Dangerous homeopath SLAPPS Dan Buzzard

Dangerous, dishonest homeopath Francine Scrayen has gone for the last refuge of a health scoundrel. She has issued a cease and desist to Dan Buzzard:

Francine Scrayen sends me a Cease and Desist.

This is the same homeopath:

Penelope Dingle’s sister is suing the homeopath who persuaded the cancer victim to ignore conventional treatment in favour of fighting the deadly disease with alternative medicine.

The case made national headlines in 2010 when State Coroner Alastair Hope held an inquest into Mrs Dingle’s death, finding that her husband, Peter Dingle, and homeopath Francine Scrayen had played important roles in the decision.

Full article from The West Australian, here.

As I’ve said elsewhere, all my best wishes are with Penelope Dingle’s family in their action against Scrayen.

Francine Scrayen, after being shredded by the WA Coroner (courtesy Perth Now)

Hopefully Scrayen’s action against Dan will bring her despicable behaviour under greater public scrutiny.

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