Breaking: Anti-vaccination liars lying about Dr Paul Offit. Also, night follows day.

Anti-vaccination liar Meryl Dorey and her special band of harpies at the Australian Vaccination Network can’t help themselves. Like maggots on carrion, or white people on a Christmas turkey, they caw over the carcass of any mention of public health hero, Dr Paul Offit. They are envy vultures. They wait for something to be lied to death, then they swoop down and lie some more, just to be sure the flesh is rotten with lies. Then they have a lie-feast.

Here are the facts about what Dr Offit has written  about infants and the administration of thousands of vaccines at once.

Dr Offit has stated, on page 174 of his 2011 book Deadly Choices, that due to the bacterial bombardment to which babies are subject every day, theoretically, based on modelling, babies could tolerate 100,000 vaccines worth of antigens, such has the antigenic load in vaccines decreased over the years. He has never stated that babies could receive 100,000 vaccines, nor has he ever advocated it. Here is the passage:

Paul Offit page 174 Deadly Choices 100 000 vaccinesThat’s that out of the way. Pretty straight forward, right? No way. Given that lying about Dr Offit has been the rotten bread and butter of the global anti-vaccination movement for years, what came after the posting of this lie was predictable:

AVN 6600 Wakefield OffitThe courageous, anonymous AVN supporters chimed in. This first one is conspiracy theorist Liz Hempel, under a fake account:

AVN 6597 Hempel Offit spinelessShe was soon joined by other courageous, anonymous AVN supporters:

AVN 6598 Little get his hand off itAVN 6599 Paul ProfitOf course no one was “running scared” of Wakefield. Dr Michael Fitzpatrick took up Wakefield’s challenge, and Wakefield ran like the wind. When that was pointed out to the AVN the poster was duly banned from commenting, and the information deleted. Caught out lying, again, there is only one option for anti-vaccination liars. Lie some more.

And, so, the rabid, idiotic fringe-dwellers move on to the “10,000 vaccines” lie. As you have already seen, above, Dr Offit never advocated any such thing. He used a theoretical model to allay fears about the number of antigens in modern vaccines, so as to show how much an infant could tolerate. Anyone who considers his analogy as something seriously advocated would be barking mad, right? Right?

You bet. And, the chief barker, Meryl Dorey, would be “happy to administer them to him…”

AVN 6596 Dorey lie Paul Offit 10000 vaccinesSo, we have a thread based on a lie, in which the AVN is caught out lying, evolving into another lie, in which the leader of an organisation, which is a Health Service Provider, and holder of a Charitable Fundraising Authority, is offering to administer what she believes to be a fatal dose of vaccines, all mixed into the same syringe. And this is proposed so as to make a point against someone who never advocates that for which he is accused (“he is ready, willing and able to say that our kids should do it” – Dorey). I repeat: this Strawmanning stunt is being perpetrated by a Health Service Provider. How much more needs to be done to rid the community of this infection?

Look, we’re not surprised. There are too many instances of Offit slurring on the AVN page to include here. Dorey herself refers to him as “Dr PrOffit”, which is the common slur used against him by liars worldwide. This one from a few years ago is still my favourite. It show the AVN at their finest. They don’t just want him to suffer; they want to be 12-year-old girls while they’re at it (apologies to 12-year-old girls):

Health Service Provider, the Australian Vaccination Network.

Health Service Provider, the Australian Vaccination Network.

I hope the HCCC is watching the AVN page very closely, every day. If they aren’t, they should be. It would be a travesty if the Australian Vaccination Network were not held to account for all of their actions, on all social media fora.

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