What’s a troll to do?

I wasn’t going to bother writing this up, because, well, meh. But, I just noticed that the Tweets I was going to write about – then, was all meh about – have been deleted by an anti-vaccination troll who accused me of attempting to insert malware on her computer; as I had previously allowed one of her comments through moderation on another post (benefit of the doubt, and all that).

I’ve since found out that my blog and the blog of my friend Paul (who also likes to hold the anti-vaccination movement to account, only better), were targeted by anti-vaccine activists filing fraudulent malware reports through Trend Micro.

Here is the Trend Micro search for my blog before the fraudulent behaviour was addressed:

Malware. ORLY?

Here is the Trend Micro search after the Trend Micro peeps fixed the fraudulent reports:

I’ve asked the helpful people at Trend Micro for the IPs of the fraudulent reporters 🙂

What’s this got to do with our little venomous darling? Well, as I said above, she accused me of attempting to insert malware on her computer. She was challenged on her accusation, changing her story, as she does, to “I’m just asking questions” (Dorey has taught her well).

I’ll include a bunch of screenshots, from June 6 2012, of the delightful little thing’s Twitter stream: all of the accusatory Tweets have now been deleted. Funny that. Courage troll is a Fail troll. [edit June 19: I have just been advised that the tweets are from an account of hers which has been suspended. That’s why I couldn’t see them. So, she hasn’t deleted them as I’ve claimed.  Glad I caught them, all the same].

This was the first one. It is still on her stream. This one isn’t too bad.

These have been deleted [correction: as above, the account was suspended]

“criminal activities”? “specifically targeted by his website”? Careful darling.


“Looking highly suspicious Hank”? “His site is sending me malware”? “Sounds like someone with a grudge against me would do”?


“The warning only seems to specifically target my IP”?

And now the backtracking begins, from the former Courage troll

Oh, I see: you were “just asking a valid question”. That sorts it, then.

I need to get over myself, apparently. She was only making a “suggestion based on available evidence” (…that I was deliberately and specifically attempting to break the law by inserting malware on her computer). Evidence. That’s right.

This vindictive, unwell, little troll is a welcome contributor on the AVN Facebook page. Say no more.


Update August 25 2012.

It would appear that another attempt has been made by anti-vaccination advocates to falsely report my blog, a WordPress blog, as malware.

This was uncovered when this post was linked on the Why We Protest forum.

A big thank you goes out to the forum admin who reported that this was a false report, as seen in this screen capture of the comment thread.

This is further evidence that anti-vaccination activists and trolls have no interest in their own words and actions being presented to the community: they have nothing left but bile, and censorship, whilst claiming to be free speech advocates.

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  1. Nasty little piece of garbage. Makes one want to cleanse one’s eyes with bleach after reading its poison.

  2. Annette Bannon says:

    Liz, Liz, Liz……..what an unhinged person you really are.
    Please seek help.

  3. Sian Morton says:

    Birds of a feather….

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  5. Liz Hempel says:

    So there WAS a problem, hence you contacted Trend Micro because I was the first to alert you to the issue. Now you accuse anti-vaccination activists of having falsely reported your blog, when a person that you would probably deem to be one of those ‘anti-vax activists’ (me) actually alerted you to the issue to begin with? Here you implying how much you love evidence. Where is yours? Two words for you. Liar. Hypocrite. Seek help.

    • Liar and hypocrite? Where did I say *you* did the reporting?

      This post is in pure mockery of your hubris and arrogance, where you jumped directly into making accusations against me. Oh, but you were “just askin’ questions”.

      Why did you delete your tweets? Something, or someone, thought better of your actions, it seems.

      You need to get back on the Lithium, Liz. I’m not saying that to be mean or derogatory. I’m saying it because you are making a public spectacle of yourself. Really. Take a break. You keep making silly mistakes, and you are not in the possession of any insight into what you are doing.

      Have a think about it. This is your pattern behaviour. You go off your rocker for a few months, then, you disappear. You apologise. Then, you come back harder, making a bigger fool out of yourself, without even blinking an eye to your previous behaviour.

      Really…take step back. Reflect.

      If you are going to leave spiteful, schoolgirl comments on my blog, then, you’ll be blocked. Easy. There’s your only warning.

  6. Liz Hempel says:

    I challenge Hank to explain, why any ‘anti-vax troll’ would want to actually alert him to their handiwork, if they were indeed responsible. Furthermore, why would anyone waste their time trying to censor this rubbish? Lol. Swiss Cheese.

    • caffeinated says:

      The alert system works on a broad swath of reports. The fact that two blogs were flagged so close together is indeed suspicious. It would be similar to when certain groups seek out and downvote videos on youtube en masse – not because the video itself is bad, but because the group does not agree with the content.

      And you would not have necessarily needed to take any part in it, nor even know of it happening. In fact, it was quite nice of you to let them know there was a problem – though I think we can all agree that it could have been done in a more tasteful manner.

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  8. M smith says:

    The anti vaxxer reveals poor critical thinking skills.

    Quelle surprise

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  10. Cat says:

    Ultra Embrassement for Liz or What? (<see its a question.)

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