Australian antivaxer calls for execution of Channel 9’s Deborah Knight

Those of us who follow the behaviour of the anti-vaccination movement are quite used to seeing the violenceviolent rhetoric, death threats, threats of violence, abuse, misogyny and general vitriol heaped upon bereaved families, public health advocates, politicians, journalists and others by anti-vaccination activists and related conspiracy theorists.

This offensive and dangerous behaviour is generally incited by anti-vaccination leaders, such as Tasha David – the president of the discredited anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – and Meryl Dorey – the immediate past-president and founder of the AVN.

After more than a year of infighting between the AVN’s leaders and the new brigade of Australian anti-vaccination liars – those who administer the rabid Facebook group, Anti-Vaccination Australia – these leaders of Australian anti-vaccinationism are attempting to instigate a truce, in an attempt  to form a common wall of misinformation against Australian healthcare. But, the tactics of anti-vaccination thugs are constant.

The two main administrators of Anti-Vaccination Australia, Belgin Sila Colak-Arslan, of Sydney – who recently featured in the news for her vile doxxing of a Byron Bay physiotherapist, his family, and his workplace, in her mistaken, fervent belief that he is Reasonable Hank – and Breana Stanley, of Melbourne – who featured in the news for lying to hospital emergency staff when her unvaccinated toddler contracted  measles; Stanley subsequently taking her knowingly-still-infected toddler to a shopping centre – have previously knowingly lied to the media about abuse which originates in their group.

Today, a member of the Anti-Vaccination Australia group – incited by anti-Semitic, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, Port Arthur denialist, Adam Crabb, of Sydney – and obviously inspired by Donald Trump’s recent attacks on the media – called for Today host Deborah Knight to be “killed on site”:

These “journalists” are enemy of the people, should be killed on site

To give dangerous antivaxer Bryce Fraser some credit, he did go back and edit his comment:

These “journalists” are enemy of the people, should be killed on sight

The anti-vaccination leaders will  once again deny that this happened; maybe they’ll even threaten legal action, again, if anyone states that this did happen.

Meanwhile, over on Crabb’s blog, Crabb refers to Deborah Knight as “the Blonde troll”:

Greg Hunt, are you kidding me??? what does this bottom feeder know about vaccine damage? the Blonde troll calls us, Offenders which means a person who commits an illegal act. We are offenders because we want to protect our children from brain damage & death? Because we don’t want our little angels to suffer hundreds of seizures a day or become a vegetable in a wheelchair, for life? We are offenders because we do not wish or consent to our kids becoming a product of the medical industrial complex & treated like sick cattle? this only goes to show that Australia is heading back into the dark ages & these ghouls make me sick. These despicable & heartless trolls need to have their rotten faces shoved in the misery & devastation that vaccines have caused so many families worldwide.

Here’s the Today segment:



The Fraser comment appears to have been deleted, replaced by this new comment, again from Fraser:

These “journalists” are enemy of the people, should be drawn and quartered

As well as this comment, from Skye Ollington:

She really is a stupid blonde


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