Anti-vaccine chiropractors 47

The Chiropractic Board of Australia has had enough:

The Chiropractic Board of Australia cracks down to protect the public.

The Chiropractic Board of Australia is cracking down on chiropractors who step outside their primary role as healthcare practitioners and provide treatment that puts the public at risk.

To protect public safety, the Board has:

– ordered practitioners to remove all anti-vaccination material from their websites and clinics
– removed several courses from the list of approved CPD programs, and
– introduced random audits of practitioner compliance with the Board’s registration standards. [Media Release August 8 2013]

Rosemarie Jabbour runs an inner Sydney manipulation business called New World Chiropractic. Jabbour is/was a member of the rabid, callous anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network. I could not ascertain as to Jabbour’s association memberships; but, for the love of all things Ierano, I demand she join the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, forthwith.

Not one to sniff at epidemiology, Jabbour shared this anti-vaccine lie:

Oh boy. Here we go...

Oh boy. Here we go…

Here is the Polio vaccine/SV-40/cancer meme, which has never had any association with increased rates of cancer. Not that this has ever stopped any anti-vaccinationist from claiming the opposite:

Bill Gates achievement unlocked.

Bill Gates achievement unlocked.

Your government is bought and paid for by Big Pharma, and it provides you with a flu shot which is dangerous. It’s end times, people:

Does someone want to remind these people that influenza vaccines are not trialed every year, as they have been trialed in previous years?

Does someone want to remind these people that influenza vaccines are not trialed every year, as they have been trialed in previous years?

Wakefield’s “truth…will save lives”. Say that out loud three times and a British pathologist will self-immolate:

Don't say it. We need all our pathologists.

Don’t say it. We need all our pathologists.

Jabbour shares the scary vaccine ingredients anti-vaccine meme on her business’s page:

Includes bonus vaccines-cause-autism lie.

Includes bonus vaccines-cause-autism lie.

Naturally, Jabbour branches out into anti-fluoridationism, care of crackpots, Flouride Free WA:

This is not the only fluoride misinformation on her page.

This is not the only fluoride misinformation on her page.

And she likes to share “undisputed facts” about dental amalgams:

You know, I just noticed that her emblem looks kind of like an Illuminati symbol. I wonder...

You know, I just noticed that her emblem looks kind of like an Illuminati symbol. I wonder…

I’m thinking this probably counts as a testimonial? Jabbour may as well just write her own, right?

I hope these things actually happened, and that she isn't creating an unrealistic expectation for her customers, so as to entice more business through the door.

I hope these things actually happened, and that she isn’t creating an unrealistic expectation for her customers, so as to entice more business through the door.

I’m hoping that the CBA will send the crack squad around to her business soon. Otherwise this meme will become reinforced in the community:

I added this because she posted it because she was attempting to convey that chiropractors of her calibre aren't quacks. And that's funny.

I added this because she posted it because she was attempting to convey that chiropractors of her calibre aren’t quacks. And that’s funny.


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10 Responses to Anti-vaccine chiropractors 47

  1. @advodiaboli says:

    Not sure what that trimmed photo of the Flulaval insert is doing, the blurb in red would seem refuted across eight pages. Yes… Brought to you by the number 8.
    Number 14. – page 11. CLINICAL STUDIES:
    – Efficacy Against Influenza.
    Including children:

    Efficacy Trial in Children: The efficacy of FLULAVAL QUADRIVALENT was evaluated in Study 5, a randomized, observer-blind, non-influenza vaccine-controlled study conducted in 3 countries in Asia, 3 in Latin America, and 2 in the Middle East/Europe during the 2010-2011 influenza season. Healthy subjects 3 through 8 years of age were randomized (1:1) to receive FLULAVAL QUADRIVALENT (N = 2,584), containing A/California/7/2009 (H1N1), A/Victoria/210/2009 (H3N2), B/Brisbane/60/2008 (Victoria lineage), and B/Florida/4/2006 (Yamagata lineage) influenza strains, or HAVRIX® (Hepatitis A Vaccine) (N = 2,584), as a control vaccine. Children with no history of influenza vaccination received 2 doses of FLULAVAL QUADRIVALENT or HAVRIX approximately 28 days apart. Children with a history of influenza vaccination received one dose of FLULAVAL QUADRIVALENT or HAVRIX. In the overall population, 52% were male; 60% were Asian, 5% were White, and 35% were of other racial/ethnic groups. The mean age of subjects was 5 years.
    Efficacy of FLULAVAL QUADRIVALENT was assessed for the prevention of reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)-positive influenza A and/or B disease presenting as influenza-like illness (ILI). ILI was defined as a temperature ≥100°F in the presence of at least one of the following symptoms on the same day: cough, sore throat, runny nose, or nasal congestion. Subjects with ILI (monitored by passive and active surveillance for approximately 6 months) had nasal and throat swabs collected and tested for influenza A and/or B by RT-PCR. All RT-PCR-positive specimens were further tested in cell culture. Vaccine efficacy was calculated based on the ATP cohort for efficacy (Table 4).
    Page 14:
    – Immunological Evaluation.
    Children: In Study 4, the immune response of FLULAVAL (N = 987) was compared to FLUZONE, a US-licensed trivalent, inactivated influenza virus vaccine (N = 979), manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur SA, in an observer-blind, randomized study in children 3 through 17 years of age. The immune responses to each of the antigens contained in FLULAVAL formulated for the 2009-2010 season were evaluated in sera obtained after one or 2 doses of FLULAVAL and were compared to those following the comparator influenza vaccine [see Adverse Reactions (6.1)].
    The non-inferiority endpoints were geometric mean antibody titers (GMTs) adjusted for baseline, and the percentage of subjects who achieved seroconversion, defined as at least a 4-fold increase in serum HI titer over baseline to ≥1:40, following vaccination, performed on the According-to-Protocol (ATP) cohort. FLULAVAL was non-inferior to the comparator influenza for all strains based on adjusted GMTs and seroconversion rates (Table 9).

  2. When is the CBA going to take action?
    And chiros lke this want to be primary healthcare providers. Not if I can help it.

  3. F Frederick Skatt. says:

    I do worry that pointing our fingers at these charlatans and denouncing them as quacks is going to have the opposite effect- In much the same ways as that rather odd anti-vaccination woman has been achieving for her movement the past couple of years.
    But that could never happen, could it?
    Chiropractors would have to have evidence-based defense for their procedures and documentation of their patient histories…
    I have two stories of my own::
    A gentleman in his sixties who met his chirp after noticing left sided weakness.
    “Fifty bucks at the door, pay on your way out. Same time tomorrow, please.”
    On the morning of day four, the old fellow noted to the fool that he wasn’t certain this treatment was having benefit as his face was displaying a pronounced droop and did he think it could be a stroke?
    Apparently there was a deathly silence and he was bundled out to DEM at the local hospital. Whether he was charged for that last consult or not, I do not know.
    What I do know is that he was crying for much of his time in the DEM.

    Second case was of a Lady coming for knee arthroscopy and debridement. Promptly asked for spinal anaesthetic as when she extends her neck, her eyesight becomes grey/blurry.
    In asking for the spinal, she indicated that it was because under a GA, she couldn’t be guaranteed what position her neck would be left in for the procedure.
    She had some polyarthritic condition for which she also visited her chiropractor…
    “He does my legs, my arms, my lower back… And then I have to tell him not to do my neck…”
    I confirmed that this occurred on every visit.
    So, I taught her about the arterial supply to the brain and explored possible causes of her neck-tilting phenomenon which I supposed might be basilar artery insufficiency.

    I then advised her to return to her back-monkey and explore his/her understanding of arterial supplies… And then to ask to see the history he had taken of her symptoms.

    I recommended that if he was unable to do either sufficiently, she should preserve her life by walking away (Complaint would have been at her discretion). She was horrified that the grey-outs she was experiencing could be permanent or even more profound and that it was only her vigilance that was preventing calamity. FFS.

    • Sue says:

      I don’t think the wider exposure of anti-vaxers and charlatans improves their credibility – quite the opposite. Exposure makes them strengthen their own resolve and become more extreme and defensive themselves, but it exposes them to the rational public who are not fully into the ideology.

      What should really start to work (and, I guess, the reason for regulating CHiro under AHPRA) is that people like the chiro you have described should be promptly reported to the regulator – just as any other regulated health provider should be for dangerous practice. A chiro who doesn;t recognise a stroke or cerebrovascular symptoms should not be practising.

  4. F Frederick Skatt. says:

    Sue, agreed, this occurred prior to unification under AHPRA. The first case was not my patient and the second only fleetingly. But perhaps my duty to the public at large would have been to report my findings to AHPRA. Also to find the practices and make certain they never opened doors again.
    I related the second story in a group. One said a colleague in her thirties had recently died after a carotid dissection secondary to a manipulation. Another told of an athlete in his twenties who had sustained a spinal artery dissection following ‘adjustment’.
    Using the word ‘adjustment’ even implies that there is something amiss needing correction and that’s just what they’re doing.
    Deceptive criminals.

  5. Rosemarie says:

    Doesnt this reasonable hank have anything better to do?
    It is well known that he targets professionals in natural health industries. Sad

    • Thanks for your comment, Rosemarie. If you didn’t point out the activities of Reasonable Hank he wouldn’t know what to do next. Maybe just the nudge he needed to lodge a notification with AHPRA 🙂

    • Sue says:

      So, Rosemarie – you don’t think documentary evidence of chiros acting outside the AHPRA Code of Conduct should be brought to anyone’s attention? What’s the point of regulation, then?

  6. Jonsie says:

    Yet another case of amateur scientist/medically trained people banging on about something they have no idea what they are talking about. All the myths about vaccinations have been debunked some time ago yet people like the author of this article insist the miniscule possibiliy of adverse effects can cause harm. It is because of people like this that Chicken Pox/shingles, smallpox and even The Plague etc (the list goes on) have been increasing in the last decade. I feel for the children of these people.

  7. A says:

    I witnessed that disgusting woman abuse staff at my local Officeworks, claiming to be exempt from mask wearing. People like her are a danger to the community.

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