Anti-vaccine chiropractors 21

The Chiropractic Board of Australia has had enough:

“We will not tolerate registered chiropractors giving misleading or unbalanced advice to patients, or providing advice or care that is not in the patient’s best interests,” chairman Phillip Donato said.

Dr Donato said chiropractors should only provide evidence-based treatment and anyone with concerns should report them. [Sydney Morning Herald August 9 2013]

Amy Herreen is a board member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia’s South Australia outlet. Herreen is the treasurer and – lift up that jaw, folks – CPD Chair. On her bios she claims to be on the “Chiropractic Board of South Australia”:

Herreen 11 Chiro Board of South AustraliaNow, I have been advised that there is no such thing as the “Chiropractic Board of South Australia”, so unless she has formed another Popular Front of Judea (SPLITTER), I’d say she might be referring to the CAA SA board.

In this snippet of the CAA SA’s page we see her fellow leaders. Brett Hill is one-third of The Wellness Guys with the anti-vaccine Damian Kristof (whom you met in #10). And, below Hill, you have the anti-vaccine Andrew Timbs (whom you met in #8). Radelaide is rockin’ it. They just need to hire some Billy D so they can really put some polish on this anti-vaccine turd:

Herreen 12 CAA SA CPD chair TreasurerA reader pointed me in the direction of Herreen (thank you, keep them coming). Her website has a vaccination page, including documents which no longer resolve anywhere. Maybe it was a very good idea to make these PDFs unavailable:

[Edit: the PDFs are available through these links, thanks to those who worked it out. Enjoy: ]

Herreen 13 website vaccine PDF links borkedSo, I went for a look through her business’s Facebook page. Remember, this person is on the board of the CAA SA. She is a board member, like her other board member, who features in this series; like all of the other board members from the other CAA State bodies; and like board members of the CAA National body, who feature in this series. The Chiropractic Board of Australia doesn’t need a broom. It needs a profiler, a front end loader, and a row of dump trucks.

Here is Herreen’s information; because, remember:

Dr Amy is very passionate about natural health, home births and fitness. Her mission, is to educate, check and adjust as many families, children and athletes as possible, helping them towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

Mercola article which deliberately (and falsely) portrays the Pertussis vaccine as ineffective, by wilfully ignoring data. Skewed Distribution has shown succinctly why this is a heinous anti-vaccine trope:

Herreen 2 Mercola WC article misinfo about incidenceI don’t know if you can get any dumber and more dishonest than this one. Herreen shares a post from VINE (the World’s Worst Person™), from greenmedinfo, lying about the Hep B vaccine:

Herreen 3 VINE lies about Hep B shot causing liver damageIf you want readers to know of your secret compulsion to post anti-vaccination misinformation, just do this. Gaia Health:

Herreen 4 Gaia health lies about Men B vax injuriesAnother Gaia Health lie, which we saw in #8, shared by Timbs. “THE VACCINE MADE IT WORSE”, shrieks Herreen:

Herreen 5 WC vaccine made disease 10 times worse lieTenpenny. YouTube: “caterpillar eggs…aborted foetal retinas”. Really:

Herreen 8 concoctions in flu shots TenpennyAnother Mercola lie, this time about SIDS and the Hep B vaccine:

Herreen 9 SIDS and Hep B shot liesMercola, vaccines, and autism, of course:

Herreen 10 Mercola vaccines autismAnd because Herreen must enjoy the thought of hemorrhaging babies, have some lies about the Vitamin K shot. Did I mention that this sort of advice kills babies? It does:

Herreen 7 dangers of Vit K shot MercolaAnd, just because, GMOs:

Herreen 1 GMOs unsafeCome one, CBA. Time to get on top of your anti-vaccination infestation. And, not just the public stuff. Do you really think these people will keep their delusions to themselves in the private business setting, when a customer is at their mercy? Humans don’t work that way.

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