For the herd: the shot and the shirt

I had My Fluvax today. I am proud to get immunised.

Getting my annual flu shot significantly decreases the chances that I will become a vector of transmission for my elderly mother, her friends, my kids, their friends and family, and other vulnerable people in my community.

I was at greater risk of hitting a wallaby, on the way to and from work, than from this injection.

Like I said: I am proud to get immunised. Because, it’s not about me.

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  1. Capt says:

    Your a douche! If the people around you are vaccinated then how will they catch anything off you if you don’t get yours? or are you saying vaccines are ineffective? which would then defeat the whole purpose of getting vaccinated in the first place?

  2. M smith says:

    Capt, the effectiveness of vaccines is less than 100%, there are people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, and very young infants cannot be vaccinated for all diseases.

    So there is always a group of susceptible people. For some of this group the risk is extremely high. Young infants cannot be vaccinated against whooping cough, but for them the disease represents a life threatening illness.

    So who exactly is the douche? The person for whom the disease is not normally life threatening but gets vaccinated to protect babies from death, or the person who ignores all the scientific evidence, indulges in conspiracy theories and pseudo science, and refuses to vaccinate because of a ridiculous ideology?

  3. Gary K says:

    Thank you reasonablehank, on behalf of the the entire community.

  4. Capt says:

    Are you guys saying that Vaccines are safe for everybody to take? That there are no “Side effects”

    Surely one doesn’t have to go as far as to be a “Conspiracy Theorist” to want safer vaccines, and until they are satisfied that they are safer happens to feels cautious about taking every single one, especially the untested ones?

    • “Are you guys saying that Vaccines are safe for everybody to take? That there are no “Side effects””

      Nice Strawman, there Cap’n. I haven’t seen that one before. I’d be interested in knowing which vaccines are “untested”, too.

    • M smith says:

      No one has ever said vaccines are completely safe for everyone. Why do you bring up this Strawman? They are however demonstrably safer than the diseases they protect us against.

      They confer a benefit to both the individual and the community, they have a risk, but the risk is lower than the risk of the diseases.

      Which ones are untested?

      Do you not wear a seatbelt when you drive because seatbelts are not 100% safe in all scenarios?

  5. Capt says:

    What is a Strawman?

    • Marty says:

      Well, you remember that guy from the Wizard of Oz…

    • Andrew says:

      A strawman is when you first falsely accuse your opponents of holding a position that is easily refuted, second refute the position which you designed to be easily refuted, and third, celebrate your glorious victory. It’s a cowardly ploy, obviously, and one that you have clearly mastered

  6. Marty says:

    It doesn’t take much to be a hero, all we have to do is the right thing.

    It’s also easy to be a villain. All it takes is doing nothing.

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