Robert F Kennedy Jr to speak at anti-vaccination, chemtrails, chiropractic and conspiracy theory event

Billy DeMoss is an anti-vaccination chiropractor and conspiracy theorist who is persona non grata in Australia, due to his obscene anti-vaccinationism.

DeMoss holds an annual chiropractic event, named CalJam. It is the premier chiropractic, anti-vaccination and chemtrails event on the US calendar, drawing up to three thousand chiropractors and related conspiracy theorists every year.

Robert F Kennedy Jr is a long-time anti-vaccination activist who has dedicated this activism to promoting the flawed, debunked, non-link between autism and mercury poisoning, via vaccines. Astonishingly, Kennedy still promotes this lie, even a decade after thimerosal was removed from vaccines.

Recently, Kennedy claimed to have accepted an offer from Donald Trump, to head up a vaccine safety panel; Trump’s team quickly denied such an offer was on the table.

Just one hour ago, Billy DeMoss confirmed that Robert F Kennedy Jr has agreed to appear at CalJam, alongside charlatans like David Wolfe, Erin Elizabeth (Mercola’s partner), Suzanne Humphries, Del Bigtree, DeMoss, Tim Young and more:

Following are just some of DeMoss’ past posts. This gives you a flavour of CalJam.

May 9 2016, attacking California Senator Dr Richard Pan as a literal Nazi:

February 26 2016, photographing what he believes is a chemtrails holocaust:

January 18 2016, calling autistic individuals “dumbed down enslaved sloths”:

November 16 2015, calling the terrorist attacks on Paris a false flag:

July 15 2015, calling the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School a false flag:

November 14 2014, citing a raft of conspiracy theories  including 9/11, ebola, H1N1, SARS, “BERD FLU”, vaccines and autism, Sandy Hook, New World Order, water fluoridation, GMO, and television!

And, finally, this bizarre, demented, offensive rant from February 1 2014:


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