Whooping cough claims another life in NSW

It is with sadness that we hear of the death of another infant from Pertussis, in New South Wales. There are many silent tears being shed, right now, for this family.

The Australian Medical Association (NSW) have issued the following press release:

AMA (NSW) President: Tragic reminder of the importance of vaccination

AMA (NSW) is reminding parents to check their children’s immunisations are up-to-date following the death of a NSW infant from whooping cough.

“This is a tragic reminder of why vaccination is so important and why herd immunity is necessary to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

“No parent should have to lose a baby to whooping cough.

“Once an infant is infected, this is a disease that can kill, despite the best efforts of parents and doctors, and the only protection we have is from vaccination,” AMA (NSW) President, Dr Saxon Smith, said.

“Some people cannot be vaccinated due to allergy or because they are too young to receive a particular vaccine.

“Their protection from diseases like whooping cough comes from herd immunity which is provided by the rest of us when vaccination rates are high,” Dr Smith, said.

“The best way to ensure you and your family are protected from diseases like whooping cough is to ensure your vaccinations, and your children’s, are up-to-date.

“This is especially important for young children, who are more vulnerable to the effects of many vaccine-preventable diseases,” Dr Smith said.

“High vaccination rates increase the effectiveness of herd immunity and stop diseases like whooping cough from getting a hold in the community.

“This is the only way we can protect the youngest of children, who do not receive their first vaccination for whooping cough until two months of age and don’t have full immunity until six months.

“However, they are the ones who can suffer the worst effects from the disease,” Dr Smith said.

“NSW Health provides a free smartphone reminder app for parents to remind them when their kids’ vaccinations fall due.

“I would encourage all parents of young children to use the Save the Date app,” Dr Smith said.

You can find out more about the NSW Health smartphone app for Android and iPhone here.

Media contact: Lachlan Jones (02) 9902 8113 / 0419 402 955

At this time no one needs to speculate about this tragedy. The family is going through the worst of times as it is. They just need love. They just need support.

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  1. Heartbreaking 🙁 Words cannot express how sad I am for this family. I can only hope that they are able to grieve in peace and are not harassed by a certain group who I am sure will deny that this death was actually due to pertussis.

  2. I’m so sorry for this family.

  3. wzrd1 says:

    I actually though, “Cool, yet another dead baby!”.
    Then, sat back revolted at that random thought and wondered why I’d have such a random thought.
    Then, the memories flooded in, as my subconscious tried to prevent by sending that random obscenity.
    Memories of 16 pregnancies, with only two live births and one aborted ectopic pregnancy.
    Memories of remote villages in impoverished lands, where epidemics were raging and we were trying to win hearts and minds by curbing the epidemic and the far too many tiny graves and grieving parents.
    Then, I ponder my anger over those who willfully pass along infections like these, all because they refuse to vaccinate for no other reason than being contrary and willfully ill informed.
    That pondering sets in motion a conflict. A conflict between my previous self/career and my current life, one retired from the military.
    It sets against each other two conflicting mindsets. One proficient at violence, the other my more natural self that intensely dislikes violence.
    Fortunately, the older self is tired and my body loaded with accumulated injuries of nearly three decades of military service, hence that old self retires from the field of conflict.
    Though, there is a departing remark. “I’d love to shoot those SOB’s out of a circus cannon and straight into the local sewage treatment plant’s midden heap!”

    So, OK, good night all. Got my anger out and my preferred silly out.

  4. sciencejaney says:

    Reports surfacing today that the baby was not vaccinated, the wording of which leads me to believe it was old enough to be vaccinated. “THE parents of a child who died from whooping cough in September failed to have the infant immunised, NSW Health says” .The age of the infant has not been released.

    • The baby may well have been too young to be vaccinated. But the disease lived on in the community because a sufficient number of persons who could have been vaccinated, weren’t – thereby providing the necessary hosts for its virulent spread. Only herd immunity protects those too young to be vaccinated.
      We need most if not all people to be vaccinated to prevent outbreaks and these cruel deaths. Deaths that are largely preventable. Heart goes out to the poor family who suffered this tragic loss.

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