Unreasonable Hank

Just a quick post before bed.

What do anti-vaccinationists do when they’ve got nothing?

They give EPIC LULZ.

A new Facebook page appeared tonight…

It’s because he’s reasonable, mostly; and, he’s Hank!

I must admit, I was a little frightened. How on Earth did they know what I look like?

However, I do have more of a healthy glow than the picture they used:

Rosy cheeks and a very white eye FTW!

The Hank genes are quite dominant. Here is my son, aged 6 at the time, in his Spidey pyjamas:

The boy with the healthy glow: a chip off the old block

And, here is the whole clan at our kindly Aunt Florence’s 65th, That’s me at the back, second from the left:

You should have seen what Uncle Frank did with the bottle opener and the dessert jelly. On second thought, you don’t want to know.

Anyway, enough about me and my dazzling, inherited good looks.

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This stuff isn’t new. It’s embarrassing; but, it ain’t new.

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I'm reasonable, mostly.
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