Anti-vaccine chiropractors 3

The Chiropractic Board of Australia has had enough:

“We will not tolerate registered chiropractors giving misleading or unbalanced advice to patients, or providing advice or care that is not in the patient’s best interests,” chairman Phillip Donato said.

Dr Donato said chiropractors should only provide evidence-based treatment and anyone with concerns should report them. [Sydney Morning Herald]

I want to introduce you to Tom Dawson, member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, who conducts his business at Wellbeing Hawthorn. I’ll allow him to speak for himself:

Dawson 1 vaccines autism TMR posterNasty, scary vaccine ingredients:

Dawson 2 vaccine ingredients posterHere come the medical Nazi’s, once they get the right to inject your child with things you don’t want them to, next they will remove your rights to choose for other things. Medical fundamentalism is no better than any other.”

Dawson 3 here come the medical nazis vaccines Natural NewsPay particular attention to these two quotes from above:

I don’t hear about unvaccinated kids dying of these diseases

 All of the children getting these diseases, dying from them and/or featured in the media HAVE BEEN VACCINATED

I feel quite confident, and justified, in calling this person a liar.

And, for good measure, I wish to cite this section of the CBA’s Guidelines for advertising of regulated health services:

6.6 Use of gifts or discounts in advertising

The use of gifts or discounts in advertising is inappropriate, due to the potential for such inducements to encourage the unnecessary use of regulated health services.

If a practitioner or a person advertising a regulated health service does use a discount, gift or any other inducement to attract patients or clients to a service, the offer must be truthful, and the terms and conditions of that offer must be set out clearly in the advertisement.

This is from Dawson’s site.

Dawson 4 introductory offer

This is a frequent problem. Dawson can’t be held entirely to account for this, as the CBA policy is not clear. Is offering an inducement “inappropriate” or not? One cannot say that a practice is inappropriate and, then, in the next paragraph, state that it is okay. This needs to be rectified. Still, inappropriate is inappropriate. Offering an inducement to pay for a health service should be pole-axed, everywhere. If other health professionals were doing this, there would be hell to pay.

Over to you, CBA.

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