Meryl Dorey caught lying…again

Look. This is just silly. I don’t know why anyone would lie about something so trivial. Maybe Meryl Dorey is just trying to cover up the fact that she liked the Stop the Australian Vaccination Network Facebook page: she has intimated frequently that anyone who likes the page is a part of SAVN; therefore, they are callous etc. Frankly, I don’t care. If you like a page, then, it shows up in your personal profile. I like a few pages for this reason. It helps you keep an eye on their latest posts. We know Dorey likes to watch the SAVN page; more intently now than ever before, it seems. She just doesn’t like responding to the many demonstrable falsehoods for which we ask her for clarification, retraction, or apologies.

Anyway, there was some amusement among admins that Dorey had liked the SAVN page. It was Dorey. One admin saw that Dorey had liked the page and checked the profile to see if it was another troll account, impersonating Dorey for some unknown reason. The account was Dorey’s:

Here is the original:

People who like Stop the AVN page, as seen by page admins

Here is the profile page of that profile which had liked SAVN, at that time:

This is who liked the page

Dorey has been commenting on the Vaccines Uncensored Facebook page, under the same URL. Same profile. Same arguments. Same embarrassment. Same deliberate misinterpretation of the very evidence she cites (yes, it was, leading to comedy gold when others actually read what Dorey had posted. Same disappearance of Meryl Dorey, refusing to come back and answer for her citations.

As you can see here, Dorey is noted as commenting on that page:

Same account, taken today, after commenting on Vaccines Uncensored

Why, then: why on Earth would anyone be so intensely and brazenly inept and dishonest as to deny liking the SAVN page in the first place? This is just bizarre. This goes straight to the integrity of someone we all know to be dishonest about so much. Why do it again, over something so inanely trivial?

This is Meryl Dorey denying liking the SAVN page, after another admin contacted her to apologise for mistakenly deleting her account, thinking it may have been a troll:

Permission is given by Dorey to use these personal messages

Well, yeah: we did save the profile. It was that of the real Meryl Dorey. Nice of Dorey to blame SAVN for impersonating her, for something she knows she did herself.

Sian did the right thing, and sent Dorey the URL for the profile which Dorey states is a fake. Dorey declares that she will report the profile. I’m not sure Facebook allows you to report your own profile: they probably didn’t think it was something they needed to worry about.

Really? Dorey sees her own URL, yet keeps going with this story?

Like I said: this is just silly. Dishonest, and silly.

Update: January 30 2012 (the next day)

Meryl Dorey takes the lie to another level, inventing another story to cover up her initial lie. This screenshot taken from the (now defunct) Vaccines Uncensored Facebook page. When will it end? History tells us it won’t:

It wasn't me. Honest, Your Honour. Someone made it look like me.

My, how Facebook works fast these days. Facebook now has a Rapid Response Unit?

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0 Responses to Meryl Dorey caught lying…again

  1. I can’t understand why you would do this. It’s just so silly. 0_o

  2. BrisbaneBaller says:

    BOOM…self uppercut again.

  3. Scott Hansen says:

    She just doesn’t care if she gets caught in her lies anymore. She seems to think she is beyond reproach.
    Roll on Feb 22.

  4. Wendy W says:

    Bwahahahaha! That is all.

    Honestly Meryl Dorey – grow up.

  5. Trevor Lowe says:

    If ” There are so many on SAVN using my name..” she should be able to point at least a couple and provide some evidence. Does she know what evidence is? Substance is not found in the accusation alone.

  6. Muddie says:

    Sadly, some of the guff that Meryl does support as science is included within our standards. It is no wonder then that folk would think she has a viable position. Even some folk in our standards organisations would repeat blither without verification.

    PS, do you think I would post the feckless australian standard for general listing? Nope, she would claim value by saying …look here it is in the standards!!!

  7. Elliot says:

    You could have just sent her the link to her own profile… 😀

  8. @Elliot, one of our admins did. See updated post.

  9. Phil says:

    In terms of response time, that time frame does actually seem plausible.I’ve filed a few copyright complaints with them and the photo has been removed within 24 hours (I believe they state 24-48 hour response time), I have a sneaking suspicion that facebook operates a guilty till proven innocent regime with this sort of thing.

    /devils advocate.

    The rest of the story though.

  10. Greenwhat says:

    The “set up to discredit me line” is odd. The stuff that the (supposed) fake Meryl was saying on the Vaccines Uncensored page was bog standard Meryl – just the kind of things she usually says, in a tone that sounded very close to her other writings. Thats why the SAVN folk were really confussed about whether or not it was a fake account. Most trolls are quite obvious.

  11. There you go. Bullet, meet foot.
    Why bother even pretending to pretend? Protecting someone, mayhap?

  12. Danielle says:

    Oh Meryl…how embarrassing for you…

  13. Great job as always Hank*.

    *I didn’t just post here. It is someone impersonating me to discredit me even though the person shares all of my views on vaccination. I’m sure wordpress will get rid of me, the imposter, by sundown.

  14. Stephen says:

    Hilarious entertainment.

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