Are Australian chiropractors still sneaking into hospitals without permission?

In September 2013 I wrote about Australian chiropractors, including board members of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA), bragging about sneaking into hospital wards – including, astonishingly, neonatal intensive care units – without the permission of the hospital or any treating physicians, nursing, or allied health staff. Mind-blowingly, one of those who was bragging about her many “sneaky” visits into maternity wards is now the president of the National CAA. You read that correctly – the president:

Alevaki 1 sneaks into maternity wards to check babies

The previous CAA president, Laurie Tassell, in November 2013, was thunderous in his contempt for such actions, once the actions became public:

The damage to the profession from the unprofessional use of social media…bragging about entering hospitals without permission and posting photos with well known speakers openly critical of vaccination are not acceptable.

Since that time the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors has been made very clear in regards to chiropractors entering and working in health facilities. There are six easy steps to be followed:

6.5 Provision of care in a healthcare facility

Good practice involves:

a. seeking permission to access and provide care

b. adhering to and following the policies and procedures of the facility

c. communicating effectively with other practitioners involved in the management of the patient

d. keeping the facility informed of any care

e. ensuring professional indemnity insurance (PII) coverage to cover care in that facility, and

f. keeping adequate records.

CBA 3 CoC 6.5 hospital requirements

Which brings us to today’s subject. Josh Farmer is a US-trained chiropractor at TLC Bundaberg Chiropractic. On July 5 2015 – two days ago – Farmer posted that he had been in a hospital to check the spine and nervous system of a baby. Farmer has since deleted this post, given the attention it received on Twitter:

TLC 12 July 5 2015 redacted

Given that the linen and towel, as well as the crib, appeared to be those of a public hospital I contacted Queensland Health on Twitter to investigate. To their credit Queensland Health were very swift in investigating and replying that the actions by Farmer were not facilitated by Queensland Health; nor were Farmer’s actions done “with” Bundaberg Hospital:

Qld Health 1 Today Queensland Health clarified further, stating that Farmer’s actions were not “arranged with Bundaberg Hospital”:

Qld Health 2

To clarify further I rang the Mater Hospital in Bundaberg – a private hospital – who confirmed for me that they do not offer birthing or maternity facilities; nor do any other private Bundaberg health facilities.

Given the responses by Queensland Health; the crib,  linen and towel in the image; and Farmer’s swift deletion of the image from the TLC Chiropractic Facebook page, I think we can gauge what has happened here. But – as those of you who are long past expecting surprises in these posts would expect – this is not the first time Farmer has posted these images.

From June 16 2015 (also deleted):

TLC 13 June 16 2015 redacted

From October 7 2014:

TLC 14 October 7 2014 redacted

And from July 31 2014:

TLC 15 July 31 2014 redacted

All of the above posts, taken from inside a hospital maternity unit, are signed off by “Dr Josh”. The above examples show at least four occasions in the space of twelve months – and these are only the ones for which there is photographic evidence – where this chiropractor has entered and conducted his business inside a healthcare facility. And not only that, he has used the images and names of infants in his online marketing, which is precisely what Facebook is deemed to be under the National Law. Add to all of the preceding that there is no reputable evidence for a chiropractor to touch any day-old infant.

So, again, how many of these Code of Conduct requirements has this chiropractor ticked off?

CBA 3 CoC 6.5 hospital requirements

I’m not expecting the Chiropractic Board of Australia to do anything about this. I’m long past expecting them to carry out any meaningful action, anywhere, about anything. But, if you want to lodge a notification you can click here to complain to the Queensland Office of the Health Ombudsman (they handle AHPRA complaints in Queensland).

Thanks for reading.

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Beware the violent antis – Lismore Mayor physically assaulted

The alternative health movement is  often perceived in the broader community as one which embraces love, light and unicorn tights. But, as anyone who has questioned an alt-med person, or requested evidence for their claims knows, it only takes a feather-scrape to reveal the fangs which lurk. Then the gloves are off. Critics become fair game, in the truest Scientological sense. It is no coincidence that many alt-med identities are Scilon-friendly; like Meryl Dorey and her rabid anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. The AVsN online store is packed with Scientology DVDs.

Today I’m discussing incitement: debasement with the intent of legitimising an attack on the target. There is a long history of this intellectually dishonest practise, of course.  I’ll contain myself to the last few years.

Six years ago Ken McLeod  lodged a complaint with the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission at the same time that Stop the Australian Vaccination Network was forming. In her response to the HCCC Meryl Dorey brazenly lied about  Mr McLeod, claiming that his emails were abusive, inferring that she had to hire security because of the threat he posed. Mr McLeod’s publication of the full Dorey correspondence proved she is a liar. But, this was an initiation for those of us unused to such bastardry. The smears had begun. This is how targets are made.

In 2012 Dorey published private email addresses of individuals who had emailed the AVN with legitimate questions regarding the organisation, which is their right to do under legislation. This resulted in threatening emails being sent to two of those named. Police had to intervene as the person sending threats was very well known to them. At Dorey’s incitement members of parliament also received threatening correspondence for which police were again involved.

In 2011 Dorey published a link on her AVN Facebook page. It was to an article by Mark Sircus called String the Bastards Up. It detailed how doctors, medical researchers and government health officials should be executed, and lined up against a wall.

In 2011 Dorey published that unforgettable claim that childhood immunisation is the same as rape, and that doctors and a presiding judge are the same as rapists. In 2012 she equated doctors and drug companies to paedophiles. The AVN repeated the rape claims twice in 2015! South Australian anti-vaccine chiropractor Paul Lawrence took his lead from Dorey and said the same, in 2013. What better way to debase the enemy than call them rapists?

I have also been the target of  many death threats and other threats of violence including the threat from Mr Frank Vazquez of Adelaide that he is “gonna kill [my] whole family”. This, too, was incited by the actions of Meryl Dorey and her AVN. I’ve had numerous trolls follow me around the internet; but, one stepped  over the edge. Johanna Holland/Nicole Johnson is a supporter of Meryl Dorey and the AVN; Holland/Johnson is protected by them. She created approximately 17 fake profiles impersonating me, even going as far as to use my daughter’s name in profile pictures, as well as NSW South Coast place names in the fake profiles in an attempt to intimidate me.

In the US infectious diseases specialist Dr Paul Offit had armed security follow him around CDC offices due to death threats. Amy Wallace writing of Dr Offit in Wired includes this alarming passage:

Then there are the threats. Offit once got an email from a Seattle man that read, “I will hang you by your neck until you are dead!” Other bracing messages include “You have blood on your hands” and “Your day of reckoning will come.” A few years ago, a man on the phone ominously told Offit he knew where the doctor’s two children went to school. At a meeting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an anti-vaccine protester emerged from a crowd of people holding signs that featured Offit’s face emblazoned with the word terrorist and grabbed the unsuspecting, 6-foot-tall physician by the jacket.

The thing is, we know who incites this stuff. It is people like the mild-mannered grand dame of US anti-vaccinationism, Barbara Loe Fisher. I’ve written three posts highlighting the separate attacks – including death threats – on Dr Offit which were incited by the dog-whistling of Fisher. Fisher is not Robinson Crusoe, here: Sherri Tenpenny also incites her acolytes into a violent fervour. And, when all the dog-whistling is done and dusted, the road is paved for images like this to be created with impunity. I’ve spun the image for ease of reading:

Thug 4 Paul Offit books

Law Professor Dorit Reiss is also targeted by the anti-vaccination lobby, both for her vaccine advocacy based on her expertise in law, and because of who she is. Being a Facebook friend of Professor Reiss I can say it is with alarm the comments I see posted which have been made towards her as a Jewish woman. I feel let down by my species. We all know what can eventuate from the dehumanisation of a people. Skeptical Raptor has written recently on the anti-Semitism of the anti-vaccination cult, with which the majority of the cult appear to be comfortable.

Another current target in the US is Dr Richard Pan, a state senator in California, who is a co-sponsor of the SB-277 bill to remove all non-medical vaccination exemptions, such as those we are lucky enough to have coming to us in Australia, in 2016. Dr Pan has subsequently been vilified on an unimaginable scale, including death threats. The Sacramento Bee notes, on April 14 2015:

The messages range from images depicting Pan as a Nazi to posts on his Facebook page calling for him to be “eradicated” or hung by a noose.

The image to which The SacBee refers is this one, luckily kept by Harpocrates Speaks:

Thug 5 Pan Hitler

The same Facebook page, Thug Health, is responsible for another Nazi image of Dr Pan:

Thug 3 Pan Nazis

On May 19 2015 we see an even more worrying trend. Lobbyists are being singled out and their locations shared around! From The SacBee, again:

Lobbyists championing the bill on behalf of the California Medical Association and the California Academy of Family Physicians have attracted the attention of bill opponents, who have begun sharing information on the lobbyists and disseminating photos of their locations on social media.

On May 20 2015 The SacBee featured an excellent opinion piece by Shawn Hubler, which shows how an anti-vaccination activist created a YouTube video singling out a lobbyist, Jodi Hicks, including private photos of Hicks’ wedding:

Then up flashed a clandestine photo of Hicks in a Capitol hallway. Then one from her wedding, the bridal party of fellow politicos all glued to their cellphones. (“I love this,” the narrator, a complete stranger, snickered.)

And now here was a campaign ad in which Hicks’ youngest child high-fived Pan, an old friend and Hicks’ pediatrician. And now came her professional bio.

“Jodi Hicks, that’s her right there,” the narrator trilled. Hicks rechecked her Twitter, which was blowing up now.

And then there was this:

“Hey, Jodi!” someone yelled as she crossed the street. When she turned, a bevy of red-shirted “No on SB 277” women snapped her picture. Moments later, it was up on Twitter.

“#wheresJodi,” the caption sneered. “#DevilWithTheBlueDress.”

“There’s a special place in hell for you, just waiting,” warned the mean tweets.


Terrifying stuff, indeed. Especially when you take into account comments like this, about Dr Pan:

Pan 1 attack Hitler killed etc

Journalists are also fair game for anti-vaccinationists. We are all well aware how anti-vaccinationists like Meryl Dorey attack journalists on a regular basis. Journalists expect it from Dorey and her ilk. But, in the US again, another tactic of real concern was exposed by Renee DiResta, who co-wrote the wonderful Time article regarding the attempted manipulation of the SB-277 bill via the use of Twitter hashtags by a concentrated number of users. On June 13 2015 this happened:

Renee DiResta tweet antivax infant

Ms DiResta Tweeted the same day, which gives us a greater insight into the activists:

Renee DiResta tweet hearings removed fuck you

And let’s not forget back in 2009 when Age of Autism’s editor Kim Stagliano published a grotesque attack on Dr Paul Offit, Amy Wallace (journalist), Dr Steve Novella, Trine Tsouderos (journalist) and Alison Singer: they were photoshopped into a Thanksgiving dinner; the main course in the middle of the table was a baby.

We are clearly not dealing with rational people.

Last Saturday, June 20 2015, Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell was assaulted in broad daylight in the Lismore CBD. Mayor Dowell was allegedly assaulted by an anti-fluoride activist.

As reported in the Northern Star, by Hamish Broome:

LISMORE mayor Jenny Dowell has reported on Facebook that she was assaulted in Lismore CBD this afternoon by a woman angry about the fluoridation of Lismore’s water supply.

The mayor posted that the woman “slammed” the mayor’s car door against her head as she got in to end what was becoming an aggressive verbal confrontation…

“a woman (Ann?) wanted to speak to me for 5 mins about fluoride. I sat with her but for the first minute she just accused me of not listening (I was silent),” Cr Dowell posted on Facebook.

“I stood up and said I was going- she then followed me and harangued me up the street to my car then slammed the door against my head as I got into it. She shouted that I am a ‘f…ing bitch’, gave me the finger and left- I now have a sore ear and cheek- and I’m shaken…

And most strikingly, Mayor Dowell recounts an alarmingly similar tale:

While the mayor stressed the alleged assault was an “isolated incident”, she did recount numerous verbal attacks from people who were anti-fluoride over the last two years.   “I’ve been called Genocide Jenny, I’ve been called Hitler… that’s happened on more than a dozen occasions by different people,” Cr Dowell said.   She added that when people got into public office some people “no longer saw them as a person” or worthy of normal decent behaviour.

“You’re fair game.”

The alleged attacker was apprehended:

The woman who allegedly assaulted Lismore mayor Jenny Dowell has been arrested and charged after the mayor reported the matter immediately to Lismore police.

Indeed, Mayor Dowell has been the victim of the aforementioned debasement, with the intent of legitimising an attack. She was indeed seen as fair game, as noted above. And all of us need to be aware of the tactics used by anti-vaccinationists and anti-fluoridationists – as they are more or less the same tactics – and acknowledge that, although it is isn’t likely that one will be the target of a physical assault, it is entirely possible; unfortunately, we have now seen that this is so.

But, this has been telegraphed for years. It was coming. It was only a matter of when.

How does the anti-fluoride lobby incite violence against those whom it perceives to be enemies? In the same way that anti-vaccine ideologues do. Here is Facebook page, Forced-fluoridation Freedom Fighters, opining on the very incident against Mayor Dowell, who is pictured in the thumbnail:

people have the right to defend themselves and others against forced-fluoridation in whatever way they see fit

FFFF 1 Jenny Dowell lucky activists right to self defense

Astonishingly, and with ghastly misogynistic ferocity, the FfFF page admin justifies its attack on Mayor Dowell, by attacking Irish scientist, Jen Keane:

FFFF 2 Jen Keane

As we have seen above with anti-vaccinationists, anti-fluoride activists equate water fluoridation to rape, the corollary being that those who order water fluoridation are rapists. It is easier to incite violence against someone whom you deem to carry out inhumane acts:

victims also have the right of self-defence

FFFF 3 rape

But there is a longer history at play, in Australia. In the last few years an anonymous, anti-fluoride coward has been learning how to use photoshop. He first came to our attention via the former South Australian MLC, and all-round conspiracy theorist, Ann Bressington, who posted this bullet-ridden wanted poster – featuring the then Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek – not once, but, four times; even after being called out in the national media. Bressington was called out by Bernard Keane, in Crikey. She was also called out by Tory Shepherd, in the Adelaide Advertiser.

Bress 105 Feb 25 poster Plibersek

The bullet-ridden wanted poster is the work of the anonymous coward behind the Facebook page No Fluoride Australia (he also runs No Vaccines Australia). The NFA page has 7000 fans. That is quite a reach to be condoning and inciting violence. And it is implicit in this person’s images that he condones violence against those he perceives to be a threat. There are bullet holes; accusations of mass poisoning; and accusations of crimes against humanity.

Now we see the violent rhetoric to which Mayor Dowell alludes. And we see the violent rhetoric to which our US examples allude. And, like in the US vaccine debate, where journalists became fair game, the same is carried out by the anti-fluoride lobby. NFA Guy decided that Tory Shepherd was a target. He removed the bullet holes for this image; this is probably for the best, as you can see the violent Frank Vazquez likes the image:

NFA 2 Tory pis

Another attack on Tory Shepherd:

NFA 3 Tory pic

Most concerning, however are the attacks on NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant. Jane Hansen has written two articles on Dr Chant’s harassment by anti-fluoride activists in the Northern Rivers region.

On September 12 2013, Jane Hansen wrote:

THE Chief Medical Officer for NSW Dr Kerry Chant was accosted and threatened in Lismore on Tuesday evening after she gave a submission to Lismore city council on the benefits of fluoride.

In the car park, after the council voted to reverse a ban on fluoride, Dr Chant was told by an anti-fluoride protester: “We know your face, I have friends in Syria, do you know of Sarin gas.”…

Lismore paediatrician Dr Chris Ingall witnessed the abuse by the woman.

“I heard what the woman said, she said we have friends in Syria and do you know of saran gas, Dr Chant was trying to be nice to her. Kerry handled it professionally, calmly and expertly and we walked away and that’s when she started screaming abuse at us,” Dr Ingall said, calling on more security.

“I’d like to see heightened security at meetings where fluoride is discussed and our elected representatives could be more active in supporting our townsfolk who want fluoride because we are under fire,” Dr Ingall said.

Mayor Jenny Dowell said she was very embarrassed and had written an apology letter to Dr Chant on behalf of the community.

On September 21 2013, Jane Hansen wrote:

“Expect to be threatened! The community is angry, it wouldn’t surprise me if these criminals pretending to be authorties (sic) on health start going missing, eventually members of the public will snap and take matters into their own hands, its only a matter of time. People go missing over far more trivial issues,” was posted on the Facebook page by No Fluoride Australia on September 12…

“I am horrified that any member of the public would deem this threatening behaviour acceptable particularly when it involves a well-respected clinician like Dr Kerry Chant,” [NSW Health Minister] Ms Skinner said…

Opposition health spokesman Andrew McDonald said Dr Chant is getting a taste of what local councillors have endured for years when they support fluoridation of water.

Absolutely mind-boggling stuff. But far from uncommon. Part of the “threatening behaviour” to which Minister Skinner alludes is the wanted poster featuring Dr Chant, created by NFA Guy [I will include a collection of these images at the bottom of this post. There are too many to include here]:

NFA 9 Kerry Chant wanted poster

So, we can see a common thread across continents, and across topics, of the incitement of violence by denialist, anti-vaccination and anti-fluoridation movements. Anyone whom they perceive to be a threat is fair game. It doesn’t matter if you are a federal, state or  local government politician; a journalist; a researcher; a medical professional; an advocate; or a layperson: if they choose you, they will go after you. And, as we have seen with the NSW Northern Rivers examples, the seething, irrational, cock-eyed stare of an angry zealot at a council meeting can and does ferment into real physical violence, against someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Be careful.

As noted above, the woman who allegedly assaulted Jenny Dowell was arrested and charged. I’m sure we’ll be updated.



Thug life

Thug 1 rifle

Thug 2 handgun

Thus 3 provax kill themselves

No Fluoride Australia

Michael Foley:

NFA 4 Dr Michael Folay crimes against humanity

Regarding Dr Chant: “If you play with poison you should expect to get poisoned”:

NFA 8 expect to get poisoned

Tanya Plibersek:

NFA 10 Plibersek wanted

Tanya Plibersek wanted poster t-shirt. Yes, he made a t-shirt:

NFA 13 Plibersek wanted shirt

Tanya Plibersek behind bars:

NFA 16 Plibersek behind bars

Bob Carr:

NFA 14 Bob Carr

Mark Arbib:

NFA 15 Mark Arbib

Anthony Albanese:

NFA 17 Anthony Albanese

David Tollner:

NFA 18 David Tollner

Anna Bligh:

NFA 19 Anna Bligh

Jillian Skinner:

NFA 20 Jillian Skinner

David Davis:

NFA 21 David Davis

NFA Guy likes a comment about Julia Gillard needing “cross hairs on her head”:

NFA 22 crosshairs on JGs head

NFA Guy links to a blog post by Meryl Dorey of the AVN, to which the violent Frank Vazquez states, “I see Dead politicians walking”, in reference to the Greens:

NFA 25 Vazquez dead politicians walking

Campbell Newman:

NFA 34 Newman

Tony Abbott. This photoshop was done by Mr Luke O’Hehir (AKA Luke E Lawless), the proprietor of a home-based IT business called Elegant Logic. Mr O’Hehir is currently undertaking a campaign of harassment against me, having continually sent me unsolicited private messages on Facebook:

NFA 44 Abbott Nazi

Protesters attempting to stop children having good teeth. Well played, protesters. Well played:

NFA 42 Lismore protest

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No Jab No Pay No Way protests – anti-vaccine to their very core

On June 21 2015 the capital cities of Australia will be treated to a series of protests by groups unhappy with the Federal government’s new childcare immunisation requirements. There are protests in Adelaide, Launceston, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. The first three I won’t address as they’re either a  non-event, or the pages are being overrun by conspiracy theorists (Melbourne). I’ll quickly address the Perth event, which is only billed as a speakers’ event; but, I’ll focus on Sydney and Brisbane, the organisers of which are the driving forces of these larger marches.

The catch-cries of the protests are the usual anti-vaccine mating calls of “pro-choice, health freedom, freedom of choice, human rights, anti-discrimination, informed choice…”. You get the idea. It is timely that, at this very moment, there are many posts circulating the internet pertaining to this very subject: the ruse of anti-vaccinationism made over as health freedom and informed choice.

Time magazine has tracked anti-vaccine Tweets which are attempting to sway the US immunisation legislative process using this particular, deceitful attempt at cloaking. The Unwholesome has recently blogged the same, using the wonderfully apt metaphor of polishing a turd. And this is precisely what they are doing. Two years ago  I wrote about Meryl Dorey’s persistent use of a form of the bait-and-switch: she would paint herself and her vile anti-vaccine organisation as health freedom fighters who are battling for the freedom of informed choice for her acolytes.

Three things always stick out immediately whenever I sit down to look at any particular “pro-choice” group or page:

1. there are no posts in support of immunisation.

2. there is an overabundance of posts inferring that vaccines are unsafe, ineffective, poisonous, or malignant-agenda-driven.

3. there is no freedom of informed choice on offer, and any dissenting opinion is banned.

With all of the preceding in mind, this is the banner logo used by the protest pages in various forms:

Protest 17 freedom of choice

Taken from the Brisbane page, we have all seen this deceitful graphic used by anti-vaccinationists. They know that being anti-vaccine is viewed as selfish and unpalatable by the rest of the community. That’s why they need to lie about their own beliefs; at least in public:

Stanway 25 not anti vaccine meme Vicary

Interestingly the Perth protest is being organised by the pride of the University of Wollongong, anti-vaccine PhD student Judy Wilyman, who also likes to vilify grieving families:

Wilyman 99 Perth protest

The Perth rally will also feature registered nurse and midwife, home-birth advocate Serafine Nichols (Hinemoa Fine), who is very active in the group. Again, a registered nurse is going to speak at an anti-vaccine event:

Nichols 5 Perth RN protest

The first Sydney organiser is a conspiracy theorist by the name of Damien Poulsen. Poulsen uses the “freedom of choice” gambit to address the crowd:

Poulson 1 points about protest

However, in more cosy surroundings Poulsen is more open to speaking his mind. From a different, closed Facebook group:

Poulson 4 antivax not provax

Just in case you were undecided on Poulsen’s stance on vaccines, here he is on the Sydney protest page agreeing with the violent Frank Vazquez, of Adelaide; the same Vazquez who made bomb and arson threats against venues who were considering canceling the recent Tenpenny tour bookings; the same Vazquez who sends out death threats to those with whom he disagrees. This is the organiser of the Sydney protest in fierce agreement with Frank Vazquez, vehemently declaring he is against “pro-choice” – that is, against anyone accessing vaccines – in public. What a colossal foot-bullet:

Poulson 6 Vazquez

Even more incredibly, on May 24 2015, Poulsen appeared on the Sally Elkordy podcast so as to promote the protests. I would highly recommend putting aside one hour to have a listen to this work of genius. Maybe grab a beer, or a wine. Invite some friends over. Hand around some Cubans. Diluted Thinking notes:

In this interview Poulsen went on to explain that this policy is all part of a bigger, worldwide agenda run by pharmaceutical companies, Murdoch media, the Bilderberg Group, the Rockefellers, and that this agenda has no borders and is a worldwide exercise to diminish our population. And yes, fluoride and chemtrails also got a mention.

For me I just can’t get past the enduring image of a symphony led by two cartoon weasels hitting each other on the head with squeaky hammers; the third movement rising to a majestic crescendo of gibbering, salivating, conspiratorial splendour.

I want to make a quick, yet, related diversion. It should be noted that Poulsen was able to conduct the interview with Elkordy due to the efforts of Karen Johnston. Johnston has been an anti-vaccine campaigner in Australia for decades, more widely now known as the main Facebook admin for the worst page on Facebook, VINE. Here Johnston posts the Poulsen/Elkordy interview to the Sydney protest group, and the post  is liked by Poulsen:

Poulson 5 Elkordy interview posted by KJ liked by Poulson

Soon after that Karen Johnston was shut out of the protests by the organisers of the Sydney and Brisbane events, who are no-names – let’s be honest; I had never heard of them – Johnston’s name being smeared on many pages, including the protest pages. However, Johnston did have her defenders:

Poulson 2 report KJ to FB

The other Sydney organiser Belgin Sila Colak also shut out Johnston, to the same protests:

Belgin 12 KJ

The Brisbane organiser Cos Stanway (real name Corinne Stanaway, of Sunshine Coast Queensland) sent out the same message, excluding Karen Johnston from a movement with which she has been over-actively involved for two decades:

Stanway 32 KJ

Now, I do not like what Karen Johnston does. I detest that her activities could have an effect on public health. But, I will begrudgingly acknowledge that she has been at this for many years. And I will also acknowledge that she is at least open and honest and upfront about her barking mad, conspiratorial anti-vaccinationism. That’s more than can be said for the individuals who are running the protests. I always ponder to myself: “who will do the most damage to children? The overt public health menace, or the covert liars playing a a ruse of legitimacy?”

But, back to Belgin Sila Colak, the other Sydney protest organiser. Colak created this image claiming that “science has proven that vaccines are ineffective”. Pretty sure we’ll need a citation for that one:

Belgin 2 protest science proven vaccines ineffective

This one is just awesome. I mean, two lies and Godwin, and she didn’t even blink. Well, I didn’t see her if she did:

Belgin 6 Hitler

The community needs to know what these people are fighting for. These people are protesting for the right to infect their children with vaccine preventable diseases. In Spain, a child recently contracted Diphtheria. The child is on life support. In Canada, a child was infected with Tetanus. I refuse to respect anti-vaccination activists, who pose as pro-choice campaigners, who demand the right to have their child die for the parents’ cause:

Belgin 10 right to natural immunity

Vaccine fascism. Bingo. She’s pro-choice, remember?

Belgin 11 vaccine fascism

I love this one. The protest organisers have made an online letter available for all participants. The idea is to fill out the letter, send it to your local member of parliament, making sure you are outside their office door when they open their emails in the morning, whereby you shall be treated to howls of laughter and banging on desks as the staff take turns yelling out, in upper-class British accents, “IT IS MY WILL”:

Protest 13 MY WILL letters

Cos Stanway is the organiser of the Brisbane protest. Like the others she also uses the terminology of the pro-choice ruse:

Stanway 14 protest not about whether to vax or not

Did you hear that? The protests are not about whether one should vaccinate their children or not. And just to show you that this is the case have this syringe-snake:

Stanway 3 snake fangs

If the syringe-snake didn’t convince you that this is all about “choice”, then, maybe Gandhi will, with his talk of “barbarous” vaccines which are a “fatal…delusion”:

Stanway 6 Gandhi vax barbarous

If the pacifist side of politics won’t convince you, then, how about the extreme right?

Stanway 8 Mengele

Mengele not loud enough? You asked for it:

Stanway 24 swastika nuremberg code

I listened to this one the other day. Sally Elkordy interviewed deranged ex-Queensland police officer Chris Savage, who hands out medical advice in between his Facebook tirades about THOSE JEWS. I never knew anyone – other than Alex Jones – could vocalise supercapslock, but, Savage proved me wrong towards the end of his interview, screaming into the mike like a champ. That anyone would share this thing in public is a testament to their absence of a shame gland:

Stanway 28 Elkordy Savage

Here is anti-vaccine activist Tetyana Obukhanych claiming that vaccines are neither safe nor effective. This is more “pro-choice”:

Stanway 30 Tetyana vaccines not safe effective

This is one of my favourites, created by the Queensland network of rabid anti-vaccinationists which includes Stephanie Messenger and Susan Lindberg (who is a commenter declaring that she will be vary active on the day, on the Brisbane protest page); this is Pincushion Baby:

Stanway 31 pincushion baby

I’ve saved the best until last. Every time I see this I think of Armageddon, the family-friendly radio broadcast about the care of small, furry mammals. This image should be treated with all the same gravity as the Armageddon skit:

Stanway 29 Pharmageddon

That any of these people dare to claim that they are campaigning in the name of informed choice is an insult to all of our dictionaries. It is clear that no protest pages contain any information which is positive about or supportive of immunisation; in fact all we find is the sort of anti-vaccine, conspiracy excreta included all the way up the page. These people are conspiracy theorists and, in the case of Stanway at least, well-rehearsed multi-conspiracy protesters. I could find no mention of immunisation on Stanway’s wall before the time that the federal government childcare announcements were made: suddenly she and her anti-vaccine friends are plotting against – and removing – Karen Johnston, a woman who has been involved in the movement for decades. We know Stanway is a habitual protester of dubious causes, as her friend tells us so; whilst at the same time attacking Karen Johnston on the Brisbane protest page:

Stanway 27 habitual protester chemtrails fluoride monsanto

To finish off, this is a selection from Stanway’s profile which further exemplifies the beliefs of those organising these anti-vaccine rallies. David Icke, Illuminati Jews, 9/11 Truther, Chemtrails:

Stanway 33 consliracy collage

Thanks for reading.

Update June 12 2015

The three anti-vaccine organisers of the Brisbane and Sydney protests publicly vilify Karen Johnston again, on the Sydney protest page:

Stanway 34 KJ Poulsen Colak

Stanway 35 KJ Poulsen Colak cont

Update June 13 2015

Lissa Weckert is confirmed by the organisers as a speaker at the Brisbane protest. As already noted above Weckert is a serial protester, having protested against Monsanto, fluoride and chemtrails alongside Stanway. Here are two screenshots from her profile which explain more than I could. A variant of Pincushion Baby:

Weckert 2 pin cushion baby

And some nice anti-Semitism:

Weckert 1 racial hoax of the Jews

Update June 14 2015

Patricia Dow was the person to whom I was referring when I noted above that the Melbourne protest page is full of conspiracy theories. Dow posted this on the Brisbane protest page. Do click on this link to read the glorious prose in its entirety:

Protest 18 Dow open letter to Abbott

Of course the Brisbane organiser Stanway loves it:

Protest 23 Dow open letter Stanway great

Update June 15 2015

Sydney protest organiser Colak protests against Sydney protest organiser Poulsen’s inclusion in the Sydney protest. Colak – 1; Poulsen – 0:

Belgin 18 Poulsen no longer in protest

The lack of organisational and intellectual coherence and stability has caused attendees to withdraw:

Belgin 30 disillusioned punters

Sydney anti-vaccine protest organiser Poulsen is banned from the Sydney protest page:

Poulson 7 banned from protest group

Organiser Colak has stated she will be taking her four day old baby to the protest on Sunday, the baby being born on June 16. Just so we’re clear: Belgin Colak will be bringing her four day old baby to an event of around two-three hours duration, in which the brand new baby will be surrounded by adults and children who have either not been vaccinated, or whose immunity would have waned, in the case of whooping cough. At the moment there are whooping cough and measles outbreaks around the nation and Colak will be risking her four day old infant in this climate for the sake of her ideology:

Belgin 29 bringing 4 day old baby to protest

Update June 16 2015

Brisbane protest organiser Stanway has commented on this post; but, as I have a “no lies” commenting policy she didn’t make it through. Here is her comment. She claims she is not anti-vaccine:

Stanway 37 RH blog comment IP email redacted

Here is the “I am NOT anti-vax!” Stanway on her Facebook profile on April 13 2015. This is one of many anti-vaccine posts on her profile. Like I said, liars are not permitted to comment here:

Stanway 40 Pincushion Baby profile

Update June 17 2015

Monique Grobben declares she will be at the Brisbane protest. Grobben first featured in this blog after laughing about private messaging the mother of a deceased baby under the pretense of concern, only to then start sending anti-vaccine misinformation, then, declaring the mother “ignorant”:

Grobben 3 kids at protest

The Sydney anti-vaccine protest page is still welcoming the comments of Frankie Vazquez, whom we know from his flurry of death, bomb and arson threats against those whom he perceives to be a threat:

Vazquez 92 Wallace shithole mother's cunthole

Update June 18 2015

Frank  Vazquez is still active on the Sydney anti-vaccine protest page:

Vazquez 93 vaccine injured kids Sydney protest

South Australian anti-vaccine ideologue Kathy Scarborough is confirmed as a speaker at the Adelaide anti-vaccine protest:

Protest 29 Adelaide Scarborough speaking

Melbourne anti-vaccine protest organiser Libby Hobley (AKA Elizabeth Jane) posts a link to her appearance on Leon Pittard’s conspiracy internet radio program, Fair Dinkum RadioLeon gets everything wrong in the introduction, which is to be expected: life is difficult. Hobley claims discrimination of her minority group (based on hers and her fellows’ anti-vaccine beliefs), as well as discrimination against religious groups who do not vaccinate (although there are none in Australia). Hobley and Pittard go on to lie about the safety of the HPV vaccine, amongst many other misrepresentations and displays of brazen wilful ignorance. Hobley also confirms that veteran anti-vaccine activist, Wendy Lydall, will be speaking at the Melbourne protest. All of the above confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that these protests are anti-vaccine to the core:

Protest 30 Melbourne Libby Hobley Elizabeth Jane Fair Dinkum Radio

Anti-vaccine flyers have been reported at the University of Wollongong, which is notably the university to whom the Western Australia-based Judy Wilyman is affiliated, conducting her PhD there under the tutelage of Professor Brian Martin; Martin himself recently publishing a how-to-avoid-health-regulators-for-dummies publication in assistance of the anti-vaccination movement. It is reported that four flyers have been removed from university property, including this one which was appropriately pasted on the refuse/recycling receptacle:

Protest 31 UoW flyers

Update June 19 2015

The University of Wollongong’s links to the anti-vaccine protests were featured in today’s midday news bulletin, on ABC Illawarra [audio]. The report mistakenly claims that the AVsN is behind the protests, but, this slight error is more than forgivable due to the AVsN’s former profile as being a relevant organisation. Obviously, the AVsN is no longer relevant. Transcript as follows:

Nick McLaren: The role of the University of Wollongong in supporting anti-vaccination campaigns is continuing to attract criticism. A group called Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network appears to be behind a series of meetings around the country advertised under the banner “Freedom of Choice”. The meetings are protesting the Government’s No Jab, No Play policy, where parents who refuse to vaccinate their children could miss out on Government benefits. A meeting in Sydney is being advertised at the University of Wollongong campus and UoW PhD candidate Judy Wilyman is speaking at a Perth event.

Spinal surgeon and vaccination advocate Dr John Cunningham says the group is not presenting the pro-vaccination side of the argument.

John Cunningham: “People like Judy Wilyman, a PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong, is presenting only anti-vaccination rhetoric, fear, and misinformation in her presentations surrounding this protest which is going ahead.”

Nick McLaren: The ABC has sought to contact Judy Wilyman for comment.

Sydney anti-vaccine protest organiser Belgin Colak links to this blog, on the protest page. She is losing followers, as per the reasons above. Colak responds to me in the comments, which she must do because she banned me (and many, many others), from the protest page. Her explanations of anti-vaccine terminology and the infighting are just puerile, and silly. This is what happens when you let the children take charge of the adult jobs:

Belgin 31 RH thread

Belgin 32 RH thread

Belgin 34 RH thread

Colak reminds everyone on the Sydney anti-vaccine protest page that Damien Poulsen is not involved in the Sydney protest:

Belgin 33 Poulsen reminder

Update June 20 2015

Meryl Dorey, the public officer of the rabid anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, posts on the AVN Facebook page urging everyone to get out and protest against “medical tyranny”, “today”. As one commenter points out, the protest is tomorrow. Other commenters don’t know where to find information about the anti-vaccine protests. The anti-vaccine cause against the “scientocracy” rolls on as it always does, tripping over its own untied shoelaces:

AVN 7027 Dorey wrong day protest

Anti-vaccine entrepreneur of many anti-vaccine business ventures, a failed anti-vaccine charity, and co-owner of the pointless anti-vaccine Church of Conscious Living, Stephanie Messenger, confirms she will be at the Brisbane anti-vaccine protest. This further consolidates the anti-vaccine standing of the nationwide protests:

Messenger 103 protest

In the Perth anti-vaccine protest group the people who like to claim they are better researchers than scientists appear to be having difficulty knowing where they are supposed to be, or what they are supposed to bring to tomorrow’s anti-vaccine protest:

Protest 33 WA attendees can't google

Update June 21 2015: anti-vaccine protest day

There are many photos circulating taken from the various protests; mainly Sydney and Brisbane. I’m not going to add many here. Friends have kindly secured many flyers and information sheets from the Brisbane protesters. All of the information is anti-vaccine. Of course the protesters are chanting the lies of “informed choice” and “pro-choice”, but, the only vaccine information available is anti-vaccine, as well as sovereign citizen wing-nuttery. Even this flyer states: “This is not an anti-vaccination flyer”.

Protest 52 not an antivax flyer

It then goes on to completely misrepresent and lie about immunisation schedules, safety and efficacy, whilst going on to post an incredible section of almost every anti-vaccination lie you can muster, including this:

Prefer the child to catch the disease naturally

Which brings me to this toddler, photographed at the Brisbane protest, doing the parents’ bidding: the toddler exercising his/her parents’ freedom of choice. Why should we stand back and allow this toddler to be infected with vaccine preventable diseases, on his/her parents’ delusional whims? This toddler exemplifies, for me, everything that is wrong with anti-vaccination liars who can’t even be honest enough to admit their beliefs:

Protest 51 Brisbane toddler

And if protesting for the right to deliberately infect a baby or toddler with infectious disease isn’t bad enough, anti-vaccine protesters in Sydney were handing out a flyer featuring a story written by baby murderer Alan Yurko. I’m serious:

Protest 53 Raggedy Ann Yurko flyer

Flyer courtesy Anne Blake who collected it in Sydney

Badges sold at the Sydney anti-vaccine protest. Skull-and-cross-syringes. “No to the vaccine.” Anti-vaccine to the core:

Protest 57 Sydney antivax badges

Source Facebook Public Image: Bialkowska.

And this guy/girl at the Sydney anti-vaccine protest, citing Tenpenny like a charm:

Protest 58 Tenpenny moron

Source Facebook Public Image: Bialkowska.

Organiser Poulsen (left) reinstated himself to be in charge of the charade. Bronwyn Hancock (right) managed to appear without being publicly humiliated by Veira Scheibner (absent), this time. In the middle is some other person:

Protest 61 Poulsen Hancock

Source Facebook Public Image: Bialkowska.

And the very last image from the day of national deceit shall be from the organiser of the Sydney anti-vaccine protest, Belgin Colak, who is at pains to declare that the anti-vaccine protests are not anti-vaccine. Here is Colak inviting all Sydney protest page commenters to come and like her Facebook group, Anti-Vaccination Australia:

Belgin 37 join antivax group

I don’t know any more. Is it napalm-grade ineptitude? Or is it a practised, sustained perfidy which nourishes these people?

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Chiropractor Barham-Floreani again on the bill with notable anti-vaccinationists

On August 7 and 8 2015 Australian anti-vaccine chiropractor and entrepreneur Jennifer Barham-Floreani will be presenting at the WAVE chiropractic event in San Francisco. Of note, August 8 is also the two-year anniversary of the Chiropractic Board of Australia’s chest-thumping declaration that it was done with anti-vaccine misinformation. Two years. Indeed.

JBF 49 WAVE August 7 and 8 SF

Barham-Floreani has a long history of dispensing anti-vaccine misinformation: her book Well Adjusted Babies has an entire chapter dedicated to dissuading the uncommitted from evidence-based immunisation and into homeopathic non-protection, making out that they are equal. She also cites luminaries such as Wakefield, Scheibner, Carley, Carrey, Golden, and the NVIC. I’m still unsure as to why the CBA looks away whenever this book is promoted, which is regularly. Barham-Floreani is/was also a professional member of the public health threat, the anti-vaccine Australian Vaccination Network.

Barham-Floreani is also building quite a collection of US appearances, happily performing on the same bill as an extensive list of discredited anti-vaccine activists, further giving the bird to Australian chiropractic, and its regulator, with her growing collection of happy snaps with Wakefield, DeMoss and others.

As is my wont I had a look at the speakers list for WAVE 2015. There are 28 speakers listed. Frankly, I didn’t have time to go through all the names I don’t recognise. Others may want to have a look for them selves and leave a comment. I’ve limited myself to those whom I recognised immediately, which is bad enough:

JBF 50 WAVE speakers

Bruce Lipton is a developmental biologist who is seen as a guru to alternative health types. I hadn’t had the need to look at his vaccination claims until now. Luckily he provides us with a video. I highly recommend that you have a look at the whole 14 minutes. If I had to then so should you. Some quick, paraphrased points: allergies and autism are on the rise the more vaccines kids have; tonsils read the nature of antigens and create antibodies; “tonsils are an oral vaccination”; vaccines are “toxins” and “poisons”; vaccines are bad because 1976 swine flu; and the vaccine “industry wants to fill us with toxic pharmacology”. Here is his loving gaze:

Lipton 1 still vaccinations and immunity

It should be noted that Lipton is a Visiting Fellow at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic:

Lipton 3 visiting fellow NZCC

And the NZCC even holds and promotes events starring Lipton:

Lipton 2 NZCC event

None of this should be a surprise as the NZCC has starred in my blog before, having hosted deranged anti-vaccinationist Billy DeMoss at its annual main event, as well as having  anti-vaccine activist Sheridan Brady-Kay on its teaching faculty:

Kay 6 lecturer NZCC June 2 2015

Why do I add the above information? Phil McMaster is the president of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

Barbara Loe Fisher is the grand dame of the global anti-vaccination movement and head of the NVIC. I don’t need to add any more to those credentials, except that like most anti-vaccinationists she likes to attempt to censor her critics instead of honestly facing difficult questions.

Tedd Koren is the largest chiropractic publisher of anti-vaccination lies in the world and has been for a long time. Pamphlets, brochures, posters, DVDs, he’s got it all.

Brian Kelly is the president of Life Chiropractic College West in the US. Before that he was the president at the NZCC. He thinks that promoting Andrew Wakefield is okay (two years ago Wakefield was at WAVE; oh yes he was). He also promoted the anti-vaccine, chiropractic infomercial, Doctored, to his students.

Deed Harrison featured in my anti-vaccine chiropractor series thanks to chiropractor Brian Johnson. Harrison thinks the Geiers are the bomb. Really.

Lucija Tomljenovic is the anti-vaccination movement’s favourite researcher. She has a job at a university. She produces anti-vaccine papers. Then they get eaten (just one example).

So, Jennifer Barham-Floreani is at least consistent in making the Australian chiropractic profession look like chumps. She is making all of the Chiropractors’ Associations of Australia look like chumps. And she is making the Chiropractic Board of Australia look like chumps. And she is making the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) look like chumps.

How can anyone take any of the above seriously?

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Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 11 – the chiropractic immunologist

We first met registered chiropractor Ben Phillips in my post which preceded my Anti-vaccine chiropractors series. You could say he, Billy DeMoss and Tony Croke were the catalysts for the series. Phillips was defending DeMoss’ right to return to Australia, on a professional basis. From my post:

Phillips 13 DeMoss original chiro RH post

We can see that Phillips uses his Facebook profile in a professional capacity, noting his place of business and occupation:

Phillips 1 about

Phillips has also used his Facebook profile to promote his profession and place of business from early on:

Phillips 11 2012 Total Lifestyle Chiropractic

Even Phillips’ Facebook profile picture and cover photo show clear links to the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia which he is promoting: “Get your happy back” is the official theme for the CAA’s 2015 Spinal Health Week:

Phillips 1 profile and cover photos CAA promotion

And to wrap up the evidence that Phillips uses his Facebook profile to promote and conduct the business of chiropractic, as a registered health practitioner, he promotes the Australian Spinal Research Foundation (of course he does):

Phillips 12 ASRF 1

And does it again a few minutes later:

Phillips 12 ASRF 2

Right. We can now see that Phillips is using his Facebook profile in a professional capacity, as a registered chiropractor. We can now get on and see how this chiropractor conducts himself in his provision of health information to others – particularly immunisation information – and the manner of his condescending sermonising used to portray some sort of expertise which he clearly does not have.

I was reminded to revisit Phillips after being led to his profile by his friend, anti-vaccine chiropractor Joanne Hayes, who shared Phillips’ bungled legal statement regarding the new federal changes to childcare benefits legislation:

I, Ben Phillips of Springwood, Qld do not support the “No Jab, No Pay” changes which are proposed to be enacted into federal law.

I choose to review science that is not only produced by paid industry schills or bureaucracy sold on 1960s medical dogma.

I do support efforts by our government to actually teach people how to live healthier lives, and how to raise vibrant immunocompetent children, rather than financially force them into a medical procedure against their will, on flimsy ‘herd immunity’ mathematical modelling, built from observing natural infection rates of measles mid last century (observations that incidentally claimed only 60% was necessary to achieve herd immunity!)

I do support learning more about how the body works so we do not need to live in fear…so we have the knowledge and resources to deal with an infectious disease, should a child I know (or an adult for that matter) express symptoms of such.

Why penalise people for not vaccinating if you are so sure of your position? Convince me to vaccinate…don’t force me!

Do the study that compares the overall health of the fully vaccinated with that of the fully unvaccinated…that is your responsibility as a government and health department…a responsibility you steadfastly refuse to accept.

I do support freedom of health choice and will vote accordingly in up-coming local, federal and state elections

Phillips 1 statement shills

There is a sane person on the thread: Phillips’ cousin, Alyson, who points out the recent death of Riley Hughes from whooping cough. Of course Phillips is then provoked into further incorrect assertions regarding immunity, herd immunity, misunderstood pertussis notifications (which he would have learned from Meryl Dorey), Nirvana fallacies, you name it. But, when anti-vaccinationists repeat the lie about deaths from vaccines in their ideological campaign to belittle the real deaths of little babies, like Riley; that’s when their demands for respectful debate must end. And when their JAQing off is conducted with the aim of casting doubt on real causes of death from vaccine preventable diseases; that’s when professional censures are demanded. The callousness of the anti-vaccinationist knows no bounds. And this guy is a health professional in a registered health profession. Who will act?

Phillips 2 assertions re Riley

At least Phillips’ cousin, Alyson, has banned him from seeing her daughter because he is an anti-vaccinationist. There is some comfort in this knowledge, that the poor, selfish victim is saddened by his own actions. The word is out there; it’s okay to say no to unimmunised visitors. It’s your baby. It’s your say:

Phillips 2 not to see niece

Phillips also repeats the anti-vaccine conspiracy lie that Polio has simply been renamed so as to make it appear that the vaccine is effective. I’m still not sure how he can claim he is not an anti-vaccinationist:

Phillips 3 polio renamed

I want to quickly point out another comment, from the same thread, from another anti-vaccine chiropractor who is/was a member of the fundamentalist anti-vaccine pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network. Clinton McCauley is a South Australian chiropractor who has worked with the ASRF. I have no words for this. This is just ghastly. It is hurtful. It is vile. And chiropractors everywhere should be condemning this grub and reporting him to AHPRA:

McCauley 1 Riley juxtaposed with another dead baby

Elsewhere on his profile Phillips shares this delusional anti-vaccine apologia:

Phillips 4 no antivax movemnt

In this embarrassing post via the ICPA Phillips proves he does not know the difference between measles “eradication”, and mortality (which is what is depicted). Now that raises an eyebrow:

Phillips 5 measles death rates

Phillips defends his attacks on evidence based immunisation policy by citing a YouTube video featuring anti-vaccine chiropractors Gentempo and O’Shea, and anti-vaccine homeopath/doctor Toni Bark:

Phillips 6 herd immunity Gentempo O'Shea Bark

People who vaccinate have blind faith. But, he’s not anti-vaccine:

Phillips 7 blind faith in medicine

Phillips fiercely advocates for everyone to watch or buy the anti-vaccine movie, Bought:

Phillips 8 Bought

The obligatory Gardasil lie, which features in any anti-vaccine collection:

Phillips 10 Gardasil

And because where would any upstanding conspiracy theorist be without an anti-fluoride article from Mercola…here is an anti-fluoride article from Mercola:

Phillips 9 anti fluoride Mercola

The Chiropractic Board of Australia can no longer sit by and issue forth private, petty admonitions to these people who are a threat to public health and safety, and a smear on the chiropractic profession.

This will not do.

Update May 23 2015

Phillips has posted a response which he seems to have done against his will, or better judgement.

Interestingly other stars of this blog add comment to Phillips’ screed: the above featured McCauley, and the anti-vaccine board member of the CAA VIC, Warren Sipser. Also congratulating Phillips for his behaviour is prominent Queensland chiropractor Trent Headlam.

In response all I can say is that the Chiropractic Board of Australia is sitting on its hands whilst the profession burns. I feel real sorrow for the moderate chiropractors in this country who are smeared with the association with these people.

Phillips  RH response 1

Phillips  RH response 2

Phillips  RH response 3

Phillips  RH response 4

Phillips  RH response 5 Sipser

Phillips  RH response 6 Sipser McCauley

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Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network uses the rape analogy once more

On April 22 2015 – less than three weeks ago – the anti-vaccination fundamentalist group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, made it into every mainstream media outlet, as well as being denounced by all sides of politics, for posting this thing:

AVN 6942 forced penetration meme

Public Officer of the AVsN, ideologue Meryl Dorey, even posted this defence of her organisation’s use of the rape analogy, by referring to other definitions of the word. It did not matter that the other definitions did not equate with the intent or depiction of the act in the image used by the AVsN: Dorey makes her own definitions, and everyone else should just go and eat faeces. This link was given to her by the AVsN’s resident, protected troll: the troll Dorey claims to know nothing about:

AVN 6978 Dorey Holland troll link rape defence

In 2011 Dorey used the rape analogy, accusing doctors and judges of ordering the “rape of a child” if they order the immunisation of a child as the result of family court proceedings:

AVN 6944 Dorey rape with full penetration January 2011

And, just like her recent attempt, above, Dorey offered a similar notpology in 2011; she apologised “unreservedly”, except when she didn’t apologise, immediate after:

To anyone who was insulted or hurt by my comparing the forced vaccination of a child against the custodial parent’s wishes with rape, I do apologise wholeheartedly and without reservation.

I looked up the definition of rape prior to posting that comparison and in the dictionary sense of the word, it is accurate.

AVN 6999 Dorey 2011 rape notpology

So. There’s quite some history of this fanatical anti-vaccination pressure group causing needless hurt in the community in the name of their beliefs. So we would think – after being condemned in every mainstream online newspaper, and by all sides of politics, including medical associations, and women’s refuge organisations – that the AVsN would be more circumspect in their deranged pronouncements?

On May 5 2015 this popped up in my Tweetdeck column; from the official Twitter account of the AVsN Inc:

AVN 6996 medical rape tweet

Patriot Nurse Speaks out on Vaccines: Medical Rape or Personal Choice?

The Patriot Nurse is a prepper. She is an anti-vaccine nurse who has courted much controversy over the years. And she likes her guns. And her freedoms. Because, as you all know, Freedom isn’t Free.

The AVsN Tweet was cross-posted from the AVN Facebook page, here:

AVN 6997 patriot nurse medical rapeAnd, of course, straight under that Facebook post is this defence of the use of the rape analogy – again – by the barely literate anonymous admin “TG”:

Before anyone claims offence – by definition used in this manner: Wikipedia – The term rape originates in the Latin rapere (supine stem raptum), “to snatch, to grab, to carry off” ie personal choice taken away. TG

AVN 6998 rape justification

So, let’s have a look at the claim of the definition of “rape”, as advocated by “TG”, above, and compare it to what appears in the article posted by “TG”. Is it “to snatch, to grab, to carry off”; or is the anonymous AVN admin a brazen, inept liar who is desperate to defend its own indefensible actions?

Here is the section referring to “medical rape”, by The Patriot Nurse:

Forcing people to put a substance or object in their body is equated to “medical rape.” Who gets to decide what’s best for you? Who gets to decide what goes into your body? Who gets to decide what goes into your child’s body? If it is not you, then who is it? Is it the State? Is it a medical tyrannical establishment?

AVN 7000 Patriot Nurse medical rape object into body

We can see that, not only are the AVN/AVsN a cabal of callous liars who will do and say anything to promote their ideology; they are also terrible at it.

The terrible, useless, flailing, inept AVN/AVsN, Meryl Dorey and their anti-vaccine cult.

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For Myuran and Andrew #IStandForMercy

On Tuesday night, Indonesian time, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan will each be shot through the heart by a firing squad, along with seven other inmates.

Andrew and Myu are reformed. They are not the same people they were ten years ago when they were arrested.

Ten years ago.

They are being killed by the Indonesian state after ten years of transforming into what most would deem to be pillars of society. Inmates sing their praises. Their prison governor wants clemency for them. Families…shattered.

Ten years. Talents nurtured for ten years.

Ten years for this:

Myuran 3 self portrait post execution

Myu’s painting of himself after his execution demands silence. How does a man paint his own corpse, posing after a violent execution? Why should we accept that any person should need to depict their own corpse?

To all of the Sukumaran and Chan families, and all of their friends and supporters, I send you my love and the love of my children.

I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my children.

Image of Myuran’s painting taken from The Australian.

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Meryl Dorey claims her followers are just like the Stolen Generation…again.

On January 15 2011, Meryl Dorey claimed that a court ordered immunisation of a child was “rape…assault without consent and with full penetration”, and that the “judge who made the order and the doctor” who immunised the child were also guilty of this “rape”.

On April 22 2015 – only four days ago – the AVN said it again. They posted a graphic, violent image again claiming that vaccination is the same as rape, and that doctors are the same as rapists.

The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network was universally shredded in the media, and in politics. From Melissa Davey, in The Guardian:

The federal health minister, Sussan Ley, has described as “repulsive” and “off the planet” suggestions by an anti-vaccination group that the government’s immunisation policy was akin to rape.

“This type of ill-informed and, frankly, disgusting campaign only serves to inform parents about the dangers of listening to these groups peddling anti-vaccine myths,” Ley said.

“Vaccination is essential to protecting the health of our children and this only spurs me on as health minister to roll out out our proposed myth-busting campaign to ensure parents can make an informed choice without having to witness this vile rubbish.

Ouch. I like the cut of the Minister’s jib.

The Facebook page removed the offensive image. It took them seven hours! Dorey posted this grubby defence of the rape analogy on the AVN Facebook page. I note here that Dorey attempted the same defence in 2011 when a few page members voiced their concerns about her previous vaccine/rape claims:

The following article has been forwarded by one of our page members. I felt that many on this page (and perhaps those in the media who are capable of reading) might like to have a read. Please note the dictionary definitions of rape – these definitions pre-date the definition used today –

rape, (noun) … 4. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside. 5. Archaic. the act of seizing and carrying off by force. (verb) … 7. to plunder (a place); despoil. 8. to seize, take, or carry off by force.”

AVN 6978 Dorey Holland troll link rape defence

Of interest we note that the very person from whom Dorey states she received the above link is the very same Nicole Johnson/Johanna Holland troll which has been proven to have vilified and attacked grieving families for almost six years, protected and supported by Meryl Dorey and her AVN. Here is the troll commenting directly below Dorey’s post:

AVN 6979 Holland Dorey post

The troll was also busy on Twitter,  spamming the same link. I want to include this because it’s just funny. This happens to anti-vaccinationists a lot. They make a claim. Someone alerts the author being used to defend that claim. Author responds:

Holland 53 rape article rebutted by author

But, back to today’s topic.

In 2011 the federal government planned to tie welfare benefits to a healthy kids check:

From July 2011, parents or carers on income support who receive Family Tax Benefit Part A need to make sure their four year old child gets a health check before they start school.

In order to get the $726 end-of-year Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement, parents who are on income support must get their four year old children checked for health issues such as hearing or sight impairment before they start school.

That’s it. Good program, right? Pick up any little anomalies which a parent might miss? Well, not if Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccine fundamentalists had have had anything to do with it. Dorey went on the warpath to hysteria.

On August 20 2011, Dorey wrote a Chicken Little blog post warning of the medical tyranny which was upon us all. The children of anti-vaccinationists and others of her ilk would be ripped from their parents, offensively invoking our original brothers and sisters for her own gain:

Remember, Australia is the home of the Stolen Generation and that  happened because one group of people considered themselves to be experts in how children should be raised.

AVN 6976 Dorey Stolen Generation blog post August 20 2011

On August 21 2011 Dorey made the claims again in her official AVN Newsletter:

AVN 6977 Dorey Stolen Generation newsletter August 21 2011

On August 28 2011 Dorey compared the implementation of the healthy kids checks to the Northern Territory Intervention, a Draconian practice in itself:

AVN 6980 Dorey intervention blog post August 28 2011

On August 23 2011 Dorey sent out a newsletter declaring that an AVN lobby group was going to make its way to Canberra to fight for health freedom. I can’t stress enough that few if any of Dorey’s dog-whistled omens would ever come to fruition. They wouldn’t come close. She was whipping up hysteria for her own benefit, as the passage of time has shown:

AVN 6975 Dorey Canberra lobby newsletter August 23 2011

She never did make that trip to Canberra to fight for the rights of her followers.

In the same newsletter Dorey gives several positive mentions to the CCHR, which is the Church of Scientology; and she knows it. Maybe Dorey is always effusive in her praise of the CCHR because she sells at least four of their DVDs in her little shop of horrors:

AVN 6974 Dorey CCHR newsletter August 23 2011

So, as it was with Dorey and the AVN exploiting the horror of rape for their own ends, four years apart, so too Dorey again exploits the real horror of the Stolen Generation to prop up her flailing ethics, four years later.

Today, April 26 2015, Meryl Dorey again claimed that her made-up hordes of vaccine-damaged children are to be another stolen generation. There isn’t any idea, any people that Meryl Dorey will not exploit for her own curdled ideological ends:

AVN 6981 Dorey stolen generation April 26 2015

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TW: AVN claims vaccination is rape and doctors are rapists…again

On January 15 2011 Meryl Dorey of the anti-vaccination fundamentalist group, the Australian Vaccination Network, perpetrated one of her most hideous acts, amongst her litany of hideous acts:

AVN 6944 Dorey rape with full penetration January 2011

Dorey was shredded for the above post. It has become part of the folklore of Dorey and her deranged anti-vaccine cult; is there nothing they won’t do and say?

Dorey’s tasteless 2011 quote even made it into the Courier Mail, only two days ago! Really, this exact execrable quote, from four years ago, featured in the media only two days ago.

What does the AVN do?


Australian Vaccination Network This post isn’t tasteless – it is honest. What truly IS tasteless is our elected government trying to tell us that we have to vaccinate our children even if we don’t believe it is best for their health. THAT is tasteless. And if you find this post confronting – imagine how you would feel if you were a parent who was being told that they were going to have to vaccinate their children or starve.

AVN 6942 forced penetration meme

And not only did they post the above, violent image – an image which asserts that immunisation is rape, and that doctors are rapists – they then defended posting it because it’s the government’s fault.

It was defended again, in the same fashion, by Giselle Tonee, whom I can only assume is the AVN Facebook page admin who posted the image:

Giselle Tonee Telling it like it is and it should make us uncomfortable. What do you think is going to happen when the next step occurs i.e. mandatory vaccinations for all ages. With 300 vaccine patents pending, we soon will have no medical choice and children will be kidnapped from parents, as they have been in the US and vaccinated. If stories about Abbott being backed by Amgen, an American multinational bio-pharmaceutical company are true-an obvious conflict of interest and bias exists.

AVN 6943 Giselle Tonee rape meme

All I can do is congratulate the commenters who unequivocally denounced the post.

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Anti-vaccinationists attack the parents and the memorial page of a baby boy

Baby Riley Hughes died on March 17 2015: one month ago, today. He was 32 days old. He died from whooping cough (pertussis). Riley’s mum and dad, Cath and Greg Hughes, immediately set about ensuring that no other parents have to go through what they are going through, right now. On the Light for Riley memorial Facebook page they started campaigning for increased immunisation rates; the roll-out of maternal pertussis boosters around Australia; an awareness campaign to increase pertussis immunisation rates in families of new babies; and they started raising funds towards more research for a more effective vaccine. Incredible stuff.

What most of us knew was coming their way was the anti-vaccination movement. The McCaffery family – having been vilified by anti-vaccinationists, incited by Meryl Dorey, for six years – immediately stood side-by-side with the Hughes family, so that they knew what to expect. Together these two families have done more for increasing pertussis immunisation awareness than all state and federal governments, and all immunisation research bodies, combined. And what did they get? Venom, and vitriol.

In the past, as it is now for both families, the McCafferys received an onslaught of bile from anti-vaccination zealots. And no one lifted a damn finger. Not the regulatory bodies. Not the police. All that these families have in the place of their babies now are graves. And still these families continue to raise awareness with dignity, civility and resolve.

I’ve attempted – roughly – to collate the following screenshots into three sections. First, there are the vile attacks against Cath and Greg Hughes, and against Riley’s memorial page. Second, there are the usual arguments we hear from anti-vaccinationists who will do anything they can to deny the lethality of whooping cough, whilst attacking the safety and efficacy of immunisation in general. Also in this section are any attacks on immunisation policy. Third, there is a smaller section of miscellaneous screenshots, including the peddling of fake cures. Throughout the post some screenshots are fuzzy. I apologise for this. I had to enlarge the images – so some are out of focus – so us old people can see them. I will be adding updates to this post so as to act as an ongoing repository. It is a certainty that more revolting comments will be made against the Hughes family. Wherever sure of accuracy, I have linked to the commenter’s Facebook profile.

Please keep this in the forefront of your mind as you go through these images: these comments were all made on the memorial page of a deceased infant, and hideous comments were also sent directly to his parents. All of this has happened within the first month of Riley’s death. Just one month. Much of it was done with a full intent to harm and hurt. Think about that.

The attacks.

Nicole Johnson/Johanna Holland is a protected troll who has been vilifying the McCaffery family and other grieving parents for almost six years. The troll has been, and still is, protected on the Facebook page of the Australian Vaccination Network, and in the private group, Vaccine Free Australia, holding court in both groups. There are direct links between anti-vaccine ideologue Meryl Dorey, and the troll.

This is the troll, Holland/Johnson, in the not-so-private group, VFA, warning others about the ethical cesspit of harassing grieving parents:

Holland 47 VFA don't comment on Riley's page March 27 2015

And this is the message sent by the same troll two weeks after it issued the admonition, above. As expected the hypocrite disregards any pretense of possessing even a single ethic in exchange for inflicting hurt. It sent this message directly to Riley’s mum and dad via private messaging:

Riley 2 Holland PM

This troll page posted  on the same day it desecrated Dana McCaffery’s Facebook page. Given the arguments it makes, the language used, and the coincidental timing of the above message, I strongly believe that the Holland/Johnson troll is the creator of this now disabled page:

Riley 38 troll page

Troll page:

Riley 39 troll page

Troll page:

Riley 40 troll page

Stephanie Messenger (Messenger posts her fake story of vaccine harm to Riley’s page like a ghoulish competitor):

Riley 119 Messenger

Sarah O’Reilly (unqualified health practitioner at Butterfly Dawn):

Riley 123 Sarah O'Reilly

Riley 122 Sarah O'Reilly

Rose Sutherland:

Riley 3 Rose Sutherland

Nick Waterhouse:

Riley 4 Nick Waterhouse

Rhiannon James:

Riley 5 60 Rhiannon James

Laura Leslie Murphy:

Riley 124 Laura Leslie Murphy

Amy Kelly:

Riley 6 Amy Kelly

Melissa Jade Heath:

Riley 7 Melissa Jade Heath

Sharon Lee Berg:

Riley 9 Sharon Lee Berg

Zoe Lee Hall:

Riley 10 Zoe Lee Hall

Riley 11 Zoe Lee Hall

Jane Wilson:

Riley 13 Jane Wilson

Jordan Marks:

Riley 14 Jordan Marks

Tegan Dwyer:

Riley 16 Tegan Dwyer

Eric Watson:

Riley 19 Eric Watson

Leeann Gardner:

Riley 20 Leeann Gardner

Melissa Mccudden:

Riley 67 Melissa Mccudden

Riley 66 Melissa Mccudden

Sandra Vilosky:

Riley 29 Sandra Vilosky

Riley 30 Sandra Vilosky

Riley 31 Sandra Vilosky

Jacob Hales:

Riley 32 Jacob Hales

Emily Batchelor:

Riley 33 Emily Batchelor

Andre Colbert (this was sent in a private message directly to Cath and Greg):

Riley 41 Andre Colbert PM


Riley 49 unnanmed

Jeremy B Bowers:

Riley 50 Jeremy B Bowers

Katie Williams:

Riley 52 Katie Williams

Candice Gallagher:

Riley 53 Candice Gallagher

Ian Smith (we know as Sapere Aude):

Riley 55 Ian Smith

Smith Satya:

Riley 57 Smith Satya

Cass Rowe:

Riley 59 Cass Rowe

John Wong (this was sent in a private message directly to Cath and Greg):

Riley 63 Wong PM

Joanna Castro-Micos:

Riley 75 Joanna Castro-Micos

Jo Ferguson:

Riley 84 Jo Ferguson

Karyn King:

Riley 92 Karyn King

Trevor Simons (upper conspiracy post, sent in private message directly to Cath and Greg, contains Nazi references and a big picture of Hitler. Others are anti-vaccine links):

Riley 98 Trevor Simons

Getting no response via personal message Simons also posted this link to the main page. Note his Tony Abbott/Swastika/vaccine image:

Riley 99 Trevor Simons

Anna Kaszonyi (private message sent directly to Cath and Greg):

Riley 100 Anna Kaszonyi

She was asked to leave the family alone. She couldn’t:

Riley 101 Anna Kaszonyi

Will Edwardson (this is a brand new troll account which uses the same phrases and makes the same arguments as those used by Kayla Shields and Ivan Bortic. It could be a coincidence):

Riley 102 Will Edwardson

Anita Theriault:

Riley 105 Anita Theriault

Gemma Evans (troll account):

Riley 112 Gemma Evans

Samantha Lee (troll account):

Riley 111 Samantha Lee

Jason Pilnt:

Riley 114 Jason Pilnt

Amy Apple (troll):

Riley 115 Amy Apple

David Gajić:

Riley 121 David Gajic

Fiona Smith (Fiona Henderson):

Riley 125 Fiona Smith

Riley 126 Fiona Smith

Vaccine safety and efficacy, and immunisation policy.

Mindy Raelynne Danison:

Riley 5 Mindy Raelynne Danison

Tom Tenbohmer:

Riley 12 Tom Tenbohmer

Renee Bulman Allen:

Riley 15 Renee Bulman Allen

Jerome Romus:

Riley 17 Jerome Romus

Stella McLeod:

Riley 18 Stella McLeod

Karly G Oodall (Karli Goodall):

Riley 82 Karli G Oodall

Riley 83 Karli G Oodall

Riley 81 Karli G Oodall

Melissa Mccudden:

Riley 80 Melissa Mccudden

Sandra Vilosky:

Riley 27 Sandra Vilosky

Riley 28 Sandra Vilosky

Jon Stroud:

Riley 73 Jon Stroud

Kerianne Bartlett:

Riley 36 Keriane Bartlett

Michelle Smith:

Riley 37 Michelle Smith

Michael Wolny:

Riley 42 Michael Wolny

Anna Munro:

Riley 43 Anna Munro

Marnie Newton:

Riley 45 Marnie Newton

Louisa Smith:

Riley 46 Louisa Smith

Danielle Jupp:

Riley 47 Danielle Jupp

Claudia Gata:

Riley 48 Claudia Gata

Ted Wozniak:

Riley 51 Ted Wozniak

Angelic Cooke:

Riley 54 Angelic Cooke

Greg Wilson:

Riley 56 Greg Wilson

Kayla Shields directly concern-trolled the Hughes family via private message after her boyfriend, Ivan Bortic, had done the same [please see the update at the end of this post which shows how Bortic pretends to be a concerned citizen, just asking questions. His own images prove him to be precisely as depicted here: a callous ghoul intent on inflicting hurt]. Bortic was politely requested to leave the Hughes family alone. Again, Shields started emailing the family after Bortic was requested to stop. They started out Just Asking Questions, then hit the anti-vaccine pedal full-throttle with their second message. It’s a common tactic anti-vaccinationists use [update April 18 2015: Bortic sent threatening emails warning that legal action would commence and police would be called, and that Riley’s parents, the page admins, and this blog would all be involved]:

Riley 62 Kayla Shields 1

Riley 62 Kayla Shields 2

Riley 62 Kayla Shields 3

Kyla Davis:

Riley 64 Kyla Davis

Riley 65 Kyla Davis

Amy Kaal-Stork:

Riley 68 Amy Kaal-Stork

Krystal Reid:

Riley 69 Krystal Reid

Sasha Jelacic:

Riley 70 Sasha Jelacic

Aidan Blanch:

Riley 71 Aidan Blanch

Stacey Golley:

Riley 72 Stacey Golley

Wayne Armstrong:

Riley 74 Wayne Armstrong

Hur Ka Ahmed:

Riley 76 Hur Ka Ahmed

Roulf Commandeur:

Riley 77 Roulf Commandeur

Joshington Braham:

Riley 78 Joshington Braham

Leigh Martin:

Riley 79 Leigh Martin

Jo Ferguson:

Riley 85 Jo Ferguson

Steve Durmaz:

Riley 86 TC Steve Durmaz

Lina Torkington:

Riley 87 Lina Torkington

Jennifer Claire Rodda:

Riley 88 Jennifer Claire Rodda

Riley 89 Jennifer Claire Rodda

Cori Walker:

Riley 90 Cori Walker

John Drakos:

Riley 91 John Drakos

Connie Wilson:

Riley 95 Connie Wilson

Ishmi Bohn:

Riley 96 Ishmi Bohn

Riley 97 Ishmi Bohn

Stuart Everson:

Riley 103 Stuart Everson

Riley 120 Everson

Kate Hollingsworth (private message sent directly to Cath and Greg. The link she included goes to a news story about Saba Button):

Riley 104 Kate Hollingsworth PM

Sacia Edwards:

Riley 109 Sacia Edwards

Jillian Seger (this person actually has the wontons to go crowdfunding for legal fees and everyday living expenses):

Riley 106 Jillian Seger

Riley 107 Jillian Seger

Riley 108 Jillian Seger

Chris Savage (anti-vaccine, chemtrailer, anti-Semitic former Queensland police officer who has been lying about vaccines, SIDS, and Shaken Baby Syndrome, and related health topics for years. Was removed from the QPS due to his delusions. Has recently been escalating his anti-Semitic rants, befriending many white supremacist activists. He was a One Nation political candidate in the late 1990s, and still supports Pauline Hanson):

Riley 110 Chris Savage

Mark Mcdougall:

Riley 113 Mark Mcdougal

Peddling of fake cures and miscellaneous.

Stella McLeod:

Riley 8 Stella McLeod

Mel Thornburg. AIDS-denialism, for some reason known only to her:

Riley 35 Mel Thornburg

Kelly Winder is the proprietor of Belly Belly, the online anti-vaccine, alternative parenting business:

Riley 44 Kelly Winder

The Paleo Recipe Cookbook – Cheap and Easy. Because there isn’t a rock low enough from which paleo promoters won’t scuttle, and then spam:

Riley 58 Paleo spam

Thanks for reading.

Update April 18 2015

Ivan Bortic and Kayla Shields run a business of what appear to be questionable therapeutic practices which include neurolinguistic programming, a thoroughly discredited therapy. I cannot see any qualifications listed on their site, so I’ll be sure to pass this on. Shields notes of herself that she is “gifted with strong empathic abilities”. Bortic describes himself as “intelligent and wise beyond my years”. Anyway, let’s hear about the real Bortic.

I want to be clear about Ivan Bortic’s rabid anti-vaccine beliefs from the outset. This is a man who is a follower of and a disseminator of the anti-vaccine ramblings of Sherri Tenpenny. Tenpenny, you would all be aware, is the queen of extremist US anti-vaccinationism.  Bortic posted Tenpenny misinformation on the cancer-cure crank Tyler Tolman’s page:

Bortic 1 Tenpenny

Bortic is also precisely the callous type of individual who blames the weakness of the victims of contaminated raw milk for their death. He even lies about the victims “dying from a serious illness” before the raw milk killed them.  A despicable troglodyte, to be sure:

Bortic 2 raw milk kids who died were weak

So, we can be entirely forgiven for being cautious about a person who sends private messages under the deceitful cloak of concern, when in actual fact he is a demonstrable liar who strung out a series of private messages with grieving parents who were wondering why he demanded to know such private information about their deceased infant.

The very final screenshot in this series, all made publicly available by the liar, Bortic, proves his intent all along was to hurt a grieving family. He is a liar, and a conspiracy theorist, and he needs to hurt others due to his own anti-social personality disorder.

Here are the Bortic messages:

Pretend concern:

Bortic 4 Riley

Pretend support:

Bortic 5 Riley

The badgering of grieving parents starts:

Bortic 6 Riley

The mock community sentiment of a liar:

Bortic 8 Riley

The fake community concern continues, and Bortic has the audacity to demand that he has the right to private information, telling the Hughes they have lost that right:

Bortic 9 Riley

And the hideous final message we all expect from these hideous, horrid people:

I would ask you only this, would your sons legacy forever be tainted by hiding the truth, or will your sons legacy remain strong…

Please, I beg of you, please be honest with us all.

Bortic 10 Riley

I thank Bortic for making his images publicly available for all to see what a man he is.

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