AVN now trying to access private information about nursing home deaths

Stop the Australian (Anti)Vaccination Network was basically founded because of the callous antivax opportunism of Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network founder and current committee member, Meryl Dorey.

Back in March 2009, Dorey contacted the then-head of North Coast Area Health Service’s public health unit, Paul Corben, contending that baby Dana McCaffery did not die from whooping cough – she did – and sought access to confidential medical information surrounding Dana’s death. From Toni McCaffery (Dana’s mum):

Re: Dana’s medical records.

We stated that Mrs Dorey rang Mr Paul Corben the morning of 12 March 2009 seeking information on Dana – this is her health record. She rang him after seeing the Northern Star article on the morning of 12 March 2009. Mr Paul Corben confirmed in an email to us, which we initiated:

“As discussed on 8 May, when Ms Dorey called me on 12 March seeking details of your daughter’s illness and death, I advised her that while there was laboratory confirmation of Dana’s pertussis diagnosis, I would not be providing to her any details in addition to those provided in the media release as this would be, as she was aware, in contravention of privacy legislation and NSW Health policies. Ms Dorey contended that I had mislead [sic] the public in attributing your daughter’s death to pertussis and in so doing had put all associated information into the public domain. I advised Ms Dorey that she should put any further questions in writing to the Area Health Service’s Chief Executive to be considered under a Freedom of Information request. No request has been forthcoming. I will advise you if I receive such a request.”

Dorey even stated her hideous desires to her official AVN Yahoo! email list, in May 2009. From Toni McCaffery, again:

Mrs Dorey, in a discussion on your Yahoo forum in May 2009 you stated the following false information:

“I don’t know how or why, but she developed septicaemia – blood poisoning. That is what may have caused the swelling though it’s always possible that steroids were used – that is a common ‘treatment’ for Pertussis and it can cause massive swelling. I would love to get a look at this poor little one’s medical records. But that will never happen.

Recently, there have been confirmed reports of clusters of deaths among nursing home residents. This has been a brutal influenza season. And it’s  not over, yet. Just today it has been reported that an eight-year-old girl has died. A fortnight ago, a thirty-year-old father died.

Not enough people are immunised against influenza. Not enough nursing home staff are immunised against influenza. The influenza vaccine is not one of our best vaccines, but it is better than nothing:

In Australian studies, we generally estimate the risk of influenza is reduced by about 40-50% in people who receive the vaccine.

While this might seem low, reducing the risk of infection by half is worth the effort.

The influenza vaccine could, literally, be the difference between life and death. If these residents were your family members, you would want everyone around them doing everything they could to prevent these deaths.

Today, Dorey is at it again. This time she is seeking out confidential information regarding rumoured clusters of deaths among nursing home residents in Southeast Queensland. That is, Dorey is seeking out information from private, unsubstantiated sources regarding deaths of elderly residents, without having the decency of asking those residents’ families, nor seeking substantiation from a public health unit regarding these causes of death. And she is doing it for exactly the same reasons as she did with Dana McCaffery in 2009: to lie about immunisation.

In this case, Dorey will lie about immunisation by pointing to cases where the immunisation has not been sufficient in protecting some members of an already extremely vulnerable cohort.

Dorey will ignore the majority of immunised residents who did not get infected with influenza – despite their close proximity to other confirmed cases – or those who caught influenza and were saved from death by having partial immunity. This majority will be inconvenient for her.

Dorey will cite conspiracy theories about diagnoses being deliberately muddied. This is what she does. This is what all antivaxers do.

Dorey wants these families’ privacy breached, again, just like she did in 2009. She wants people to break the law.

Meryl Dorey is a parasite. Meryl Dorey should mind her own business. Meryl Dorey should let public health units and grieving families get on with dealing with the fallout from these tragedies, without interference from unqualified, self-entitled sociopaths.

Here is Dorey’s email sent to her Yahoo! group a couple of hours ago (my bold):

From: Meryl Dorey avnivm@gmail.com [AVN] <AVN@yahoogroups.com>
Date: 18 September 2017 at 12:11
Subject: [AVN] Wanted: Information on deaths from influenza in Australian Nursing Homes
To: AVN Group <avn@yahoogroups.com>


I just received a call from someone in Southeast QLD who has informed me that 9 elderly people have died at a particular nursing home in their area – all within a very short time of each other. The deaths were listed as being from upper respiratory infections but it is possible that this is just a way of deflecting attention from flu deaths.

As you are probably aware, there were two recent clusters of deaths in fully-vaccinated residents of nursing homes in both Victora and Tasmania. I don’t believe these are isolated incidents.

What I would like to ask is if anyone has information on other clusters of deaths, to please contact me anonymously with as much information as you can find on any similar instances. You can use the contact form on the AVN website or else contact me via skype (ivmmag). I don’t always have skype running, but if you leave me a message, I will get back to you.


Meryl Dorey,
Founder and Past President
Australian Vaccination Network
PO Box 88
Phone: 0414 872 032
skype: ivmmag


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