The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 4

APRIL 2015

Rob Hutchings is a chiropractor who conducts his business at Body Brilliant Chermside, in Brisbane. He is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. Hutchings is a self-confessed anti-vaccinationist who first came to our attention, in 2010, for making anti-vaccine comments on the Facebook page of the disreputable Australian Vaccination Network. Hutchings has appeared in this blog several times; most recently for claiming that his Facebook profile had been hacked whenever his Facebook profile had made anti-vaccine comments on the internet. The following are Hutchings’ treatment and cure claims made this year in the Facebook group, Chiropractic Success Stories.

April 17 – Abusive relationship cured. Hutchings’ talks drew patient.

– I’ve had a patient for nearly 6 months who has been as closed off as one can be

– I was picturing a PATIENT Oscar the Grouch who is having a really bad day on top of normal grouchiness. PATIENT pretty much refuses to speak whenever I adjust PATIENT….. until recently

– So, about 3 weeks ago, I adjusted PATIENT, barely saying a word, and PATIENT got up and said, “You didn’t ask me what I’m grateful for today.” I guess I just didn’t bother because after nearly 6 months, PATIENT hadn’t answered it, and barely spoke to me anyway. So I asked PATIENT

– PATIENT said, “I’m grateful for the healing I’ve experienced.”

– So, now we’re 6 months in. I want to take a post x-ray, so I delicately broached the subject yesterday. PATIENT said, “Can I talk to you privately for a moment?” I said, “Of course”, and on my way into the consult room, I was thinking, “Uh Oh, I’ve blown it. PATIENT didn’t want progress exams, now I asked for a post x-ray, PATIENT’s going to freak out and punch me or something….”

– “I’ve been in an abusive relationship for 15 years. I’ve been beaten senseless almost every week of my life for that time…I came to you. I’m sorry I’ve been so unresponsive to your questions, your loving nature…I’m grateful you spend time speaking to the community. I heard you speak 3 times in 3 places before I had the courage to come in. I now realise that there are loving men out there and they aren’t all abusive. My nervous system power from the adjustments you gave me is what it took to get me to this place. Thank you.”

– I was left speechless….. All I could say was, “I’m thrilled for you.” PATIENT left…. and by that time more patients had come in and I was late for my next adjustment set because it took a while to pull myself together…..

April 22 – Schizophrenia cured. Hutchings’ workshops use testimonials.

– PATIENT developed Paranoid Schizophrenia. PATIENT’s FAMILY MEMBER described the symptoms comparing PATIENT to Jim Carey’s movie “the Truman Show” because FAMILY MEMBER’s PATIENT believed cameras were always on PATIENT and everyone was watching PATIENT

– PATIENT’d been on horrible medication for years and it caused severe weight gain, near constant drooling and didn’t help the symptoms, just put PATIENT in a drugged up stupor

– PATIENT’s spine was horrible, we knew that from PATIENT’s hyperkyphotic thoracic spine and severe forward head posture, but at that point in my career, it was the first time I’d seen severe degeneration changes in someone so young

– So I began adjusting PATIENT. 6 weeks in I began to get discouraged. I did not see any change in PATIENT and I asked PATIENT’s FAMILY MEMBER if FAMILY MEMBER thought the adjustments were helping. FAMILY MEMBER told me (a huge career confidence booster), “Mate look. You yourself told me it would take a year or so to straighten up PATIENT’s spine. Why would PATIENT be better after just 6 weeks?”

– Sheepishly, I started adjusting PATIENT again

– The very next week the miracle began to unfold

– Within several more weeks PATIENT began getting weaned off PATIENT’s meds. The psychiatrist told PATIENT’s FAMILY MEMBER the 9 years of pills finally cured PATIENT

– PATIENT started going to the gym and over time lost all the weight and became very fit. PATIENT later began cycling as well and is now an avid road and mountain biker

– PATIENT enrolled in night school, finished PATIENT’s high school equivalency and got a job as well

– It was about 6 months later PATIENT was at one of my workshops (which were a little better by this time after a LOT of practice) and PATIENT told PATIENT’s story. It was at that time PATIENT announced PATIENT’s plan to become a chiropractor

– 6 years later, PATIENT became a chiropractor

April 24 – Self harm cured.

– Anyway, a PATIENT came to see me about 7 months ago

– PATIENT suffered from the common complaints, PATIENT had neck pain, back pain, headaches

– So, I did the whole process, and PATIENT began getting adjusted

– I couldn’t help but notice scars, scratches, burns and boils all over PATIENT’s arms

– My first thought was PATIENT was in an abusive relationship. At the second progress evaluation, PATIENT told me that PATIENT was not in fact being abused by anyone, PATIENT’s a cutter

– PATIENT told me PATIENT’s been through the whole process of being shrinked, analysed, drugged, the whole bit

– I forced myself to remind myself that my job is to provide awesome adjustments, not to solve this problem, and whatever innate will do is what it will do

– So anyway, we did a post x-ray last week and yesterday we reviewed them. Her previously kyphotic neck now has a near perfect arc of life, her 1.4cm tilted pelvis is now tilted only by 1mm, the subluxation at T8 that measured 12 degrees titled to the left is now just 1 degree.

– So, I asked her how she felt she has been benefiting from chiropractic care.

– “About 3 months ago, I suddenly felt a sense of self acceptance and even self love. I haven’t cut myself since that day. It happened soon after an adjustment. Do you remember the dayI stood up off that table with tears and began laughing? (I did and at that time I asked her about it and all she could say was, “I dunno! But I feel so good!”)…”

– For those of you that read my previous recent story about a PATIENT escaping an abusive relationship after receiving chiropractic care, you’ll remember I lost my power of speech. I like to think that when it comes to chiropractic, I’m never short for words. But, the more miracles that unfold before my eyes (and ears), I seem to be losing the ability to speak quite regularly these days….

Hutchings 63 publicly captured Facebook image March 15 2011 messiah halo

Publicly captured image courtesy Facebook 2011.

Thanks to Super Shooper for halo addition.



All of Hutchings’ stories come from a closed Facebook group called Chiropractic Success Stories. I am reproducing these abridged stories under Fair Dealing, and in the public interest, for the following reasons: Hutchings admits to treating coma patients in a hospital and admits that he knows that this is a breach of the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors; Hutchings is demonstrably using anti-vaccination misinformation in treating patients; Hutchings is demonstrably claiming to treat or cure conditions outside of his scope of practise; Hutchings admits to using anecdotal stories in his private practice. Patients are also drawn from public screenings; and Hutchings admits that these stories are used as word of mouth testimonials in schools and kindergartens, thereby accruing more patients.

Although listed as a “closed group”, the Facebook group Chiropractic Success Stories cannot realistically claim to be a private group for the use of chiropractors only: it has over 3500 members; non-practitioners are regularly permitted to join; Hutchings knows that the group is not private, referring to “trolls”  in the group on several occasions; and group administrators and Hutchings are aware that stories from the group have been shared on Facebook and elsewhere on numerous occasions.

I have edited Hutchings’ comments into point form so as to retain the content of his claims without boring the reader into a subluxation-induced coma, brought on due to his overuse of words employed in the act of fictional self-aggrandisement. Hutchings’ original spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are retained.

I have replaced pronouns, ages, and genders of individuals – where possible – with “PATIENT”, “PATIENT1”, “PARENT1”, “FAMILY MEMBER”, and “XX”.

Basically, the text is Hutchings’. I’ve replaced words for the purposes of anonymising the stories, and the people used in them.

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