Anti-vaccination activists linked to Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club

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Earlier today, our friends at Diluted Thinking brought us the news that the professional anti-vaccination activists from Vaxxed and the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network had chosen their promised star faces for an upcoming antivax tour of Australia:

On 9 October 2017, Polly Tommey introduced the Australian Vaxxed team members  who will be touring Australia recording vaccine injury stories.

They are twin sisters, Stevie Nupier and Taylor Winterstein, and Deveraux David, the daughter of AVN president, Tasha David. These are the people in USA receiving training; the team in Australia will eventually be much larger.

Both Stevie and Taylor are known in the alt health movement through Taylor’s wellness business, Tay’s Way  (also known as Stevie & Tay).

The AVN shared the Vaxxed video:

The Tay’s Way Facebook page also shared the Vaxxed video:

On the Tay’s Way Facebook page, Taylor Winterstein notes her health qualifications:


– Proud wifey & mama
– Health coaching student
– One half of @stevie_and_tay
– PXP distributor
– Fearless truth seeker

On her blog, Winterstein expands:

By no means am I claiming to be an expert or that I am qualified in nutrition and fitness because I am not and this is an ongoing learning process for myself as well…

TW x

Winterstein appears to trade on the occupation of her husband, Manly-Warringah professional rugby league player Frank Winterstein. The Tay’s Way Facebook page is filled with photographs of her husband wearing his official Manly-Warringah paraphernalia – such as jerseys and shirts – with these photographs having been taken at Brookvale Oval, in front of official sponsors’ boards, and even in what appears to be the Manly-Warringah dressing rooms. Winterstein also regularly uses the official Many-Warringah hashtag – #WeAreManly – on her page.

I will include a larger collection at the end of this post, but, Winterstein claims that she is conducting her various activities – including anti-vaccination activism – with the “unconditional” blessing of her husband:

Before we look at the collection of anti-vaccination posts on Winterstein’s page, it should  be noted that, so prolific are these posts, with the exception of one screenshot, all of these posts are sourced only from July-October 2017. There are just too many to include.

It should go without saying that the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, and its leader Meryl Dorey, have a current NSW Health Care Complaints Commission public warning against them.

It should also go without saying that Polly Tommey – one of the producers and stars of Vaxxed – has been banned from reentering Australia for at least three years, due to her recent antivax tour of Australia.

Any claims that the movie, Vaxxed, is “not  anti-vaccine” are laughable. The stars and producers best explain their barking anti-vaccinationism in their own words, and thanks to Tommey and the AVN, there’s plenty of video evidence.

This official Vaxxed broadcast was only three weeks ago: “Vaxxed” broadcasts claims that vaccines cause gay, lesbian and transgender people. This one was only one month ago: “Vaxxed” broadcasts violent threats against California senator and others. Winterstein, Stevie Nupier, and Deveraux David appeared in yesterday’s Vaxxed video, from the Vaxxed bus, where only one month ago an antivaxer made credible death threats against a California senator. Let that sink in.

And, let’s not forget that the Australian anti-vaccination movement thrives on the abuse and vilification of bereaved parents, and thrives on the abuse and vilification of professional public health personnel, including the incitement of death threats against critics.

In all photos that include children, I have redacted the child’s face for legal as well as ethical reasons.

The anti-vaccination activism of Taylor Winterstein

From today, October 10 2017:

September 27 2017, with a tower of research:

September 9 2017, with anti-vaccination chiropractor, Jennifer Barham-Floreani:

September 7 2017, promoting Dorey and the AVN:

September 6 2017, illegally posting the name and image of a disabled child who was removed from his parents due to the fact that he was being slowly starved to death. The child, and indeed the whole case, is under a court-ordered suppression order. He is not to be named, nor his image published anywhere. The child is not “vaccine injured”:

May 20 2017, illegally allowing to remain published the name of the same child – who was removed from his parents because he was being slowly starved to death – in a photograph featuring Frank Winterstein in his Manly-Warringah jersey, at a Manly-Warringah rugby league match, holding on to that sign:

August 15 2017, a tirade of antivax falsehoods:

August 10 2017, promoting chiropractic for babies in lieu of consultation with a real  doctor:

August 5 2017, promoting Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree’s derogatory nickname for public health advocates:

August 2 2017, promoting conspiracy theorist Bigtree:

July 31 2017, promoting antivax conspiracy theorist Suzanne Humphries, from Humphries’ recent Vaxxed tour of Australia, complaining about the term “conspiracy theorist”:

July 30 2017, posing with the stars of Vaxxed – in Australia – Polly Tommey, Brian Hooker, and Suzanne Humphries:

July 30 2017, promoting Vaxxed, and claiming that Vaxxed is “not an anti-vax film”:

July 27 2017, posting a bizarre list of anti-vaccination lies:

July 24 2017, posting an offensive meme created by Ian Stanley, of No Fluoride Australia/No Vaccines Australia, to attack the Hughes family of Light for Riley. The meme falsely and callously equates unsubstantiated anti-vaccination claims of deaths from vaccines to real, clinically-confirmed deaths of babies and children from vaccine preventable diseases:

July 23 2017, promoting Vaxxed on their arrival in Australia:

July 17 2017, receiving praise from Meryl Dorey and the AVN, for sharing an AVN video featuring AVN president Tasha David:

The use of the Frank Winterstein and Manly-Warringah brands by Taylor Winterstein

August 14 2017:

August 20 2017:

September 2 2017:

September 4 2017:

September 9 2017:

September 10 2017:

September 18 2017:

Final note

Yesterday morning, October 9 2017, I contacted the Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club, on Twitter, to ask if Frank Winterstein was still playing for the club. I did not know whether or not Frank Winterstein was still contracted. My question was genuine, as I had not yet looked at Taylor Winterstein’s Facebook page:

This morning, when I checked if there was any reply from the club, I noticed that I had been blocked by the Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club:

Today, at 1555 hours, the club posted this Tweet:


Update October 12 2017

Thanks to a special friend who exposed themselves to Winterstein’s whole Facebook page, there are now a few screenshots that must be added for their sheer anti-vaccination audacity.

These screenshots further put to rest Winterstein’s claim that she does not dissuade others from immunising their children, as well as the oft-repeated, calculated, PR-driven, sleight-of-hand that the anti-vaccination activist is ‘not anti-vaccine, but, an ex-vaxer.’

January 31 2017, Winterstein boasts that her mother, Michelle Moors, is an early childhood educator who plans on opening an exclusively anti-vaccination childcare service:

Thankfully my Mum is an early childhood educator who has her own plans one day open up her own family day care for only unvaccinated children.

March 17 2017, Winterstein includes her husband in her anti-vaccination rant that ticks off many antivax bingo cards:

April 4 2017, Winterstein posts a photo that includes her husband Frank Winterstein participating in her anti-vaccination activism at NSW MP Dr Mike Freelander’s electorate office. Also pictured are her parents:

July 28 2017, under this meme containing a list of anti-vaccination lies, Winterstein states:

I personally believe every vaccinated child is vaccine-injured to some extent, myself included.

September 2 2017, Winterstein makes a crackpot diagnosis and provides a commenter with a crackpot prescription based on this diagnosis:

Hey Hun, I am sorry to hear and honestly it is soooo frustrating the amount of times I have heard Mums say that their GP’s tell them its “normal” for babies to be sick all year round… NO it is NOT normal. Sick children shouldn’t be the norm and it doesn’t have to be that way. I find this happens all too often amongst vaccinated children and it breaks my heart. I know you have emailed me already about PXP but your babies seriously need their mitochondria addressed. You are doing all of the right things however vaccines damage children’s mitochondria and it is one of the main reasons why they’re constantly sick. Their bodies do not have enough mitochondrial energy and strength to heal themselves by themselves because of the insane vaccine schedule we have in AUS where children are constantly being injected within their first 2 years of life. Also grab yourself some health force vit C, some GSE off iherb, some collidal silver aswell. I am happy to help you hun, just let me know xxx

September 2 2017, Winterstein chides a mother who has immunised her child, listing another collection of non sequitur, anti-vaccination factoids:

One could argue that you are actually the one taking the risk by vaccinating as vaccines do not come without risks. Do you understand what vaccine shedding is and that it is well written in medical literature that the WC vaccine for example, actually does not prevent transmission or colonization of the bacteria. Fully vaccinated children can actually be asymptomaic (silent) carriers of the disease. The govt refuses to do a vax vs unvax study so how can you be so sure that it is the unvaccinated who are more prone to spreading diseases when they have no data or science to back up their own claims? Vaccination does not automatically equal immunization. You can be vaccinated and still acquire no immunity. So you may feel much better knowing your child is vaccinated but please do not for one second think you’re doing it for the greater good as it states even on vaccine package inserts that if you’ve recently been vaccinated to stay away from the immunocompromised as live vaccines can and do shed the disease. Personally, I feel much better knowing my son is protected and protecting others through the lifestyle we live and that he has not been injected with neurotoxins, carcinogens, animal DNA, polysorbate 80, aluminum and aborted fetal cells.

September 13 2017, all in the same sub-thread, Winterstein claims that vaccination policy is about:

money and population control.

Winterstein then states that she does not attempt to dissuade parents from immunising their children:

I don’t tell parents what they should or shouldn’t do either and 100% it is a very personal choice.

Winterstein then states the following:

…in my opinion every vaccine does damage. We actually have no idea what the real risks are…

I don’t buy into the social engineering and fear mongering.

And for the clincher, on October 9 2017, thanks once again to Polly Tommey and her dedication to the task of providing video evidence regarding other people whom she habitually hangs out to dry:

Tommey: Oh I bet the Australian government are freakin’ out right now. Health ministers…

Winterstein: Watch out…

Tommey: …are shaking and quaking in your boots…

Winterstein: …watch out…

Tommey: …Well you should do because you know what it’s murder…

Winterstein: …yeah…

Tommey: …what’s happening over in Australia with these kids…

Winterstein: …yeah…


Update October 13 2017

Responding to questions from journalist  Jane Hansen, Winterstein went into  full conspiracy mode alleging corruption from the media and accusing this blog and others of being “professionally paid trolls”:

Before making the decision to travel to America, our family had deep discussions about what this truly means and what could happen to us in the future. We thought about all the ways my family would come under attack, what certain people will say and try and do.

Having the courage to stand up, be outspoken, stay strong and fight for vaccine-injured families does not come without serious vilification from professionally paid trolls and mainstream media.

Without a doubt, heat is coming our way. But we decided long ago that nothing is going to stop us from doing what is right.

For those who know my family know exactly the kind of people we are.

For those who have been supporting my page over the years you will know that I unapologetically speak my truth, that I am transparent, honest and always come from a place of love.

This week Jane Hansen from The Sunday Telegrah contacted me to answer questions in relation to an article that will be published in print media on Sunday.

The tone of the questions and her emails leaves me with no doubt that this journalist will attempt to drag myself and my family through the mud, twist my words and manipulate the “story” so as to drive fear into the masses and keep us believing that anyone who questions vaccines is a threat to society.

So I will post my full answers to the journalist’s questions before they get taken out of context on what will undoubtedly be a heavily pro-vax article published this Sunday.

It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry spends millions on advertising through mainstream media. As evident in recent times, it does not suit their agenda to present stories that showcase vaccine injury or questions around vaccine safety and efficacy, so it is up to others to report the truth about vaccines or stories of vaccine-injured children.

The opportunity to travel around America, film vaccine-injury stories, hug the heartbroken parents and listen to their experiences, has only fuelled the raging fire inside me even more.

I always say to BE BRAVE and that is what I will continue to do. I will keep turning up the volume on this issue and I am not going anywhere.

They may try to bury or bully me but I am not afraid. I will not give in and I will not back down.

I am and always have been for the people and I will never stop fighting for my family.

My light is shining bright to expose corruption, deceit, lies and injustice and the light of the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS WIN.✌🏽


Update October 14 2017

AVN president Tasha David makes an adorable attempt at doing hasthtags, sharing Winterstein’s defamatory post to rabid anti-vaccination group, Vaccine Free Australia:


Update October 15 2017

Winterstein returned to Australia to again attack journalist Jane Hansen, the Sunday Telegraph, and “trolls”, whilst boasting that she and her flock “vibrate high” as opposed to  low vibrating trolls and media:

Back on Aussie soil this morning and it feels so good to be home!

It also feels good not to see my family being exploited in the media today😁👍🏽

The journalist from The Sunday Telegraph has pulled the pin on her “story” she was writing about my family. It is no where to be seen.

The emails I received from this journalist were so erratic, grammatically incorrect, biased and unprofessional to the point where she even swore, gives me the impression that she is not a happy camper.

So it’s very likely that she backed down from publishing the story today, just so that she can brew up something even more sensationalized. The witch hunt is on, I know the story on my family is coming, it’s just a matter time.

But I also know that a big part of the reason why this story wasn’t released today is because of all of you😘!

The overwhelming response, comments and messages of support for my family has seriously blown me away. I honestly can’t thank you all enough🙏🏽!

This situation is a perfect example of what happens when the people have each other’s backs! The media won’t run a story they know will be unpopular and wow did you all make it known that you weren’t buying into the BS👏🏽.

So I need to say this again…


We don’t need to be afraid of mainstream media, greedy corporations or the people in power. We can actually stand up to them.

The reason why negativity from trolls and mainstream media doesn’t get to my family is because we don’t vibrate on the same frequency as them. We vibe high and always come from love. We don’t live in fear.

Mainstream media and trolls vibrate very low and always come from fear. And they program the masses to always be driven by fear. Their aim is to keep us all divided.

The reason why they do this is because they know that if the people awaken and understand how strong we are when we stand united together, we will be powerful beyond measure and we will take back all control.

Unfortunately for them, it’s already starting to happen and the paradigm shift is already here.


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