Another grubby press release from the Australian Vaccination Network

Anti-vaccinationist Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination Network, have a long history of inviting public health personnel to AVN seminars/fundraisers. Anti-vaccinationists crave the legitimacy of real public health professionals. They don’t have any of their own. They do this because they need to parasitise real health experts, in an attempt to bring them down to their own level of ineptitude and deceit. You know the old saying about creationists, pigeons, and chess:

Debating creationists on the topic of evolution is rather like trying to play chess with a pigeon; it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory.
– Scott D. Weitzenhoffer

Anti-vaccinationists are just creationists: same anti-science, clunking, ideology-driven lemons; just rebadged. Facts don’t matter to these people. They make up their own.

Five months ago Dorey made a play at her local public health unit; and it backfired, spectacularly. She issued demands to the New South Wales North Coast Public Health Unit, that they provide a speaker for her Lismore and Byron Bay seminars/fundraisers. Her hubris was treated in the manner it most deserved: unceremonious dismissal, in writing. See my post for the glorious, ignominious results: Well done, North Coast Public Health Unit.

Dorey had been an arrogant nuisance for years, inserting herself into public health debates, via the media and other fora, to the detriment of public health. North Coast health professionals have been dealing with her misinformation for a long time, as well as the flow on effects of her misinformation (such as needing to talk down needlessly confused parents). It was good to see them provide Dorey with all the respect she deserved.

On October 18 Dorey issued another press release (these are being joyfully ignored, as is proper), advising  the disinterested and now savvy press that there will be another anti-vaccination seminar/fundraiser on November 10, in Canberra. Nothing new, here? What was so surprising, you ask?

This was the surprise, under “Speakers”:

“We are pleased to announce that…” Really? You really did this?

Here is what happened: an anti-vaccination organisation, the AVN, which is a public health menace, publishes and disseminates a press release, intimating that a highly respected infectious diseases specialist, Professor Robert Booy, is going to be present at their anti-vaccination seminar/fundraiser. The press release is sent out before the invitation is either confirmed or rejected. This anti-vaccination organisation uses the image, professional profile, and current placements of the specialist, in this press release, without seeking permission from any of the above. And this is appropriate behaviour, how?

This press release is a manipulative, self-promotion tool. Nothing more. It has nothing to do with honesty or integrity in the public debate surrounding immunisation. The pre-emptive publication of this press release, including the possible appearance of Professor Booy, is nothing more than an attempt at coercion. Put simply, Meryl Dorey is a bully. A manipulative, self-serving bully.

The swift knock-back (Professor Booy will not be in attendance), will be used by Dorey to further prove how the big, mean, medical big-pharmocrats are holding down poor little Meryl, who only ever wanted to provide “balance”. This is precisely what Dorey did with the knock-back from North Coast Public Health. Dorey is brazen in her self-promotion. I’ll give her that much.

As in my former post, where I showed the hypocrisy of Meryl Dorey, in even inviting Public Health Director Paul Corben to an AVN event, given her previous vilification of Corben; let’s see what Dorey has had to say about Professor Robert Booy in the past.

Dorey has portrayed Professor Booy as someone who is lurking in the shadows, manipulating public health perceptions: “Pay no attention to Prof Booy behind the curtain!” Dorey also referred to Professor Booy as “Liar liar!” (posts are from July 4 2011). Nice. Let’s have a respectful debate.

Meryl Dorey calls someone else a “liar”. You read that right.

RESPECT! Meryl Dorey always megaphones to the faithful.

Respect, indeed. And Dorey expects public health experts to drop everything, and present when beckoned. The Narcissism inherent in the behaviour of this anti-vaccinationist is startling.

Sadly, Dorey will do this again in the future.

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  1. Ken McLeod says:

    Meryl Dorey never misses an opportunity to big-note herself through some form of dishonesty.

  2. I sincerely hope that this manipulative, self serving bully is soon put fairly and squarely in her place.
    Great post Hank.

  3. Marty says:

    A press release of this kind is sort of like announcing to all your friends that you’ve sent Ben Folds Five an invitation to play live at your 16th birthday party – you know they ain’t comin’ but it helps boost RSVPs.

  4. Mark Jeffery says:

    Now we see the narcissism inherent in the system!

  5. Annette says:

    Excellent article again, on this very dangerous woman Hank. How dare she pretend that Prof Booy would be interested in wasting his time with this cult.

  6. Darwy says:

    The more I read of Meryl, the more I expect to hear a rattle each time she opens her mouth.

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  8. Hope says:

    Did you also know that a pigeon is just a rat with wings? They fly around, take a dump on you whenever they please and take off, leaving you with a smelly surprise (as their nonsense stinks) on your shoulder. So ya, anti-vaxxers are no different from Creationists whom are no different to pigeons.

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