Miranda Kerr promoted anti-vaccination misinformation on her website in 2013

A recurring story which has surfaced in the media again, today, is the suspected link between Miranda Kerr and anti-vaccination activists. No direct evidence has ever been published that Kerr, herself, had ever actively promoted anti-vaccination misinformation; but, today, that changed. After what appears to have been a concerted airbrushing of the internet, finally something appeared.

Back in June 2015, Mamamia published an article on Kerr’s fame being used to promote an anti-vaccination book, Well Adjusted Babies, which was written by anti-vaccination chiropractor, Jennifer Barham-Floreani. Barham-Floreani, along with her equally antivax chiropractor husband, Simon Floreani, had/have been members of Meryl Dorey’s disreputable Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network –  itself the subject of a public health warning – for many years. When questions were raised about Kerr’s brand being used to promote the anti-vaccination book, traces of this endorsement were quickly erased:


It was  somewhat surprising, then, that only six months after that Mamamia article, the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation announced, on December 17 2015, that Miranda Kerr would be the new ambassador for the charity.

When we fast-forward to February 2016, the Kerr family featured in another Mamamia article, this time regarding the rabid anti-vaccinationism which was on show on Kerr’s mother’s Facebook page. Indeed, Kerr’s mother – Therese Kerr – had already been promoting non-evidence-based therapies and conspiracy theories for quite some time. And Therese Kerr, like her daughter, was also planning to get her own public relations machine into maternity wards in several private hospitals. This post from May 23 2016 was deleted from her Facebook page, once the screenshot hit Twitter:


Therese Kerr has also been active within the discredited, anti-vaccination, autism-cure movement for some time, as exposed by Clair Weaver of the Australian Women’s Weekly.

The reason it is important to highlight the anti-vaccination activism of Therese Kerr is because Therese Kerr also actively trades on the fame of her daughter, Miranda – in the same manner as was attempted by Jennifer Barham-Floreani – with her daughter’s demonstrable consent. There are several recent examples on Therese Kerr’s Facebook page.

From September 27 2016:


From September 28 2016:


From September 20 2016:


This is an important point: Miranda Kerr’s name and image – her brand – is being used to promote her mother’s business interests, on her mother’s business Facebook page; on this very same forum which features multiple barking mad anti-vaccination and other offensive conspiracy theories; misinformation which is in direct conflict with Miranda Kerr’s role as an ambassador for a women’s and children’s hospital. How did this ever come to pass?

Well, many doctors have been asking the same questions of the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation, for many weeks. On September 30 2016, articles appeared in Mamamia and The Guardian, based on letters which had been written in protest at Miranda Kerr’s appointment as an ambassador, citing her unsuitability.

Today, Rose Brennan published another article in The Daily Telegraph, which features some more concerning points which were not previously covered:

Kerr’s Kora Organics website cautions against people using sunscreen because it “acts as carriers for airborne toxins”, and advises a person who wants “beautiful skin” to drink “pure water” not tap water because it has fluoride.

Kerr was embroiled in a vaccination furore when a “holistic parenting” book espousing baby chiropractic services and anti-vaccination messages used Kerr’s image and quote.

Further fuelling doctor’s anger was a now-deleted blog post on her website which claimed apricot seeds prevented cancer and “contain the components to cure the cancer” — more so than chemotherapy and radiation.

And, still, the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation is steadfast in its refusal to remove Kerr as its ambassador; dollars speak louder than sense, or ethics, as always:

Foundation chief Catherine Oates Smith said they had netted an extra $3 million in donations since Kerr’s appointment.

“We are very proud that these funds help save the lives of women and babies on a daily basis at the Royal and are proud to have Miranda as our ambassador,” Ms Oates Smith said.

It is clear nothing will affect their decision; not even this brand new information.

Today it was revealed that Miranda Kerr promoted an anti-vaccination blog post which was written by anti-vaccination activist and nutritionist – and long-term member and supporter of the antivax AVN – Cyndi O’Meara, in 2013. The blog post was written in support of an embarrassing German survey of antivax parents, conducted by a homeopath. Here is the text of the now-deleted anti-vaccination post on Kora Organics, Miranda Kerr’s website:

The Health of Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated Children and Adults

I’d like to share that I have participated in a survey/research project for people who have been vaccinated or non-vaccinated (that would be the whole world). The aim of the project is to determine the health of both groups – do they differ? The Research project is based out of Germany and the result of the survey has been published. You can go to the following link for more information or if you would like to participate in the project. www.vaccineinjury.info

The research project is ongoing and the head researcher continues to collate more information with over 10,000 people world wide now in the survey.

I was asked to write my story about my health and my journey with my children’s health and I thought you might like to read what I had to say.

This is my story.

My Dad was a pharmacist back in the 1950′s after 6 years of pharmacy he decided that all the drugs that were being dispensed were not really helping people but causing more pain and illness. He left the pharmacy in New Zealand and went to the USA to become a Chiropractor.

His whole life changed and so did his thoughts on health. He no longer was mechanistic in his beliefs but more vitalisitic and wholistic about health care.

My siblings and I were born between 1959 and 1964; my Dad and my Mum (who was a nurse) would not vaccinate us nor give us any antibiotics or painkillers. My Dad believed if we fought the small infections and pains when we were babies then our bodies would get the practice to fight the bigger infections and pains as we got older. It’s interesting to note that I have the antibodies for many diseases, including German Measles and Malaria but I have never had the diseases nor been vaccinated.

I’m 52 this year and I’ve still not had a vaccination, antibiotic, painkiller or any form of prescribed or un-prescribed medication. I have a perfect weight, heaps of energy, love life and can’t complain about anything in my life. Yes, I’ve had loss of loved ones but my physical and mental state has able to get me through the loss of my mother, sister, grandmother, mother in law and girlfriend within a 12 month period. I miss them but don’t define my life as a result of their passing.

I have three children; 22, 20 and 18 they too have never been vaccinated and have never had any antibiotics or prescribed or un-prescribed medications, they are the picture of health and wellbeing, they have no allergies, ADD, ADHD, autism, asthma, or any physical or mental health issues. My two girls have menstrual cycles that are not even a hiccup in their month. They are well-rounded healthy children and I thank the teaching of my Dad and the foresight that he chose not to vaccinate or medicate us.

I am also a nutritionist and my philosophy is eating only real food – Fruit, vegetables, meat (organ as well), poultry, fish, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, eggs, butter and good quality raw dairy as much as I can. We don’t eat any packaged foods, I cook everything from scratch and believe that with my start in life, my out door lifestyle and having a healthy diet have all contributed to my families health and wellbeing.

My legacy for my family is that my children understand this philosophy and will, in turn, bring up their children without the need for vaccinations and medications and teach a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve made many assumptions in my story (that it is the lack of vaccines and medications and a healthy lifestyle that have created mine and my children’s health), but this is my story.

Happy Changing Habits

Cyndi O’Meara

[Captured March 6 2013]




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