Tweed Daily News promotes anti-vaccination and chemtrails conspiracy theorists

In its hard copy edition today, the Tweed Daily News gave a free plug to both the anti-vaccination movement and the antivax conspiracy theory movie, Vaxxed, produced by and starring the disgraced former gastroenterologist, anti-vaccination leader Andrew Wakefield. The dishonest vanity movie is being promoted around Australia, in secret venues, by the disreputable Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, an anti-vaccination organisation with a public health warning against its name.

From the Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand public Facebook group:

In his article, journalist Mitchell Crawley published uncontested anti-vaccination lies from conspiracy theorists Donna Koscica and Robert Deutsch:

  • Koscica claimed that her husband died from cancer, which was caused by vaccines. There is no evidence that the latter is true.
  • Koscica repeated the long-debunked lie that SV-40 in the polio vaccines cause cancer.
  • Koscica wrongly implied that the government does not allow informed consent in the provision of immunisation.
  • Koscica wrongly claimed that vaccine ingredient lists are not available.
  • Robert Deutsch — a chemtrail conspiracy theorist — wrongly claimed that people are unaware of real vaccine adverse reactions.
  • Deutsch wrongly implied that immunisation providers do not discuss vaccine adverse events with patients.

This region of NSW has historically low rates of childhood immunisation. The Tweed Daily News should be ashamed of itself, and it should publish a retraction and an apology to its readership.

Full image of the newspaper article available here.


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