NVIC: the National Vilification and Insult Center. All class.

The NVIC is the US equivalent of the Australian anti-vaccination pressure group, the now highly discredited Australian Vaccination Network. It is headed by Barbara Loe Fisher, who portrays herself as the affable grand dame of vaccine information, even getting herself on to government panels. I wrote about the NVIC before, here:

The NVIC is the premier anti-vaccination organisation in the US. Its head, Barbara Loe Fisher, according the this Wikipedia article, “worked with Congress” on the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. This is meant to be a reputable organisation, run by reputable people, providing reputable information in regard to immunisation. Most of you reading this will be aware that this is questionable.

As with my previous NVIC post, I’m going to allow them to speak for themselves. This is what anti-vaccinationists are about, folks. This is what they do. This is how they treat respectable people whose life’s work has saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Today, the NVIC shared this on their official Facebook page:

The Refusers asked “Is Offit a drug lord who keeps people enslaved in a cycle of disease and death?” What is your opinion?

Oh boy. Did they get the response they wanted. Incredible stuff:

Jeff Pancone RAT! I’ve said it before and ill say it again…. He has the eyes of a rodent!

Wendy Callahan he is a foul demon…

Julie Vargas theres a special place in hell for him

Bridget Doyle Fink YES! Not a fan of Dr. Profit! Shame on him, he took the Hippocratic Oath, but he must have take the hypocrite oath!

Medusa Invst Offit is a money hungry scumbag who would sell his own mother for a profit!

Whitney Marie Danno-Martinez He is disgusting! Dr. Profit is satan!

Ralph Muccilli I don’t believe him. He is a liar.

Dean Mindock He’s a mouthpiece for Big pHARMa it seems to me.

The thread is only one hour old, so we can expect it to get worse.

Stay classy, Fisher. Stay classy, NVIC.

The sooner the US holds the NVIC to account, as has been done in Australia with the AVN, the better off we will be. Even the rabid AVN have somewhat learned their lesson as to what appears on their Facebook page.

NVIC 29 Paul Offit
Update, a few hours later.

Here are some more:

Brad Pennington Yes. I believe he’s a moron.

Beverly Russo that rotovirus vaccine has spread the rotovirus like wildfire. hes a psychopath and dumbasses still line up to inject their kids with that poison.

Randy Jr Calderon He needs to get punched in the mouth

Robert Chambers He needs his 10,000 vaccinations

Joel Bremson Pusher man Offit.

NVIC 30 Paul Offit thread cont punched in the mouth

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13 Responses to NVIC: the National Vilification and Insult Center. All class.

  1. Ah, yes, The Refusers! My favorite aging faux-hipster band. Music has often had a role in social change; sadly, The Refusers are more Milli Vanilli than Neil Young. And really, who uses a song lyric as medical guidance?

  2. jagman48 says:

    Just went to the site and posted that he, Dr Salk and Bill Gates are heroes. We will see what happens

  3. @advodiaboli says:

    The NVIC are obsessed with Dr. Offit. They seem to be self-enslaved in their own cycle of hogwash.

  4. Isn’t it a shame that people such as Dr Offit are usually too classy to sue these type of people for defamation? Keep on keeping on Dr Offit, there are people out here who treasure you and your work.

  5. They made new post as well, the comments are not better on that one, and of course not one have any rational argument, all just ad hominen.

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  7. wzrd1 says:

    “The Refusers asked “Is Offit a drug lord who keeps people enslaved in a cycle of disease and death?” What is your opinion?”

    I’d have to truthfully answer that question with, yes. Unabashedly yes.
    For encompassing their partial view of reality is the real world, which is much larger and more complex.
    Indeed, he is keeping people enslaved in a cycle of disease and death, for the healthy inevitably suffer from some disease or another, be it significant or severe, they eventually always die. In life, nobody gets out of it alive.
    Yes, he keeps them enslaved to living. For, instead of suffering a disease as a child and dying, they are immunized against those diseases that killed so many children in the past.
    My father had a sister who died of meningococcal meningitis. Thousands of children died from that disease, indeed, when his sister contracted that infection, the rate was 14 per 100k population, with a fatality rate of near 30% when she died. Today, we have immunizations against that disease.
    Had that vaccine been available before she became ill, I’d have actually gotten to know her.
    Especially when one considers that half of his sisters are still alive today and the others probably would have been alive today as well had they controlled their type II diabetes, hypertension and diet a lot better.

    So, they tell a 2/3 truth, the reality of life is, we’re locked into a cycle of life, disease, life, eventually death. For, with life comes the occasional disease and even accidents. That has and quite likely will always be the case for humans. The only real question is one of longevity.
    And in that, we have the real truth. Today, our children live past their infancy and toddler stage and get to grow up. That wasn’t true for quite a lot of children throughout human history, courtesy of diseases we have immunizations for and also due to antibiotics. We also live a great deal longer than ever in the past, with people living into their first century of life far more often than ever in human history. That is in part due to vaccinations curbing diseases that would kill them, but also due to the myriad of medical advances we’ve made in the last century, many of the greatest leaps being in the last half of the past century and that pace continues.
    But, some would also consider that bad.
    For, in their distorted, delusional world, death is good and life is bad.
    And I do mean delusional. When one attacks a delusional person’s delusion, they inevitably lash out in a manner utterly lacking in a semblance of reason. When one attacks an ignorant person’s ignorance in a subject with the offer of knowledge, one can receive a simple refusal to be educated or a thankful acceptance.

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