TW: AVN claims vaccination is rape and doctors are rapists…again

On January 15 2011 Meryl Dorey of the anti-vaccination fundamentalist group, the Australian Vaccination Network, perpetrated one of her most hideous acts, amongst her litany of hideous acts:

AVN 6944 Dorey rape with full penetration January 2011

Dorey was shredded for the above post. It has become part of the folklore of Dorey and her deranged anti-vaccine cult; is there nothing they won’t do and say?

Dorey’s tasteless 2011 quote even made it into the Courier Mail, only two days ago! Really, this exact execrable quote, from four years ago, featured in the media only two days ago.

What does the AVN do?


Australian Vaccination Network This post isn’t tasteless – it is honest. What truly IS tasteless is our elected government trying to tell us that we have to vaccinate our children even if we don’t believe it is best for their health. THAT is tasteless. And if you find this post confronting – imagine how you would feel if you were a parent who was being told that they were going to have to vaccinate their children or starve.

AVN 6942 forced penetration meme

And not only did they post the above, violent image – an image which asserts that immunisation is rape, and that doctors are rapists – they then defended posting it because it’s the government’s fault.

It was defended again, in the same fashion, by Giselle Tonee, whom I can only assume is the AVN Facebook page admin who posted the image:

Giselle Tonee Telling it like it is and it should make us uncomfortable. What do you think is going to happen when the next step occurs i.e. mandatory vaccinations for all ages. With 300 vaccine patents pending, we soon will have no medical choice and children will be kidnapped from parents, as they have been in the US and vaccinated. If stories about Abbott being backed by Amgen, an American multinational bio-pharmaceutical company are true-an obvious conflict of interest and bias exists.

AVN 6943 Giselle Tonee rape meme

All I can do is congratulate the commenters who unequivocally denounced the post.

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19 Responses to TW: AVN claims vaccination is rape and doctors are rapists…again

  1. wzrd1 says:

    I ponder the fact that some US judges have called such people who disparaged the court’s authority and orders, then cited them in contempt of court.
    Does the Australian courts have a similar authority?
    It appears that such an authority does exist.

    • We have wondered about that in the past, especially when Dorey referred specifically to the judge. I can’t really remember the outcome. I think the court would just pass them off as the creatures they are and ignore it.

  2. don says:

    Making a false-rape claim is against local and federal laws.

  3. @advodiaboli says:

    Sigh… Yet again pushing the faux abuse of rights through claiming a loss of choice. Yet there’s no evidence to sustain any rational position against vaccination as it exists – especially when the tired old “alternatives” are wheeled out.
    So those who seek to see what’s afoot on a stroll away from reputable sources are constantly assailed with the insistence some ethereal (but apparently terribly important) “choice” has been torn from the foundations of democracy. The right to be wrong is under threat comrade!
    Kidnap… Starving… Slaves… Mandatory for all ages…
    And these people dare ask for public donations?!

  4. Andy says:

    In two updates they’ve clarified that the page has absolutely nothing to to do with AVN – except that the inaugural member and past-president of the AVN member has admin rights – and that the troubling post was by someone and that they are still investigating and they sincerely apologise for offence but they don’t know who anyone is because there’s lots of them – but they’re investigating themselves right now to sort this out – and that the AVN had a Facebook page once, but never used it – but this page definitely has absolutely nothing to do with them – well, except for the bits they have something to do with, but not the other bits, like the whole Facebook page – and they’re sorry – and while all the admins post as “Australian Vaccination Network” they’re not anything to do with the lobby group until-recently known as the “Australian Vaccination Network”, the same group the “apologising” admin was the longtime president of…

    I hope that clears it up for you. When you’ve worked it out, let me know.

    • Wzrd1 says:

      In other words, the AVN either read the mention of contempt of court and other criminal charges they’d be liable for or they were notified after reading of the matter here.
      Now, they’re playing cover-up.
      It’s a pity that if such charges were to be filed against them, ignorance of the law is no excuse and a lack of due care and due diligence is not a protection either. Indeed, working as a group, they are all individually and severally liable.
      That is why group accounts are a bad idea, the liability pool widens for the organization, rather than it being pinpointed by individual accounts.

    • Graeme Tyers says:

      As the Admin list of the AVN Facebook page is hidden we only have Meryl Dorey’s word that she and the AVsN are not involved.

      Like they were in 2011, when the AVN Facebook page WAS run by Meryl Dorey and the AVN.

      That is comforting…

      • Andy says:

        You must be wrong because they say quite clearly that the AVN had a FB page but never used it. So this FB page, that was obviously run by the AVN until they were forced to change their name, was obviously never run by the AVN because this page was used extensively for years and the AVN has never used their own FB page so this AVN page was never theirs.

        And that must be true, because that’s what they said – on the internet, and everything.

        Got it now?

      • wzrd1 says:

        That which is hidden can be brought to light by order of a court of law.
        It’s plain for all to read in the rarely read terms of service.

  5. jj says:

    Andy is an Anti-Vaxxer Fanboy, this was beyond tasteless, Vaccines SAVE lives and these Anti-Vaxxers, put EVERYONE at RISK

    • Andy is playing a wonderful Poe. All good.

      • Andy says:

        Whoops. This is what happens if you post then go away from the internet for a few days 🙂

        @JJ: I know it’s always difficult to tell the nutters from those making fun of the nutters where this issue is concerned – but try reading my post in a Daffy Duck or Porky Pig voice, it might help to ascertain my meaning 🙂

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