Queensland public high school hired out by antivaxers to show antivax film.

It doesn’t take much due diligence to find out that Andrew Wakefield’s anti-vaccination vanity-film, Vaxxed, is anti-vaccine, or that the Australian promoters of the film are the members of Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – a disgraced antivax group with a public health warning against its name – or that the Vaxxed stars and producers are demonstrably in this country on commercial business, raising questions about the categories of Visas they used to secretly enter Australia.

Last night, the Miami State High School allowed its auditorium to be used to show the anti-vaccine film, including a Q&A session featuring the AVN’s Meryl  Dorey – a person specifically named in that public health warning – and the stars of the film, one of them being Polly Tommey, who has previously stated to Vaxxed Q&A audiences that there is no safe vaccine and that parents should stay away from paediatricians:

The following screenshots were sourced from friends who grabbed them from Facebook Live videos on the We Are Vaxxed Facebook page and the AVN Facebook page:

L-R: Meryl Dorey, Brian Hooker, Polly Tommey, Suzanne Humphries.

This lack of due diligence by Miami State High School is unforgivable.

Other venues to put profit before the health of the community, by hosting the anti-vaccination caravan of carnage in the previous days are The Greek Club, in Brisbane, and the Maleny Community Centre, on the Sunshine Coast.

Please ensure your friends and families are aware of the actions of all of these venues before providing them with your patronage.

Just in

The Courier Mail reports that the Miami State High School was deceived by the anti-vaccination activists, which is a common tactic:

ORGANISERS of an anti-vaccination documentary screening have allegedly tricked a Gold Coast state school into showing the film after telling officials they were running a seminar on organic vegetables.

The Gold Coast Bulletin also reports the deception by the AVN and Vaxxed:

ANTI-vaxxers ‘tricked’ a Gold Coast school principal in order to spread their inaccurate documentary, says a fuming Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Premier Palaszckuk today slammed the lobbyists for misrepresenting the true reason for the meeting.

“My initial advice is that there has been misrepresentation from that organisation to the school in question, where they conveyed to the principal that it was to be conveying information about organic produce.

The ABC has also reported the deceit:

A Gold Coast principal was hoodwinked into hiring out his school hall for a screening of a controversial anti-vaccination documentary, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says.

“My preliminary advice is that there has been some misrepresentation to the school in question,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“They conveyed to the principal that it was to be conveying information about organic produce.”



Miami State High School principal, Sue Dalton, has issued a statement regarding the breach of contract by the “local business” that hired the school auditorium:

To the Miami State High School Community

Miami SHS regularly allows the hire of its facilities to support our local community, businesses and families. Unfortunately there has been attention today surrounding a private booking in our school’s hall last night that showed a screening of a controversial documentary that was not disclosed to school administration at the time of the booking or any stage after.

The school hall was hired to an independent local business owner to promote their healthy lifestyle business of organic foods and coffee. It is incredibly disappointing that the agreed purpose of the use of hire did not reflect the forum that was presented last night.

I have since met with the business owner this morning to convey my concern and disappointment in the breach of the use of hire agreement and made it clear that Miami State High School does not endorse the anti-vaccination documentary or any organisation attached to this agenda.

Sue Dalton



7 News Gold Coast aired an excellent segment in which the party responsible for the deceit played upon the high school was named:

The individual is Kym O’Connell who runs Love Organic Living:


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6 Responses to Queensland public high school hired out by antivaxers to show antivax film.

  1. Ken McLeod says:

    Any readers who feel that these lying cranks should not have been granted visas to enter Australia should contact the Minister for Immigration at minister@border.gov.au.

  2. Mike says:

    It’s a little sad when it gets to the point that the AVN’s serial lying and dishonesty doesn’t even surprise you anymore.

  3. Liz Ditz says:

    I do feel sorry for the venue owners/managers, because who would expect to be lied to by clients? As somebody who is responsible ultimately for a venue’s rentals, we don’t routinely check into the client’s philosophy.

    It was bruited about in the US that “the Vaxxed bus” would be transversing Australia. How are they getting about, in a shrinkwrapped manky bus, or otherwise? Who is in the Vaxxed retinue other than Tommey? Has LargeBush made an appearance?

  4. Craig Payne says:

    We should not be surprised. It is the Modus operandi of the anti-vaxers … all they got is lies as the facts don’t support them.

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