Chiropractor claims to treat anorexia nervosa with "nutritional counselling"

If the Chiropractic Board of Australia does not act immediately against chiropractor Mr Angus Heseltine, of  Mosman Family Chiropractic, then, it should shut up shop.

We have met Heseltine before in  Anti-vaccine chiropractors 44In it he showed that he has little regard for CBA codes and guidelines which determine how chiropractors are to conduct themselves. He breaches guidelines in regard to the use of testimonials; flagrantly offers discounts on chiropractic services, despite the guidelines stating that the practice is “inappropriate”; and he thumbs his nose at the CBA over immunisation directives:

In June, Heseltine declared his intentions to fight the CBA’s immunisation policies. He states, bluntly, that he will continue to provide immunisation advice to his customers.

Since the time of my earlier post Heseltine has continued to make unsubstantiated health claims on his Facebook page. He can “ensure” a safer childbirth:

Heseltine 8 ensure easier safer childbirthHeseltine again claims that chiropractic will boost your immune strength by 200%:

Heseltine 9 200 percent greater immune strengthHe claims a 96% correlation between the magical, mystical subluxation, and “fatal pathologies”:

Heseltine 10 fatal pathologies and subluxationsAnd, in mid-November 2013, well after the CBA crackdown on anti-vaccination misinformation provision by chiropractors, Heseltine went onto the Facebook page of the anti-vaccination harpies, the Australian Vaccination Network, to pontificate on immunisation as “experimental”, using an embarrassing Strawman argument about the non-creation of health via immunisation – what on Earth is he smoking?

Heseltine 11 commentng on AVN pageWell, a few days ago, he upped the ante. On a post which has since disappeared from his Facebook page, Heseltine claimed that he could treat anorexia nervosa:

Heseltine 12 anorexiaI’ll include the whole text from the Facebook page:

Nutrional Counseling Thru The Help Of A Mosman Chiropractic

Due to the increasing number of people suffering in Anorexia Nervosa, it would really help you a lot if you rethink and evaluate yourself whether you need Mosman Chiropractic Assistance about Nutritional Counseling or not. It doesn’t take a genius to realize and prove that there is high importance regarded by people today about fashion and looks. It’s a normal social-related response of an individual to try to fit in and gain self esteem brought by the knowledge of having a group or community that they belong.

However, if you are a perfectionist and always wanted to be an achiever and standard, it might lead you to some disorders. Though the good intention for trying to fit in is there, there’s a chance you will end up hurting yourself. If you feel that you have a desperate need of getting thin, but you see your reflection otherwise, then you’ll start losing self esteem.

So How Will You Know If You Are Suffering Eating Disorder?

According to the experts, here are some of the key points to evaluate yourself whether you are anorexic or not:

  • You are not satisfied with your own body shape and size
  • Depriving yourself of eating
  • You got alibis to skip your meal
  • You constantly ignore your hunger
  • Have trouble concentrating
  • Abnormal eating pattern
  • Very paranoid about gaining weight
  • You always complain about being fat though you’re obviously not
  • Obsessed about monitoring your weight
  • You exercise too much

What’s fearful about this disorder is that you will never achieve the thinner self you want, and you might end up hurting different body organs like your heart to the extent of also damaging your brain.

You Can Seek Help From A Mosman Chiropractic

If getting thin is all you wanted to achieve, why not do it the healthy way? Not only that you’ll gain healthier lifestyle, you will also get thinner through the help of proper diet without ever suffering from hunger. Mosman Family Chiropractic offers you Nutritional Counseling that is surely effective. Contact us and book your first appointment today to avail of our web offer. We are dedicated to be a Mosman Chiropractic that provides only high quality chiropractic services.

I just want to highlight these sentences again. Read these carefully:

If getting thin is all you wanted to achieve, why not do it the healthy way? 

Mosman Family Chiropractic offers you Nutritional Counseling that is surely effective. 

Heseltine may have deleted the horrid little post from his Facebook page, but, he still has it published on his website; advertising video and all. Dr Sue Ieraci has left a comment on the site, still awaiting approval…

Heseltine 16 Dr Sue Ieraci comment anorexiaIndeed, anorexia nervosa is a serious mental health issue. Here is what The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has to say. Compare it with the dangerous drivel from Heseltine:

Key points about anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness associated with significant physical debility.

Anorexia nervosa presents in not only young women but also across all ages, both genders and socio-economic demographics. Although dieting and avoidance of weight gain are characteristics of the disease, the actual causes are varied and complex.

The severe weight loss associated with dietary restriction can be life threatening, not only due to the associated medical complications but also due to the severe mental anguish that an eating disorder causes.

If you think that you or a member of your family may have significant issues with food and dieting, it is important that you seek advice from your family doctor, local mental health services, or an eating disorder organisation who can refer you to a health service professional who specialises in eating disorders…

Anorexia nervosa can be treated very effectively, especially if it is caught early. The most effective treatment involves a multidisciplinary approach (a range of health services including psychology, psychiatry, medicine, dietetics, family therapy, social work). Anorexia nervosa can take years to develop, and recovery can take time (in some cases years).

And this chiropractor thinks he is going to fix it by addressing nutrition, and making glib statements about just wanting to be thin.

I ask again: where is the Chiropractic Board of Australia? Where is AHPRA? The Codes of Conduct, and the Advertising Guidelines are here for all to see. Why aren’t we seeing them implemented?

Remember this excerpt, from a recent President’s Report, by Chiropractors’ Association of Australia’s Laurie Tassell? It’s almost as if the dressing down was written specifically for Heseltine, in advance:

Tassell CAA TACUpdate 20 minutes after publication:

The anorexia post on Heseltine’s website is now returning a 404 error. I have retained the video:

Heseltine 17 404 on anorexia page


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