If you have come for callousness, the AVsN is the place for you.

I bang on about the callousness of anti-vaccinationists quite a bit. You’ve probably noticed.

Anti-vaccine ideologue, and sage to her death-cult, the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network, Meryl Dorey, is the queen of the cruel taunt; the callous jibe; the hunter of the grieving.

Even then, every once in a while, one of her panting ghouls will surprise us. And that’s saying something.

Dorey has stated that she is going to conduct her own examination of a newly published meta-analysis, one which shows again that there is no link between vaccines and autism. Dorey is serious. I am not making this up.

One of her grubs added this:

Shelle Polmear This article has caused the pro vaxers in my family to get on their high horses…again 🙁  Ok, they have a child undergoing chemo for Leukemia (remission) but they are so paranoid about my non vaxed kids and they are taking everything the Dr says as gospel 🙁 Your findings on the study will be interesting., and I feel, useful.

AVN 6798 Polmear leukemia childYou read that right. Her family members are getting “on their high horses” regarding their immunocompromised child WITH LEUKEMIA.

The god damned nerve of some cancer patients and their families.

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