South Australian chiropractor claims immunisation is the same as rape

One of the worst things callous anti-vaccination zealot, Meryl Dorey, has done is to claim this:

Court orders rape of a child. Think this is an exaggeration? Think again. This is assault without consent and with full penetration too.

AVN 6594 Dorey rape 2011Coming from someone like Dorey, who makes up slogans like Shaken Maybe Syndrome with her husband, you would almost expect it. She is devoid of ethics. But, she’s not alone. She’s never alone.

There has been something I’ve been meaning to share more widely for some time, and I was only just reminded that it needed to be done sooner rather than later, when someone recommended a chiropractor, for the treatment of a baby, on the Adelaide Baby Bargains Facebook page. This person’s name and contact details popped up:

Lawrence 8 ABB recommendationPaul Lawrence.

Lawrence has some fine form in the anti-vaccine community. He is linked with South Australia’s version of the anti-vaccine Australian Vaccination Network, Vaccination Information Serving Australia (VISA); run by South Australia’s version of Meryl Dorey, Kathy Scarborough.

In 2010 Lawrence was a presenter at one of Scarborough’s seminars:

Lawrence 1 VISA seminarLawrence is also an active supporter on the VISA Facebook page:

Lawrence 7 VISA bravest people on the planetAnd he likes to bark on about mercury, poisons, and other anti-vaccine tropes, not knowing – or not caring – about the difference between any of the mercury compounds. They’re all the same, right? From VISA, again:

Lawrence 6 VISA comments mercury poison vaccinesAnd here he is, again, commenting on Natural News, about scary chemicals, as expected:

Lawrence 2 Nat News comment chemicals gambitHe even admits how he used to advise his marks customers about flu shot ingredients, and how to ask about them. Nuance about dosage, and why ingredients are present, is unimportant; as long as you’re scary. That’s what matters:

Lawrence 5 advised patients about flu vaxThat last screenshot is taken from the closed group from where I gathered my evidence of chiropractors sneaking into hospitals without permission.

The main topic of this post is taken from that same closed group. Again, it is in the public interest, and in the interests of public health, that I publish it here.

On August 19 2013 ex-CAA NSW Board Member Tim Shakespeare, who sees customers at Healing Wave Chiropractic,  posted this lie. The Rudd proposals would have seen no such thing as “compulsory school vaccination”:

Shakes 21 Rudd compulsory vax Sandford LawrenceOf course it sent these people off on one, with another ex-CAA NSW Board Member, Nimrod Weiner – and there is a very good reason these guys are ex-board members – posting a supporting lie, which is contradicted by the very link he includes:

The Bill allows exemptions for “medical contraindication, conscientious objection based on personal, philosophical, religious or medical belief.”

Greens MP Dr John Kaye said the Bill has the support of the Greens but doesn’t take away the rights of an individual to oppose immunisation.

Shakes 22 Rudd vax Weiner Hutchings compulsory druggingBut, the dishonesty, and the ineptitude of the preceding comments is not the worst thing to happen on that thread.

Paul Lawrence chimed in.

Someone removes your freedom of choice. You are forced, against your will to have their fluids injected into your body. How is this different from rape?

Lawrence 3 vaccines are like rapeOnly one person on that whole thread questioned Lawrence on his reprehensible comment. One person. Out of all of these respected health professionals, only one person had the gumption, and integrity, and ethics, to say anything:

Removing a cash incentive is not force (I’m not denying they’re strong arming people) but to compare it to rape is probably a little insulting to rape victims Paul

And one person even liked Lawrence’s rape analogy. Who? Oliver Croke, the son of CAA National Board Member, Tony Croke. Oliver Croke is also a chiropractic student at RMIT. The profession is in great hands:

Oliver Croke 1 likes Lawrence's rape comment

So, I go back to the recommendation on the Adelaide Baby Bargains Facebook page, and I can only say, “really?”

The guy should be de-registered. Yet, here we are, discussing his customers who are recommending him to a mother who wants a baby adjusted.

And, how is it that the Chiropractic Board of Australia will be hearing about Lawrence’s conduct for the very first time, right now?

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