is this defence of the use of the rape analogy – again – by the barely literate anonymous admin “TG”:

Before anyone claims offence – by definition used in this manner: Wikipedia – The term rape originates in the Latin rapere (supine stem raptum), “to snatch, to grab, to carry off” ie personal choice taken away. TG

AVN 6998 rape justification

So, let’s have a look at the claim of the definition of “rape”, as advocated by “TG”, above, and compare it to what appears in the article posted by “TG”. Is it “to snatch, to grab, to carry off”; or is the anonymous AVN admin a brazen, inept liar who is desperate to defend its own indefensible actions?

Here is the section referring to “medical rape”, by The Patriot Nurse:

Forcing people to put a substance or object in their body is equated to “medical rape.” Who gets to decide what’s best for you? Who gets to decide what goes into your body? Who gets to decide what goes into your child’s body? If it is not you, then who is it? Is it the State? Is it a medical tyrannical establishment?

AVN 7000 Patriot Nurse medical rape object into body

We can see that, not only are the AVN/AVsN a cabal of callous liars who will do and say anything to promote their ideology; they are also terrible at it.

The terrible, useless, flailing, inept AVN/AVsN, Meryl Dorey and their anti-vaccine cult.

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For Myuran and Andrew #IStandForMercy

On Tuesday night, Indonesian time, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan will each be shot through the heart by a firing squad, along with seven other inmates.

Andrew and Myu are reformed. They are not the same people they were ten years ago when they were arrested.

Ten years ago.

They are being killed by the Indonesian state after ten years of transforming into what most would deem to be pillars of society. Inmates sing their praises. Their prison governor wants clemency for them. Families…shattered.

Ten years. Talents nurtured for ten years.

Ten years for this:

Myuran 3 self portrait post execution

Myu’s painting of himself after his execution demands silence. How does a man paint his own corpse, posing after a violent execution? Why should we accept that any person should need to depict their own corpse?

To all of the Sukumaran and Chan families, and all of their friends and supporters, I send you my love and the love of my children.

I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my children.

Image of Myuran’s painting taken from The Australian.

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Meryl Dorey claims her followers are just like the Stolen Generation…again.

On January 15 2011, Meryl Dorey claimed that a court ordered immunisation of a child was “rape…assault without consent and with full penetration”, and that the “judge who made the order and the doctor” who immunised the child were also guilty of this “rape”.

On April 22 2015 – only four days ago – the AVN said it again. They posted a graphic, violent image again claiming that vaccination is the same as rape, and that doctors are the same as rapists.

The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network was universally shredded in the media, and in politics. From Melissa Davey, in The Guardian:

The federal health minister, Sussan Ley, has described as “repulsive” and “off the planet” suggestions by an anti-vaccination group that the government’s immunisation policy was akin to rape.

“This type of ill-informed and, frankly, disgusting campaign only serves to inform parents about the dangers of listening to these groups peddling anti-vaccine myths,” Ley said.

“Vaccination is essential to protecting the health of our children and this only spurs me on as health minister to roll out out our proposed myth-busting campaign to ensure parents can make an informed choice without having to witness this vile rubbish.

Ouch. I like the cut of the Minister’s jib.

The Facebook page removed the offensive image. It took them seven hours! Dorey posted this grubby defence of the rape analogy on the AVN Facebook page. I note here that Dorey attempted the same defence in 2011 when a few page members voiced their concerns about her previous vaccine/rape claims:

The following article has been forwarded by one of our page members. I felt that many on this page (and perhaps those in the media who are capable of reading) might like to have a read. Please note the dictionary definitions of rape – these definitions pre-date the definition used today –

rape, (noun) … 4. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside. 5. Archaic. the act of seizing and carrying off by force. (verb) … 7. to plunder (a place); despoil. 8. to seize, take, or carry off by force.”

AVN 6978 Dorey Holland troll link rape defence

Of interest we note that the very person from whom Dorey states she received the above link is the very same Nicole Johnson/Johanna Holland troll which has been proven to have vilified and attacked grieving families for almost six years, protected and supported by Meryl Dorey and her AVN. Here is the troll commenting directly below Dorey’s post:

AVN 6979 Holland Dorey post

The troll was also busy on Twitter,  spamming the same link. I want to include this because it’s just funny. This happens to anti-vaccinationists a lot. They make a claim. Someone alerts the author being used to defend that claim. Author responds:

Holland 53 rape article rebutted by author

But, back to today’s topic.

In 2011 the federal government planned to tie welfare benefits to a healthy kids check:

From July 2011, parents or carers on income support who receive Family Tax Benefit Part A need to make sure their four year old child gets a health check before they start school.

In order to get the $726 end-of-year Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement, parents who are on income support must get their four year old children checked for health issues such as hearing or sight impairment before they start school.

That’s it. Good program, right? Pick up any little anomalies which a parent might miss? Well, not if Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccine fundamentalists had have had anything to do with it. Dorey went on the warpath to hysteria.

On August 20 2011, Dorey wrote a Chicken Little blog post warning of the medical tyranny which was upon us all. The children of anti-vaccinationists and others of her ilk would be ripped from their parents, offensively invoking our original brothers and sisters for her own gain:

Remember, Australia is the home of the Stolen Generation and that  happened because one group of people considered themselves to be experts in how children should be raised.

AVN 6976 Dorey Stolen Generation blog post August 20 2011

On August 21 2011 Dorey made the claims again in her official AVN Newsletter:

AVN 6977 Dorey Stolen Generation newsletter August 21 2011

On August 28 2011 Dorey compared the implementation of the healthy kids checks to the Northern Territory Intervention, a Draconian practice in itself:

AVN 6980 Dorey intervention blog post August 28 2011

On August 23 2011 Dorey sent out a newsletter declaring that an AVN lobby group was going to make its way to Canberra to fight for health freedom. I can’t stress enough that few if any of Dorey’s dog-whistled omens would ever come to fruition. They wouldn’t come close. She was whipping up hysteria for her own benefit, as the passage of time has shown:

AVN 6975 Dorey Canberra lobby newsletter August 23 2011

She never did make that trip to Canberra to fight for the rights of her followers.

In the same newsletter Dorey gives several positive mentions to the CCHR, which is the Church of Scientology; and she knows it. Maybe Dorey is always effusive in her praise of the CCHR because she sells at least four of their DVDs in her little shop of horrors:

AVN 6974 Dorey CCHR newsletter August 23 2011

So, as it was with Dorey and the AVN exploiting the horror of rape for their own ends, four years apart, so too Dorey again exploits the real horror of the Stolen Generation to prop up her flailing ethics, four years later.

Today, April 26 2015, Meryl Dorey again claimed that her made-up hordes of vaccine-damaged children are to be another stolen generation. There isn’t any idea, any people that Meryl Dorey will not exploit for her own curdled ideological ends:

AVN 6981 Dorey stolen generation April 26 2015

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TW: AVN claims vaccination is rape and doctors are rapists…again

On January 15 2011 Meryl Dorey of the anti-vaccination fundamentalist group, the Australian Vaccination Network, perpetrated one of her most hideous acts, amongst her litany of hideous acts:

AVN 6944 Dorey rape with full penetration January 2011

Dorey was shredded for the above post. It has become part of the folklore of Dorey and her deranged anti-vaccine cult; is there nothing they won’t do and say?

Dorey’s tasteless 2011 quote even made it into the Courier Mail, only two days ago! Really, this exact execrable quote, from four years ago, featured in the media only two days ago.

What does the AVN do?


Australian Vaccination Network This post isn’t tasteless – it is honest. What truly IS tasteless is our elected government trying to tell us that we have to vaccinate our children even if we don’t believe it is best for their health. THAT is tasteless. And if you find this post confronting – imagine how you would feel if you were a parent who was being told that they were going to have to vaccinate their children or starve.

AVN 6942 forced penetration meme

And not only did they post the above, violent image – an image which asserts that immunisation is rape, and that doctors are rapists – they then defended posting it because it’s the government’s fault.

It was defended again, in the same fashion, by Giselle Tonee, whom I can only assume is the AVN Facebook page admin who posted the image:

Giselle Tonee Telling it like it is and it should make us uncomfortable. What do you think is going to happen when the next step occurs i.e. mandatory vaccinations for all ages. With 300 vaccine patents pending, we soon will have no medical choice and children will be kidnapped from parents, as they have been in the US and vaccinated. If stories about Abbott being backed by Amgen, an American multinational bio-pharmaceutical company are true-an obvious conflict of interest and bias exists.

AVN 6943 Giselle Tonee rape meme

All I can do is congratulate the commenters who unequivocally denounced the post.

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Anti-vaccinationists attack the parents and the memorial page of a baby boy

Baby Riley Hughes died on March 17 2015: one month ago, today. He was 32 days old. He died from whooping cough (pertussis). Riley’s mum and dad, Cath and Greg Hughes, immediately set about ensuring that no other parents have to go through what they are going through, right now. On the Light for Riley memorial Facebook page they started campaigning for increased immunisation rates; the roll-out of maternal pertussis boosters around Australia; an awareness campaign to increase pertussis immunisation rates in families of new babies; and they started raising funds towards more research for a more effective vaccine. Incredible stuff.

What most of us knew was coming their way was the anti-vaccination movement. The McCaffery family – having been vilified by anti-vaccinationists, incited by Meryl Dorey, for six years – immediately stood side-by-side with the Hughes family, so that they knew what to expect. Together these two families have done more for increasing pertussis immunisation awareness than all state and federal governments, and all immunisation research bodies, combined. And what did they get? Venom, and vitriol.

In the past, as it is now for both families, the McCafferys received an onslaught of bile from anti-vaccination zealots. And no one lifted a damn finger. Not the regulatory bodies. Not the police. All that these families have in the place of their babies now are graves. And still these families continue to raise awareness with dignity, civility and resolve.

I’ve attempted – roughly – to collate the following screenshots into three sections. First, there are the vile attacks against Cath and Greg Hughes, and against Riley’s memorial page. Second, there are the usual arguments we hear from anti-vaccinationists who will do anything they can to deny the lethality of whooping cough, whilst attacking the safety and efficacy of immunisation in general. Also in this section are any attacks on immunisation policy. Third, there is a smaller section of miscellaneous screenshots, including the peddling of fake cures. Throughout the post some screenshots are fuzzy. I apologise for this. I had to enlarge the images – so some are out of focus – so us old people can see them. I will be adding updates to this post so as to act as an ongoing repository. It is a certainty that more revolting comments will be made against the Hughes family. Wherever sure of accuracy, I have linked to the commenter’s Facebook profile.

Please keep this in the forefront of your mind as you go through these images: these comments were all made on the memorial page of a deceased infant, and hideous comments were also sent directly to his parents. All of this has happened within the first month of Riley’s death. Just one month. Much of it was done with a full intent to harm and hurt. Think about that.

The attacks.

Nicole Johnson/Johanna Holland is a protected troll who has been vilifying the McCaffery family and other grieving parents for almost six years. The troll has been, and still is, protected on the Facebook page of the Australian Vaccination Network, and in the private group, Vaccine Free Australia, holding court in both groups. There are direct links between anti-vaccine ideologue Meryl Dorey, and the troll.

This is the troll, Holland/Johnson, in the not-so-private group, VFA, warning others about the ethical cesspit of harassing grieving parents:

Holland 47 VFA don't comment on Riley's page March 27 2015

And this is the message sent by the same troll two weeks after it issued the admonition, above. As expected the hypocrite disregards any pretense of possessing even a single ethic in exchange for inflicting hurt. It sent this message directly to Riley’s mum and dad via private messaging:

Riley 2 Holland PM

This troll page posted  on the same day it desecrated Dana McCaffery’s Facebook page. Given the arguments it makes, the language used, and the coincidental timing of the above message, I strongly believe that the Holland/Johnson troll is the creator of this now disabled page:

Riley 38 troll page

Troll page:

Riley 39 troll page

Troll page:

Riley 40 troll page

Rose Sutherland:

Riley 3 Rose Sutherland

Nick Waterhouse:

Riley 4 Nick Waterhouse

Rhiannon James:

Riley 5 60 Rhiannon James

Amy Kelly:

Riley 6 Amy Kelly

Melissa Jade Heath:

Riley 7 Melissa Jade Heath

Sharon Lee Berg:

Riley 9 Sharon Lee Berg

Zoe Lee Hall:

Riley 10 Zoe Lee Hall

Riley 11 Zoe Lee Hall

Jane Wilson:

Riley 13 Jane Wilson

Jordan Marks:

Riley 14 Jordan Marks

Tegan Dwyer:

Riley 16 Tegan Dwyer

Eric Watson:

Riley 19 Eric Watson

Leeann Gardner:

Riley 20 Leeann Gardner

Melissa Mccudden:

Riley 67 Melissa Mccudden

Riley 66 Melissa Mccudden

Sandra Vilosky:

Riley 29 Sandra Vilosky

Riley 30 Sandra Vilosky

Riley 31 Sandra Vilosky

Jacob Hales:

Riley 32 Jacob Hales

Emily Batchelor:

Riley 33 Emily Batchelor

Andre Colbert (this was sent in a private message directly to Cath and Greg):

Riley 41 Andre Colbert PM


Riley 49 unnanmed

Jeremy B Bowers:

Riley 50 Jeremy B Bowers

Katie Williams:

Riley 52 Katie Williams

Candice Gallagher:

Riley 53 Candice Gallagher

Ian Smith (we know as Sapere Aude):

Riley 55 Ian Smith

Smith Satya:

Riley 57 Smith Satya

Cass Rowe:

Riley 59 Cass Rowe

John Wong (this was sent in a private message directly to Cath and Greg):

Riley 63 Wong PM

Joanna Castro-Micos:

Riley 75 Joanna Castro-Micos

Jo Ferguson:

Riley 84 Jo Ferguson

Karyn King:

Riley 92 Karyn King

Trevor Simons (upper conspiracy post, sent in private message directly to Cath and Greg, contains Nazi references and a big picture of Hitler. Others are anti-vaccine links):

Riley 98 Trevor Simons

Getting no response via personal message Simons also posted this link to the main page. Note his Tony Abbott/Swastika/vaccine image:

Riley 99 Trevor Simons

Anna Kaszonyi (private message sent directly to Cath and Greg):

Riley 100 Anna Kaszonyi

She was asked to leave the family alone. She couldn’t:

Riley 101 Anna Kaszonyi

Will Edwardson (this is a brand new troll account which uses the same phrases and makes the same arguments as those used by Kayla Shields and Ivan Bortic. It could be a coincidence):

Riley 102 Will Edwardson

Anita Theriault:

Riley 105 Anita Theriault

Gemma Evans (troll account):

Riley 112 Gemma Evans

Samantha Lee (troll account):

Riley 111 Samantha Lee

Vaccine safety and efficacy, and immunisation policy.

Mindy Raelynne Danison:

Riley 5 Mindy Raelynne Danison

Tom Tenbohmer:

Riley 12 Tom Tenbohmer

Renee Bulman Allen:

Riley 15 Renee Bulman Allen

Jerome Romus:

Riley 17 Jerome Romus

Stella McLeod:

Riley 18 Stella McLeod

Karly G Oodall (Karli Goodall):

Riley 82 Karli G Oodall

Riley 83 Karli G Oodall

Riley 81 Karli G Oodall

Melissa Mccudden:

Riley 80 Melissa Mccudden

Sandra Vilosky:

Riley 27 Sandra Vilosky

Riley 28 Sandra Vilosky

Jon Stroud:

Riley 73 Jon Stroud

Kerianne Bartlett:

Riley 36 Keriane Bartlett

Riley 36 Keriane Bartlett

Michelle Smith:

Riley 37 Michelle Smith

Michael Wolny:

Riley 42 Michael Wolny

Anna Munro:

Riley 43 Anna Munro

Marnie Newton:

Riley 45 Marnie Newton

Louisa Smith:

Riley 46 Louisa Smith

Danielle Jupp:

Riley 47 Danielle Jupp

Claudia Gata:

Riley 48 Claudia Gata

Ted Wozniak:

Riley 51 Ted Wozniak

Angelic Cooke:

Riley 54 Angelic Cooke

Greg Wilson:

Riley 56 Greg Wilson

Kayla Shields directly concern-trolled the Hughes family via private message after her boyfriend, Ivan Bortic, had done the same [please see the update at the end of this post which shows how Bortic pretends to be a concerned citizen, just asking questions. His own images prove him to be precisely as depicted here: a callous ghoul intent on inflicting hurt]. Bortic was politely requested to leave the Hughes family alone. Again, Shields started emailing the family after Bortic was requested to stop. They started out Just Asking Questions, then hit the anti-vaccine pedal full-throttle with their second message. It’s a common tactic anti-vaccinationists use [update April 18 2015: Bortic sent threatening emails warning that legal action would commence and police would be called, and that Riley’s parents, the page admins, and this blog would all be involved]:

Riley 62 Kayla Shields 1

Riley 62 Kayla Shields 2

Riley 62 Kayla Shields 3

Kyla Davis:

Riley 64 Kyla Davis

Riley 65 Kyla Davis

Amy Kaal-Stork:

Riley 68 Amy Kaal-Stork

Krystal Reid:

Riley 69 Krystal Reid

Sasha Jelacic:

Riley 70 Sasha Jelacic

Aidan Blanch:

Riley 71 Aidan Blanch

Stacey Golley:

Riley 72 Stacey Golley

Wayne Armstrong:

Riley 74 Wayne Armstrong

Hur Ka Ahmed:

Riley 76 Hur Ka Ahmed

Roulf Commandeur:

Riley 77 Roulf Commandeur

Joshington Braham:

Riley 78 Joshington Braham

Leigh Martin:

Riley 79 Leigh Martin

Jo Ferguson:

Riley 85 Jo Ferguson

Steve Durmaz:

Riley 86 TC Steve Durmaz

Lina Torkington:

Riley 87 Lina Torkington

Jennifer Claire Rodda:

Riley 88 Jennifer Claire Rodda

Riley 89 Jennifer Claire Rodda

Cori Walker:

Riley 90 Cori Walker

John Drakos:

Riley 91 John Drakos

Connie Wilson:

Riley 95 Connie Wilson

Ishmi Bohn:

Riley 96 Ishmi Bohn

Riley 97 Ishmi Bohn

Stuart Everson:

Riley 103 Stuart Everson

Kate Hollingsworth (private message sent directly to Cath and Greg. The link she included goes to a news story about Saba Button):

Riley 104 Kate Hollingsworth PM

Sacia Edwards:

Riley 109 Sacia Edwards

Jillian Seger (this person actually has the wontons to go crowdfunding for legal fees and everyday living expenses):

Riley 106 Jillian Seger

Riley 107 Jillian Seger

Riley 108 Jillian Seger

Chris Savage (anti-vaccine, chemtrailer, anti-Semitic former Queensland police officer who has been lying about vaccines, SIDS, and Shaken Baby Syndrome, and related health topics for years. Was removed from the QPS due to his delusions. Has recently been escalating his anti-Semitic rants, befriending many white supremacist activists. He was a One Nation political candidate in the late 1990s, and still supports Pauline Hanson):

Riley 110 Chris Savage

Peddling of fake cures and miscellaneous.

Stella McLeod:

Riley 8 Stella McLeod

Mel Thornburg. AIDS-denialism, for some reason known only to her:

Riley 35 Mel Thornburg

Kelly Winder is the proprietor of Belly Belly, the online anti-vaccine, alternative parenting business:

Riley 44 Kelly Winder

The Paleo Recipe Cookbook – Cheap and Easy. Because there isn’t a rock low enough from which paleo promoters won’t scuttle, and then spam:

Riley 58 Paleo spam

Thanks for reading.

Update April 18 2015

Ivan Bortic and Kayla Shields run a business of what appear to be questionable therapeutic practices which include neurolinguistic programming, a thoroughly discredited therapy. I cannot see any qualifications listed on their site, so I’ll be sure to pass this on. Shields notes of herself that she is “gifted with strong empathic abilities”. Bortic describes himself as “intelligent and wise beyond my years”. Anyway, let’s hear about the real Bortic.

I want to be clear about Ivan Bortic’s rabid anti-vaccine beliefs from the outset. This is a man who is a follower of and a disseminator of the anti-vaccine ramblings of Sherri Tenpenny. Tenpenny, you would all be aware, is the queen of extremist US anti-vaccinationism.  Bortic posted Tenpenny misinformation on the cancer-cure crank Tyler Tolman’s page:

Bortic 1 Tenpenny

Bortic is also precisely the callous type of individual who blames the weakness of the victims of contaminated raw milk for their death. He even lies about the victims “dying from a serious illness” before the raw milk killed them.  A despicable troglodyte, to be sure:

Bortic 2 raw milk kids who died were weak

So, we can be entirely forgiven for being cautious about a person who sends private messages under the deceitful cloak of concern, when in actual fact he is a demonstrable liar who strung out a series of private messages with grieving parents who were wondering why he demanded to know such private information about their deceased infant.

The very final screenshot in this series, all made publicly available by the liar, Bortic, proves his intent all along was to hurt a grieving family. He is a liar, and a conspiracy theorist, and he needs to hurt others due to his own anti-social personality disorder.

Here are the Bortic messages:

Pretend concern:

Bortic 4 Riley

Pretend support:

Bortic 5 Riley

The badgering of grieving parents starts:

Bortic 6 Riley

The mock community sentiment of a liar:

Bortic 8 Riley

The fake community concern continues, and Bortic has the audacity to demand that he has the right to private information, telling the Hughes they have lost that right:

Bortic 9 Riley

And the hideous final message we all expect from these hideous, horrid people:

I would ask you only this, would your sons legacy forever be tainted by hiding the truth, or will your sons legacy remain strong…

Please, I beg of you, please be honest with us all.

Bortic 10 Riley

I thank Bortic for making his images publicly available for all to see what a man he is.

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Anti-vaccine activists secretly plot to defraud the Commonwealth

As you would all be aware the Australian immunisation policy and social welfare world is abuzz with the recent changes being made to the immunisation allowance and child care payments. I’m not going to discuss those here. To be honest I still haven’t got my head around it. I will, however, be highlighting the behaviour of anti-vaccinationists to the news of the revocation of the conscientious objection section of the legislation which should never have been in place anyway. It is a hangover from times past when some people in Federal parliament thought Meryl Dorey was a fit and proper person to allow into their offices to conduct the nefarious business of the anti-vaccine fundamentalist group, the Australian Vaccination Network.

Anyway, the CO section is gone. This leaves medical exemptions, as is right and proper. And it also leaves, inexplicably, the religious exemption. The only religion currently exempted by the government, from immunisation, is Christian Science.

So, we contacted Christian Science to ask them if the church has any objections to immunisation. This is the reply:

Thank you for your email and inquiry about whether there is a Christian Science church policy on vaccination. The answer is that members of a Christian Science church are free to make their own healthcare decisions/choices, including vaccinations. There is no church policy regarding vaccinations.

So that’s it. The only religion which is recognised by government as having an objection to immunisation does not have any objection to immunisation.

The religious exemption must, therefore, be removed.

As I stated above, this post will contain examples of anti-vaccinationist responses to the forthcoming changes. You will see that these people stand for nothing. These people think nothing of committing fraud, lying about their beliefs – and in doing so denigrating the beliefs of the religions which they propose to dishonestly join – expecting medical personnel to commit fraud, and committing tax fraud. Anti-vaccinationism is a cult, and they’ll go faith-shopping until they find a religion into which their cult will fit.

The following examples come from the Facebook group, Vaccine Free Australia.

The lists begin:

VFA 10 RO Murray

Astonishingly, and without a hint of irony, one commenter speaks of remaining “true to our beliefs and knowledge”:

VFA 11 RO Murray Pedersen Grayson stay true to beliefs

Here is the first of many mentions of the fake church set up by anti-vaccine businessperson, Stephanie Messenger:


The AVN’s resident protected troll, Johanna Holland/Nicole Johnson recommends Scientology:

VFA 16 RO Holland Scientology COCL

This person needs to be told which religion she needs to join:

VFA 17 RO which religion

This commenter advocates that people join a religion in a hurry as the new changes smell of a CDC conspiracy. I suppose if you think about it hard enough, doesn’t everything?

VFA 18 RO CDC conspiracy theory

“I would do whatever it takes,” includes lying about your deeply held beliefs so as to access government benefits:

VFA 19 RO become religious

In response to an article about the “fake” Church of Conscious Living, a commenter wants to join:

VFA 20 RO join fake church

An atheist will “pretend to believe whatever it takes” to join a religion:

VFA 21 RO Everson atheist fake religion

Conspiracy theorist Everson plans to preach the bible at a medical practitioner. AVN stalwart and dog breeder Anita Bugges is all too aware that their group is commonly known to be anything but private; she has read the stream of deceit from those planning to lie to obtain benefits:

VFA 22 RO Everson Bugges delete RO posts

Having not yet submitted a CO form, this person wonders if she should just change it to a religious objection:

VFA 24 RO 1

Another vote for Messenger’s fake church:


This person just wants to know how to join a church. Belief means nothing, unless it’s anti-vaccine belief:

VFA 26 RO COCL join

You can tell how strongly held a religion’s beliefs are when those wanting to join it don’t understand it isn’t a religion:

VFA 27 RO COCL join

How easily, and quickly, one can change their beliefs when they subsist on deceit:

VFA 28 RO become religiousThis commenter advocates for Christian Science:

VFA 29 RO join COCS

It’s always good to see the Jews get a mention without the obligatory conspiracy theories about the new world order. It’s also good to see an anti-vaccinationist heap scorn on a belief system they are about to pretend to share:

VFA 30 RO Jes Seveneth Day about to become religious


VFA 31 RO Buddhist


VFA 32 RO Islam


VFA 34 RO Amish

The Taliban! Scientology! Messenger’s fake church! I think this text comes from the South Australian anti-vaccine fundamentalist, Kathy Scarborough:

VFA 33 RO VAIS Taliban Scientology COCL

Whatever religion it is, just become religious:

VFA 35 RO about to be religious

This commenter should be dashing the hopes of Messenger’s fake church by noting that it not registered as a religion. We’ll see:

VFA 36 RO COCL a business

This person will become a JW faster than you could say, “Lol”:

VFA 38 RO Jehovah

Look. I don’t know what this is. But if it’s anything like a human caterpillar I’m out:

VFA 39 RO daisy chain

I don’t know about you, but, End Time Ministries actually sound like they enjoy a laugh, once the serious business of sandwich-board-making is over for the day:

VFA 41 RO end time ministeries

“Become that religion”. It really is that easy. Personal belief really is something to be abused as a tool to defraud the Commonwealth:

VFA 42 RO become that religion

More votes for the JWs, Scientologists, and Messenger’s fake church:

VFA 43 RO COCL Scientology

Registered nurse Libby Gregg likes giving advice against immunisation. She is always wrong. Just like she is with this bad advice:

VFA 45 RO Libby Gregg gets it wrong registered nurse

This commenter wants the flock to create their own religion. More votes are given for Messenger’s fake church, whilst the poor old Buddhists are lumped in amongst this lot, where they do not deserve to be:

VFA 46 RO create our own

From the same thread the Seventh Day Adventists get a mention, along with some more poor advice that objectors don’t need to note down their religion:

VFA 47 RO create our own cont

The Taliban gets another mention, which is appropriate given they hate vaccines so much they literally murder health staff who provide vaccines. Again this is the text from the South Australian anti-vaccine grunt, Kathy Scarborough:

VFA 49 RO VAIS Taliban Scientology etc

This anti-vaccinationist states that her intention is to join Christian Science, then, simply leave after six months. Or maybe Buddhism. Easy! No disrespect to the church I’m sure. It’s just business after all. Anti-vaccine business:

VFA 51 RO join COCS then leave after 6 months

Okay, we’re almost there. I promise. I have a few extra screenshots of other dishonest plans being hatched by anti-vaccinationists.

This person is planning on committing tax fraud as a payback:

VFA 13 tax fraud

These people are counting on some medical fraud and related bribery:

VFA 14 medical fraud bribe doctor

This is a very common tactic discussed by anti-vaccinationists. They attend a doctor’s appointment so as to have a discussion about having their CO form signed. Then, when the doctor refuses to sign, as is the doctor’s right if they do not believe the parent really does understand the risks and benefits of refusing immunisation, the anti-vaccinationist leaves without paying for the consultation. Stealing means nothing to these people:

VFA 23 CO form refuse to pay doctor

This person recommends forging CO forms:

VFA 37 forge exemption form

This person advocates refusing to pay tax, as some form of payback:

VFA 40 don't pay tax

Veteran AVN member and former Facebook admin Christine Phethean wants us to take into account the Nuremberg Code. Because why not, really:

VFA 48 Phethean Nuremburg Code

And proving me wrong about the previous mention of the Jews, here is anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Stuart Everson, with his tongue hanging out, whilst shaking his fists at Ken McLeod and his Freemason cabal:

VFA 44 Everson Ken McLeod Freemasonry

This final comment from protected AVN troll Holland/Johnson has nineteen likes. Anti-vaccinationists are delightful:

VFA 15 Holland

If you made it this far, thank you.

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The despicable cruelty of the awful anti-vaccination movement

There is a reason I and others refer to the anti-vaccination movement as fundamentalists and extremists. Put simply, they do go to what we would perceive as extreme lengths to further the reach and the defense of their beliefs.

One thing I found out immediately when I discovered the Australian Vaccination Network, six years ago, was that they subsist on cruelty and hate. And the hatred appears to stem from the fact that they are in some perverse sense jealous of families who have had babies and children die from a vaccine preventable disease. These families have real stories to tell their communities, and they almost always do tell their painful story so others may be spared the same fate. These stories are not just mere anecdotes, or reckons; these children have died from real, diagnosed illnesses, from real pathogens which kill. Anti-vaccinationists hate this.  Anti-vaccinationists don’t have real stories to tell. They rely on fallacious reasoning and lies about imagined vaccine victims to bolster their beliefs. Anti-vaccinationists hate this, and they take it out on these families.

There are many ways in which the anti-vaccination movement vilifies grieving parents. They attempt to diminish the seriousness of the particular pathogen; they deny the diagnosis which caused the death; they blame vaccination given at birth (Hepatitis B); they claim the baby wasn’t breastfed; they blame vaccines the mother received during pregnancy; they blame other medication the mother may have taken; they claim the baby’s death was a mere anecdote from which no conclusions can be drawn; they privately message the parents under the guise of altruism which turns venomous; they ring the grieving parents directly and tell them their vaccine advocacy will kill children; they troll the internet where they know their comments will be seen so as to inflict hurt; and they jump onto memorial pages to abuse the parents directly. This list is not extensive.

I want to include a list of just some examples of the above. This list of screenshots is literally a fraction of what I have. Many of the screenshots are from 2009-12 unless otherwise noted. Many URLs from the original posts are gone as the comments were made by the Australian Vaccination Network troll known as Johanna Holland/Nicole Johnson. The Holland accounts have all been disabled. The Johnson accounts are very active on Facebook and on Twitter. This troll has been protected on AVN fora for many years by Meryl Dorey and her admins. So, I’m not going to link to sources of the comments. They aren’t there any more.

This first example is from a now defunct troll account on Twitter; this is the same person who is now freely posting on all AVN fora, and interacting with Meryl Dorey, AVN fans and supporters. The troll refers to the McCafferys as “media whores” and “hateful people”. From November 2014:

Holland 29 NJ tweet McCafferys media whores hateful people

In 2011 the anonymous troll calls the McCafferys “liars”:

Holland 37 McCafferys liars

And again:

Holland 38 McCafferys liars

It has some choice things to say about me, and Dana:

Holland 39 Dana wallet

The troll claims that Dana’s memorial page was set up for vengeance, by the McCafferys:

Holland 40 Dana's page  for revenge

I’m including this one to show how utterly awful this person is; and, by default, so is Meryl Dorey and her cult. This is the standard they accept:

Holland 41 Dana kit bag

The following are from YouTube comments sections. They are all now defunct. This is the same troll as all of the above. Here it claims that the McCafferys incite hatred:

Holland 43 Maccas incite hatred

It claims that the McCafferys are liars who blame the unvaccinated for Dana’s death. They have never done this:

Holland 44 McCafferry liars blaming unvaxed

The anonymous troll claims that the McCafferys have sought retribution in Dana’s name:

Holland 45 Maccas campaign of vengeance

This is one of the troll’s most insidiously despicable acts. It commented on Meryl Dorey’s blog using Dana’s name, and my surname. Who impersonates a deceased infant? Meryl Dorey steadfastly refused to remove the comment from her blog for months. It eventually disappeared:

Holland 46 Dana Tierney Dorey blog

Kerry Baker was a registered nurse who emailed the McCafferys via Dana’s website. As they do, Baker the anti-vaccine activist stated she was “contacting you as a concerned parent”. It didn’t take long for the conspiracy accusations to fly. She accused the McCafferys of being paid, and claimed that they will be responsible for more deaths:

Baker 29 email

Baker was investigated by AHPRA for her actions and had findings handed down against her. So, if you see a nurse or midwife making anti-vaccine comments online, then, report them. It will be taken seriously.

Judy Wilyman is a PhD student in public vaccination policy at the University of Wollongong. In 2012 Wilyman argued that Dana’s death was merely an anecdote which should not affect public health policy:

These programs have been promoting the whooping cough vaccine on anecdotal evidence (in particular ,Dana McCaffery’s death) and the mantra of ‘seeing sick babies gasping for air’.

Wilyman also insinuated strongly that the McCafferys were undertaking their immunisation advocacy because they were receiving rewards. From Meryl Dorey’s blog comments. The University of Wollongong never did get back to me about this set of claims from one of their students. It must have been the overwhelming pride holding them back:

Wilyman 88 accuse McCafferys of payment Dorey blog 2012

Little Kailis Smith died in 2011 from whooping cough. The Smiths were also fair game in Holland’s eyes. This comment was made whilst Kailis was in hospital fighting for his life. Note how the troll accuses the Hep B shot of being the culprit, not the pathogen. It also accuses Rosalind of blaming others. She did nothing of the sort:

Holland 42 Kailis Smith Hep B shot

In 2010 Michael Kokegei died from chicken pox. His father, Chris, went on television to warn parents of the serious possible outcomes from what the community usually believes is a benign illness. A post was made on the AVN page regarding the segment. The AVN responded with mockery. A child died. The AVN had a laugh:

Dorey 142 avn admin mocking death from varicella

But that wasn’t the end of it. As I wrote earlier, Chris received a phone call from a representative of the AVN, who had an American accent. And Chris was told of the harm he was doing by advocating for immunisation:

Dorey 143 Chris

Only recently, little Riley Hughes died from whooping cough. Riley’s Mum and Dad immediately set about on an information campaign. And they’ve had immediate success, working with the McCafferys to ensure maternal Pertussis boosters are rolled out across the country. But, where we see selflessness and altruism which is the hallmark of all of these parents, anti-vaccinationists see targets.

Cate Andrews (Uebergang) is a chiropractor who operates the manipulating business Life Chiropractic Goondiwindi. Andrews immediately got onto the AVN Facebook page to start sowing doubt about Riley’s death:

AVN 6922 Cate Uebergang baby death info

Richard Dean is another chiropractor who currently studies in France. He jumped into the comments section of the Daily Telegraph to voice his opinions about the real reason Riley died. It was breastfeeding issues and the like:

Rich 1 Riley's mum breastfeeding

Riley’s Mum replied, which only further provoked the chiropractor:

Rich 2 Cate

The AVN’s resident troll, Holland/Johnson, also attempted to whip up a frenzy on the AVN page:

AVN 6923 NJ crowing over Riley's death

This comment is from New England, US crackpot Cynthia Maurer. Maurer left this despicable, cruel comment on Riley’s memorial page the day after it started:

Maurer 2 Riley

Strong supporter of the AVN, Rixta Francis, has written a blog post which is as wrong as it is awful. The March 26 post which rounds off by calling the whooping cough immunisation “crimes against humanity”, also contains this execrable claim:

Recently a baby in Australia died from whooping cough. It probably died from lack of breast milk and too much antibiotics, but let’s not discuss those details.

Francis 1 blog post baby probably died of a lack of breast milk

Monique Grobbin, of Brisbane, featured in the Sunday Telegraph today due to her extraordinary flippant callousness. Grobbin delights in carrying out precisely the same act as that horrid act perpetrated by the anti-vaccine nurse, Kerry Baker, above:

Grobben 1 PMed Riley's mum

On The Today Show Facebook page we saw the usual accusations. Here is a denial that whooping cough really kills, from alternative health therapist Lulu Langford:

Lulu supposedly

Wendy Hillier-Bull presents the offensive, repugnant dead baby competition which is their trump card:

Hillier Ian's voice

Daisy Marskell is related to AVN committee member Kaye Payne (Marskell). You can see the pride in their concern trolling. You can smell it:

Marskell 1 Riley thread

And this brings us back to Judy Wilyman. Proving the University of Wollongong has the courage to stand behind its students who belittle the deaths of babies for ideological point-scoring, Wilyman repeats the anecdote claim about Riley which she made about Dana:

Wilyman 81 baby death an anecdote

There’s a reason I decided to write up this compilation today. It’s because some courageous, anonymous troll decided to post onto Dana’s Facebook page, and onto Riley’s memorial Facebook page. The same comments were posted on both pages:

AVN 6937 McCafferys Dana's page troll comments

The troll page has been deleted. Courageous and anonymous.

There is one thing I really want to make clear in closing. All of these anti-vaccine trolls, and the anti-vaccine acolytes, and the anti-vaccine grunts, are all following the lead of Meryl Dorey, who has been doing this sort of thing for twenty years, and almost getting away with it until the last six years.

This is Dorey in 1997, from my earlier blog post, unrestrained by the public eye, heaping scorn at will, and barging into areas unwelcome, attempting to access details of confidential medical records:

Dorey 144 callous 1997

On April 30 2010 Dorey uttered the word “supposedly”, which would rightly come to haunt her. That simple word would be her albatross of callousness. And, as you’ve seen above, others followed her:

Dorey 141 Supposedly Yahoo list

Dorey also attempted to access details of confidential medical records when Dana died. From my earlier post:

On the day before Dana’s funeral, in March 2009, Meryl Dorey rang the Director of Public Health at the then North Coast Area Health Service, contending that Dana did not die from Pertussis. She even had the temerity to claim that the Director had lied to the McCafferys about the content of that phone conversation, and that it was in fact the Director who was the real person harassing the McCafferys.

Let’s remember that Dorey made her intent clear to her followers in 2009:

AVN 5955 Dorey Yahoo love to get a look at Dana medical records

So, when we look at all of the shocking behaviour, and the cruelty, and the callousness of the trolls, and the anti-vaccinationists, and the University of Wollongong PhD student, and the chiropractors who have attempted to hide their identities in the last fortnight; just remember who enabled them. Remember who holds the giant dog-whistle, telling them it’s okay to attack grieving families. It’s Meryl Dorey and her cabal of narcissists. And it’s anyone who treats these repugnant ghouls with respect and kid gloves.

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Stephanie Messenger’s anti-vaccine SIDS charity status revoked

You would remember Stephanie Messenger as the anti-vaccination fundamentalist who wrote the awful child-hating book for children, Melanie’s Marvelous Measles. You would also remember her as the organiser of the recent anti-vaccine tour of Australia which starred Sherri Tenpenny. The tour came unstuck when it became apparent that the Australian community wanted their children alive, as opposed to the deceased condition in which Tenpenny’s extremist beliefs would otherwise have left them. All of the venues pulled out once they realised just what sort of a hate-fest was almost upon them.

One of the corollaries of the exuberant gamble played by Messenger was that she had now popped her head above the parapet, and with it her SIDS charity. As I wrote a couple of months ago:

Get Rid of SIDS is Messenger’s registered health promotion charity. It has Deductible Gift Recipient status. Along with Messenger’s other organisation, GanKinMan Foundation (more below), GRoS was listed as the organiser of the recent anti-vaccine seminars which feature anti-vaccine fundamentalist Sherri Tenpenny as the lead speaker. Read that out aloud again: a registered health promotion charity organised an anti-vaccine tour. The basis for Messenger’s GRoS charity is the promotion of the [dubious] Toxic Gas Theory, by Dr Sprott.

And Messenger was clear about her charity’s involvement in the anti-vaccine tour, including claims of “research” and “education”, as well as trading on the reputation that a “registered charity” was the organiser. In this image of the Concord Eventbrite booking page we see a “charity” being linked with the names of Sherri Tenpenny, Isaac Golden, and Norma Erickson:

Messenger 46 Concord dinner research claim

So you can see why the anti-vaccine tour garnered such outrage. Not only were they a threat to public health and safety, they displayed the ethics of a rat in carrying out their attempted ruse under the guise of charitable legitimacy.

Remember that this charity also made a list of accusations against critics. Critics were accused of being terrorists like those who carried out the Sydney and Paris atrocities, who were threatening violence upon venue owners. The only violence threatened was by one of Messenger’s and Tenpenny’s supporters, Frank Vazquez, of Adelaide: he made bomb and arson threats against two separate venues who were likely to cancel.

Messenger 52 Eventbrite GKM site terrorists Paris Sydney shootings etc

I’d like to claim that Messenger’s behaviour probably added to her forthcoming charitable regulatory woes, but, in reality, the complaints which were submitted to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission were beyond reproach. The long history Messenger laid down, linking her charity with her anti-vaccine seminars, as well as  the zany claims surrounding SIDS, and her distribution of other bizarre for-profit products, like mattress covers and negative ion sanitary pads, was enough to sink any hope she had of claiming to be doing public health any legitimate service. It was all collated. It was all submitted. She was her own undoing. For a broader outline of the above and all of Messenger’s organisations and activities see, The Church of Conscious Living – another Stephanie Messenger Anti-vaccine Enterprise.

The only saving grace Messenger had in my eyes was that in 2013 she made noises which sounded like she had back-tracked from her previous vaccines-cause-SIDS lies. But, that was obviously a long time ago. Like a dog and its vomit, an anti-vaccinationist always returns to its lies. From February 2015 (there are more, but, this will do):

Messenger 79 vaccines cause SIDS

So, ultimately, Messenger was irredeemable.

And that’s why today’s news is so welcome. An anti-vaccinationist who used the legitimacy of a charity for so many years had the charitable status and the Deductible Gift Recipient status revoked on April 1 2015. Savour the word… r e v o k e d:

Messenger 92 ACNC GROS Revoked

I want to acknowledge the work of Sam Johnston and David Metcalf for a surgical and concise approach to all of the above. And I want to give extra special thanks to Christine Bayne who operates Diluted Thinking, that repository of the results of hard work.

Most of all I want to thank Stephanie Messenger for her tireless dedication to the art of bringing down Stephanie Messenger.

Here is Channel 7 on the good news:


 Update April 8 2015

Reproduced here in full is the freshly minted ACNC media release:


8 April 2015                                                                    No.119   

‘Get Rid of Sids’ charity status revoked

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has made a decision to revoke the registration of Get Rid of Sids Project Inc (ABN 63 260 843 015) following a review into the organisation’s operations and activities.

The entity is an association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld) which had deductible gift recipient status as well as tax concessions since it was established in 2010.

It had its charity status revoked by the ACNC and this decision is effective from 01 April 2015. The charity has 60 days to lodge an objection to this decision.

Acting Commissioner David Locke said Australians donate millions of dollars to charity every year and the ACNC is tasked with regulating all registered charities.

“The ACNC is committed to protecting public trust and confidence in the sector, which includes revoking the charity status of organisations which are not operating in accordance with the ACNC Act and Regulations,” Mr Locke said.

“All charities have to be established for charitable purpose and for the benefit of the public. Where concerns are raised with the ACNC about a charity’s operations, we take these seriously and look into all of the circumstances. We will act firmly and quickly where we believe organisations are not entitled to ongoing charity registration.

“It is important that the public can give confidently to charities on the ACNC Charity Register.

“The ACNC has made a decision to revoke Get Rid of Sids Project’s registration as a charity under 35-10 (1) (a) of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012 (ACNC Act),” Mr Locke said.

The ACNC is prevented by secrecy provisions in the ACNC Act from disclosing the details of any case. Under the ACNC Act, decisions to use formal powers must usually be published on the ACNC Charity Register.

The ACNC’s regulatory approach, clearly sets out how the ACNC’s use its powers to regulate. Any charity which has its entitlement to registration under review and facing potential revocation is served with a notice to show cause of why they should not be revoked and given 28 days to respond. When a decision to revoke is made, charities are informed and provided with the reasons for revocation via both phone and mail. The charities then have 60 days to lodge an objection to this decision.


ACNC Media Contact:

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The bizarre, extraordinary, acceptable excuses of the Chiropractic Board of Australia

Right off the bat I feel I have a conflict of interest – of sorts – to declare. I am writing this post as the author of the same AHPRA notification on which it is based. I don’t usually like lodging complaints. I do have three others in the system. They are also as bad as this one, so much so that I didn’t really have a choice but to lodge notifications about them.

Anyway, I received a final report from AHPRA of the determinations of the Chiropractic Board of Australia into the investigation of Mr Koe Davidson, who featured in the extensive post, Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 1. It might be worth your while to reacquaint yourselves with him, and just how bad he was.

Basically, the CBA have allotted my complaint into four sections:

1. Davidson had published testimonials on his professional Facebook page. He admitted this. He was caught cold.

2. Davidson had published anti-vaccine information, between 2011-2013, on his two professional Facebook page, and on his professional Twitter page. He admitted this. He was caught cold, again.

3. On January 4 2014 Davidson made several anti-vaccine comments, including anti-vaccine memes, on the Channel 9 Facebook page, The following are two pertinent examples. Take special note of the anti-vaccine memes he posts:

Davidson 21 Ch 9 thread


Davidson 22 Ch 9 thread

In pointing out Davidson’s activity on the Channel 9 page to the CBA I was extremely careful to make special mention that the profile commenting above led straight to Davidson’s personal profile, which led in turn to two of his professional chiropractic pages. The pages were awash with anti-vaccine and other misinformation. Among the anti-vaccine posts were these two. Look familiar?

Davidson 34 fluvax post also posted on Ch 9 thread


Davidson 35 vaccines safty studies post also posted on Ch 9 thread

So, we’re pretty clear that the Koe Davidson private Facebook profile which is posting anti-vaccine memes is posting precisely the same anti-vaccine memes and other arguments as the Koe Davidson – Chiropractor professional Facebook page. And, just so we’re even clearer, here is the Koe Davidson private Facebook profile, in 2012, posting the precise same meme later posted on Channel 9 in 2014:

Davidson 44 shared fluvax antivax meme on another's wall in 2012

Okay. We’ll come back to the above. Just so we’re clear that the Koe Davidson profiles and pages have been consistent in both their messaging and the exact memes they post for that period of two years (at least).

4.  I argued that Davidson misrepresented himself as a lawyer in posting a legal threat to the comments section of my original blog post pertaining to his activities. Of course it is nigh on impossible to prove that Davidson was the author of the threat. A US associate kindly traced the email address used and found that it was brand new. An Australian friend carried out a trace route on the IP address and found that it resolved to the general vicinity of Davidson’s location in Melbourne. Still, it’s not enough, and without the author having the courage of his/her convictions the source will never be known. It’s not a huge deal anyway:

Davidson 33 Steve Strickland Lawyer message

So, what happened? Davidson denied he made the above comment, which impersonated a legal practitioner, and that’s all that can be done there.

So, back to 1. and 2. above. The CBA found:

…Dr Davidson’s conduct may be considered to have been unsatisfactory as he failed to maintain his knowledge of and comply with his professional responsibilities with regard to advertising.

…Dr Davidson failed to comply with his professional responsibilities to promote the health of the community through disease prevention and control, education and, where relevant, screening as set out in the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors.

And on searching the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (Victoria) Act 2009 under which the investigation and sanctions are undertaken we find the sanctions handed down to Davidson, section 178(2)(a) are…

Davidson 53 178 2 A caution National Law

A caution.

That’s it. A caution, which will be handed down in private, and will not be recorded on the AHPRA registration page of Mr Davidson (chiropractor).

So what happened to 3. I hear you ask? All of those various Davidson pages and profiles saying and sharing all of the same things over at least a two-year period? Well, on the day in question in which the Davidson private profile made all of those consistent comments and posted those consistent anti-vaccine memes on the Channel 9 Facebook page, this is what happened:

Davidson 54 CBA hacked

He. Was. Hacked.

He was hacked.

And the Chiropractic Board of Australia believed it.

And the Chiropractic Board of Australia accepted it.

But, it’s not the first time the CBA have accepted the word of someone who denied his own actions to save his own skin. I have a vast repository of all of the comments made by Mr Rob Hutchings, a chiropractor now based at Body Brilliant in Queensland, made on the Australian Vaccination Network Facebook page.

From 2010 on Mr Hutchings made a huge contribution to the page of the rabid anti-vaccination lobby group, the Australian Vaccination Network. You have met him before pretending to be a doctor, and stating that he can sign conscientious objector forms via fax. And here is Hutchings telling his chiropractic mates, on August 16 2013, exactly how to get out of trouble for expressing their own beliefs:

Hutchings 7 I waz hacked August 16 2013

I mean, why tell the truth when you can make dishonest accusations against a group of innocent people knowing full well that you yourself made all of the comments? The Chiropractic Board of Australia won’t hold you to account.

The bravery and the courage of these guys…I am without speech.

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