Anti-vaccination activist’s twin toddlers catch whooping cough

Anti-vaccination activist Lucy Cook has pleaded with me to share this post she made in the rabid antivax group, Anti-Vaccination Australia:

AVA 105 twins WC 18 mo RH wank

The post has since been deleted; but, I am nothing if not helpful. I am only too happy to assist you, Lucy, in alerting the community to the need for adult whooping cough boosters.

Whooping cough is a serious illness, and it can cause serious symptoms – even in adults – as described by the helpful Lucy. Even if you catch whooping cough this does not mean you have lifelong immunity. The disease can be caught over and over. This is why boosters are important.

I thank Lucy for her post, which goes to show how easily whooping cough can be transmitted by non-immune adults. Lucy also shows the importance of getting your boosters so as to protect babies in their first few months of life. Immediate family members are by far the largest source of whooping cough transmission in newborn babies.

See this article for mandatory reading on whooping cough, by Dr Rachel Heap and Jenni Bate:

Whooping Cough: Why are we having outbreaks?


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7 Responses to Anti-vaccination activist’s twin toddlers catch whooping cough

  1. Craig Payne says:

    That does not sound like whooping cough based on the limited description. A bad cough is not necessarily whooping cough.

    • reasonablehank says:

      Yep. I’m just happy for antivaxers to initiate public service announcements about the need for adult boosters. I can’t thank Lucy enough.

      • Craig Payne says:

        I have seen multiple anti-vaxxers claim that their kid had whooping cough and did just fine … except when they describe the symptoms, it certainly wasn’t whooping cough. …. but then again, they don’t do science very well, we should not be surprised that they don’t do medicine very well either.

  2. lizditz says:

    If it’s not laboratory confirmed as whooping cough, it’s not whooping cough.

  3. GiJoel says:

    Fat shaming and calling you a pervert. Ain’t that lovely.

  4. Shay Simmons says:

    How old are these people? I’ve met middle school kids who are more mature.

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