Bressingtonville: Just like the movie Ghost

Yesterday I wrote a post about the antics of South Australian Member of the Legislative Council, Ann Bressington. It was in regard to Bressington’s refusal to admit inciting death threats from her followers, by posting a wanted poster of Federal health Minister Tanya Plibersek, whilst refusing to delete and admonish these comments and those who made them. Having already posted the wanted poster three times Bressington posted it again, last night, in what can only be perceived as a childish lashing out. Bressington has been in attack mode ever since members of the community and the press have questioned her behaviour. Tory Shepherd has written another article, today, about the behaviour of anti-science denialists who like to attack.

Last night, Bressington blocked me on Facebook. This must mean that I can no longer see her public posts from her Facebook profile. Anyway. At the same time that she blocked me, Bressington also posted this public notice to me, on her Facebook profile, from where she blocked me:

Today my Personal Assistant received an email from Mr. Peter Tierney in relation constituent wanting to meet with me about posting the poster below on my facebook page a couple of days ago.

First of all let me say that my staff are off limits to the individuals who are running a smear campaign in relation to this poster.  We have office procedures in place that allow for schedule planning.  My assistant gave instructions for the constituent to forward his concerns via email her email, which is office protocol.  At no time did my assistant deny a face-to face with me, because she says it was NOT  requested.  She merely requested that he follow the same procedure as everyone else is required to do.  My Personal Assistant is responsible for managing my diary as the title would suggest.

Do I condone “death threats on my facebookpage”?  No I do not condone death threats in any forum and absolutely NOT on my facebook page.

As I have stated on the “Ann Bressington Appreciation” facebook page that appears to have been established as nothing more than a slur page.  I DID NOT SEE THE ALLEGED DEATH THREAT.  After review of that page it would be clear that I made no further contribution to that post.

I reposted it later to inform people that Tory Shepherd had questioned me about whether or not I believed Tanya Pliberseck was guilty of crimes against humanity and as I stated my response was “given the peer reviewed scientific studies done on the toxicity of fluoride for human ingestion I believed it was negligent of any health Minister or Dept of health Official not to look at those studies”.  I terminated the conversation.

I reposted it again requesting that people remove the post from their walls.  Again making no comment on the post and NOT aware that an alleged death threat had been made.

I was NOT responsible for creating the poster and did post it to my wall believing that it was harmless and was an individuals way of expressing their dissatisfaction with forced water fluoridation.  I do not believe it was ‘intended to incite violence” otherwise I would not have posted it as I have NOT posted other racial or violent posts on my page. I hope this explanation is sufficient for the people of South Australia and Mr. Peter Tierney.  If the constituent in question wants to meet with me the procedure is as follows.  Send an email to my PA with your concerns.  We will schedule and appointment at the first available day and time to address your concerns.

Yours sincerely

Ann Bressington.

Statement from Ann Bressington MLC, who votes on South Australian legislation

Statement from Ann Bressington MLC, who votes on South Australian legislation

Basically, knowing that the poster has incited her followers, the poster which Bressington calls “harmless”, she goes ahead and posts it again. Bressington did disingenuously ask people not to share the poster, by sharing the poster again, on February 27 2013. Her supporters gleefully acknowledged that they would share it again:

Either Ann was being too obtuse for her followers, or they got her disingenuosness precisely

Either Ann was being too obtuse for her followers, or they got her disingenuousness precisely

But, back to Bressington’s public notice and the issue of incitement. Remember that Bressington states, clearly, that “my Personal Assistant received an email from Mr. Peter Tierney”, directly implying harassment, by me, of her staff? Here is what one of Bressington’s followers has advised, after the usual calls of abuse:

Because Ann must be protected from receiving emails, right? Like all the people in government she wants people to email.

Because Ann must be protected from receiving emails, right? Like all the people in government she wants people to email.

Unfortunately for Bressington, I have not sent her any emails. I have not contacted her office in any way. I have not requested any face-to-face meetings with her.

I expect Bressington will now make this fact clear to her abusive followers, and correct the record.

For some lighter relief, some stunning comments were made about me by her followers on another thread where Bressington had incited her followers. This is glorious:

Mazz and former Sgt Savage. You could not script this if you tried.

Mazz and former Sgt Savage. You could not script this if you tried.

demon possessed

Ghost 1

ghost 2

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15 Responses to Bressingtonville: Just like the movie Ghost

  1. J France says:

    I thought all those jokes about getting paid were, y’know, jokes. But here I find out students are getting THOUSANDS a month to “debunk” these maroons.

    It must be true, I read it on a screen grab from Facebook!

  2. Trevor says:

    Surely, if anyone sent an email to this person, who is an MLC, it would go to one of her staffers as a first point of contact. The line of “staff being off limits” leaves a lot of room for interpretation, but in the context of her writing we are left with the reasonable inference that she is claiming that the email was rude or abusive (well, the non-email as is more likely apparently). If she is such an important and busy MLC (uncovering conspiracies and cover ups) where does she get the time to be the first point of contact for communication (let alone Facebook?).

  3. Daniel Sinnott says:

    How on earth is a MLC’s staffers off limits for someone who wants to contact said MLC?

    Or is Ann’s tin foil hat tuned in to contact via ESP?

  4. Ms Bressington would be well reminded that threats and incitement of threats against public officials is taken a tad seriously nowadays.

  5. Annette Bannon says:

    Agree Wendy.
    What does Ann Bressington do with her tax payer funded time?, one could only guess being the figure head for conspiracy theory nutters, and behaving in strange manner.
    Time to leave the building Ann!

  6. Shevaun says:

    Yes these death threats are taken seriously when reported which they very rarely are & are ongoing on conspiracy theory pages with all the endless abuse to all pilots & many others. I did a report on this two years ago, only the threats were different to all the death ones to ones in Government. I reported & were taken very seriously. Soon I wish to go to the media about it as Captain Mike Glynn from QANTAS did. It wonderful to see this & that these threats are address & any inciting of anger,fear or violence which is also been ongoing on a daily bases. As all are condemned with a Conspiracy theories & a netwok full of propaganda & fraudulent claims.

  7. Shevaun says:

    WOW, you got off lightly at least with comments on that page, the abuse is horrific to everyone in the world except fellow Cult members. Personally to so many for simply, politely & respectfully saying we will not be posting your work in our papers. or on our TV show. They attack those people for days on their page. I’ve seen more than enough & that will teach me to go looking for my photo’s I didnt want them turning into their fantasy. Most people stay well away from them. 20 years ago they were known as a dangerous cult that noone could reason with & that is so true & never going to change. certainly dont waste my time conversing with them, seen what happens to any who do.

  8. Shevaun says:

    Ann Bressington works, possibly at home as well as I the office, she doesn’t spend her time on fb with her conspiracy theory friends & associates on their pages or with them as they work the net. & try to control everyones pages & use them to protest. The behaviour when they are banned & there. She doen’t know the ones she signed on with for the Australian protest day or of their criminal or illegal doings or anything about those she works with for this non-existent cause. Whether it would make any difference if she did I couldn’t say.

  9. Shevaun says:

    When I first saw the Ann Bressington appreciation page I thought it was hers as many well known personalities do have their own fan page. On another look no, it doesn’t look to be hers at so can’t be held responsible for what her fans do, I would say. Only hers. Ann Bressingtons name was on the Australian chemtrails protest page with a link to her page, protesting in puplic Other things possibly

  10. Shevaun says:

    For a start Ann protested publically about toxic spraying from planes with the chemtrail network who claim this is done by Airlines & pilots & a cover-up by Governments worldwide. Only she herself supports this only was claimming for spraying of something from small unmarked planes in south Australia for which she asked the C.E.O from EPA to investigage for apparrently he did & found nothing. This is on the protest page. Still without any founding at all went public with some of the chemtrail network protesting Australia wide. Claimming chemical toxic spraying. Myself I find this totally irrisponsible to be accusing anyone of with absolutley no founding at all. This can be all seen on their protest page. Also in working in with them & all their claims for this protest though she herself has never seen any spraying from Airline planes. claimming depopulation of the Human race by our airlines & others. Taking their easily proven & has been by a QANTAS pilot by the name of Mike Glynn, black propaganda (disinfomation) to the public as evidence they claimmed in their public speach they had fraudulently. I believe also regardless that she has never seen spraying from airlines or Mililary planes, promotes their claims with video’s such as What in the world are they spraying us with. So must believe it. Interesting.

  11. Shevaun says:

    Millions or billions of people are being accused of mass murdered. At that protest accused of have killed their family members with a network of thousands of fraudlulent claims of having mass evidence however when question about all this evidence one by the police at the airport, state they have none as most chem leaders have stated, tried, convincted of mass murder on fb book with total fraudulence with all they claim in regards to airline spraying killing. With death threats to pilots in many different ways everyday. Though never addressed in court in my mind believe it to be all criminal & dangerous propaganda.

  12. Shevaun says:

    The flouride in water is contraversal thing & personally I dont see any reasoning for putting it in water for healthy teeth. Especially children. Makes no sence to me at all. My sons 17 never had water out of kitchen tap until a couple of years ago with very well filtered water. Never used toothpaste with flouride in it in his life. Had one very small filling as a child that probably could have been avoided. Thats all. It’s never been an issue for me, I haven’t drank out of a tap for about thirty years or used toothpaste with flouride in except in the past two years with the filtered water & will have rain water again soon when I move. So much nicer. Possibly get a Government rebate for a rain water tank. I have had an issue at times with Conspiracy theories claiming to be saving humanity, never came across anything so insane in all my life. Their behaviour on a public page & their work & how they work.
    Many chems use flouride as they use everything as an abuse tactic with all other constant abuse to non-believers of their conspiracy theoryor therories was personally abused, verbally attacked in this way once. Apparently I have too much flouride in my brain for not believing them. Like all other dumb, asleep, sheeple & names I won’t use, that all non-believers are called every-day on their pages. Its all abuse. & I talk too much about it for the most boring thing I’ve ever come across. Not something I would want to write a book about. Just one letter to the media & I’m done with them.

  13. Lark says:

    I agree it makes no sence. Err.. I meant .. um…sents…. No no, scrub that … the word is cents. Oh .. I dunno.

  14. How did I miss this post, Hank? So glad you posted a link.

    Just like the movie, Ghost……. I LOVE it!!!!

  15. Jessica Harris says:

    I was glad to stumble across this. I have always been really irritated by Ann ‘I drink booze & smoke but hate drugs Bressington. I’ve ignored her since she rode into parliment in someone elses coat tales. Now I read about the poster she posted, that she’s an anti vaxer & all the rest. You have my full support reasonablehank

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