Anti-Vaccination Australia goes after Kitty Flanagan and The Weekly

On April 12 2017 the ABC’s comedy news program, The Weekly, gave us a gem on the dangers posed by the anti-vaccination movement. It was accurate. And it understood the minutiae of the awful anti-vaccination arguments. And Kitty Flanagan was at her best:

The anti-vaccination movement responded as only the anti-vaccination movement knows how. It went after Kitty Flanagan, host Charlie Pickering, and The Weekly.

Anti-Vaccination Australia is the rabid Facebook group founded by and administered by Belgin Colak-Arslan, of Sydney, and Breana Stanley, of Melbourne. Both were at the forefront of the attack and doxxing of an innocent man from Byron Bay, because his name is similar to Reasonable Hank’s real name.

As is our wont, anti-vaccinationists’ comments are published here so they can speak for themselves. Our families and friends deserve to know exactly how the anti-vaccination movement behaves, on a daily basis. As usual, this list – which includes typically condoned and uncensored anti-Semitism and misogyny – is not extensive. Links to Facebook profiles  are provided so as to verify the authenticity of these profiles; they are real antivaxers, not “trolls” or “plants”, as the leaders of the anti-vaccination movement always claim.

Peter Angel:






Jimmy Pontian (who claims to be a veteran registered nurse, but, refuses to provide his registration details):

They’re pathetic. Not a journalist bone in their body

David Bebarfield:

Fuck vaccines,
Fuck the media,
Fuck American drug cartels,
Fuck the government.

Anastasia Xenitellis:

I wonder how much they were paid to do this segment…

Bryce Frazer:

“ABC” A Bunch of Cunts

Andrei Fazekis:

Tel-lie-vision is there for those who are too inept to make their own decisions, like fish in a pond which are riddled with a common disease of ignorance. Or cognitive dissonance.

Donovan Christie:

Aka Televise Zion

Colin Collie McLeary:

She is a washed out has been .. who would sell her soul to the devil to get on TV .. in fact she just did ..

Jazz McLaughlin:

What an absolute fuckwit.

Rachel Ascher:

I can’t bear to watch. What a load of nonsense!!! Sad, Sad, Sad, and the audience is laughing bunch of brain dead zombies!!!

Lewis Hiley:

Comedians can be hired like prostitutes to do whatever you pay them to do

Greg French:

Her, Penn & Teller and Elmo. A bunch of Muppets with someones hands up their arses.

Sharon Abbott:

Oh look Chemtrails in a can

Catherine Johnson:

I USED to like Kitty Flanagan .
I didn’t realise she was so stupid and another sheeple

Wendy Tremain:

Charlie and Kitty .. you are dropped!

Holly Whittenbury:

but charlie has always been a self righteous pompous little prick have you only just noticed?!

 Marlize Marx:

I wonder how much they got paid to spread the lies

Madge Windsor:

Worst read script ever and a friend even put it on my news feed. He has since removed his post lol, fancy trying to argue vax with me!

Sandra Spadini:

This woman is simple. Trying to be comical with such an important issue. Her method for explaining the benefits of immunisation is an insult to the nation. Delusional is what she is.

Daniel Yarro:

That is some brainwashing (for fools and uneducated people only) shit!

Elizabeth Deleva Papagiannis:

I couldn’t get passed watching half of this piece of s$1t

Colin Collie McLeary:

Kitty Flanagan .. has been comedian, who would sell her soul to the devil to get on TV .. oh she just did ..

Helen Stephens:

I always thought these two were desperate, poor excuses for comedians. Now I’m sure of it. Good on the people of Byron!

Amaya Ferret:

The paid side

Kathy Matthew:

A so called Comedian – well she is prob just another paid puppet!

Sarah Johnston:

Charlie Pickering is the Buzzfeed of TV. I had to stop watching The Project years ago because I couldn’t stand him and his smug bias.

Sumukhi Dasi:

Astounding ignorance!

A comedy of ERRORS Kitty!

What a propaganda puppet, no mind of her own, just a vox poppolli cash cow, a status quo quotient quacker! What a dumby!

Kat Creasey:

Shes an idiot
And charlie still owes me money

Jazzi Galo Silva:

Pathetic, garbage load of propaganda

Adam Crabb:

They need some clowns on Unicycles with big red noses & horns to vaccinate these imbeciles.

Katerina Robertson:

What idiot she is .could not stand watching the rubbish coming out of that mouth .i wanted how Much she actually got paid to act like a clown ??

Lewis Hiley:

Just hired goons to say whatever you tell them to say. Comedians are not that smart to even realise they are being used

Riân Grant:

Fuck…. i use to love her..

William Scott:

It’s called “pay to say” !, abc is the worst propaganda monger in Australia !.

Carole Cornock:


Holly Whittenbury:

i used to like kitty but this is ridiculous. I thought she had the ability to think….so disrespectful and she has no idea what she is actually supporting.

Diane Teasdale:

well paid for this I am sure………………..

Brenda Rule:

Just as stupid as mike bairds sloth campaign.

Keri Lea:

I’d love to know how much these pricks are being ‘sponsored’ to spout this drivel?

Karen Scott:

Disgraceful wasn’t funny at all and so pro vax. Even a dig in there about Pauline Hanson.


Images will be added as they come in. Like the following…

Dave Tucker:

Fuck off kitty you have lost me you sell out with your reddiculas bull shit

Bree Nai:

kitty has no kids and likely has no actual interest in the vaccination debate because it doesnt affect her. Its easy to joke about something that you are not affected by.

Kiandra Jarrett:

Two of my family members have shared this infuriating to watch!

Tamai Bremner:

what the actual f#@!

Kiandra Jarrett:

Full on and so wrong. Sharing lies.

Angela Sotiriou:

Whores of the Elite!!

Jessica Kelly:

Oooooh Angela, I so love your post

Angela Sotiriou:

I commented on the Weekly fb page on the 12th and am still getting replies today!!! Oh some of the comments are just so childish.

no I didn’t think i would make a breakthrough, but sometimes it’s just amazing to see their reaction and comments.

Kathryn Rose Madigan:

Sorry but I won’t even read this, Kitty Flanagan is a imbecile. Never liked her, she is not even funny. Crikey talk about the dumbing down of the masses, if people are in to her.

Vickie Keiser:

With a little yellow school bus and wooden “people”? This is the “science” offered by mainstream? (Just looking at the picture associated with the link.)

Robert Schecter:

I love how these pathetic morons think their saying something is hilarious makes it so. Vaccine groupies are beyond delusional

Sharon Harvey:

What’s this? Pro vaxers using celebrities to get their message out???!!! Hypocritical much. Also, very apt using a comedian, cos the whole industry is a joke!

Peter Angel (comment repeated):


Andrea Torok:

just another IDIOT who sold her soul to Satan!

Michelle Lannon Vahey:

No words
Can’t fix stupid

Rachael Mahe:

She got one thing “right” – a can of deodorant has nearly as many chemicals and additives as one vaccine – good example but you still a stupid sheep ! Baa baa !!

Stevens Mazz:

Spraying it on to the skin and injecting it is two different things. She’s a dumb arse

Sharon Abbott:

Maybe chem trails in a can

Rachel Ascher:

Why oh why do people like to advertise the fact they are stupid. I don’t get it.

Greg French:

Yep lets all take medical advise from a comedian, 2 Illusionists and a muppet. What could go wrong?

Kathryn Sproule:

What ignorant uninformed fools to the World Agenda.
I shake my head to the comments of so called safe levels of formaldehyde mercury cow antibiotic blood of embrio calves aluminium. …it goes on. Im so over dumb ppl

Vaccine Free Australia is another rabid anti-vaccination group.

Kiandra Jarrett:

Two of my family members have shared this. Infuriating to watch

Anna Kist:

Made me decide that she is a dumb twat.

Tammy C McLeod:

Fuck, I had to turn that shit off.

Margaret Smith:

made me want to vomit

Louise Woods:

Its very fitting they we have a comedian flying the flag for the vaccine mentality, cos its a HUGE JOKE that vaccines are presented as safe n effective n they think informed parents like dumb sheep will line their children up in front of the big pharma firing squad for target practice!!!!

Jenny Healy:

So sad that there are no real investigative journalists in the mainstream media, as if there were we wouldn’t see rubbish like this. Talk about biased. Never a balanced perspective in regards to such an important topic.

Rana Kordahi:

There should be vomit  emoticon

Dagmar Ganser:

Until you KNOW what you are talking about Kitty, please abstain from such rubbish. Please listen to the documentary series The Truth About Vaccines. Then, and only then, will you be able to shed light on the subject.


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