If you have come for callousness, the AVsN is the place for you.

I bang on about the callousness of anti-vaccinationists quite a bit. You’ve probably noticed.

Anti-vaccine ideologue, and sage to her death-cult, the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network, Meryl Dorey, is the queen of the cruel taunt; the callous jibe; the hunter of the grieving.

Even then, every once in a while, one of her panting ghouls will surprise us. And that’s saying something.

Dorey has stated that she is going to conduct her own examination of a newly published meta-analysis, one which shows again that there is no link between vaccines and autism. Dorey is serious. I am not making this up.

One of her grubs added this:

Shelle Polmear This article has caused the pro vaxers in my family to get on their high horses…again 🙁  Ok, they have a child undergoing chemo for Leukemia (remission) but they are so paranoid about my non vaxed kids and they are taking everything the Dr says as gospel 🙁 Your findings on the study will be interesting., and I feel, useful.

AVN 6798 Polmear leukemia childYou read that right. Her family members are getting “on their high horses” regarding their immunocompromised child WITH LEUKEMIA.

The god damned nerve of some cancer patients and their families.

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  1. Kylie says:

    Yee gads. If I had a family member with leukaemia I would take every shot I could to help protect them. But I suppose that’s the fundamental difference between those that vaccinate and those who choose not to (as opposed to those that can’t) – we think in a world bigger than our own backyard and want to contribute to the community, instead of having callous disregard for them.

    • wzrd1 says:

      That isn’t even callous disregard for community, that is callous disregard for one’s own family.
      For she has essentially announced that her beliefs trump the very life of a cousin, niece or nephew.
      Frankly, in that situation, I’d inform that family member that if she and/or her brood came onto my property, they would be escorted from the property by the police. Any attempt to enter would be countered with lethal force.
      Yes, I am serious and interestingly, US law would support it. One only requires a reasonable fear for the life and safety of oneself or another in one’s home.

  2. S.A. says:

    “Your findings on the study will be interesting…useful”. I suppose they will be to Dorey if she can use them to smear some community minded people or health professionals or sell some more memberships. Poisonous stupidity.

  3. Andy says:

    I’m sorry but I stopped at “[Meryl] is going to conduct her own examination of a newly published meta-analysis,…”

    This is the woman who once commented “There are 10,000 unvaccinated children in California – a state with a population of over 36,000,000. That means that less than .03% of California’s population is opting out of vaccination. “ in relation to a news story about unvaccinated kindergarten kids in California.

    Yes, the story only mentioned stats for kids entering kindergarten, not the whole population, not even all kids – not even all kids of kingergarten age. The 10,000 figure was just kids entering kindergarten. But Meryl did the extrapolation against whole population anyway, apparently deciding these 10,000 kids were the only unvaccinated people in the entire state of 36 million.

    It took just a little reading to get some background on the real numbers of unvaccinated kids (and only kids) in California to discover the real un-vaxed rate was around 800 times greater than Meryl’s bizarrely ill-informed estimate. The data wasn’t even difficult to crunch and I have no university or college education – not science, not stats, not anything. My maths education ended when I left high school – but I paid attention while I was there.

    It’s reminiscent of the recurring ppb/ppm “error”.

    I look forward to her pee review of the meta-analysis.

  4. A good illustration of level of intelligence that Meryl’s acolytes bring to bear on the issue, as well as their total empathy bypass. The crazed poster seems to think that Meryl’s unschooled and deluded ramblings about a study into the (non) link between vaccines and autism, will somehow prove that its OK for her germ-ridden offspring to mingle with their immune-compromised cousin.

  5. @advodiaboli says:

    Getting on high horses… being “paranoid”… Taking what doctors say as gospel. Nice take on standard advice for immunocompromised to have all family contacts up to date with all vaccines.

  6. DS says:

    Not doing herself any favours. The no compulsory vaccination group recently opened up the matter of toddler deaths back in 2012 following flu vax. Its a matter worth discussing becuase these tragic things happen and authorities go into shit their pants mode when they do but the matter certainly wasn’t opened up for discussion merely prosthletization. And again their cause is not health care but reinforcing conspiracy. The nucleus of such groups is often individuals who have been personally affected by the reality or possibility of adverse reaction but such emotion drives zealotry.

    • There were no deaths attributed to the vaccine. Dorey is likely acting without the consent of the family of a toddler who did pass away at the time. She is a grub.

    • Andy says:

      The old “no compulsory vac” blog also carries a story about the Swine Flu vaccine being used by The Illuminati (lizard-people, I understand) to implant mind-control microchips with a view to orchestrating some sort of remotely-controlled genocide. So when Meryl writes that children died from a vaccine, I don’t assume she’s right and most certainly don’t try and work out why she would write such a thing.

      Although there are definitely questions to be asked about AVSN fundraising and how the scaremongering might improve the group’s bottom line.

      • DS says:

        Yes well citing the illuminati will definitely get you credibility points. I had a recent conversation with a zealous collegue. At one point I mentioned was he aware that he’d already cited 3 conspiracy theories in 5 minutes? It didn’t phase him. Aparently I was part of the conspiracy.

  7. Andy says:

    OT: Redesigned SAVN FB page no longer shows “others” option. As a non-FB-member, am I now unable to see threads started by non-admins, or have the admins made a decision to shut that section down? Ordinarily I’d assume this was just FB “designers” at work but AVSN hasn’t changed.

  8. Andy says:

    “Posts to page” asks me to sign in, much like the old “Recent Posts” panel used to do. I’ve always used the “Highlights, Page, Others” drop-down menu to access general posts. As it stands, I’m locked out and I assume anyone else who isn’t signed up to FB will also be unable to follow along.

    • That completely sucks. Another win for Fb

      • Andy says:

        Can you confirm it is an FB change, not admins? So far the only two pages I’ve seen rearranged are SAVN and Stop Homeopathy Plus. I’ve used up all my HTML wizardry by hard-coding the URL with filter 1, filter2, filter3 but no joy.

        Sorry to bug you with this but “help me Reasonable Hank, you’re my only hope”.

        Could you maybe go to the others page and copy the full url for me? Maybe it’s using some super-secret token that I have to guess.

        I am nothing without my daily dose of the rationality that is SAVN-others.

        *Note: I “did my research” and see that this is indeed a FB change and I guess it will ultimately infect all users. At this stage I can find no evidence of a vaccine for it. Oh well, at least I’ll have some spare time now, which I can hopefully put to productive use. But I suspect groups like SAVN will lose possibly thousands of lurkers.

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