Judy Wilyman’s unending distortions about a grieving family

I’ve been meaning to do a quick post about this for some days. I have previously written about anti-vaccine PhD student, Judy Wilyman, and her obsession with distorting the circumstances surrounding the voluntary, public advocacy work of the McCaffery Family: Judy Wilyman and Meryl Dorey: as low as it goes

On August 1 2012 Dr Matthew Berryman posted a response to another Wilyman post, in which Wilyman defends her actions in the public arena. Wilyman knows that the academic spotlight is squarely focussed on her due to her anti-vaccination apologetics, and her deliberate misrepresentation of the McCaffery Family. One would think that Wilyman would cease her attempts to defend her slurs on the McCafferys. Alas, no.

As I wrote in my earlier post:

Today, Wilyman accused the McCaffery Family of being beneficiaries of monetary payment, from vaccine “lobby groups”, for their work in ensuring the community receives accurate information about vaccine preventable diseases. In effect, Wilyman used the Pharma Shill Gambit, on a family whose baby daughter died from Whooping Cough…

Not one to admit fault, Wilyman tweaked her claims in this latest post, from July 31 2012:

[Edit: September 26 2012: Wilyman removed this latest post from her website, yet still refuses to acknowledge any hurt caused, let alone apologise. Dan Buzzard cached the article, now available here. Wilyman still provides the PDF of this latest post here]

The McCafferys agreed to promote the vaccine to the Australian public and received an award ($1000) from the Skeptics organisation in 2009 for doing this.

Why defer to integrity, ever, right Judy?

It is quite easy to see what Wilyman is doing here. This is what Wilyman does in lieu of honesty. Wilyman is slinking ever so closely to the truth, whilst still implying an intent from the McCafferys; that they conduct their advocacy (advocacy for which they never had a choice but to undertake), for payment.

In effect, Wilyman has simply restated her slur against the McCafferys, when an apology to them would suffice.

The McCafferys never “agreed to promote the vaccine”: this in itself is a misrepresentation of the community awareness campaign which is based on evidence (adult immunisation rates are a dismal failure: adults are the main source of Pertussis infection).

And, yet, Wilyman asserts a link between the McCaffery’s advocacy, and a prize from an unrelated organisation, Australian Skeptics, as being a form of graft which is being hidden. The McCafferys donated the prize-money, in full, to immunisation research. You left that bit out, right Judy?

Put down the bone, Judy. Your incessant slurs against good people are not going unnoticed, and I dearly hope your latest slurs are brought to the attention of the University of Wollongong, given your recent admonitions.

Judy Wilyman and Meryl Dorey both need to understand that their slurs and accusations have a knock-on effect to those who read their words as gospel. Remember, Kerry Baker and Andrew MacDonald, and the Holland troll?

Remember, Judy Wilyman: the McCaffery Family have frequently requested that you cease your comments about them. And, yet, you don’t.


For those who state that Wilyman is not running a public commentary which in any way reflects on the University of Wollongong, or the topic of her PhD; here is the about page on her website:

Yes. Wilyman’s writings have nought to do with UoW. She only cites the University on her website.

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0 Responses to Judy Wilyman’s unending distortions about a grieving family

  1. Daniel Sinnott says:

    Sick twisted disgusting

  2. Wilyman is a blight on the integrity of post-graduate education in this country, and does the School of Social ‘Sciences” no favours.

  3. @advodiaboli says:

    As offensive as this is, at some levels Wilyman has fully internalised a set of beliefs that rely upon accepting corruption, widespread abuse of children, suppression of truth, the famous “crimes against humanity” and so on. At no time has her supervisor bothered to stress that our governments are not “experimenting on children”. Or that those who support vaccination cannot possibly all be financially rewarded – much less thusly corrupt to a person.

    This sounds unwelcome, but what of Judy’s health? And the consequent damage her declining health does to our community? How on earth does Brian Martin get away with creating these pseudo-feral fringe dwellers lurking in the shadow of academia?

    Perhaps Wilyman is just the symptom, and Martin the disease. Either way, UOW must act in the interests of students as well as in the interest of education. Brian Martin has played this like a master conductor, weaving angst and illusion, hatred and fear.

    Who is really “sick, twisted, disgusting” here? And what ever happened to that quest of academia itself? The quest for truth?

  4. Ken McLeod says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade here: Judy Wilyman is a liar, pure and simple.

  5. Trevor Lowe says:

    It is close to impossible to engage with people who won’t countenance the possibility that they are wrong. For them, it is easier to draw up fantasies and accuse their opponents of conspiratorial schemes than to realise that they…made a mistake. We see Wilyman’s accusations get wilder and wilder and and her claims become more and more bizarre. Judy…you got it wrong, just admit it and stop the crap.

  6. Darwy says:

    I don’t understand how the University is letting her besmirch their reputation in this manner. What your PhD and Post-Docs publish and promote is very much a reflection upon the education they receive(d) at University.

    How she can lie with such a straight face is amazing.

  7. Wilyman Whinger says:

    Your comments are derogatory!!!!!1

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  11. “be assured that the university would not be supporting this research if it was not accurate.” ~Judy Wilyman.

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