Tristan Wells of the AVN calls for the execution of vaccine workers

On June 23 2015 I wrote a post highlighting the violent rhetoric and the incitement of violence – using the dehumanisation of public health advocates, journalists, and politicians – which is common in the anti-vaccination and anti-fluoride movements. Please see:

Beware the violent antis – Lismore Mayor physically assaulted

Tristan Wells (AKA Punter) of Canberra is one of the leading lights of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. He has been the darling of past-presidents Meryl Dorey and Greg Beattie for as long as I’ve known of the anti-vaccination cabal.

In 2012, Greg Beattie told us that one of the highlights of the AVN’s 2012 road trip to self-destruction was meeting the “brilliant Punter”:

Wells 12 Beattie August 23 2012 brilliant Punter Dorey blog post comment

Funnily enough, it was in the same AVN blog post comments section as Beattie’s fawning comment, above – also on August 23 2012 – that Wells made this comment; which was also, coincidentally, the precise moment I stopped taking Wells seriously:

For the record I don’t think anybody spreads any disease to anybody

And pertinent to today’s subject, note Wells is also claiming to be one of the victims of the evil pharmocracy, along with his bullied anti-vaccine brethren:

You know that you can bully us with relative impunity and you like to bully people – so that is what you do. If you could bully other groups of people who questioned your cherished beliefs with the same impunity you would happily bully them too.

Wells 13 August 23 2012 nobody spreads disease to anybody bullying Dorey blog post comment

To show the depth of the feeling of arrogant certainty which exists inside the poor, persecuted Australian anti-vaccination cult, one need only look at this Wellsian pearler, from April 25 2013; made on the AVN Facebook page:

One day, the whole of Australia will recognise how incredibly brave and true you are [Meryl Dorey]

AVN 6252 Dorey Wells brave and true

Dorey responds, in all her omnipotent, magnanimous glory:

I’m no hero Tristan Wells – though I thank you so much for saying so 🙂  I believe with every fiber of my being, that natural justice will one day see these people held accountable for their actions.

Which, when I glaze over, looks like this. Every single time:


Only recently Tristan Wells has been on the end of some serious laughter for these comments. Made on October 2015, in the anti-vaccine cesspit, Vaccine Resistance Movement, Wells lets the freak flag fly high in a stiff breeze:

Nobody *catches* anything. Disease cannot be spread from person to person – if it could doctors would have the lifespan of a fruitfly.

And this keeper:

diarrheoa is the resolution of “not being able to digest trauma”

Wells 5 VRM digetion trauma no one catches any disease

So, there have been several indications, for many years, that it is pointless debating with Wells. He is a proponent of German New Medicine; a germ theory denialist beyond reason. And he is vicious.

This is what Wells had to say about public health champions Catherine and Greg Hughes, the parents of baby Riley,  who passed away from whooping cough in March 2015:

Just because an evil  fascist has gone through a tragedy doesn’t magically make them not evil fascists

Wells 7 Hughes family evil fascists August 24 2015

Remember, this is the same Catherine Hughes who was just recently awarded with the 2016 Western Australian Young Australian of the Year.

On November 21 2015 – only last weekend – at the Canberra anti-vaccine protest, Wells ramped it up another notch. Long-time member of Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network, retired solicitor, John Bundock, was accosted and abused by Wells – who was appropriately dressed in the yellow hat and shirt – for simply turning up to watch the anti-vaccine event. Wells told John that he was a child abuser:

Wells 8 Canberra protest3

But, yesterday, November 23 2015, on the 7 News Melbourne Facebook page, Tristan Wells finally turned into The Taliban. In response to news of the passing of the No Jab No Pay legislation, in our parliament, Wells advocated murder:

Disgusting fascist policy. And the people who support it are all child abusers.

The fact is that nobody would ever subject themselves to the equivalent (weight adjusted) dose of what babies are expected to get.

Everybody expects babies to receive a dose that they would be petrified of taking themselves. Vaccines are pure evil and all those involved in this disgusting criminal enterprise should be executed 

Wells 10 vaccine workers should be executed 7 News Melb Nov 23 2015

And, at the time of writing, 46 people agree with Wells:

Wells 15 7 News execute liked by 46 people

And here they are:

Wells 16 likers of execution comment

People Who Like This


Update November 25 2015

Sandy Gottstein’s lawyer threatens  me with defamation. Via email:

Incorrect Blog Entry

In a recent posting on your blog you discuss an individual named Tristan Wells and list 46 people who are said to have “liked” one of Mr. Wells’ postings.  Included in that list is the name of my client, Sandy Gottstein.

Ms. Gottstein did not “like” Mr. Wells’ posting and does not agree with it.  If information you obtained  indicates otherwise, it is incorrect.  Because the statement on your blog suggesting that Ms. Gottstein agrees with Mr. Wells’ comments is incorrect and defamatory, we request that you remove her name from the list and your posting.

I assume that her inclusion on the list was an inadvertent error, but with the information I am providing to you, your continuing to list her on your blog would be intentional, seriously defamatory, and actionable.  If necessary, we would take such legal steps as are necessary to ensure that her name is removed and seek all available forms of legal remedy.  I certainly hope that is not required.

If you need any further information or have any questions about this request, please let me know.  If not, please advise when Ms. Gottstein’s name has been removed from your blog.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Jeff Feldman

Response to Jeff Feldman from


I won’t be removing Sandy’s name. She features in this screenshot taken of the list of likers.

The list is a direct copypaste of the whole list of people who liked Wells’ call for the execution of health workers.

So the blog entry is not “incorrect”.

I will add her disclaimer and your email threatening defamation action to the blog post.

Thank you for your time.


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29 Responses to Tristan Wells of the AVN calls for the execution of vaccine workers

  1. Sue says:

    I hope those ppl listed who commended the suggestion to kill health care workers understand that their families would no longer have access to effective medical care.

    • wzrd1 says:

      As I recall, there are uninhabited islands near Australia. Send the lot of homicidal maniacs to one of those islands and re-introduce smallpox, whilst enforcing a naval quarantine of that island.
      Let them test their defective hypothesis and via their extermination, prove science is real.

  2. Rhianna says:

    Of course, Tristan always fails to mention I’ve accepted his weight adjusted vaccine challenge multiple times. On the proviso that all costs for the vaccines are borne by him and in exchange he volunteers in an infectious diseases hospital in the third world for a few months.
    He still is to get back to me with a time he’s able to help out in one of these hospitals. Wouldn’t be because he’s waiting for Ebola transmission to settle, because nobody ever spreads diseases to anyone.

    • Martin says:

      You, me and the tea lady have all accepted his challenge.

      I asked him to forward to me a written detailed protocol for e “challenge”, including things like sourcing the vaccines etc.

      I’m still waiting

      All hat, no cowboy

  3. Mike says:

    Those of us who’ve spent time reading his various ramblings on the web know Tristan to be a seriously disturbed individual – how he really became that way we can only guess. He also has all the traits common in psychopaths including an extremely narcissistic personality. It’s just fortunate he hasn’t acted on his violent psychopathic fantasies yet. It’ll be a sad day if he ever does.

  4. Guy Chapman says:

    At what point does the AV(S)N get shut down as a violent extremist organisation?

  5. Sandy Gottstein says:

    I have no idea how Tristan Wells’ comment was liked by me, & there is no record in my activity log, but I consider what he said to be reprehensible

    • You liked it. The list is a direct copypaste from the list of people who liked it. The username of the account which liked it is yours. Your profile appears in the screenshot of the sample of people who liked it.

      Your protestations, along with your lawyer’s email threatening me with defamation, will be added to the post when I get home from my illuminati chapter meeting.

      • Sandy Gottstein says:

        Wow. As I said, I don’t know how it happened and I don’t agree with it.

        • I don’t know why you are making such a noise about this. It’s not like you don’t wish harm on people already. This is you, right?

        • TLPG says:

          If you are telling the truth (which I think most readers would agree you aren’t) you will be able to unlike the post. Or that’s not your Facebook account and you had better deal with it quick smart if it’s not. Your call, Sandy. If you don’t answer I think we can safely assume that you did like it, and Hank I’m sure will be quite happy to wear your defamation lawsuit and defend it with a minimum of fuss. (Correct me if I’m wrong, mate!)

          • Sandy Gottstein says:

            I unliked it as soon as I figured out where it was.

          • Sandy Gottstein says:

            Did so many hours ago.

          • Sandy, thank you for finally admitting that you liked Wells’ comment. Thank you for threatening me with defamation via your lawyer. You can apologise at any time. I’ll be the one in the corner turning blue.

            Also, did you know you blocked me on Twitter? Isn’t it strange that you blocked me, yet, here you are.

  6. Wells was odd even by antivax standards. His explanation for Pasteur’s sheep experiments was confusing, basically relabeling anthrax as transmissible trauma. He’s spent to long in his mommy’s basement.

  7. @advodiaboli says:

    Meanwhile… back in Fargo.
    Karl Weathers, the town’s best – well – only lawyer has been summoned from his drinking hole to the police station to defend one incredibly accident prone erstwhile butcher.
    After visiting his client, we find him ranting to the folk in the police station.
    He continues…
    “But now I must bid you all ado, admonish you to watch your proverbial butts. For I shall be back with the sledgehammer of justice, prepared to lay Joseph waste to these four walls… [leaving the police station]… if you so much as touch a hair on my client’s… [sounds of shotguns cocking, which surprisingly, are aimed at his head].

    These guns are held by members of the particular gangster family wishing to shoot his client very dead. Karl Weathers speaks to these back-wood hicks in this backward hick town;

    “Hold on now we’re allies. Like Ho Chi Min and the Red Chinese”.
    [Roll credits]

  8. Sullivanthepoop says:

    The problem with the weight adjusted nonsense is that many common medications require children to get higher doses per kg of weight than adults. Anesthesia is one. If you used the same weight adjusted dose on an adult as you did a child the adult would die.

  9. Stephen says:

    Mr. Wells in his germ theory denialist guise is the gift that keeps on giving. This on the other hand is simply horrid.

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  15. TLPG says:

    Hank, Wallace tried to link this article on the Royal Children’s Hospital FB page when Wells came in and had a crack at them about the flu shot;
    (You need to scroll down to find Well’s first post)

    RCHM deleted it every time he posted it (three times), and when I DMed them they insinuated that this entry was defamatory of Wells. Just now I told them that it wasn’t and that it was all about Well’s own words as well as calling on them (again) to get him off the page.

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  17. Kate says:

    When is the threats of the AVN going to be taken seriously? How long until one of them decides to harm a healthcare staff? They need to be locked away for life. Wells needs to be institutionalized for life. Doesn’t Australia have an involuntary commitment law? Wells is dangerous along with all the members of the AVN

  18. Kate says:

    He needs to be institutionalized for life. Is there an Australian law where a person can be declared a danger to others in order to be involuntarily committed?

    Also, hope his wife leaves him. Heard he abuses women online.

    And hope Canberra police have been notified about this. God help him if he assaults a healthcare worker. They’re not going to be #silentnomore

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