David Icke and the Australian Vaccination Network

Meryl Dorey often screeches at the implication that she and her Australian Vaccination Network are fans of David Icke. As you can see, in this post, they will need to do better than mere denial and screeching that it just ain’t so.

So, it was with some amusement that AVN admin, B52 (the brave, anonymous B52), took delight in sharing a conspiracy video which was originally derped on the StopAVN page:

I actually found something on the SAVN wall worth sharing. Of course, it was posted by an opponent of SAVN but, all the same  🙂 B52

Other people took one for the team and watched as much as they could suffer. I only made it to around the 5 minute mark. That was enough. Look who’s talking, in this still from the video:

I’m not sure how this eases concerns that the AVN is, at heart, just a bunch of “rabid, idiotic fringe-dwellers“.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone rely on information presented by the AVN and Meryl Dorey. You may, however, be enlightened about the Illuminati.

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  1. AndyD says:

    Sorry Hank, but for those of us not familiar with all the various social media sites (and non-SAVN passers by), could you elaborate on what that pic is about and where it’s from? Ta.

  2. AndyD says:

    Actually, on re-reading, I see now that the pic is a screenshot from the video recommended by AVN. Didn’t look like a vid without the playbar. Sorry, Got it now. (Didn’t even begin to watch the vid).

  3. AndyD says:

    Thanks. I feel another blog coming on if I find the time tonight.

  4. @advodiaboli says:

    Icke on Burgermeister right?

    Another one for Dr. Brian Martin to dismiss as no proof of any interest in conspiracy theories.

    That can be gauged by Dorey’s refutation of the video. Heh.

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