Bowral (NSW) preschool owner an anti-vaccine activist – round two of antivax protests

As many readers would be aware, the second round of national anti-vaccine “No Jab No Pay” protests are underway tomorrow, September 20 2015. I covered the identities behind the first round of protests here: No Jab No Pay No Way protests – anti-vaccine to their very core. The second round of protests shouldn’t be any different.

It is with thanks to the organisers of the Sydney anti-vaccine event that we can present the speakers list:

Come along and bring a friend and/or family to your event to network and shout out to the government.
We have a naturopath, Brett [Smith – AKA Lucas Jackson Kelly] speaking on herd immunity.
Debbie [Kemp] who is a child care owner and health coach.
Damien Poulsen encouragement speech.
Uncle Max [Dulumunmun Harrison] who is an indigenous elder and activist and we are blessed to have him speak.
A single mother who will be speaking on how this will affect her.
Greg [Fitzgerald] who is an Osteopath, chiropractor and naturopath.
Michael [O’Neill] who is starting the Involuntary Medication Objectors Party.
We then walk down park street to Hyde Park for a picnic. So all bring some lunch for networking.
From our team we are looking forward to seeing you all at the event.
We are still trying to access Dr Mark [Donohoe] as well.

Kemp 4 NJNP Sydney post

The name-tag kindly included by the Sydney protest organisers goes to the Facebook profile of Debbie Kemp:

Kemp 3 linked from NJNP post

A quick search uncovers Debbie Kemp’s LinkedIn profile, where Kemp states she is the current owner of Bowral Street Childcare, which is located at 182 Bowral St, Bowral NSW:

Kemp 2 linkedin

A look at Kemp’s Facebook profile shows that the very top post promotes the anti-vaccine advertorial, Bought:

Have you watched the documentary ‘BOUGHT’? It’s been on my list for a while now and I watched it last night – if it’s not a game changer for people who trust our corrupt system then people are brainwashed beyond measure. Go on, it’s 90 minutes of science, experts and whistleblowers that everyone should see. 💰💉💊🍎🌽
28th Aug – 8th Sept 2015

Kemp 1 antivax post

Kemp had success with her anti-vaccine activism. These are the comments directly below her post:

I’m going to buy it! It’s a great doco

Once you’re awake, you can’t go back to sleep. 🙂

Started watching it and it’s very compelling! Thanks for sharing the link! Xo

Kemp 1 antivax post comments

Here are the individual photos and Kemp’s captions (click to enlarge):

The science is there, it’s just not being shared with you…

Kemp 6 Bought
It’s time to stop pretending it’s better not to know…

Kemp 8 bought

That and other vaccines too…

Kemp 7 bought

That’s $100m a year – still think vaccine injury is a rare occurrence?

Kemp 9 bought

Australia is trying to do the same… and what’s coming is many more vaccines on the schedule plus an adult vaccination register.

Kemp 10 bought

The #NoJabNoPayNoWay rally is happening in every capital city in Australia on Sunday 20th September at 1pm. You don’t even have be anti-vax to believe that people shouldn’t have to give away rights over their body or their child’s body.

Kemp 11 bought

So, we have a person who owns a registered childcare/preschool who is giving a speech at an anti-vaccine protest rally. This same person promotes anti-vaccination misinformation to her peers, in public, encouraging them to take note: “if it’s not a game changer for people who trust our corrupt system then people are brainwashed beyond measure”. I hope the parents of all of the children at the childcare centre are made aware of the centre owner’s anti-vaccination activism.

I am hoping a few people get along to the Sydney protest so as to report back on any healthcare claims made by the registered and unregistered healthcare practitioners who will be speaking. As NSW practitioners they are all answerable to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, thanks to the stellar work of Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccination cabal.

Naturopath Brett Smith can be seen in this photo, at the far right, as a part of the June 2015 delegation of anti-vaccinationists who somehow made it past federal parliament’s security:

David 28 Glenn Lazarus Brett Smith

Smith gave testimony to the recent Queensland parliamentary committee for the Public Health (Childcare Vaccination) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, along with other AVN misrepresentatives, Tasha David and Greg Beattie. It was not pretty, as Dr Rachael Dunlop captured in this wonderful Storify: Health & Ambulances Services Committee Childcare Vaccination Public Hearing.

Mr Brett Smith (AKA Lucas Jackson Kelly) also fancies himself as a bit of a troll-hunter who likes to turn up on the doorsteps of his prey, unannounced. And they call us the violent ones:

Brett Smith 3 Luca Kelly troll hunter turn up on doorsteps

Speaker Damien Poulsen is one of the Sydney organisers who was covered in my original blog post. Poulsen’s partner, Breanna King/Breanna Stanley believes critics of anti-vaccinationists should be shot. Which was nice.

Poulsen 10 O'Neill Protest

Michael O’Neill and Damien Poulsen.
Photo courtesy Facebook publicly available image.

As an aside, one of the other Sydney protest organisers is Belgin Sila Colak, who was also covered in the original blog post. Only yesterday Colak was captured lying about a deceased baby boy, and that little baby’s mother, whom Colak accused of killing her own child:

Belgin 65 Riley Cath AVA

Poulsen and Colak also thought it was appropriate for them to post their anti-vaccination misinformation on the Light for Riley memorial Facebook page.

I don’t understand these people. We really are different.

Speaker Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison can be seen in the photograph, above, next to Brett Smith.

Speaker Greg Fitzgerald is an anti-vaccine chiropractor and osteopath, from the southern Sydney suburb of Cronulla. It will be interesting to hear his claims, and to have them on record. He is answerable to the HCCC as well as AHPRA:

Fitzgerald 3 business photo public

Speaker Michael O’Neill (pictured above with Poulsen) owns and operates a health retreat named Misty Mountain Health Retreat.  I encourage the reader to have a look through their Facebook page for some interesting claims. The Diluted Thinking website also has a wonderful page of information on O’Neill, his political party, and his business. Again, O’Neill’s business is answerable to the HCCC.

Hopefully O’Neill has brushed up on his constitutional law since his last speech. In a previous post I referred to O’Neill’s difficulty in telling the truth about Section 51 (xxiiiA), even after being corrected:

Section 51 (xxiiiA) refers to the authorisation of civil conscription of doctors and dentists as being unlawful:

(xxiiiA) the provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances;

As an aside, Parkes is not alone in his poor understanding of Section 51 (xxiiiA). Anti-vaccinationists – like Michael O’Neill of the new anti-vaccine political party, Involuntary Medication Objectors Party – around the nation are currently misusing and abusing the same section in their national protests, regardless of being corrected many times.


The other speaker mentioned is anti-vaccine doctor, Mark Donohoe. He spoke at the first protest. He was very careful. He knows to whom he is answerable:


Please ensure the wider community is well aware of the identities behind the anti-vaccination protests, and the anti-vaccination movement; and please ensure the community is aware of the awful acts perpetrated by some of those named above.

Thanks for reading.


Update September 20 2015

Kemp gave her speech, much to the delight of her anti-vaccine colleagues:

Thank you so much to today’s rally organisers, I thought it was a great event. Engaging speakers, a walk through the city, and an enjoyable time meeting people at the end. I loved meeting some of my new facebook friends in person!

Kemp 13 speech given at Sydney protest

Kemp 14 Sydney protest2 speech

Debbie Kemp: Publicly available photo courtesy Facebook

One of the Melbourne anti-vaccine protest speakers was Amber Grace. Some evidence was provided that there may indeed be a deity, somewhere; Grace got a $152 parking ticket for her troubles, today:

Grace 3 speaker Melbourne parking ticket

We have met Grace before. She was one of the awful people who posted awful messages on the Light for Riley memorial Facebook page. Yes, another of the venomous anti-vaccinationists who vilified a bereaved family was a speaker at the national protests:

Riley 132 Amber Grace

Also in attendance, in a pink hoodie, at the Sydney anti-vaccine protest – and the recipient of much fawning adulation and tender hugging from many attendees – was naturopath Marilyn Bodnar.

Bodnar 35 Sydney protest

This is Marilyn Bodnar, for those who can’t quite remember why they know that name:

A Sydney naturopath charged after allegedly giving advice to a mother who almost starved her eight-month-old baby to death has pleaded not guilty.

Marilyn Bodnar, who was charged with two offences this month, allegedly provided health treatment advice to a woman for her son’s eczema in April.

The Leppington naturopath appeared in Fairfield Local Court on Monday where she pleaded not guilty to recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and aiding and abetting or failing to provide for a child.

Police allege the mother sought health treatment advice from Bodnar and was advised to stop all medical and dermatological treatments for her son.

In May the mother’s eight-month-old boy was admitted to hospital with severe malnourishment and developmental issues…

Ms Bodnar was charged with reckless grievous bodily harm in principle, and aiding and abetting the mother in failing to provide for her child.

Bodnar 36 photo Google +

Publicly available photo from


Update September 21 2015

Publicly available images from the Brisbane anti-vaccine protest; courtesy of Facebook pages, TOTT and Studio 9001:

Jane Leonforte (the original founder of the fake anti-vaccine church), Meryl Dorey and husband Ken Dorey (the producer of snappy soundbites, like Shaken Maybe Syndrome). The council sign could not be more appropriate:

Protest2 17 Doreys Leonforte rubbish

The delightful Doreys out for a friendly stroll. Maybe the slogan is another one of Ken Dorey’s cracking soundbites:


Dorey 151 protest2 Brisbane Ken Dorey set fire

Protest2 6 Brisbane criminal negligents

Protest2 7 Brisbane promotants

Protest2 8 Brisbane kill and injure

Protest2 9 Brisbane nazi salute

Protest2 10 Brisbane

Protest2 11 Brisbane


Update September 22 2015

Debbie Kemp refers to demented, racist, anti-Semitic, conspiracy-driven, ex-police officer Chris Savage as someone who is knowledgeable about Shaken Baby Syndrome. From the Melbourne anti-vaccine protest event page:

I love that you posted this, we need to help these people. Chris Savage knows a lot about this.

Kemp 16 Melb protest2 ref Savage SBS

Naturopath Brett Smith spent a few days commenting on this Mamamia Facebook post. I didn’t see his comments because he has my Facebook account blocked for some reason. Remember, this person recently gave testimony on behalf  of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – alongside president Tasha David and ex-president Greg Beattie – at the Queensland childcare immunisation inquiry. He also met with several federal senators and other members of parliament as a part of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network delegation – alongside president Tasha David – as seen in the Glenn Lazarus photograph, above. Smith even boasts of his recent meetings and claims presumptive credit for some routine committee oversight:

Brett Smith 20 senate inquiry

I’m going to include eighteen further screenshots of Brett Smith’s comments from that Mamamia thread. You will see he is a fervent anti-vaccinationist of quite considerable hubris.

You will also see that he is a thug who attempts to provoke physical altercations in public; goading other commenters to come and meet him in person at the Sydney anti-vaccine protest, among other proposed sites of altercation.

Indeed, he and protest organiser Damien Poulsen attempted to intimidate a couple of my colleagues who were observing the Sydney protest. Sneering and glaring at peaceful observers apparently makes your activism even more righteous. Who’d of thought?

I hope all senators and other members of all state and federal parliaments see this thug for what he is, and give him the respect he so richly deserves, based on his treatment of others:

Brett Smith 21 coll

Brett Smith 22 coll

Brett Smith 23 coll

Brett Smith 24 coll

Brett Smith 25 coll

Brett Smith 26 coll

Brett Smith 27 coll

Brett Smith 28 coll

Brett Smith 29 coll

Brett Smith 30 coll

Brett Smith 31 coll

Brett Smith 32 coll

Brett Smith 33 coll

Brett Smith 34 coll

Brett Smith 35 coll

Brett Smith 36 collBrett Smith 37 MM coll

Brett Smith 38 MM coll


Update September 23 2015

Original Sydney protest organiser Belgin Sila Colak – as  noted above, the same person who lied about a deceased baby boy, and that baby boy’s mother; the same person who deemed it appropriate to post anti-vaccination lies on that same baby’s memorial page – emailed me to complain that untruths were being told about her:

Can you stop associating me with that dickead Damien, nothing your writing is factual. I was the organiser of the first sydney rally and Damien contacted me to help out but later I wanted nothing to do with him after the pathetic interviews he went and done and affiliated them with a rally I was organising. He later took advantage of me being in hospital and hijacked my event. Since giving birth I was not involved with the second rally. Same reason I made w public post about Karen Johnston. I don’t want pictures of my kids on your posts either. If you want facts you can come directly to me and I’ll tell you what’s going on. Don’t write bullshit stories.


Belgin 70 email to RH Damien Poulsen dickhead denial njnp

I can only acknowledge that Colak now demands she is no longer an anti-vaccine protest organiser. I guess we have to accept that Colak is no longer an organiser.

This is Colak’s Facebook profile. Screenshot taken after I received her email:

Belgin 71 Fb profile post email denials njnp activist

This is Colak’s  post on the Sydney anti-vaccine protest event page, on August 18 2015:

Belgin 75 njnp protest2 meme

This is Colak’s  post on the Sydney anti-vaccine protest event page, on August 18 2015:

Belgin 74 njnp meme promote protest2

This is Colak’s  post on the Sydney anti-vaccine protest event page, on September 11 2015

Belgin 73 antivax australia share on Sydney protest2

This is Colak’s  post on the Sydney anti-vaccine protest event page, on September 15 2015

Belgin 72 antivax australia share in Sydney protest2

It is clear that if we want facts, as Colak offers; then, the last people we should be consulting are anti-vaccine liars.


Update September 24 2015

The Melbourne anti-vaccine protest organisers posted their official YouTube video of protest speeches, which includes AVN president Tasha David fawning over all attendees:

Protest2 16 post to Melbourne YouTube video

I can only recommend that all politicians watch this video. Hell, everyone should watch all 26  minutes. Touching on themes of coerced immunisation, coerced sterilization, coerced euthanasia, Communism, Fascism, Hitler, eugenics and extermination, whilst citing the ANZACs; and Kathy Scarborough letting fly with claims that immunisation is a “barrage of toxic material [injected] into your young infant”, this video is utterly and unashamedly demented. I have downloaded a copy in case they delete it:


Update September 25 2015

The Sydney anti-vaccine protester organisers are busy eating their own. Belgin Colak kindly posted this photo of Damien Poulsen, which Poulsen sent to her during his reign of the first protest:

Poulsen 32 giving Belgin the bird at first protest

Sydney protest organiser, naturopath Brett Smith of La Diosa Natural Health Clinic in Neutral Bay, also joined in the above thread.

Brett Smith (AKA Lucas Jackson Kelly):

Lucas Jackson Kelly Oh we have the filthy Anne Blake defaming people online. You’ll be in all sorts when this case is thrown out of court kiddo? Maybe you should lawyer up? And the equally filthy unreasonable wank. Hey Peter how are those diabetes meds working out? You know you can’t guzzle piss on that shit don’t ye?

Lucas Jackson Kelly I have no idea what you are on about Anne but you do look cross eyed in your photo so maybe that explains it???

Brett Smith 39 protest3 Anne PT RH etc

Remember that anti-vaccine activists like Brett Smith firmly believe that immunisations like the influenza vaccine are implicitly harmful, without any doubt in their minds. This belief entails that Brett Smith derives pleasure from the harm caused to others with whom he disagrees; including harm done to their families:

Lucas Jackson Kelly The one great joy I have now dealing with you Anne is visualising yourself, and your family, lining up for a flu shot every year. When do you think Big Pharma will rid the world of flu? Will they work on the cold next?

Brett Smith 18 Anne lining up for flu shot

Brett Smith is still operating under his amusingly incorrect conviction that I am someone else, whilst referring to himself in the third person:

Lucas Jackson Kelly Yeah Brett lift ya game son, you really need a Nobel Prize to mess with these trolls. I mean look at Pete’s bona fides. Ummm hang on, they are here somewhere. Umm I think he finished Year 10, but you know, studying isn’t easy with diabetes.

Brett Smith 41 Pete diabetes

Lucas Jackson Kelly And their fearless leader is a failed magician. I love these putrid pharmaceutical trolls. Keep the meds up kids, they are killing you.

Brett Smith 42 failed magician

Lucas Jackson Kelly Kate, please tell me you flu shot too?

Brett Smith 43 Kate flu shot

Lucas Jackson Kelly No different people Anne. Your Aussie leader is an alcoholic poker machine addicted alcoholic. Your Canadian leader is a failed magician obsessed with Uri Geller. Not a science degree in sight.

Brett Smith 44 pokies magician etc

Joanne McPhee is another Sydney anti-vaccine protest attendee. Sorry, I got nothing:

Jo-Anne McPhee Sean, now I now where the term ‘fucktard’ gestated from….Anne and Pete (aka retard, pokie nut)

McPhee 2 protest3 pokie tard

Lucas Jackson Kelly Have this case even been heard yet Trolls? And you want to question my legal knowledge? Dear me your poor souls are feeble of mind. It’s all those yearly flu shots I bet. Maybe that’s why Anne is cross eyed. You know it is an adverse reaction commonly associated with a vaccine product.

Brett Smith 45 crosseyed Anne etc

Jo-Anne McPhee Anne……with respect …..fuck off..

McPhee 3 anne fuck off Brett Smith

Lucas Jackson Kelly You have made my night too Simon. Check out Simon’s videos gang. You will then truly understand the calibre of the pharmaceutical trolls you deal with. Poor lonely souls just looking for a connection. Any connection. Keep up the flu shots gang. And Simon, please keep up the vids. Very entertaining.

Brett Smith 46 Simon flu shots

The official anti-vaccination protest Facebook page has posted a declaration of war against Belgin Sila Colak [my bold]:

Belgin Sila Colak has no affiliation with the #‎nojabnopaynoway‬ movement or rallies.
She is doing her own thing and involving well known pro Vax bullies in her event. The people she is engaging with are not pro choice and support no jab no pay legislation. She is involving herself with the SAVN and Australian Skeptics Association who are vehemently pro Vax.

We do not support trolls or bullying people for their decision. We support individual decision making based on family and genetic history, allergies and personal beliefs.

Protest 107 Belgin Colak working with SAVN

Protest3 1 Belgin and SAVN

Belgin Colak earns a reprieve from her other anti-vaccine colleagues, after being originally smeared by Damien Poulsen:

Jo-Anne McPhee I was involved in the conversation that you are referring to….first Ian invited Tierney, then Sean invited him, then myself, all before Belgin got involved. It was a joke, we all knew he wouldnt come. So if this is why the original post insinuates her involvement with them, then its an incorrect portrayal.

Protest3 2 Belgin SAVN Tierney

Actually, Sydney protest leader Ian Smith invited me to speak at the third Sydney protest several times; under his own profile as well as his No Fluoride Australia page account (warning: contains moon landing hoaxer post).

From the now deleted thread on Colak’s alternative protest page:

Ian Smith 33 NFA gotcha PT

When Ian Smith’s abusive comment on the Light for Riley Facebook page was raised, he denied that he had made the comment; several times:

Ian Smith 34 who is attacking bereaved family protest3

Ian Smith then threatened me with defamation, like a boss:

Ian Smith 36 defo threat re LFR

The Sydney anti-vaccine protest used Ian Smith’s PA system at the second protest. Dogs and fleas. Liars. Bursting at the seams with liars. And fleas. And dogs.

Lulu Langford posted on the official protest page. Langford is one of the Perth anti-vaccine protest leaders. Langford actually states that I have been “making threats about [her] kids”. Of course if I request evidence of this there will be silence:

Just got word that the creepy Reasonable Hank is still obsessed with me but as I have blocked his alter ego Peter Tierney, I can’t see it. Can someone please tell him he is not my type? I don’t appreciate being stalked, or him making threats about my kids. Feel free to delete this but please admin, if trolls are getting to this page, you are going to lose ppl.

Lulu 41 RH obsessed with Lulu Protest

This is Lulu Langford. This is Lulu Langford denying that baby Riley Hughes ever existed:

Riley misc 3 Langford Perth doubt Riley existed

This is Lulu Langford stating that Riley Hughes’ mum has a hidden agenda:

Riley misc 4 Langford Perth parents have hidden agenda dont want to know how R died

This is Lulu Langford lying about the mother of a deceased baby boy; telling lies that Riley’s mum has made fun of other deceased children:

Riley misc 6 Langford Perth Riley mum made fun of other deaths

These thugs and reprobates lead the anti-vaccination protests in Australia.

University of Wollongong PhD student – the anti-vaccination activist Judy Wilyman – sent out a newsletter complaining that the Perth anti-vaccine protest received less than favourable coverage from the wonderful medical editor at The West Australian, Cathy O’Leary. Wilyman complained:

The article by Cathy O’Leary misrepresented the rallies by describing the event as ‘anti-vaccination’, a ‘conspiracy theory’ and by associating the movement with ‘vaccination lies’ and abusive comments from social media

I don’t see how it is possible to see the anti-vaccine protests as anything other than as described by Cathy O’Leary; given that we’ve already seen the callous behaviour of one of its leaders, Lulu Langford, above. Here are some more.

Penny Huxtable is another of the Perth protest leaders. Huxtable accused the Light for Riley Facebook page of being run by trolls; accusing Riley’s aunty of being an employee of Merck:

Riley misc 2 Huxtable Perth page run by trolls aunty Merck grieving mother questioned

Huxtable also accused the Hughes family of being ignorant, also claiming that Riley’s health was “compromised from the start”:

Riley misc 5 Huxtable Perth R compromised from the beginning propanganda

Another Perth anti-vaccinationist, Natalie Fawcett, argued that “no grieving mother would be that invested in protecting everyone else’s children”. There are now words to describe this:

Riley misc 7 Natalie Fawcett Perth no grieving mother would be invested in protecting others children

This is Wilyman’s Perth anti-vaccine protest co-organiser, Ginny Webb. Webb claims:

The word is that Light for Riley is a front for monitoring public mood around vaccination, as well as a thinly-masked sales pitch. To me it’s the shameless public hijacking of a family’s private grief.

VRM 6 Ginny Webb Riley thinly masked sales pitch

Indeed, Judy Wilyman and her co-organisers of the Perth anti-vaccine protest are among the many who have vilified the Hughes family; Wilyman continuing on her vilification from that which she carried out against the McCaffery family, who lost baby Dana to whooping cough in 2009.

Who can forget, in 2012, Wilyman’s accusations that the McCaffery family were carrying out their immunisation advocacy because they were being paid?

I am also concerned to know if the McCaffery’s have received any money either directly or indirectly for promoting this cause. I am aware that the Skeptics organisation has given awards to individuals who have been critical of the AVN. Can you assure me that the McCaffery’s have not received any money from the Skeptic groups or any other lobby group for vaccines?

Wilyman 126 2012 McCafferys paid for advocacy Dorey blog comment

Not to mention Wilyman’s hideous claim that the deaths of babies from whooping cough are anecdotes. This is Wilyman in 2012 talking about the death of Dana McCaffery:

These programs have been promoting the whooping cough vaccine on anecdotal evidence (in particular ,Dana McCaffery’s death) and the mantra of ‘seeing sick babies gasping for air’.

Whilst these cases are tragic, the promotion of vaccines on anecdotal evidence is inappropriate.

Wilyman 127 2012 Dana's death anecdotal evidence

Here is Wilyman making the same awful remarks about the death of Riley Hughes, in 2015:

Please read this article and investigate the history of this disease because the media is again promoting this vaccine on anecdotal evidence.

Wilyman 128 Riley death anecdotal March 2015

If anything, I think Wilyman gets off lightly. She should be walked out of town at the pointy end of a pitchfork. And the University of Wollongong should be providing the pitchfork, not ignoring Wilyman’s grotesque behaviour under the guise of academic freedom.

Here is Cathy O’Leary’s article:

Anti-vaccination lobby stoops to a new low

September 16 2015

Medical Editor Cathy O’Leary has been overwhelmed by the response to her column about the anti-vaccination lobby, with readers across the world having their say. But the best response came from the family of little Riley Hughes, who were heartened by the support they got from readers. Here’s the column that caused such a stir:

Even by its own standards, Australia’s misguided anti-vaccination lobby has stooped to an all-time low.

Using social media to attack grieving parents of children who have died from vaccine-preventable diseases — because they dare to try to save other families from the same fate — is beyond belief.

It has to be said at the start that when anti-vaxers manufacture and distribute blatant lies, often it is best to avoid giving oxygen to their conspiracy theories.

I have been on the receiving end of their vitriol over the years but what is being directed at a Perth family is so heartless it is hard to believe some of these people actually have children of their own.

Some of the details of the trolling of Catherine and Greg Hughes, who lost their four-week-old baby Riley to whooping cough complications six months ago, are too distressing for all concerned to be repeated here.

But some need to be revealed for what they are — cruel lies that can only add to the Hugheses’ grief over the loss of their baby.

Like the “competition” one anti-vaccination supporter started on Facebook, nominating various people and groups for an award named after one of Adolf Hitler’s right-hand officers, Joseph Goebbels [read more]

Cathy O’Leary continued:

This weekend a protest rally is due to be held in Perth as part of the No Jab, No Pay, No Way campaign.

It is to fight the Federal Government’s plan to penalise financially parents who do not vaccinate their children.

Organisers say they are not anti-vaccination, but are about freedom of choice and medical choices free from coercion.

But the “we’re not anti-vaccination” argument has been trotted out before by the zealots who write the type of cruel social media posts I’ve just outlined.

And the problem is these zealots are likely to be part of the protest membership.

Unless the protest group can clearly separate themselves from nonsense conspiracy theorists and vaccination lies, this group has no credibility…

If people are concerned about their loss of choice over vaccinating their children, they have to denounce propaganda about autism-causing vaccines and the like.

And that includes publicly “outing” people who write lies about grieving families online.

But that seems unlikely.

The only ones who maintain their integrity are people like Catherine and Greg Hughes, who have nothing to hide, no hidden agenda and deserve far more respect than the trolls.

Maybe it is the presentation of the facts that Wilyman and her crass, cruel colleagues are the same people who have vilified and attacked the Hughes family which has Wilyman so bereft of rationality, and memory?

Why would Wilyman deny that her event was an anti-vaccine event? Why would this concern her? In only her previous newsletter she sent out, Wilyman linked to a delusional YouTube video made by the US anti-vaccine organisation, The Weston A Price Foundation:

Wilyman 118 newsletter YT video Sept 19 2015

Here is the video in all its glory. Judge for yourself whether the University of Wollongong’s protected anti-vaccine PhD student is being less than honest about her overt anti-vaccinationism:

This is Wilyman giving her speech at the Perth anti-vaccine protest. I have kept a copy in case this gets deleted:


Update September 28 2015

Canberra anti-vaccine liars are handing out these illegible, grubby flyers at Floriade. This was salvaged from a bin by a keen-eyed good deed-doer:

Protest 110 Floriade Canberra flyers handed out


 Update October 1 2015

Sydney anti-vaccine protest organiser Belgin Colak sent me another email. I think she is complaining about another Sydney anti-vaccine protest organiser Carmen Louise, whom Colak claims made the official September 25 declaration of war post, linked above (since deleted from Facebook):

This is the face behind the “no jab no pay no way page” Carmen Louise… Thinks it’s okay to slander people because her name and face aren’t on the front line. However, she hides behind this page because she’s deceiving her partner. Not a very honest character! After putting that announcement and people questioned its legitimacy she also deleted the post to cover the truth. Not the type of person who should represent any cause.

Belgin 126 Carmen Louise email

This image was procured from Colak’s closed No Jab No Pay No Way protest group, Anti-Vaccination Australia. Apart from the very crass, ugly fat-shaming which is taking place in that group, I strongly reject any implication that I use a PC:

Belgin 77 Peter Tierney photo AVA


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