Unconscionable: Australian Vaccination-risks Network promotes convicted criminal

I haven’t written about ex-Queensland police officer Chris Savage for a couple of years.

From 2016, Antivaxer Savage bailed in NZ and asking for donations:

Thanks to the man himself we now have an update on the whereabouts and latest happenings on the anti-Semitic, homophobic, white-supremacist, xenophobic, anti-vaccination activist, Christopher William Savage. This man is a hero of the Australian (and global) anti-vaccination movement who has been championed by Meryl Dorey and her Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network:

Savage fled New Zealand after being convicted, and without paying his fines. He left his victim devastated.

From 2015, Sergeant Damage:

Christopher William Savage is a former serving sergeant in the Queensland Police Service. We have been following his exploits since 2012 and he has recently come to prominence once again as the darling of the No Jab No Pay anti-vaccine protest movement, for a speech he gave at the Brisbane protest. It is long past time to publish a collection of the innermost, outside-voice thoughts of former Sergeant Savage. It is my opinion that he poses a risk to public health and safety.

On September 9 2018, at 2334 hours, the Australian Vaccination-risks Network (formerly Australian Vaccination Network, and Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network) – a registered incorporated association in NSW – that has a public health warning issued against it and its president Meryl Dorey – promoted Christopher William Savage on its official Facebook page:



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