Anti-vaccine chiropractors 5

Billy DeMoss is like a chelation compound. Stuff binds to him and gets excreted. It’s almost like provoking a urine test. You just need to administer the compound, wait and see, and eventually you’ll get a positive result. As much as they attempt to hide their anti-vaccinationism, anti-vaccinationists can’t hide their beliefs very well. Eventually they are compelled to out themselves in public. It’s like holding in a pee. It gets painful. So, thanks Billy, brosome.

Today DeMoss made this screed on his Facebook wall:

Demoss 26 vaccine seminar rantHere is the text, just so you can gauge the full extent of DeMoss’ rant:

…we had 74 registered for our Vaccine Workshop tonight and we thought maybe 50 would show but my God we were wrong…all of them showed PLUS more…packed house to here the truth about how dangerous vaccines really are…once people hear the truth and reality of where TRUE HEALTH comes it is a lot harder for them to swallow all the bogus lies…just teach your people to THINK for themselves and read…do some research before you trust the lies from your drug pushing pediatrician…have some faith in your own body’s innate intelligence to stay healthy...if you have more faith in the “witches brew” that is made in a laboratory full of viruses grown on dead animal parts and aborted fetal cells suspended in solutions of known neurotoxins and carcinogens(JUST READ THE INGREDIENTS,I DON’T NEED TO MAKE THIS UP, IT IS REAL) then put in a needle and then injected into your newborn infant…and you think I am crazy???…wow the drugs are working….the werld has gone mad!!!!

He really wrote that. He is serious.

Again, let’s see who liked that post:

DeMoss 27 Tony Rose likes antivax rantOh dear. Tony Rose is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, and a board member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. Rose practices his business at Life Chiropractic in Port Melbourne. Here is Rose’s section on the ASRF site (he’s the one a couple of photos above Nimrod Weiner, the guy removed from the CAA NSW board because of his anti-vaccinationism):

Rose 2 ASRF board memberRose is highly respected amongst his colleagues. I would go so far as to say worshipped and adored.

As an added bonus in this post, thanks again to DeMoss, we have a two-fer. You would have noticed in the original screenshot that someone else thought much of DeMoss’ anti-vaccine rant:

Whitney Ohlund Awesome!

Ohlund practices her business at Platinum Chiropractic Erina NSW. And, you can scroll down their Facebook page and eventually you will come across something like this (after you get past all of the photos demanding that babies get checked for subluxations):

 …you can inject something that gives you partial immunity, is a guess at which strains it is tailored to, and is loaded with mercury and formaldehyde which is poisonous to your brain and nervous system.

Platinum 1 fluvax poisons



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