Australian Vaccination-risks Network posts anti-vaccination billboard in Brisbane

The Australian Vaccination-risks Network (formerly Australian Vaccination Network, and Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network), has a NSW Health Care Complaints Commission public health warning issued against it and its president Meryl Dorey:

The AVN has steadfastly refused to amend its anti-vaccination misinformation, despite being requested to do so by the NSW HCCC:

The AVN has a decades-long history of vilifying bereaved families and inciting abuse and threats against public health professionals and advocates.

Today, the AVN has boasted that it has been allowed to post a billboard in Brisbane, through APN Outdoor:

The anti-vaccination movement around the globe has taken to this latest public relations campaign, with companies forced to remove billboards in Perth and New Zealand.

APN is currently investigating how this public health travesty came to pass.



As usual, the AVN lays out its strategy for us.

The AVN admits that the advertisement is a bait-and-switch. This is illegal:


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