Anti-vaccine chiropractors 17

The Chiropractic Board of Australia has had enough:

“We will not tolerate registered chiropractors giving misleading or unbalanced advice to patients, or providing advice or care that is not in the patient’s best interests,” chairman Phillip Donato said.

Dr Donato said chiropractors should only provide evidence-based treatment and anyone with concerns should report them. [Sydney Morning Herald August 9 2013]

Oh boy. This guy.

Mr Frank Mechler popped up in my own Facebook timeline, and I thank him for doing this.

Mechler 2 FSM commentMechler runs a business called the Mechler Chiropractic Centre, in Brisbane. Mechler is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. Checking out his blog, I’m also wondering if he is Rush Limbaugh. Climate change, guns. He’ll tell you something about those things and more.

On Mechler’s business’s web site, he has a tab called “Health Tips”. I’m going to provide some for you. I had to stop. This post would be endless if I didn’t.

On page 3 we have this, with accompanying sky-needles killing the children picture:

As more people become educated about the many vaccine side-effects, they are demanding the right to control what goes into their child’s developing bodies. This is a GREAT SIGN as it means more people are seeing that medicine in its dogmatic, brainwashed belief in the vaccine cure-all is based on false assumptions and hard research is proving their fallibility.

Mechler 1 post vaccines lead to disability blog postOn the “Criminal Marketing of Gardasil”, on page 5, with toxic/blood/chemical/poison filled syringe, we have:

Gardasil contains a whooping 225 micrograms of toxic aluminium which can cause nerve cell death and even penetrate into the brain! See my May 24th posting on the liisting of the cocktail of crap in this vaccine.

I woud implore you to take my warning seriously and avoid this vaccine for both your sons and daughters. Tell others, as I fear the effectiveness of this drug company’s million dollar marketing campaign has already brainwashed our local GPs and will be focused on the gullible public to have them believe this is how to ”protect” their precious children from this phony scourge. Fortunately, you now know better….and you have every right to refuse it without feeling guilty.

Mechler 5 criminal marketing of GardasilOn page 6 Mechler advises his customers against mammograms, and promotes thermography. This is precisely the sort of thing which gets Australian doctors disciplined:

Mechler 6 thermography better than mammogramsOn page 7 Mechler again rages against Gardasil, citing the lie that the vaccine has caused deaths. He also lies about adverse events reporting and collection, in Australia; and he relies only on VAERS reports, which can be made by anyone, regardless of any causation:

It’s time for the Truth about Gardasil to come out. In the past year, in the United States, 49 unexplained deaths of young girls following the Gasdasil injection were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System that also included over 17,600 reported adverse reactions.

Unfortunately, Australia doesn’t have an official government watchdog for adverse drug and vaccine reactions. You only hear about these events in the media from time to time if it’s on a large scale, not if it’s one girl here and another there. With Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV) accounting for less than 1% of all cancer deaths and only 4 strains out of 96 included in the shot…why risk it? Let me list the crap that is in the Gardasil vaccine, but you’ll have to triple the amount as your child will need to get THREE shots over 6 months! If this doesn’t scare the heck out of you….I don’t know what will.

Mechler 7 Gardasil deathsAlso on page 7 Mechler repeats the lies about the H1N1 vaccine. Advising that the vaccine is worse than the disease (where have we heard that before?), Mechler is placated by the knowings of his customers:

Thankfully the majority of my patients know that a healthy nerous system means a strong immune system and there is no need for any vaccinations.

Mechler also advises that customers should avoid the:

…insult from the “crap” found in vaccines”. Please take this seriously and DO NOT get a Swine Flu shot and get under chiropractic WELLNESS CARE!

Mechler 8 Swine flu vax more dangerous than the swine fluMechler’s blog is not much better, In fact, it’s no better. As with his business site, I had to cease searching. There is just too much to include.

Here’s that brave Mr Wakefield with his obvious truths that vaccines cause autism, which is, of course, being covered up:

Mechler 3 vaccines cause autism blog postAnd the obligatory fluoride/poison wingnuttery, which is becoming mandatory for these guys:

Mechler 4 fluoride poison blog post

This guy should probably be de-registered, and given a spelling test. It’s your call CBA.

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7 Responses to Anti-vaccine chiropractors 17

  1. And he wonders why his own particular dogma is being questioned?
    I don’t know where to start with the bulldust that he is passing off as legitimate health care information.
    The sooner the CBA follows through on it’s declaration the better, imo.

    • wzrd1 says:

      I just looked at his blog. I’m amazed at what a great authority he is on the US, US-UK history, UK emigration to the American colonies, racism in the past and today and how he ties it all up in a neat far right rhetoric bundle!
      That 30% of his claims is flat out hogwash, not withstanding. I’m being generous, as I’m far more inclined to think he invented some of the tripe he serves up on US history, racism, “redneck black” (whateverinhell *that* is), ad absurdium.
      After his “redneck black” bit, he goes on to talk about how the majority of US blacks moved away from whateverinhell that is, but the “ghetto blacks” still embrace it.
      Which is fascinating, as the “ghetto” blacks are the majority of blacks in the US, something about cities being densely populated and all.

      Methinks he gets his facts by standing on his head to attempt to emulate Americans, not realizing that gravity still pulls toward the center of the earth the same way as it does “down under”.

      I’ll not even go into how many things he got wrong on Travon Martin’s case, such as ignoring the fact that Zimmerman was instructed by the 911 operator to *not* approach Martin, not to leave his vehicle, not to engage at all. Simply await the arrival of the police.
      He did the precise opposite of what he was instructed and two idiots brawled.
      But, in Florida, if you are losing a fist fight, you are allowed to pull out a firearm and blow your opponents spleen out their back.

      If he can get that much wrong, whilst pretending to be an authority, how can I trust his authority in things chiropractic, let along medical?

      In the US, we have a rather technical term to refer to his type by. It’s a vulgar term typically used to refer to the anus.
      But, we know as a given fact, he’ll never have hemorrhoids, as he’s a perfect example of that term.

  2. Jamie says:

    I had no idea that “60% of young black adults are unintelligble” until I read his blog.

    Thanks “Dr” Frank!

    (statements in inverted commas may contain traces of bullshit. Consume at your peril).

  3. shellity says:

    Wow. I was under the impression that chiropractic was all about love, energy and cuddles (nothing suss). But this guy seems to have a spanner stuck in his angry.

    • wzrd1 says:

      I’d be happy to give him an intro to some Americans, if you can get him to the east coast.
      I’ll drop him off with printouts of his blog in North Philadelphia. I’m even nice enough to introduce him to the locals as “they guy who calls you all redneck blacks”.

      As far as angry, you’d be angry too if you, like he, was breastfed by dad.

  4. mochuck says:

    Yep this one is the best yet. He was a big hit over at FSM. It always goes down well when someone who is supposedly a health professional calls other health professionals idiots and whores because they demand evidence. Own goal right there Frankie!
    Hank, I think when you finish this series you should rearrange them in order of batshit craziness. That is assuming that you will ever finish. I believe there are nearly 400 of these guys.

  5. Lance Penna says:

    I loved that he is attacking a study that “only” has 1000 subjects, yet holds Wakefields study as gospel, casually ignoring the fact that only 12 children were used for the study. Blatant hypocricy.

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