Meryl Dorey’s fixation with child abuse

By now everyone is aware of Meryl Dorey’s infamous “rape” analogy from January 15 2011:

That’s bad. Even Meryl Dorey attempted a notpology for that one.

A long time has passed. That was almost a year ago. Since then Meryl Dorey has been writing a lot of things about a lot of people, and how abusive these people can be, and how it’s time for respect to come back into things (she’s not alluding to herself, here: in her own eyes, and by her own deeds, Dorey has never attacked anyone; nor has she ever been abusive).

So, we give you Meryl Dorey Version 2012: all respect; no abuse; no rape allegories for Meryl any more. Right?

Not exactly:

we are being told to trust our doctors and – even more shocking – to trust the drug companies! That is like telling a hen to trust the fox or a 5 year old to trust a paedophile.

I, for one, have no idea what is going on inside the head of Meryl Dorey. Frankly, I don’t care. But, when this hypocrite wants to bleat to the world about how nasty and abusive the vaccine debate has become; and bloggers want to give her the benefit of the doubt;  and hand-wringers want to uphold the ideal that Meryl Dorey is due respect; then, excuse me while I go and stand over here now.

Update January 6 2012

Meryl Dorey has responded to one commenter who has noted: “Meryl, do you think your comparison above of trusting doctors with trusting paedophiles is a particularly sensible one?”

I’m glad Mrs Dorey has cleared things up for us. I don’t see too much has changed, apart from reinforcing the point of this blog post:

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0 Responses to Meryl Dorey’s fixation with child abuse

  1. AndyD says:

    So she thinks vaccination is a criminal offence, akin to rape, and that drug companies and doctors are like paedophiles and that they must be held accountable for the harm they do – but she’s not anti-vaccine?!! Why the hell not? If I believed even half the stuff about vaccines that Meryl claims to believe I’d be damned proud to be anti-vaccine. I’d be shouting it loud. I would WANT my opposition to be unambiguous.

    I sure as hell don’t want rape or paedophilia to be a matter of personal choice – complete with government incentives – and if I believed what Meryl claims to believe, I don’t see how I could take a pro-choice position on something equally as evil. I’d want vaccination to be actually criminalised, like rape and paedophilia already are.

    Her position makes no sense.

  2. Chris Bayne says:

    Allow me to paraphrase Meryl Dorey’s account of taking a child to a doctor to be vaccinated, using her very own descriptions of vaccination:

    “Taking a child to a paedophile to be raped with full penetration by an instrument of death.”

    Her child sexual assault references are absolutely disgusting and she deserves to be held in total contempt for them.

  3. Anon says:

    As a doctor I find MD disgusting and a danger to the public.

    As a victim of childhood rape I find her insensitive, insulting, and extremely offensive.

    To compare vaccination to the rape of a child shows a basic lack if understanding of what rape actually is, and an insulting exaggeration borne out of her own hate and distrust for the medical profession. Don’t ever darken my footsteps Meryl, because I’m quite sure I’ll tell you loudly and publicly exactly what kind of slimy little thing you are.

  4. WendyW says:

    So… another notpology, As if saying ‘it wasn’t the doctors, silly, it was Big Pharma I was comparing to pedophiles’ makes her comparison ok.
    Trusting a child to Big Pharma, a doctor – you know what they are when you ‘trust’ your child to them. Comparing that to ‘telling a 5 year old to trust a pedophile’ only makes sense to me if you also know that the person is a pedophile. And in my books, only pedophiles knowingly tell children to trust pedophiles. Responsible parents would not tell their child to trust John Doe if they knew that he was capable of molesting their child, or had molested children in the past. Most parents in these situation have not had the knowledge, and that ‘secrecy’ is what is relied upon by the perpetrators. In the cases where the parents have known, and have played on their children’s trust, well… that makes them no better than the pedophile, and complicit in the illegal acts.
    Whichever way you look at it, Dorey’s comparision is offensive, and her half-assed notpology makes it even more so.

    Keep up the good work, Hank 🙂

  5. AndyD says:

    But last year she said the judge and the doctor were both guilty of a crime. So are doctors victims or perpetrators?

  6. As Andy says, the entire analogy is worthless. In addition to being flat-out inflammatory, it simply makes no sense.

  7. It’s the same scare tactic used by religious sects: those people are all evil, stay with us where it’s safe and cosy and we all get on. Divide (from reality) and conquer.
    I found this after a very quick SE search. Haven’t checked it out fully, including credentials, but it’s amazing how many points apply to Dorey’s antivax cult:

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