Anti-vaccine chiropractors 7

The Chiropractic Board of Australia has had enough:

“We will not tolerate registered chiropractors giving misleading or unbalanced advice to patients, or providing advice or care that is not in the patient’s best interests,” chairman Phillip Donato said.

Dr Donato said chiropractors should only provide evidence-based treatment and anyone with concerns should report them. [Sydney Morning Herald August 9 2013]

The star of today’s episode is Total Lifestyle Chiropractic. They have many locations, with many businesses to manage throughout Queensland and NSW. Links on the professional page suggest that Total Lifestyle Chiropractic’s people are members of both the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. We have met Total Lifestyle Chiropractic before in this post, the first of this unfortunate series.

The Total Lifestyle Chiropractic Facebook page has only been open since the beginning of the year. It is illuminating.

Vaccines cause autism lie:

TLC 1 vaccines autismVaccines cause autism lie:

TLC 2 vaccines autismToxins Gambit. Scary stuff:

TLC 3 toxins gambitOver to you Chiropractic Board of Australia.

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