Citing imprimatur of University of Wollongong, antivaxer Judy Wilyman trolls Light for Riley

Judy Wilyman – the anti-vaccination activist inexplicably granted a PhD by the University of Wollongong – has a long history of vilifying bereaved parents: several times, Wilyman has claimed that the whooping cough deaths of babies Dana McCaffery and Riley Hughes are ‘anecdotes’ on which immunisation policy should not rely, whilst also falsely asserting that the McCaffery and Hughes families receive financial benefit for their advocacy of the whooping cough vaccine. Here’s what the Hughes family had to say to the University of Wollongong, in 2015, after one of Wilyman’s grotesque episodes; UoW later awarded Wilyman a PhD:

Wilyman has a long history of citing the imprimatur of the University of Wollongong in her disreputable and inept anti-vaccination activism. In 2013, the University distanced itself from Wilyman. Then, a few years later, it awarded her a PhD:

Recently, Wilyman has been on an anti-vaccination roadshow with the greedy crackpots from the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, holding a series of events in which anti-vaccination liars and their enablers claim that they are being censored. Notice that the University of Wollongong’s name is proudly featured in all paraphernalia promoting these events.

In April 2018, they had an event:

In June 2018, they are having another three-ring event. Well, granted, there are more than three rings presenting at this one:

Why can’t we talk about vaccines?

Joining Wilyman on this honking, clown-car convoy is University of Wollongong Emeritus Professor Brian Martin – Wilyman’s former PhD supervisor, go figure – who has most recently found himself somewhat perplexed at the lack of esteem he is being granted for further enabling a movement that proudly and repeatedly vilifies bereaved parents, health advocates, and anyone else who says anything nice about vaccines. Martin wrote a self-published book about his concerns at this lack of esteem:

Really, Brian, it’s just that no one likes you. I was
hoping I wouldn’t need to say that in public.

Somewhat related to “THE CENSORSHIP OF THE VACCINE DEBATE IN AUSTRALIA TODAY” is my 2016 blog post, in which Judy Wilyman sent me threats to remove material  from my blog: University of Wollongong antivaxer Judy Wilyman (and Prof Brian Martin?) attempts to censor this blog. Wilyman wrote:

If you do not remove all comments about me and my research from your blog further action will be taken to make you accountable for fabricating and misinforming the public about academic research and the vaccination issue in general.

Yours Sincerely,

Judy Wilyman PhD

Wilyman has a bit of history with US anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist, Brandy Vaughan. Vaughan and Wilyman featured together in this 2015 blog post that showed Vaughan and Wilyman arguing against the provision of Vitamin K to neonates: University of Wollongong antivax PhD student champions neonatal haemorrhaging.

Recently, professional antivaxer Vaughan’s organisation paid for billboard to be put up in Perth: Wilyman’s hometown. Antivaxers exalted at this development:

Light for Riley – the memorial Facebook page set up following the death of baby Riley Hughes, from whooping cough – is also Perth-based. They posted accurate, evidence-based information to counter the scary lies promoted by Vaughan and Wilyman:

On Monday, anti-vaccination activist Judy Wilyman took the opportunity to troll the Light for Riley page; the comment was deleted, with Light for Riley correctly refusing to platform anti-vaccination activists:

This is Wilyman’s original comment, before she edited it to result in the above:

The University of Wollongong should take a well-deserved bow. Congratulations, University of Wollongong.

Judy Wilyman representing the University of Wollongong’s ‘research
from the university’ by shouting at real researchers on a Perth stage


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Anti-vaccination activists angry that too few babies are dying from whooping cough

Wonderful news came this week regarding the success of maternal whooping cough boosters in saving the lives of babies too young to be immunised. From NSW Government Facebook:

Not a single child has died from whooping cough since the free whooping cough vaccination was introduced in 2015. The vaccine for pregnant women has reduced the chance of newborns with the illness being hospitalised by 94%. If you’re expecting, chat to your doctor about getting the free vaccine 👶

This lack of infant deaths has angered anti-vaccination activists in Belgin Arslan’s Anti-Vaccination Australia Facebook group.

Sara Stacey, of New South Wales, exclaimed:

This makes me soooo angry!


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Allona Lahn: Meryl Dorey 2.0 complete with warnings of microchips

Last week, Queensland media outlets succumbed to lobbying from Queensland anti-vaccination activist Allona Lahn. Incredibly, one of them was ABC Sunshine Coast. It’s like no one at the station had learned anything from the past decade of embarrassing Meryl Dorey ABC interviews, and the series of upheld complaints emanating from them.

Allona Lahn (R) with homophobic, racist antivaxer. Source Facebook.

Allona Lahn with anti-vaccination activists at a screening of Vaxxed in Queensland

Rule Number 1: vet your crackpots. Ask yourself: are they lying to me? Are they an honest broker of information? Is the bedrock of their whole campaign factual?

Here is a really good litmus test: remember when Meryl Dorey complained of microchips? That should have ended her existence on the airwaves. She should never have made it into  any parliamentarian’s office.

This is Allona Lahn, on her public page, only three weeks ago:

Why not stand up now rather than later?? A question I ask everyone.
If you think the mass drugging issue is going away… it isn’t… think EVERYONE is NOT in the firing line… your in dreamland. It is only a matter of time before we are micro chipped, have facial recognition and the Government have access to your whole life, the streamlining of ALL your records, it is happening as we speak.

The mass drugging of the people from womb to tomb is on the agenda… not just vaccines but ANY drug –one third of Australians are on anti depressants, very few woman while birthing escape drugs, most elderly love their labelled little pill containers full of all sorts of colored pills, whenever you go to a Doctor you are lucky to escape without a prescription –

Think you can fly under the radar? ….. maybe for now you can but for how long? Your whole life is being linked, credit cards,drivers license, pension card, welfare card, health records, tax records, business records, insurance – all in the name of advancement and your welfare….. to keep you safe…… for convenience…… the Government know who you are….

What if YOU decide YOU don’t want the drugs prescribed? Is it YOUR choice? Or does the “expert” Doctor have the right to tell you what to do?… or the state? Is your child yours or the states? Who makes the rules to decide, you or another? Do these people REALLY have YOUR best interests at heart? Or are they on a payroll linked to the very corporations dictating to the politicians who then dictate to the Government departments and lawmakers and then you. – you have nothing to do with anything, as guess what your at the bottom of the pile…..

How many drugs are you prepared to pop and inject before you say NO? By saying NO to just one drug, how is that going to affect you in the future? – Placed in jail for not following the corporations rules? Forcibly jabbed? Fined? Where does this mass drugging stop? Who decides how many more drugs are necessary? Which drugs, how often, what dose….

I am daily contacted by people that are scared, alone, isolated, children have been removed or threats of removal, Doctors in hiding, scientists that won’t speak up, nurses that will loose their job if they don’t get jabbed, Nurses that want to speak up that can’t, mothers that are unable to get help with daycare/kindy thanks to draconian laws, pregnant women that are being coerced and manipulated, elderly that are pressured to take drugs, school drugging …. SO many people are pissed off and NOT happy with the system but in particular the coerced drugging of our children…..

So why not let’s ALL come together NOW…
before EVERYONE has to be drugged in one way or another, before ALL your rights are eroded in most areas of your life… Simple really…

IF EVERYONE that agrees with me STOOD UP, IT WOULD BE GAME OVER…… it is called PEOPLE POWER…….

Imagine the POWER that we will have when A MILLION PEOPLE hit the streets. The day is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Be the change you want to see and be….
Blessings and strength to you

“While I wait for most to find their inner strength and truth I am breathing deeping, calling on my inner patience and trusting that I am in the right place at the right time. Frustratingly I can see things have to get much worse before they get better, I don’t think it has to be this way but if people don’t stand up and make a move soon all I can see is a slippery slope…….. in the meantime I will keep doing what I do knowing that at least I am giving it my best shot and my conscious in clear….”

And this is Allona Lahn, on her public page, just four weeks ago:

This time in history injecting new born babies with disease and toxins will go down in history as criminal and barbaric….. “Cola – guaranteed happiness and higher chance of fitting in and gaining acceptance”

Are you a “Cola Mum?” jabbing your kids to “fit in and gain acceptance?” or have you done your research and read a vaccine insert?

And, still, the ABC thought it appropriate to interview her as an honest broker.


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During Melbourne measles alert antivaxers seek to deliberately infect their unimmunised children

On Tuesday February 20 2018, a measles alert was issued for Melbourne after an infectious person visited several locations:

What is the issue?

There has been one confirmed case of measles in Melbourne. The infection was acquired in Victoria and it is possible that the infection was acquired at Centrelink in Dandenong between Monday 22 January and Friday 2 February 2018. The case attended a number of locations in Melbourne whilst infectious including:

Thursday 8 February 2018

  • Centrelink Dandenong, 8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Friday 9 February 2018

  • Centrelink Dandenong, 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
  • Mountain Gate Cricket Club, Ferntree Gully, 6.00 – 8.00 pm
  • Dan Murphy’s Rowville, 8.30 pm

Saturday 10 February 2018

  • Fairhills High School basketball stadium, Knoxfield, 9.30 – 10.30 am
  • Rowville Secondary College basketball stadium, Rowville, 2.30 – 3.30 pm

Sunday 11 February 2018

  • Belgrave Cricket Ground, 11.30 am   6.30 pm

Monday 12 February 2018

  • ABC Costume Hire, Wantirna South 3.00 – 4.00 pm

Who is at risk?

Children or adults born during or since 1966 who do not have documented evidence of receiving two doses of a measles-containing vaccine or do not have documented evidence of immunity are considered to be susceptible to measles. People who are immunocompromised are also at risk.

The day before, February 19 2018, Western Australian anti-vaccination activist Eugenie Kruger – posting in Unvaccinated Australia, a Facebook group founded by and administered by Melbourne’s Trent Wiseman of the discredited antivax organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, and also administered by Brisbane’s Daniel DeBuriatte of the AVN – made the following request:

If anyone’s kids has measles or chicken pox now or in the near future, please PM me as I’d love to come visit:) definitely time my 3 & 6yo gets some lifelong natural immunity

DeBuriatte can be seen responding in the screenshot:

My guess is you will struggle to find a sick unvaccinated child! Maybe try posting in a max-vax cult group like SAVN 😜

Public  image courtesy Facebook

Also on Wednesday February 20 2018, in direct response to the news of the Melbourne measles alert – in another antivax group administered by the AVN’s Trent Wiseman, Australia: Childcare for Unvaccinated Children, also administered by AVN president, Melbourne’s Tasha David – anti-vaccination activist and registered chiropractor Sara Brookes of Melbourne made the same request to infect her two unimmunised children with measles:

With the recent measles outbreak near Dandanong , please contact/message me if your children get measles and you are happy to share.

Rochelle Senn, a Geelong teacher, issued the same request for her two unimmunised children:

Same plz!

Public  image courtesy Facebook 

The administrators of Australia: Childcare for Unvaccinated Children:

Once again, warn your families and friends about the real dangers of the anti-vaccination movement, not only to your children, but, also to their own.

Just this month, another person died in the ongoing European measles epidemic.

Measles snapshot, from The Australian Immunisation Handbook:

4.9.2 Clinical features

Measles is a highly infectious, acute viral illness spread by respiratory secretions, including aerosol transmission.1 It is infectious from the beginning of the prodromal period and for up to 4 days after the appearance of the rash. The incubation period is usually 10 to 14 days. The prodrome, lasting 2 to 4 days, is characterised by fever and malaise, followed by a cough, coryza and conjunctivitis. The maculopapular rash typically begins on the face and upper neck, and then becomes generalised.

Measles is often a severe disease, frequently complicated by otitis media (in approximately 9%), pneumonia (in approximately 6%) and diarrhoea (in approximately 8%).1,2 Acute encephalitis occurs in 1 per 1000 cases, and has a mortality rate of 10 to 15%, with a high proportion of survivors suffering permanent brain damage.3 Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a late complication of measles, occurring on average 7 years after infection in approximately 0.5 to 1 per 100 000 measles cases.1 SSPE causes progressive brain damage and is always fatal. Complications from measles are more common and more severe in the chronically ill, in children <5 years of age, and in adults.2 Approximately 60% of deaths from measles are attributed to pneumonia, especially in the young, while complications from encephalitis are more frequently refer ton in adults.1,2 Measles infection during pregnancy can result in miscarriage and premature delivery, but has not been associated with congenital malformation.2 There is no specific therapy for acute measles infection.



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Anti-vaccination doxxing and defamation, the HCCC, and Holdsworth House Medical Practice

This post will be a little self-indulgent, in that it has been coming for a long time – fifteen months in the making – and that the circumstances surrounding the doxxing, defamation and vilification of a complete stranger, by anti-vaccination activists, continues to this day.

Directly related to the above is another subject which pertains to the alleged illegal sharing of my personal mobile phone number to anti-vaccination activists, I argue, originating out of Holdsworth House Medical Practice (HHMP), in Sydney. Whether or not HHMP knows that they are the source of the alleged illegal sharing of my phone number is up for debate. Below, I will include HHMP’s response to an investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), regarding a complaint that was lodged about the alleged illegal sharing of my personal information by this healthcare provider. HHMP has not and has never assisted me with any requests I have made of them in this matter.

I will also include responses from the investigating police station at the time, which would appear to be in conflict with the claims made by HHMP to the HCCC. I argue that this is enough to have the HCCC take another look at the claims made by HHMP and, in particular, its staff.


My name is Peter Tierney. I live on the New South Wales South Coast. I am not a healthcare practitioner. I am single. I am a full-time, single parent to my two kids. You can hear my voice in this ABC North Coast interview about this exact topic. This exact topic exemplifies best why I keep my identity – apart from my name – and those of my children, a secret. Check out my testimonials page for further examples as to why this secrecy is a good idea.

My name is not Peter Tiernan. Peter Tiernan lives on the NSW North Coast. He is a healthcare practitioner (a physiotherapist). He is married. As far as I know he has one daughter. You can hear his voice in this ABC North Coast interview about this exact topic, given the day before my interview.

In the course of investigations into this whole debacle, NSW Police verified both of our identities as separate individuals living in different regions of NSW. We both did this in person, at our local police stations, using our real faces and our real driver’s licences with our real names on them.

Anti-vaccination activists, led by Belgin Colak-Arslan and the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network’s Brett Smith, both of Sydney, wrongly identified Mr Tiernan as me, because: our names are similar; he grew up with the McCaffery family, whom I have known only since 2009; he went to school with journalist Jane Hansen, whom I have only known, but, never met in person, since about 2010; and he is a healthcare practitioner.

Basically, antivaxers put two and two together and got potato. Then they mashed the potato and doxxed Peter Tiernan and his extended family, and continue to defame and vilify Peter Tiernan to this day. They contacted his daughter and his wife on Facebook, for God’s sake. They contacted him at work and threatened him. He had to shut down his social media presence and change his phone number. His work had to start screening his calls due to the threats and abuse. Belgin Arslan even published his address on a public Facebook thread, eliciting a threat from deranged anti-vaccination activist Frank Vazquez:

For greater detail on the doxxing, please read these two articles on the whole doxxing debacle, by Diluted Thinking:

The Doxxing of Peter Tiernan – an Overview

The Doxxing of Peter Tiernan – the Doxxers

So, what tipped these antivax conspiracy theorists over the edge into illegality, apart from their usual Dunning-Kruger certainty?

On October 18 2016, in the course of collecting evidence for my blog series on anti-vaccine nurses and midwives, I came across a Sydney nurse – whom I had noticed some months previously – who bragged in the Anti-Vaccination Australia Facebook group that her workplace knew about and condoned her anti-vaccination activism:

I’m a nurse and will continue to say what I believe about vaccines. They can shove their guidelines up there ass

my boss and colleagues all know my views on this issue and are fine with it. I have worked here for a long time and my views and beliefs are no secret to anyone in my workplace so I think I’m safe 

This nurse was Loretta Blaikie (AKA Loretta Salakas, AKA Loretta Baxter). Blaikie included the name of her employer on her public Facebook profile. Blaikie’s employer is/was Holdsworth House Medical Practice. Exercising due diligence, I called HHMP to verify that she did in fact work there. This was confirmed by the receptionist. I advised the receptionist that I would require Blaikie’s AHPRA registration number – to facilitate a complaint about her anti-vaccination activism that cited her employer’s imprimatur – as Blaikie was not using her AHPRA-searchable, registered names in her antivax activism. The receptionist told me I would need to talk to the nursing unit manager, that the nursing unit manager was unavailable, and that I could leave my name and number for the nursing unit manager. I agreed to leaving my name and number for the stated and specific use of the nursing unit manager only, and for no-one else. I stated that the call was confidential. I received no reply from the nursing unit manager, and so left another message the next morning, October 19 2016, re-stipulating all of the above. Again, I received no reply from the nursing unit manager.

On October 20 2016, at 0819 hours, I published my article on Blaikie: Anti-vaccine nurses and midwives 26.

Blaikie has since had restrictions placed on her registration:

The registrant must not work as an enrolled nurse until reviewed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of New South Wales and this condition is removed.

A letter sent to complainants, on August 21 2017, by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of NSW, states the following:

Complaint about Ms Loretta Lee Blaikie

Thank you for your letter dated 21 October 2016 about Ms Loretta Lee Blaikie.

The Council considered your complaint and additional information, and decided to take urgent interim action under section 150 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law.

Interim conditions have been imposed on Ms Loretta Lee Blaikie’s registration to protect the public. Information about these conditions are available on AHPRA’s website These conditions are temporary and will remain in place until removed, amended by the Council or the complaint is finalised.

On October 20 2016, at 1742 hours, I received a phone call from a senior-constable at a South-Western Sydney police station, who was acting on an in-person complaint of harassment lodged by Loretta Blaikie. I was skeptical that the senior-constable was indeed a police officer due to his thuggish demeanour, his reluctance to provide the phone number for the police station, his vague threats to arrest me, and his devolving argumentation and intimidation which ended in him calling me a “grub.” After some days, verifying with my local police that the call had indeed come from a serving police officer, I lodged a complaint about the officer which resulted in his chief-inspector apologising to me for his behaviour – on November 25 2016 – even though the senior-constable refused to apologise. I agreed to settle my complaint via an informal process. At no stage did I seek disciplinary action. I only ever requested an apology.

While this NSW Police complaint process was ongoing, a friend had lodged a complaint about HHMP to the NSW HCCC – expanded below – regarding the alleged illegal release of my phone number to anti-vaccination activists. A brief account of the fallout of this alleged illegal release of my number – apart from having to change my mobile phone number for valid safety reasons – is as follows.

On October 20 2016, at 1833 hours, I received a phone call from anti-vaccination activist Belgin Arslan, on mobile phone number 04******69, who conveyed to me that she had just obtained my private, unlisted phone number from a ‘private messaging thread where my phone number was being shared amongst dozens of anti-vaccination activists’. Arslan refused to state the name of the individual who had started this Facebook messaging thread. On October 22 2016 at 1415 hours, Arslan called me again, this time denying that she obtained my mobile phone number from a private antivax messaging thread. She instead claimed she was given the number by Herald Sun Health Editor Grant MacArthur. Arslan then claimed it was given to her by a female Herald Sun receptionist who gave Arslan my number, after checking through messages which had been left (I had not left any messages with the Herald Sun). Grant MacArthur expressly denied these claims as false and impossible, in an email to me. Colak then begged for her name to be left out of any reports to police on this matter. Colak called and texted me several times throughout the day. She continued attempting to call and text me until the end of October 2016. In an act which speaks volumes to Arslan’s deceit and attempt to cover her tracks, and the tracks of others, she texted me to claim that she and Loretta Blaikie had only become Facebook friends on October 23 2016. I know this is a lie. They had already been Facebook friends for several months when I posted my blog post on Blaikie:

October 20 2016, at 2037 hours, I received a phone call from anti-vaccination activist Brett Smith misrepresenting himself as “Dr Andrew Gowrie” of Holdsworth House, on 04******14. He stated that he was the “on-call doctor”. He stated that he was prompted to call me by, and “on behalf of [his] boss” Dr Dick Quan, Managing Director of HHMP. He stated that he was tasked by Dr Quan to investigate any breaches of privacy at Holdsworth House Medical Practice. On October 21 2016, Smith also sent a text, impersonating Dr Andrew Gowers (a real doctor at HHMP):

October 22 2016 at 1142 hours

I received another phone call from Dr “Andrew Gowrie”. I recognised Brett Smith’s voice on this occasion and searched for a previous message where his number was shared with me. It is the same phone number as this June 16 2016 Facebook message, from Brett Smith:

And it’s also the same number Smith publicly posted to a friend, in 2016, with Smith going on to threaten to assault my friend, over the phone:

When I publicly tweeted that I was now aware of Smith’s impersonation of Dr Andrew Gowers, Smith texted me again:

Smith texted again on October 31 2016, attempting to intimidate me with blog posts:

The threats, intimidation, defamation, and doxxing of Peter Tiernan and me then kicked off, in earnest. This Dropbox collection contains over a dozen PDFs of evidence of this attack on Peter Tiernan and me. Smith published three blog posts based on his and Arslan’s poor investigative skills, all defaming Peter Tiernan, a completely innocent man. These blog posts remain published and Smith retweets them on a regular basis. Given that Smith is aware – even via his own solicitor – that NSW Police have verified that Peter Tiernan is not me, I would argue that Smith’s continued defamation and vilification of Peter Tiernan falls into the category of criminal defamation:

Smith then started implying – with the assistance of Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – that we are involved in paedophilia:

Smith has continued his criminal defamation of Peter Tiernan to this day:

Arslan and Smith have also repeatedly boasted of being in the possession of illegally recorded  telephone conversations between themselves, me, and Peter Tiernan. In NSW, this is a breach of the NSW Surveillance Devices Act. Both are aware that they did not have permission to record the phone calls, nor share the illegal recordings, nor publish the illegal recordings. To date they have not publicly published these recordings.


November 7 2016

November 12 2016


SURVEILLANCE DEVICES ACT 2007 – SECT 12 Possession of record of private conversation or activity

SURVEILLANCE DEVICES ACT 2007 – SECT 12 Possession of record of private conversation or activity

Finally, we come to Holdsworth House Medical Practice’s response to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, in relation to a complaint that HHMP had allegedly, illegally shared my private contact details with anti-vaccination activists. The HCCC findings to the complaint are located here. I will add the full text in an appendix, below.

For now, the pertinent section of the HCCC findings, from December 12 2016, is as follows. I will respond to HHMP’s claims below:

In relation to the allegation the Practice disclosed confidential contact information of Mr Tierney, the Practice advises the receptionist who took his call noted he was not a patient and escalated the inquiry to the Nurse Unit Manager as per his request.

The Practice was advised by Ms Baxter that she had been subject to harassment via a Facebook group and had reported the matter to Police. In turn, Police requested the telephone number of Mr Tierney for the purpose of their report.

The Practice provides statements from staff confirming they did not provide Mr Tierney’s phone number to any party other than the NSW Police at their request following allegations of harassment.

The Practice outline the confidentiality agreements that are signed by all staff members including the receptionist, Nurse Unit Manager and Ms Baxter. It is reiterated that all staff comply with privacy obligations and do not disseminated personal information of patients or otherwise unless consent is provided or they are required by way of subpoena or warrant.

HHMP claimed that an employee gave my phone number to police, on their request:

Police requested the telephone number of Mr Tierney for the purpose of their report.

NSW Police confirmed to me – on November 25 2016 – that the senior-constable to whom Blaikie complained, in person, on October 20 2016, retrieved my phone number from the COPS Database, not from the complainant. The complainant provided my name to the senior-constable. This confirms to me that Blaikie was given my name – and most likely my phone number, by HHMP’s own admission – against my express wishes that this matter was to be treated in confidence, as agreed to by the receptionist.

HHMP again claimed that NSW Police requested my phone number:

The Practice provides statements from staff confirming they did not provide Mr Tierney’s phone number to any party other than the NSW Police at their request following allegations of harassment.

On February 24 2017, NSW Police confirmed to me that the investigating senior-constable “had no recollection” of ever contacting HHMP, and reiterated that he retrieved my number from the COPS Database. So, HHMP provided my number to someone, but, it wasn’t NSW Police.

Again, HHMP stated that NSW Police requested my phone number:

The Practice provides statements from staff confirming they did not provide Mr Tierney’s phone number to any party other than the NSW Police at their request following allegations of harassment.

This is already known to be untrue, per the above. This now demands further explanation from HHMP staff as to whether or not they have lied to the HCCC in their statements, or whether or not they have provided my phone number to anti-vaccination activists impersonating police officers over the phone: this is not a far stretch of the imagination given what antivaxers had already done in impersonating a doctor, and lying about obtaining my phone number from messages left with ‘a female Herald Sun receptionist.’

HHMP admits to staff breaching its own privacy policies and procedures by providing my private details to a third party – who were not the NSW Police – without a “subpoena or warrant”:

The Practice outline the confidentiality agreements that are signed by all staff members including the receptionist, Nurse Unit Manager and Ms Baxter. It is reiterated that all staff comply with privacy obligations and do not disseminated personal information of patients or otherwise unless consent is provided or they are required by way of subpoena or warrant.

Thanks for reading this far.

Hopefully charges will still be laid against Arslan and Smith. There is certainly enough evidence, provided by them.



HCCC December 12 2016 Holdsworth House Medical Practice findings text

Dear Mr Mcleod,

I am writing to advise you of the Commission’s assessment decision concerning your complaint about Ms Loretta Baxter and also the Holdsworth House Medical Practice Darlinghurst (the Practice).

In order to assess your complaint, the Commission notified the executive of the Practice and requested a response to the issues and allegations you raised. The Practice does not consent to the release of that response to yourself of any third party. As such, I am not lawfully able to supply with you a copy.

The Commission specifically requested the Practice respond to allegations they are anti-vaccination or that they condone promotion of ant-vaccination views within their organisation. Additionally, the Commission sought clarification of the Practice’s policy with regard to anti-vaccination sentiments and activism of their staff, namely Ms Loretta Baxter. Finally, the Commission requested the Practice respond to the allegation their staff released confidential information, that being the personal details of Mr Tierney.

In addition to the response, the Commission considered the volume of Facebook screen captures supplied in your complaint and also received supplementary to your complaint.

In their response, the Practice outlined their involvement in the employment of Ms Baxter, indicating she is employed by Australian Clinical Labs (ACL) who provide pathology and nursing services to the Practice’s central Sydney site. The response states Ms Baxter is an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse who has provided services to the Practice on an intermittent basis for the past 6 years.

The Practice states they strongly promote adherence to vaccination programs across each of their outlets and prior to this occasion, the views of Ms Baxter have never been brought to their attention.

The Commission is advised that over the course of her engagement with the Practice, Ms Baxter has administered hundreds of vaccinations in line with recommended guidance and has demonstrated herself to be an exemplary EEN without any suggestion or feedback she has encouraged patients from being vaccinated.

The Practice states they have reported the views of Ms Baxter to her employer and it is their understanding that she has received formal warning. The Practice advise that whilst the comments of Ms Baxter were made in a Private forum, they have made it expressly clear the conduct of publically expressing such views on vaccination do not accord with the Practice and is unacceptable. They also state publication or further incidents of anti-vaccination sentiments will result in further action which may include termination of her services.

The Commission are advised that Ms Baxter has provided reasoning for her decision not to vaccinate one of her children on medical grounds however she herself is vaccinated as per requirement of her profession.

In relation to the allegation the Practice disclosed confidential contact information of Mr Tierney, the Practice advises the receptionist who took his call noted he was not a patient and escalated the inquiry to the Nurse Unit Manager as per his request.

The Practice was advised by Ms Baxter that she had been subject to harassment via a Facebook group and had reported the matter to Police. In turn, Police requested the telephone number of Mr Tierney for the purpose of their report.

The Practice provides statements from staff confirming they did not provide Mr Tierney’s phone number to any party other than the NSW Police at their request following allegations of harassment.

The Practice outline the confidentiality agreements that are signed by all staff members including the receptionist, Nurse Unit Manager and Ms Baxter. It is reiterated that all staff comply with privacy obligations and do not disseminated personal information of patients or otherwise unless consent is provided or they are required by way of subpoena or warrant.

In conclusion, the Practice undertake their adherence to vaccination programs and offer a spread sheet of demonstrating vaccinations administered. They advise they have issued a formal statement on their Facebook page reassuring consumers of their views on vaccinations and their compliance with privacy laws.

On the 28 November 2016, the Commission Assessment Committee considered all available material and concluded there are insufficient grounds to progress your complaint regarding Holdsworth House Medical Practice.

The Commission determined there is insufficient evidence to indicate the Practice does not adhere to best practice with regard to administration of vaccinations. The Commission concludes that aside from Ms Baxter, there is insufficient evidence to indicate a culture of anti-vaccination activism or sympathies that might pose an ongoing risk to public health or safety or would require further action by the Commission against the facility itself.

The Commission considered the reasoning by the Practice to supply the phone number of Mr Tierney to NSW Police was based on a considered and contained decision and does not draw criticism. You are encouraged to escalate this to the Privacy or Information Commissioner of NSW if you do not agree with this decision as they are the appropriate body to consider complaints about privacy and information.

Whilst the matter did not reach a threshold for further investigation, the Commission makes formal comment to the facility reminding them of their requirement to enforce recognised best science. The Commissioner formally notes the undertakings provided by the executive of the Practice with regard to their vigilance about the views of their staff regarding anti-vaccination and the comments of their staff on social media.

I acknowledge you may have outstanding concerns about the Practice or that you may not agree with the decision of the Commission. However I wish to assure you that the Commission Assessment Committee took this matter very seriously, given the recognised best science regarding vaccination protocols and adherence to practice directives of medical and nursing governance.

Your complaint regarding Ms Loretta Baxter (Blaikie – E. E. N) remains under assessment and is at the stage of co-regulatory consultation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of New South Wales. The final decision of that assessment may not be available until to the New Year given the Christmas closure period of both the Commission and the Council. This decision will be communicated to you in the first instance and patience is appreciated.

Under our legislation, you are entitled to request a review of the assessment decision. Should you consider that the assessment decision was not thorough and robust, OR if you have any new material for the Commission to consider, you may request a review in writing within 28 days of receiving this letter.

If you have any questions about this decision, please contact…


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Antivaxer boasts of lying to procure fraudulent immunisation medical exemption and Centrelink entitlements

On January 23 2018, in hardcore anti-vaccination Facebook group Anti-Vaccination Australia – yes, the group run by Belgin Arslan, who, with Brett Smith of the discredited Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, vilified and doxxed an innocent Byron Bay physiotherapist and his family in the erroneous, still-firmly-held belief that this physiotherapist is Reasonable Hank – an anti-vaccination activist from Port Hedland Western Australia admitted to lying to her doctor in order to procure a medical exemption for at least one of her two children – and possibly both – in order to access Centrelink entitlements to which it would appear she is not entitled.

Amanda Hooton: public image courtesy Facebook.

Amanda Hooton planning to deface property with anti-vaccination 
stickers, as shown in this October 16 2016 post by admin Belgin Arslan

Responding to another member’s question, Amanda Hooton boasted on Tuesday that she had told a “white lie” to her doctor in order to deceive her doctor into providing a medical exemption for her second child:

I have a medical exemption form. But your doctor will  only give you one of these if there is a legit medical reason as to not vaccinate! I told a white lie 🤭

Asked to explain how she obtained this medical exemption by deception, Hooton elaborated:

Ok so my oldest daughter had a penicillin reaction and caused really bad hives. I took pictures of them obviously for future reference.
My second child had her 2 month needles and then I went back to the dr with pictures of the allergic reaction and said that’s what happened from the needles and pretended it was her instead of my older child.
She recorded it on the state system and wrote her off on any other immunisations.
She referred us to an immunologist and I ‘forgot’ about the appointment and have never looked back. She now starts school next week and is the healthiest kid ever

Hooton then published photos of her older child’s “penicillin reaction”, which, as we will see, were originally taken in 2016:

Hooton stated:

Bad I know but it was the only way I could survive. 🙁

I will be removing these comments in 15 mins haha

Indeed, Hooton deleted the damning comments. The post now appears like this:

Hooton has history in the Anti-Vaccination Australia group; she has posted the photos of the “penicillin reaction” before.

Hooton joined the group in January 2016, under the guise of her child having a “reaction” at that time:

In February 2016, Hooton provided a different explanation for what she now claims was a “penicillin reaction” which caused “really bad hives”; the photos are the same ones she provided yesterday:

I got a medical exemption for my 19 month old after being bullied into giving her her first immunisations ever at 19 months. She came out in an awful rash, was screaming high pitch, fever over 38 and wouldn’t even let me touch her or bfeed her 🙁
she went to hospital and was told it was a reaction to the immunisations. Went back to the gp and she wrote her off vaccines for ever. Said next time it could be anaphylaxis.

Hooton added:

Lucky enough she is well and happy now. Back to her normal self. It could have been worse 🙁 I have the worst guilt ever but in a cruel to be kind scenario, I’m glad it happened now as we are now medically exempt 🙂

Hi Laurette it was the 2 month immunisation, the doctor said she thinks it may have been the preservative but couldn’t be sure so wrote off all vaccinations. My daughter has been referred to an immunologist as the preservative could be one that she will be exposed to in the future just in her diet

In July 2016, in reply to another member, Hooton reiterated her story, this time offering up her photographs for others to use to defraud Centrelink:

Hooton stated:

This was my daughter’s rash after we gave her the 2 month needles at 18 months. She is now medically exempt


Katie I was against vaccinations. I just haven’t done enough research to trust that they are safe. My gp finally talked me into it and I’m so happy but totally pissed that she did because now we are medically exempt

I’m I’m WA. My gp put it down as severe anaphylactic as she thinks that another dose might cause this and I sent it through to Medicare and it was approved.

Feel free to use my pictures to convince a gp that your child had a reaction. This stuff is potent. It could have killed my baby.

In February 2017, Hooton posted again stating that her child was in Port Hedland hospital on intravenous antibiotics:

The admissions from Hooton, combined with her changing story regarding the cause of her child’s reaction, as depicted in the photos, gives due cause for Centrelink to investigate Hooten for obtaining benefit by deception in at least one instance. There appears to be enough here to investigate both medical exemptions granted to her children.



On January 24 2018, Hooton posted a message in Anti-Vaccination Australia, from The West Australian Health Editor Cathy O’Leary, including Cathy O’Leary’s phone number. Members of the group contacted Cathy O’Leary, with Hooton’s blessing; one AVA member – Jaye Son Sheild – even impersonating a “legal representative”:

Hooton accused those who took the original screenshots of photo-shopping her comments:

Jaye Son Sheild impersonated Hooton’s “legal representative”:

Amanda Hooton so i just contacted her and i said I was your legal representative, she was talking about your posts regarding a way to recieve payments and not vacinate. I informed her that to force a parent to forcefully vaccinate a child under a direct threat is extortion, and we the people will be taking this further to parliament and have our concerns adressed. She refused to answer who she worked for. she kept coming back to the fact you posted something regarding a loop hole in the law in order to recieve payments after a refusal to vaccinate, and i reminded her that the law is not black and white, and if there is a loop hole, than that is lawful and there is absolutely nothing illegal about giving infomation out to the public. she wants to discuss this with you directly, I wouldnt bother

Other comments from a very long thread containing abuse of Cathy O’Leary:

Hooton claims that her medical  exemption is “legal and binding”:


Huge thanks goes to my friend who was quick enough to capture Hooton’s boasts and other posts in Anti-Vaccination Australia. 


Update January 29 2018

Antivaxers in Anti-Vaccination Australia have advocated paying to have me  killed. Twelve antivaxers liked the idea:

Jasmine Wood Wtf…thats defamation..i would be getting lawyer. Or payimg someone to just kill fuckwithank



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Fundraising underway for Nazi-oppressed anti-vaccination chiropractor Simon Floreani

On the afternoon of January 10 2018, the ferociously anti-vaccination pressure group the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – run by president Tasha David and past-president Meryl Dorey – compared bereaved parent Catherine Hughes – a public health hero lauded in our federal parliament who is also the 2016 Western Australia Young Australian of the Year – to Nazis. One AVN page member also referred to Ms Hughes as a “dumb mole”:

Later in the afternoon, the AVN shared a fundraising campaign – itself started by anti-vaccination activist Tamara Rattray, with a target of $300,000 – in which the costs of “legal fees” are sought for being unrepentant anti-vaccination chiropractor Simon Floreani, who is apparently the target of alleged “Nazis ruling Australia right now.” Floreani himself is a current or former member of the AVN:

Floreani had previously been suspended and, then, had the suspension lifted in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. From my previous post on Floreani (note: more Nazi references)

Renowned and unapologetic anti-vaccination chiropractor Simon Floreani – once the president of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia – has been let off, once again.

Floreani – who has regularly thumbed his nose at regulators with his anti-vaccination activities, for which he was previously cautioned by AHPRA; who recently allowed his business to be used by the antivax pressure group the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, to show the anti-vaccination movie, Vaxxed; who has also bragged about sneaking into a hospital, using a fake identity, to treat a spinal patient; who also referred a patient to a fake gynaecologist; and whose supporters recently compared themselves to Jews during The Holocaust – continues to laugh at the regulators.

New conditions have appeared on Floreani’s chiropractic registration, noting that his suspension now appears to be over…

In her GoFundMe blurb, Rattray states that Floreani had given assurances that he would cease his unprofessional conduct (full text of GoFundMe page, below):

All of this means further significant cost to the Floreani family of perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars, which could easily be avoided if the regulator is willing accept Dr Simon’s reassurances (which he gave under oath in the legal proceedings) that he will abide by the guidelines and statements that govern him as a health professional, instead of forcing him to challenge its decisions in extremely expensive legal battles.

One can understand the regulator’s alleged reservations in believing Mr Floreani’s verbal assurances, given his wife’s promises, declaring the opposite, in 2013:

But high-profile chiropractors say they will continue providing information about both sides of the vaccination argument.

Chiropractor and author Jennifer Barham-Floreani says it will not stop her colleagues from giving patients advice.

“Chiropractors will certainly be working towards making sure that the information that they convey to parents is the latest, up-to-date information that presents both sides of the vaccination debate,” she said.

Watch this space for more Nazis.

If you think the fundraising for Floreani’s legal fees is in breach of GoFundMe’s Terms of Service, you can tell them about it, here:


Floreani GoFundMe fundraiser full text:

Dr Simon Floreani’s Legal Fees

I have started this Go Fund Me page to help support one of the most dedicated and passionate health practitioners I’ve come to know and depend upon for my family’s health, Dr Simon Floreani.

Dr Simon recently had his chiropractic registration suspended under the ‘immediate action’ laws that apply to health practitioners, even though the two events on which the suspension was based took place nearly a year beforehand, and even though there was no complaint by any of Dr Simon’s patients that he had caused harm to any person. The two events were:

1. In October 2016, Dr Simon was interviewed online by an American chiropractor for a Californian conference and in that wide-ranging interview there was a mention by the interviewer of the Australian Government’s mandatory vaccination changes. Dr Simon made some comments in response that were considered by the regulator to be anti-vaccination in nature.

2. In December 2016, Dr Simon allowed his practices premises to be used for the screening of a film ‘Vaxxed’ which neither he nor any of his staff attended. The regulator considers this film to be anti-vaccination in nature.

The regulator notified Dr Simon in late December 2016 of its concerns about these two events, and reminded Dr Simon of the statements and guidelines it had issued which prohibit chiropractors from displaying, promoting or providing materials, information or advice which is anti-vaccination in nature, or from making public statements discouraging vaccination. From that point on, Dr Simon made no further public comments about vaccination and did not provide any patients with anti-vaccination material. He also tried to have the interview taken down from YouTube but has been unsuccessful, since it was published by an unrelated person.

Despite this, at the end of September last year, with only one week’s notice (and while he was travelling overseas), Dr Simon had his registration suspended because he supposedly represented a “serious” risk to his patients and it was “necessary” to take immediate action.

Only after a recent legal process has he and his legal team managed to get a ‘stay’ of his suspension, but despite this win Dr Simon was under suspension and unable to practise for 7 weeks, and this has seriously damaged his reputation and business.

In the meantime, Dr Simon’s legal costs have mounted up: to date he has had to pay about $160,000 for his own defence, and at this stage it is not clear how much of this might be covered by his insurance provider.

Despite obtaining a stay, this situation is only temporary: although he is now practising again, the regulator’s decision to suspend him under the ‘immediate action’ laws is still under appeal in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and may be reinstated. And even if his appeal is successful, the regulator is still investigating these historical events and that may result in another decision to sanction him.

All of this means further significant cost to the Floreani family of perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars, which could easily be avoided if the regulator is willing accept Dr Simon’s reassurances (which he gave under oath in the legal proceedings) that he will abide by the guidelines and statements that govern him as a health professional, instead of forcing him to challenge its decisions in extremely expensive legal battles.

I cannot help but feel that the regulator in this case is being unfairly heavy-handed with a practitioner who has only ever had his patients’ best interests and wellbeing at heart and provided the utmost care for them and their families, and so I sincerely ask you, if you are able, to please donate towards Dr Simon Floreani’s legal costs to help him keep fighting to maintain his practice, his patients’ well being and his family’s livelihood.



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A new year brings fresh antivax trolling and vilification of Light for Riley

I’m being quite serious when I say she is suffering with delusions
of grandeur and/or a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as if
she somehow holds the power
to prevent babies dying. She will
use any possible way to get attention for
herself, including casting
herself as the victim
– AVN antivax page member Trinity James discussing
Catherine Hughes, whose baby son Riley died from whooping cough in 2015.

Those of us who follow and expose the anti-vaccination movement for what it is – and it certainly is not love and light – are well accustomed to antivaxers’ attacks on bereaved families. We’ve covered this in depth, with examples herehere and here.

Catherine Hughes states this, eloquently:

Since the day after we lost Riley, we were attacked by anti-vaccine activists who mocked, harassed and wrote lies about us. In a sense, I can totally understand why – his death and our immunisation advocacy was a threat to their perception of the world. It confronted their staunch belief that vaccines are bad and that diseases are safe. It must have been deeply unsettling, and it certainly caused some to lash out at us.

At the forefront of this repugnant behaviour has always been Meryl Dorey, the founder and former president of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN), who normalised these attacks on bereaved families; her AVN continuing to host posts provoking its antivax devotees into action.

In August 2017, the anti-vaccination movement was panned in our federal parliament for its attacks on the Hughes family, whilst the Hughes have been recognised several times as the public health heroes they are:

Fittingly, Catherine Hughes was awarded the 2016 Western Australia Young Australian of the Year.

On December 28 2017, Light for Riley re-posted their evidence-based May 1 2017 post, noting that this had been their most-shared post from 2017:

Our most-shared post for the year.
I still stand by every point 

Light for Riley
1 May 2017

Ten things I want parents who don’t vaccinate their kids to know:

1. There are no cures for most of the diseases we vaccinate against.

2. Even if you choose not to vaccinate, please please please make yourselves aware of the symptoms of these potentially fatal diseases. Infections like Meningococcal can kill within 24 hours, and every minute counts.

3. If you’re really worried about vaccine “toxins”, you don’t want to see what the toxins from Bordetella Pertussis (the bacteria responsible for whooping cough) can do. Trust me – I watched my newborn son die from it.

4. If your children contract a disease like measles or whooping cough, they usually have no symptoms in the first day or two – yet they are highly contagious. Keeping them away from others when sick is often too little, too late – the disease has already spread.

5. Your children will grow up, and you will need to be prepared to explain why you chose to leave them unprotected from serious disease.

6. Vaccines are not perfect. Like condoms… there’s a failure rate. There’s a tiny chance you might have a reaction. But they protect you from a hell of a lot of nasty stuff.

7. If you are worried about where to get good and unbiased information from, speak to someone who has worked in intensive care. They have seen patients with vaccine-preventable diseases. And if someone was in a serious way from a reaction to a vaccine, they would have seen those patients too. I have never met an ICU doctor/nurse who is against vaccination.

8. Be wary of those selling books, memberships, and alternatives to vaccination. They have rea$on$ for trying to convince you to not vaccinate.

9. In the time you have spent reading this, a few more children under the age of 5 have passed away from a vaccine-preventable disease somewhere in the world. These diseases are serious, they are deadly, and they are preventable.

10. It’s not too late to change your mind!

– Riley’s Mum

R.I.P Riley

From December 28 2017, ongoing, the Hughes family has been barraged with anti-vaccination activists trolling the Light for Riley page, trolling their direct messages, and vilifying them on posts in which the page was tagged (ensuring that the Hughes would see these comments).

The Light for Riley admins have counted that 294 antivaxers were banned from the page, with a conservative estimate that 350-400 anti-vaccination comments were deleted.

The reason for the influx of trolling on the Light for Riley page was – and is always – that the Light for Riley post was shared in anti-vaccination groups and on anti-vaccination pages, with a call-out for antivaxers to flood the page with their comments.

In this case, the main source-group was Stop Mandatory Vaccination, a group consisting of 121,000 global anti-vaccinationists (and those who watch anti-vaccinationists), created by and administered by Californian antivaxer Larry Cook. For perspective, here is Larry Cook, in 2015:

This is the December 28 2017 post in Cook’s SMV group which includes this comment by Amie Walmsley, about Catherine Hughes:

…someone needs to inject her with vaccines until she dies.

Walmsley’s comment was made in reply to veteran AVN member Anita Bugges, who stated the following of Catherine Hughes:

…who knows how many deaths she has been responsible for.

Walmsley took up the offer to troll the Light for Riley page. She went through a series of posts, tagging them with laughing emoticons:

These are just two of the posts that Walmsley decided were hilarious:

The following four examples, from the Light for Riley page, were also captured on December 28 2017.

Katie Brock:

Lyndsay Schumacher:

Jerra J L Bullis:

Rae Gordon:

On January 1 2018, the following was posted on Light for Riley.

James Hellerman:

January 2 2018.

Tim Shandler sent this private message to the Hughes:

Jessica Parker posted this on the Light for Riley page:

January 3 2018.

Chelsea Kompler trolled the Hughes via private message. Her questions had already been answered on the Light for Riley page, prior to her banning for antivax trolling:

Trinity James is a pseudonymous coward who has been a member of all AVN and other anti-vaccination fora for a few years. James left this repugnant comment on an antivax page – the Hughes having been tagged via Light for Riley – that stated that it does not condone this sort of thing. This comment is still published on the antivax page, seemingly condoned:

Nice piece of fake news to kick off the new year. This was manufactured to cast vaccine choice advocates as dangerous and wanting to silence Catherine Hughes, when the opposite is true. It wouldn’t surprise me if that Hank prick posted it himself. I read an article recently which showed she was a member of SAVN for years before her baby died. SAVN’s key objective is to stop (silence) the AVN. Just a grieving parent my ass.

I’m being quite serious when I say she is suffering with delusions of grandeur and/or a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as if she somehow holds the power to prevent babies dying. She will use any possible way to get attention for herself, including casting herself as the victim. She is supporting the government line. How could she be the victim? Fucking ridiculous.

As always, tell your families and friends about the real anti-vaccination movement and its history of vilifying bereaved families. Nothing speaks louder to genuine fence-sitters than showing the real face of those who would otherwise claim to be ethical, intelligent and honest. We know antivaxers are none of those things.

January 8 2018

Cheyene Hayes comments posted on Light for Riley page:

Bryony Esther direct message sent to Light for Riley page:


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Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network launches another vile attack on parents of deceased baby boy

The anti-vaccination pressure group the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network has decided that it is on a winner now that it is openly and directly attacking bereaved parents who advocate for the betterment of public health.

This puts to rest the previous dishonest claims from AVN founder and professional committee member Meryl Dorey, who stated, falsely, in 2013, “I never have and never will harass or hurt a grieving parent.”

Today the AVN went after Catherine Hughes from Light for Riley, again, because this is what Meryl Dorey, AVN president Tasha David, and their members do now. Catherine Hughes’ crime? She was given an advisory position on a university-based research group. From the group’s website:

What is SKAI?

SKAI stands for Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation. SKAI is a three-year research project that is investigating vaccination communication and developing resources to share information about childhood immunisation.

Given the successful and wide-ranging impact the Hughes have had on the provision of immunisation, especially maternal whooping cough boosters, one would argue correctly that Catherine Hughes rightfully takes her place in an advisory role for this research project.

Catherine Hughes explains:

I am happy to be a volunteer member of numerous committees. I am passionate about having a positive impact on immunisation research and love sharing the insights I have gained from speaking with parents at parenting expos and online.

My role is never as an expert, but as a parent advocate. I really believe it is important for community members to have a say in health research, because the research has an effect on the whole community.

Of course, none of this matters to anti-vaccination activists. Here’s the threads from the AVN’s official Facebook pages, today.

From the AVN’s official Fans page, the anonymous, courageous admin “VC” kicks off the conspiracy mongering:

This is seriously dodgy. Catherine Hughes has now been appointed to govt advisory committee. VC

Anne-Marie Koelewyn And Catherine Hughes ‘Light for Riley’ is part of the group…………. This is just ridiculous …..

Rixta Francis Bizarre is the only word I can think of to describe this. You can’t make this stuff up.

Jo Fletcher You’re right it’s deliberately done to benefit particular interests.

Clyde Shelton is a fake name used by Western Australian concrete cutter Jason Van Krieken. Make sure your families and friends are aware of Van Krieken’s callous activities.

The AVN admins “VC” and Dorey openly attack Catherine Hughes in response to one of Catherine’s defenders:

Clyde Shelton I’d call her out for what she is, a big pharma sock puppet!

Donna Harris Kay Bryan the pro vaccine community make light of other family’s loss and death of a child daily. If you lose your child to a vaccine related death and speak about it you are vilified. So don’t come on here high and mighty suggesting how we should act.

Perhaps join another group.

Fans of the AVN Kay Bryan She doesn’t care about others, Kay Bryan – if she did, she would care about those who have lost children to vaccination. She doesn’t. We care about ALL children and want healthy, happy, intelligent kids who are able to live up to their potential. What do you want?

MD [Meryl Dorey]

Fans of the AVN Kay Bryan, the article is about corruption. What was the real reason for the fast-tracked WA pregnancy vaccine program? What are Catherine Hughes qualifications to sit on an advisory committee? Is a person who mocks a segment of the population an appropriate person to be sitting on a govt advisory committee? BTW, how was the death of Riley Hughes avoidable? VC

The AVN then deepens their attack on Catherine Hughes. claiming that the Light for Riley campaign – based on the death of four-week-old baby boy Riley Hughes, from whooping  cough – was “entirely orchestrated” in order to push vaccines:

Kirsty Mckenzie Its getting out of hand.To much dodgey going on.

Sumukhi Dasi An emotionally charged uneducated scienceless twit ( they’ll most likely chuck her an honorary Phd) is one of a handful of people making scientific decisions that will affect all Australians! They have got to be out of their pseudo-science, poisonmongering, cotton pickin’ minds!

Alison Gaffney Who appointed these members? We need to get in touch with them to share or dismay and concern. And yes a have a true rep in place to care about the dangers.

Fans of the AVN Alison, given the WA pregnancy vaccine program was not initiated in response to the death of Riley Hughes, the logical conclusion to draw is that Light for Riley was entirely orchestrated from the start. I will be writing to my representatives to alert them to this, because they have been comprehensively deceived. VC

The reader will notice that one commenter loved the Sumukhi Dasi comment. That commenter was the AVN page admin:

On the AVN Inc. page, the anonymous, courageous admin “VC” continued:

This is seriously dodgy. Catherine Hughes has now been appointed to govt advisory committee. VC

AVN members illustrate that they know as much about conflicts of interest as they do about vaccines:

Sabine Sa Val Fascinating indeed if true….and not surprised….had a hunch about this….

Jamie Elizabeth Crook Australia has officially been handed to HELL in a handbasket

Jamie Elizabeth Crook complete conflict of interest…. disgusted

Janis Cole The ladies in this group would eat her for dinner (without need to spit the bones out) which is why they shut down the conversation with Ex/Anti Vaxxers
Well educated passionate people 💗💗💗 – keeping up the fight for kids everywhere 

Time to shut down this grotesque organisation which has the infliction of pain as its only driving factor. This organisation needs to be immediately deregistered in the interests of public health and safety.


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Professional anti-vaccination activist Meryl Dorey now seeking $5000/month income from antivaxers

Meryl Dorey – the founder, former president, and current committee member of the anti-vaccination pressure group the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – who has a public health warning against hers and the AVN’s names, is now using the Patreon platform to seek a $5000/month income to lie to health care professionals and the broader community about the risks and benefits of immunisation. Dorey states her goals on the Patreon website:

When I reach $2,000 per month from patrons, I will start bi-weekly free webinars to keep everyone up-to-date on the most recent news and information from around the world regarding vaccination and health rights.

When I reach $5,000 per month from patrons, I will launch my first in-depth class free to the public. This class will aim to help parents and health professionals to make informed choices regarding vaccination by providing them with a broad ranged of historical and up-to-date references and outlining some of the questions they need to be asking before saying yes (or no) to vaccines.

These are Dorey’s qualifications to be providing health advice, from 2009:

Dorey and the AVN – fresh from their recent scamming of $160,000 of their followers’ donations which were intended for a High Court legal challenge against the federal government’s No Jab No Pay legislation, with its glaring lack of accountability and wealth of subterfuge – and fresh from their continued abuse, vilification and defamation of bereaved parents: cruel and callous behaviour long normalised by Dorey – have taken the obvious next step for a public health menace addicted to other people’s money and the overseas trips taken on the same: they want a regular income to bolster their vocation; a vocation built upon a history of lying and abuse, and a consistent failure to substantiate their origin stories of being the parents to “vaccine injured” children. It is an industry built on reckons sans clinical diagnoses.

Dorey lists her Patreon prices in which she asks for more money so as to fulfill her dreams:

Your help makes it all possible!

$1 or more per month

You are part of something really big and I thank you so much! After pledging, you’ll receive a link to join my private Facebook group where we can discuss many of the issues near and dear to all of our hearts regarding health freedom and vaccination choice. You will also be the first to know about any up-coming events, webinars etc that I’ve got up my sleeve. (This all goes for any pledge from $1 up.)

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No matter how hard I squint I am finding it difficult to see how anyone wins here, except Dorey. It is quite a brazen pitch.

Here is Meryl Dorey recently cheering for Polly Tommey (now banned from Australia), alongside Suzanne Humphries (also reportedly now banned from Australia), as Tommey declares, “the best safe vaccine is no vaccine!”:

And here is Meryl Dorey gleeful as Brian Hooker declares that parents should provide, “no vaccines for children”:

When Meryl Dorey claims she is not anti-vaccine, she is lying. And she wants to be paid for it. Nothing has changed.


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