Meryl Dorey’s fixation with child abuse

By now everyone is aware of Meryl Dorey’s infamous “rape” analogy from January 15 2011:

That’s bad. Even Meryl Dorey attempted a notpology for that one.

A long time has passed. That was almost a year ago. Since then Meryl Dorey has been writing a lot of things about a lot of people, and how abusive these people can be, and how it’s time for respect to come back into things (she’s not alluding to herself, here: in her own eyes, and by her own deeds, Dorey has never attacked anyone; nor has she ever been abusive).

So, we give you Meryl Dorey Version 2012: all respect; no abuse; no rape allegories for Meryl any more. Right?

Not exactly:

we are being told to trust our doctors and – even more shocking – to trust the drug companies! That is like telling a hen to trust the fox or a 5 year old to trust a paedophile.

I, for one, have no idea what is going on inside the head of Meryl Dorey. Frankly, I don’t care. But, when this hypocrite wants to bleat to the world about how nasty and abusive the vaccine debate has become; and bloggers want to give her the benefit of the doubt;  and hand-wringers want to uphold the ideal that Meryl Dorey is due respect; then, excuse me while I go and stand over here now.

Update January 6 2012

Meryl Dorey has responded to one commenter who has noted: “Meryl, do you think your comparison above of trusting doctors with trusting paedophiles is a particularly sensible one?”

I’m glad Mrs Dorey has cleared things up for us. I don’t see too much has changed, apart from reinforcing the point of this blog post:

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