A response to Meryl Dorey’s “dossier” on Reasonable Hank

Two days ago I wrote this post outlining Meryl Dorey’s latest attempt at diversion: On the convenience of forgetfulness…The Dorey Dilemma. The post is long and detailed, and gives a snapshot of only some of the things which have made the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network the pariah they are.

Yesterday, Dorey published my very own dossier: Peter Tierney / Peter Lettienne / Reasonable Hank. I wish to thank Meryl Dorey for this. It may have been an egregious error on her part. I’ll go through her evidence of abuse, screenshot by screenshot.

First, I’ll address Dorey’s introduction.

Peter Tierney goes by several names that we are aware of – there are probably others.

I go by my own name. That you think there are several names under which I act as me speaks of a paranoid mind. My blog and Twitter account are called “Reasonable Hank”. They always have been. I briefly used the Facebook name “Peter Lettienne” at the suggestion of several concerned friends who were more adept at social media than me. I am the single father of young twins, and my friends were concerned at the attacks on me from the, then, chief AVN protagonist, Johanna Holland: Holland practised some vilification which is legendary, including stalking up and down the South Coast of NSW, searching for “Peter Tierney”s; creating Facebook profiles using avatars of South Coast NSW landmarks in an attempt at intimidation (I think?); and abusing the name of my daughter in many posts and profiles. Holland’s activities can be viewed here, here, here and here. And let’s not forget Terrible Tuesday. Johanna Holland was a long-term member of the AVN Facebook page, and a long-term Facebook friend of Meryl Dorey. Dorey was acutely aware of Holland’s activities; yet, did nothing. Also of note is that Meryl Dorey uses several screenshots in her blog posts provided to her by Holland:

This was publicly uploaded to the web by Meryl Dorey. We downloaded it.


This was also publicly uploaded to the web by Meryl Dorey. We downloaded it.

Continuing on Dorey’s introduction:

His involvement with Stop the AVN goes back to the beginning of the group and he is one of the moderators on that page.

Almost correct. Stop the Australian Vaccination Network had already begun when I was alerted to Dorey’s vilification of the McCaffery Family. That was a moment which changed the direction of my life. From that moment on I knew I would be committed to holding Dorey and the rest of her callous brigade to account. It was to be a steep learning curve. The more I found out, the more committed I became. I am not alone.

Below are just a few of the hundreds of screenshots the AVN has
collected which demonstrate his bullying and harassment of those who have chosen not to vaccinate. There will be much more added to this page as time goes on.

I look forward to the coming screenshots. I really do. They will also provide me with an opportunity to respond, further spreading the word about the misinformation, cruelty and callousness of Meryl Dorey and her AVN.

Here are the screenshots Dorey has included in her dossier (that word loses more import every time I think/type it). I’ll offer a brief rebuttal/outline/context/whatever below each screenshot.

Number 1

Strong emotion, but the content is accurate. “[D]etermined to see the end of you” is obviously in the context of what I wrote above: “shutting you down”. Dorey continues to attempt to show this as a threat of harm. This is ridiculous, as shown by Candice’s comment “^^not a death threat^^”. Not a death threat is a meme, mocking Dorey’s persistent false claims to have received death threats from Stop the AVN.

Number 2

I want to praise Dorey for including this one. It gives me a chance to reiterate what I said in the screenshot. So much so that I updated my old Skeptic Bros post on to this blog: Reasons to get school disease exclusion information from your school, not anti-vaccinationists. That Dorey keeps claiming that which has been debunked speaks volumes of her penchant for inaccuracy. Thank you.

Number 3

Again, thank you Meryl Dorey. This comment was made to AVN Member Nicola Beeby, delightful sister of AVN Member Jane Beeby, on the Young Australian Skeptics blog, I think. I had forgotten about this comment.

Number 4

I love this comment. It is a polite message to an AVN advertiser. I think it is important to contact the advertisers of offensive organisations and/or people. For example, I think the campaign to contact the advertisers of Kyle Sandilands’ employers was brilliant, and appropriate. As offensive as he is, at least Sandilands isn’t pushing an agenda which will lead to more dead babies: in this respect I find Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccination brigade much more offensive. Contacting Dorey’s advertisers was an interesting activity: at least one advertiser was horrified that were advertising in an anti-vaccination magazine, and promptly withdrew their advertising in disgust, having been deceived that the AVN were not honest about their activities. Again, thank you.

Number 5

Strong words for an offensive person. I can’t say I disagree with anything in this screenshot, however emotionally I came across in my early days of discovering Dorey and her claims and activities. I can’t recall to what the comment referred, but, it was probably something like her “supposedly” claim, denying that babies had died from laboratory confirmed Pertussis. I tend to get pretty worked up about things like that, though not as much as I used to: they are still as offensive as ever; I’m just not as shocked any more.

Number 6

To think that it is okay to vilify a family who have lost a baby probably doesn’t fit into any category of “mental illness”. But, I would certainly be raising questions about any personality disorder one may be harbouring to think this way.

As an aside, I note the reference to “microchips” in my comment. There is a very good reason for this reference: one which Meryl Dorey is still denying to this day, on her False Claims dossier page. Dorey refers to David Icke as a “researcher”, in this section:

Further on in this document, Mr McLeod makes statements which he is aware are completely untrue. As did Mr Raffaele in his letter to a venue in South Australia, Mr McLeod tries to link Ms Dorey with certain beliefs. The basis of his statements is an article posted by Ms Dorey on the AVN’s blog in 2009. The article, sourced from the newspaper, the Pakistan Daily, was about the dangers of influenza vaccination. This piece was attributed to a journalist at that newspaper but the full article was sourced from the website of David Icke, a British researcher who has certain beliefs about the illuminati and reptilians on Earth. Ms Dorey was unaware of the connection between this article and Mr Icke and in fact, the article did not mention any of these beliefs. Despite knowing that this is the case, Mr McLeod told the OLGR:

“But it gets worse. On her “No Compulsory Vaccination” blog 3 Meryl Dorey posted an article titled “Flu is not the Biggest Danger it’s the Vaccine”, which said “we have long crossed the line into a fully-fledged fascist dictatorship………….”and that that the forthcoming compulsory flu vaccination program is a plot run by the Illuminati to insert microchips in every person on the planet in order to take over the Earth. According to the author of the article, the Illuminati are a race of reptilian humanoids and that many prominent figures are reptilian, including George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie.”

Hmm. “…the article did not mention any of these beliefs…” Is this true? I have just uploaded the original article to Scribd, sourced from the Pakistan Daily, including Dorey’s blogspot link to the article, in addition to Dorey’s claims above. See for yourself. Protip: may contain nuts: Meryl Dorey, David Icke, the Pakistan Daily, Microchips, and the Human Cull.

Number 7

See Number 6. Except for the comments about “compulsary [sic] vaccination”. I only held this notion for a short time, changing my opinion very soon after that comment, after discussions with people who know more about it than I do. I do, however, think (as does NSW North Coast Paediatrician Dr Chris Ingall), that:  if the AVN and people like them continue to force immunisation rates down to a dangerous level; then, compulsory vaccination may need to be enforced as a public health measure. Ironically, it is the bleating, fear mongering, and misinformation of people like Meryl Dorey which could lead to compulsory vaccination becoming a reality. This would be an unfortunate backfire: the very thing they Strawman against…

Number 8


Number 9

“Peter Doucheberg” is an AIDS-denialist. So is Meryl Dorey. This is evil.

Also, Cultural Relativism deems it inherently acceptable for “prepubescent boys to suck the cocks of grown men” in initiation ceremonies. It also, as noted, states that there is nothing wrong with Holocaust Denial. Tell me the good thing about the ingrained everyone is right paradigm, again? I’m very, very content that I did not go through with a career as an anthropologist. Hopefully it has changed a lot since those dark days. You might not think so, given the sociological works of Brian Martin, in defence of Meryl Dorey, but, anyway.

Number 10

When you compare vaccination to the “rape of a child…with full penetration”, you may go and find a hole and crawl into it.

Number 11

When someone refuses to properly apologise for stating that “vaccination is the rape of a child…with full penetration”, one must wonder why swear words would upset them?

Thank you for raising this from the ashes again, Meryl Dorey

And Meryl Dorey has the audacity to claim that Stop the AVN are criminals who use violence to make a point. It would be funny if she weren’t taken seriously by some.

The violent criminals being paid by big pharma, for their violent criminality

I would use a swear word in conclusion, but, I don’t need to.

More importantly, as they say in some blog headers: Sine caffinum, nihilus sum

Thank you Meryl Dorey. Thank you.

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