Did the OLGR rely “completely” on the HCCC Public Warning to revoke the AVN’s CFA?

I’m not going to delve into the recent decision in the NSW Supreme Court, finding that the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission did not have the jurisdiction to investigate the Australian Vaccination Network, due to the narrow terms under which the Commission could investigate. Dr Rachael Dunlop has written up a brilliant post, here, outlining the wash-up of the findings. This is the Public Warning which the Commission was forced to withdraw; not because the Commission’s findings were wrong; nor that the complaints were “invalid”, according to Meryl Dorey; but, because the Commission could not show that an “individual” could be produced by the Commission (or Dorey) to show that AVN misinformation had affected the health choices of that individual.

It may have been rescinded due to a technicality, but, it is not wrong

It appears Meryl Dorey does not or will not understand the reasons for which her organisation’s Charitable Fundraising Authority (CFA) was revoked by the Minister responsible for the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR). Indeed, Dorey appears to be deliberately misinforming her followers, and everyone else, as to the reasons the CFA was revoked:

Um, no it didn't; and you know it.

This document contains a Schedule of Breaches found by the OLGR during their investigation of the AVN. It is extensive. The HCCC Public Warning was taken into account under the reasons given, but, the list of breaches published in the document has no relevance to the HCCC investigation. Dorey has a lot of questions to answer. Hopefully the questions will end up being asked under oath.

So: did the OLGR rely “completely on the HCCC Warning to revoke the authority”? Well, no. Not by a long shot.

Here is the Government Gazette of the Minister’s decision. Have a good look for the acronym “HCCC”. I can’t see it for some reason.

Nowhere in the Schedule of Breaches is the HCCC mentioned.

So you don’t need to search through the OLGR letter, here is the Schedule of Breaches found:

You will note that the breaches are slightly more serious than "the wrong size collection tin" as stated by Dorey









...this is where it's getting serious...


...seriously prickly.

So, the Schedule of Breaches does not even allude to the HCCC investigation, or the HCCC Public Warning. Good luck with that.

Hopefully Mrs Dorey will show this to her followers, just like she has done all along, right? She has, right?

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