This is an opinion blog. My opinions can be taken with a grain of salt, if you so desire. However, as is obvious, I like to use a lot of screenshots of publicly available images, which are used under Fair Dealing.

I like evidence. I like it a lot. And, I like evidence to remain even after it has been removed by those who hide things in retrospect. Many of these publicly available images are taken from public Facebook posts.

As per Facebook user agreements, you allow anyone to use your public posts in any manner they wish, just by signing into Facebook. If you don’t like it, go private, or leave Facebook.

I will sometimes present information from a private forum, but, only in the public interest.

I am not a health care professional. I am not a scientist. I rely heavily on them, and their evidence. I am an average schmuck who dislikes the hypocrisy, lack of empathy, lack of integrity, lack of ethics, and lack of evidence by those who would want you to believe them to be devoid of those traits. And I dislike it when they do it for your hard-earned, and to the detriment of public health.

I live in a rented house. I drive a crap car. The Big Pharma cheques just aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


If you comment, know this: any anti-vaccine lies, or other related offensive and conspiratorial comments, shall not pass.

If you make unfounded statements about good people, you shall not pass.

I may or may not use any comment you make, whether published or not – made in this blog, or in email, or anywhere on the internet – in any future post; or just to point and laugh, on Twitter and Facebook.


If you want to contact me, or leave me a lovely testimonial, send it to:

reasonablehank [at] gmail [dot] com 


Some people have difficulty investigating me. They wonder who I am. They guess at my real name, even though it is included on this page in various forms 38 times (at last count – sigh):

Lawless 97 VFA Poulsen PB KM photo RH scumbag threats

Some nicer compliments of myself include the following testimonials, and these death threats against me and my family, from Frank (Francisco, Cisco, Frankie, Dolmio and/or Joseph) Vazquez:

Your a fucing dead man walking cunt – Frankie Vazquez: supporter of Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network; supporter of Stephanie Messenger; supporter of Sherri Tenpenny; supporter of Mark Aldridge, serial electoral try-hard; supporter of Ann Bressington, South Australian member of parliament. Father of a young baby:

I’m coming to your house and I’m gonna kill your whole family – Frankie Vazquez.

Go Fuk yaself big pharma ass licking mut – Frankie Vazquez:

Vazquez 34 all PMs threats and abuse

Reasonable hank advocates for the death and damage of innocent babies. He’s a murderer Belgin Colak-Arslan: administrator of Anti-Vaccination Australia who wrongfully targeted an innocent man, his child, his wife, his siblings, his elderly parents, and his workplace, mistakenly believing that he is Reasonable Hank, because his surname is “Tiernan”.

Shawn Dhu made this video testimonial on June 9 2016:

Reasonable Hank/Peter Tierney/Peter LeTienne who is one of the most septic of the so-called skeptics – Meryl Dorey: anti-vaccination zealot; vilifier of grieving families; public officer of the discredited Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network; former president of the AVN; incites violence and threats against her critics.

guess what cunt, i found where you live 🙂 Phill McKrackin: anonymous Adelaide alternate health supporter:

McKrackin 1 death threat January 11 2015

Reasonable Hank = Ken McLeodStuart Everson

Peter Tierney = Peter BowditchStuart Everson 

It’s time to hide mother fuker u fat fuking cuntFrank Vazquez 

We are coming for u – Frank Vazquez

We are coming to serve u papers mother fuker u got plenty people after u that wana serve u papers I suggest u commit suicide cunt we are coming to Melbourne mother fuker – Frank Vazquez

Heard u got hooping coff sucked in ya dead cunt walking – Frank Vazquez

U have ruined my reputation I hope u die a very violent death I hope u and your wife get cancer u Fuji g child killing cunt – Frank Vazquez


Pretty sure he collected a kilo of prawns at my local leagues club over Easter just quietly….. Dan DeBuriatte: Queensland anti-vaccination leader and stealth crustacean detective:

Resonable more like wank because that’s the only think he would be doing is wank because he to fat and troll looking to get a woman hes a sad excuse for a man… Kathryn Ann Bogle: anti-vaccination activist:


I don’t think anyone cares what Peter Tierney thinks, he’s just a payed shill working for the governmentIan Hastings AKA Ian Smith: multiple conspiracy theorist (anti-vaccine, moon landing hoaxer, 9/11 Truth, anti-fluoride, MLK, JFK, chemtrails), formerly of Adelaide. Now resides in Sydney; Sydney anti-vaccine protest sound equipment provider; abuser of bereaved parents.

He’s a scullduggery mischief balls Lynette Kennedy: anti-vaccination activist from Lawson, NSW who called the mother of a deceased baby boy  a “cash cow”:


So who is this Hank character? This “person” or entity who claims to have a brain too, plus being addicted to caffeine, has a website seemingly dedicated to provax issues. I wonder who is paying him/her/them?Dee McLachlan from Gumshoe News conspiracy theory blog.

Reasonable Hank is a Psy-Op. – Adam Crabb: anti-Semitic, homophobic,  antivax conspiracy theorist in charge of The Crazz Files:

Peter Tierny is a fake profile you stole from some lawyer in NSW, you work for the government and have ties to the Murdoch reporters, you are what is loosely described as a social engineerIan Hastings: posting as admin on No Fluoride Australia

Hank is a fucking piece of shit wanker and a pussy. If he had any backbone he would come out and let people know who he is Bernie Smith: fake account set up by Olivier Vles, one of the Melbourne admins of Unvaccinated Australia group, to create The Unreasonable Wank Facebook page.

Says the anonymous keyboard warrior Reasonable Hank. Talk about having the courage of your convictions. Meow!Brett Smith: proprietor of Just Organics; naturopath at La Diosa Natural Health, Beauty and Well Being Clinic Neutral Bay NSW; sexist anti-vaccine thug; spokesman for the Australian anti-vaccination movement; seen here, on Twitter, sharing laughs with the Holland/Johnson troll who has been vilifying bereaved families for the last six years:

Brett Smith 100 tweet on RH with Holland troll anonymous courage

Reading Reasonable Hank is like falling out that hollowed out turd & having only a Bowditch pap smear as a floating device – Brett Smith:

Brett Smith 99 tweet on RH turd

your a fucking loser mocking chiros, sorry remind me again how many lives you have changed? Oh none…. Cunt – Nicholas of Melbourne: defender of Australian chiropractic; Tweet.

By the sounds of not so reasonable hank and various others here, this ought to be called the Adolf Hitler blog – Klaus: Second World War historian; blog comment.

PETER TIERNEY IS A LYING MARXIST Chris Savage: ex-Queensland police officer; ex-One Nation Party candidate; anti-Semite; white supremacist; anti-vaccine; chemtrailer; seller of home-made, backyard magnesium IV kits:

Savage 66 Peter Tierney lying marxist

REASONABLE WANK. FASCIST Eugene Donnini: poet (no, really):

RH 103 reasonable wank fascist Eugene Donnini

ur mother is a good fuck – Christopher McCarty: white supremacist friend of former Queensland Police Service Sergeant Chris Savage.

turd – Christopher McCarty.

suck my cock Christopher McCarty

Get an education – Christopher McCarty

Youre really sad u know that? – Christopher McCarty

U really are a stinking turd – Christopher McCarty

Ur a dead man walking cunt – Christopher McCarty

Youre a crim – Christopher McCarty

Marxist nigger lover – Christopher McCarty

Yeah keep quiet u piece of garbage – Christopher McCarty

That spanker is a communist devil dog Chris Savage.

Reasonable Hank is psychologically diseased Liz Hempel.

…after much research & speaking to the people who have argued with him on Twitter & FB. He is a massive drunk & late at night makes mistakes by answering in different identities! Lo Mong Bridge: anti-vaccination activist who vilified a bereaved mum.

The public needs to see he is pretending to be a concerned citizen when, really he is paid by pharma to sit there all day & night to attempt to tear people’s reputation & livelihoods apart. I reckon down with this loony! – Lo Mong Bridge.

Hanks won Skeptics of the year in 2004. He said in an article that he wasn’t able to go but Ken McLeod went to collect on his behalf. From what others have said, they were arguing on thread posts with Hanks, & then Ken McLeod jutted in answering back on the same subject. So I reckon this guy is actually Ken McLeod! Peter Tierney is just another cover up name – Lo Mong Bridge.

Got us [Got youse]

U evil twisted son of a cunt enjoy looking over Your shoulder 247 cunt

Your poor wife Frank Vazquez:

Vazquez 104 PM death threat re Ken Karen October 4 2015

Hanks has slandered so many professionals, a lot in the chiropractic industry. He even slandered one chiropractor for making a hospital visit to treat her friend! And said she must step down from her chiropractic association. What a nasty piece of works he is! He has tried to defame so many, I was thinking it would be best that we all work collaboratively to bring him down. Renata Bialkowska has a WordPress blog set up specifically for this purpose. She is happy to upload anyones’ written piece against Hanks to set the record straight – Lo Mong Bridge.

Truth be told Hank has no heart Cassidy Coulsen: Anti-Vaccination Australia member.

He must have a heart if he’s upright, it’s the soul that he’s devoid of. Nasty piece of work. Keri Lea: Anti-Vaccination Australia member

So true! His heart is possibly cold! Cassidy Coulsen: Anti-Vaccination Australia member.

He’s a lunatic Sue Hall: Anti-Vaccination Australia member.

Reasonable Hank!! What else would you expect. He has no capacity to empathize. Sad soul that one  Marieka Stevens: Anti-Vaccination Australia member.

fight me you bitch, you actually think vaccines work…you whipped little bitch don’t you realise it about money? – Nicholas of Melbourne.

The head of that Stop AVN snake is called Peter Tierney aka reasonable hank who is a committed marxist hate monger and I love calling that devil out from his den and taunting him – Chris Savage:

Savage 104 PT head of SAVN snake
you deserve bomb threats for writing unreasonable wank blogs peter
– Stuart Everson: Tenpenny, Messenger, and AVN supporter; published on Tenpenny’s Facebook page, on a post claiming provax people are violent “terrorists”:

Tenpenny 63 Everson RH deserves bomb threats

whoever wrote this is clearly a loser…I swear if I were to meet you in real life a slap in the face would be the first thing I’d do to you, you pretentious bitch…keep being so medical and synthetic minded, and when you have cancer I’ll be laughing! Because people like you believe that there is no cure! Ha…Seriously, radiation! How the fuck is that supposed to heal you? It doesn’t dumb ass, the chances of chemo healing you is the same as winning the lottery, so don’t even bother you stupid woman. – Nicholas of Melbourne.

Type in my name in Google and reasonable Hank, yes I’ve had run ins with the prick. He tried (.unsuccessfully) to get me fired Joanne Howard: anti-vaccine RN/midwife; I did make a complaint about Howard. Nowhere did I ask for her to be fired.

Howard 54 prick RH

Haha the reasonable knob Taleen Young: owner of The Cosmetic Kitchen Newtown; makes vile, conspiracy accusations against a bereaved mother.

He is a piece of filth.. have no other description for this worm. Totally void of any humane aspects. He is one of the professional shills/Big Pharma gang/depopulation gang. Sometimes I think Karma is late at visiting some who have some karma due Johanna Krynen: South Australia; all-round conspiracy theorist.

He tried to discredit me too. He is a sleaze bag Kate Smith: life and business partner of Health Space Clinics chiropractor, Adrian Dennewald.

He should change his name to Unreasonable Hank Loloma Viti: anti-vaccinationist.

Someone told me reasonable Hank is an air-traffic controller Kate Smith.

So McLeod, founder of stop the avn, seems to be hank and Tierney. Hank won a sceptics award and Tierney accepted on his behalf, jokes were made about them never being seen together. It’d be safe to assume that with all of the twisted units in savn, it’s likely that a few of them post under Tierney and hank though.
May you all show these guys no more respect than they do us. And to their trolls in this group, get a life. May karma return your malicious behaviour tenfold Trent Wiseman: anti-vaccination activist.

Wiseman 4 KM PT RH

If I werent a Christian, I would be calling him an Ar#$ehole and a Stupid C@#t. Considering I am now, I will refrain – Anna Hunja Halenuik: Melbourne Christian; conspiracy theorist.

Having been aware of this Hank for quite a few years now, he is the rudest, most obnoxious piece of filth of a reporter you will ever come across – Johanna Krynen.

U fuking cunt we are onto you enjoy your life you big pharma ass licker
Everyone knows about you you dirty vaccine creature of evilFrankie Vazquez.

Go and fuk yourself you fuking piece of shit cuntFrankie Vazquez:

Vazquez 30 dms

Peter Tierney is a dog and a liar. Eventually his karma will catch up with him and every wrong he has perpetrated on humanity will come crashing down on him. May it happen sooner than later – Patricia Dow: Victorian anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist.

I do think he is an agent  Doug Kizerian: Arizona conspiracy theorist.

This Hank fueling the pro vax movement here in Australia, stopped Dr. Tenpenny from being allowed coming to Australia for her holidays. Dr.Tenpenny was invited to give a few presentations during her holiday to educate people on vaccines.
This Hank is directly responsible for many lives Johanna Krynen.

Has anyone ever seen this reasonable Hank in person? Kate Smith.

Psychopath wanker is the real name of its website Peter Angel: anti-vaccine activist and conspiracy theorist:

I think we need to target an individual profile like Peter tierneyBelgin Sila Colak: Sydney anti-vaccine protest organiser; discussing having my Facebook account dishonestly shut down because they disagree with what I publish.

He’s a nutcase syco monsterFrankie Vazquez:

Belgin 57 AVA target PT Vazquez psycho monster

So, take the mask of Hank…. Put your name to your blog and come clean. Are you a competing medical practitioner? Perhaps you work for a pharma company. Perhaps the jilted ex lover of a chiropractor!!!! Let’s have honest and open debate, but let’s look each other in the eyes while we do it!!! Kind Regards S AdamsSteven Adams: commenter.

Hello Coward, would you like to catch up some time to discuss your illegal activities?Luke E Lawless: internet warrior; conspiracy theorist; real name Luke O’Hehir; runs his own IT services business which he keeps very separate from his anti-social activities: 

Lawless 7 PM meet up April 15 2015

Unreasonable WANK. Creepy old man who lurks in mums groups spying from behind his computer.
He even had the nerve to claim he had received death threats etc in Australian Dr…he has multiple fake profiles…Old fuckin freak…Skanky wanky can’t even use his real name on fb One would ask what PETER is hiding Bet he sits there flogging off the old prick
 – Courtney Hebberman: administrator of Vaccine Free Australia; spokesperson for the anti-vaccination movement; exclusively used the fake name “Phoolan Devi” until forced to use her real name, by Facebook; has multiple Facebook profiles.

He’s a psychopath, pathological liar & criminal Peter Angel: anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist.

Unreasonable Wank – Anita Bugges: AVN veteran; Argowan Stud dog breeder.

Old man skanky wanky – Courtney Hebberman: 

Hebberman 57 TPVS Anita Bugges

So I wonder if PT would mind me sharing this post with Centrelink. He’s earning income and presumably declaring it, so I don’t think he’d have a problem with that, do you? Liz Hempel: accusing me of benefits fraud with a threat to make a false report to Centrelink.

RH is a particularly loathsome little man – Anita Bugges.

Reasonable Hank is greatly loved by psychopaths, baby poisoners and philosophy academics who say they would fail any student that disagreed with them on any topic. You may as well be upset about not being loved by the KKK Tristan Wells: not a professor.

Link me I kill them Dolmio Chozenone Vazquez (Frankie Vazquez):

Vazquez 97 Breanna Stanley profile I kill them trolls September 26 2015

Reasonable hank is nothing but a pathetic troll excuse for a human being – Debra LynCraft.

His drivel is so full of vitriol and hatred. Makes one wonder what sort of childhood he had and also how many keyboards he has gone through bashing out his poisonous vomit. He is definitely a pHarmaceutical grade troll…. Debra LynCraft

LynCraft 1 RH testimonials protest Melbourne

reasonablehank is nothing but a vitriolic brainless pharma shill. He would make his own mother (if he had one) look evil if it suited his agenda. Don’t waste your energy reading his crap Debra LynCraft.

LynCraft 3 VFA

I don’t make threats bozo. I make promises. If I’m going to report someone to Centrelink, I will do it. – Liz Hempel: accusing me of benefits fraud with a threat to make a false report to Centrelink.

Tierney is a troll. Most likely, he is paid to do what he does – otherwise, he could not be doing it full-time as he is. – Meryl Dorey.

Is Peter Tierney the devil incarnate? Notice the emotive language. Demagogue behaviour. Derek M Brown: anti-vaccine fundamentalist christian and creationist; supporter of the AVN; admin of Health Doesn’t Come In a Needle Facebook page; and former nurse:

Brown 17 Peter Tierney the devil incarnate

He lies. He joins groups under false names in order to spy on people who oppose medical tyranny. He threatens others and truly he should not be allowed to do the things he does. – Meryl Dorey. 

It’s a lying hypocrite with the initials of PT. A lying hypocrite who sits on his fat backside all day bludging using tax payers money, while he holds the other hand out for his shilling pennies.
You spend just about every waking hour on FB and twitter. You are a joke, your blog is a joke and you’re a lousy excuse for a parent. If you care so much about kids, then start by spending a little time with your own. Liz Hempel.

In a civil society, people like Tierney would be in prison.Meryl Dorey. 

I don’t give a WHank that you won’t pass my comments, idiot, I an content enough just to have you read it & know that you are really, really dumbAnonymous fan.

I’ve had Unreasonable Blank blocked for a long time Meryl Dorey.

Hank is a real wank, yes?Liz Hempel: comment on her antivax page.

You are ungracious sack of snot Liz Hempel.

Rave on Hank, you witless wankerLiz Hempel.

Reasonable JerkLiz Hempel.

Hank is officially the biggest hypocrite alive. At least the ‘rabid idiotic fringe dweller’ has never pretended to be someone’s friend in order to stalk them via FB.
That’s something a true nutcase would do. – Liz Hempel.

if you google that idiot who calls himself reasonable Hank, he has been sharing all over his blog that we will be marching on Sunday…Sounds like he is calling up opposition to stir up violence…he’s a pathetic excuse for a human being Louisa Kenzig AKA Lulu Langford and Veritas Alethia: deregistered enrolled nurse; Perth-based conspiracy theorist; callous unregistered, alternative health therapist.

I’m not worried. He will not even make it. He is a keyboard warrior No Jab No Play Protest anonymous Facebook page administrator.

Lulu 40 RH NJNP pathetc etc

Who is this mysterious man trolling the internet, hacking peoples accounts, spreading bullshit ?Ann Bressington follower.

reasonable Hank the midbrained wank, cant you hear the laughter pathetic little Peter pumpkin eater?Michael Jensen: homeopath; cult leader; head of own basement-based naturopathic school; raconteur.

This guy’s a troll and a half!Alfie Dimalanta: CAA Victoria  Board Member; Point Cook Chiropractic.

this Hank person need to get a lifeAnonymous life coach.

Hank is crazyAnonymous basement-based psychiatrist.

He needs to masterbate more… Or less! There is definitely an imbalance somewhere – Tim Shakespeare: Life Rebel Chiropractic; formerly Healing Wave Chiropractic; ex-CAA NSW Board Member until dismissed for anti-vaccination hubris.

reasonable hank needs a reasonable wank..too much time on his handsLuke Stone: Healing Wave & CAA chiropractor.

This guy reasonable wank probably slithers around hoping to get invited to the medical organisation christmas partyPaul Lawrence: CAA chiropractor; member of SA anti-vaccination group, VISA; equates immunisation to rape.

start posting on his blog by starting with “Hi Unreasonable Wank ..” or “Hi Ignorant Flogger …”Tez Molloy: chiropractor; Life Chiropractic College West footy coach.

You are one of the TOTAL LOSERS. HANK THE WANK can’t stop it as has made him blind many years ago Anonymous fan.

Your opinions are certainly “a grain of salt”. Less actually, more like a stinking turdAnonymous fan.

You’re not really a big deal until Unreasonable Hank has written a story about you!Tony Croke: Liberty Chiropractic; ex-CAA National Board Member, term cut short.

first class loserLuke Stone.

he probably gets a small stipend from some medical organisationPaul Lawrence

Petey has really lost the plot. Check out how many piss-driven rants he has posted during the last 48 hours on his troll page. – Liz Hempel.

Is he Ken McLeod?Simon King: Tweak Chiropractic & CAA chiropractor.

may be you are a perp to discredit you we all know about you imbosiles that destroy peoples livesAnn Bressington follower.

Ithink your post on Ann Bressington was a disgrace .and most of the comments were pathetic dribbleAnn Bressington follower.

your an idiot. this page is ridiculous and farcical –  Anonymous English Major.

Peter Tierney. Small town lawyer in BegaTony Croke.

And Plebisick deserves to die by way of fluoride poisoning, she is a piece of shit, just like you, limp dickNo Fluoride Australia Guy follower.

He isn’t that ‘reasonable’ after all is he…Tim Shakespeare.

I used the f bomb cos you’re a cunt who won’t fucken listenTwitter fan.

Speaking of ethics, you sir, are very ETHNOCENTRIC, thinking your ethics are Gods. World varies Twitter fan Jem from the USA.

Great data, Many thanks. That is really interesting, You are an overly professional blogger. I have joined your feed and sit up for in quest of more of your fantastic postMichael: Russian commenter.

Wow, fantastic weblog format! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? you made blogging glance easy – Dungeon Hunter 5: Eastern European commenter.

Peter Tierney (aka Reasonable (W)Hank…just remember, karma is a bitch and she’s got your number!Senior Facebook page administrator of the Australian Vaccination Network, the courageous, anonymous B52: commenting under the official AVN account:

AVN 6668 B52 Reasonable Wank GSK and Pfizer

Really. You just can’t stay mad at that.

I have had the unfortunate pleasure of peering directly into the eyes of Reasonable Hank and can say with certainty I have stared down evil – Peter Tierney: okay, that was me, on the Melbourne anti-vaccine protest page. I got scooped up in their excitement:

RH 90 PT testimonial

There are many more. I probably won’t get around to adding them.

Again, if you want to contact me, or leave me a lovely testimonial, send it to:

reasonablehank [at] gmail [dot] com 

Thanks for reading.

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