Action Alert! Child sniffing homeopath also wants to lick your children

I’m a person of few words, as you would know already. This is a good thing; as I’m not really sure what to say, here. I just thought I should warn the public about this homeopath with some strange diagnostic methods.

Where is this person offering advice, you ask? On the Australian Vaccination Network Facebook page, of course. The homeopath can tell you better than I can, so…

Lock up ur chidrens and call child protection

Yeah, I don’t know either. But, it got better when I checked the post again, just now. Someone actually liked that comment: a chiropractor. Who’d of thought, eh?

Birds of a feather sup together, amirite?

I can’t even bring myself to say “NOM”.

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  1. It’s almost like he’s preparing a cookbook with recipes for unvaccinated children.

  2. Paul Bawden says:

    Vaccinated kids taste betterm the extra monkey puss really adds a certain “je ne sais qua” to the meal.

  3. Which brings us to the ultimate question. Do we pair the meal with a red or a white?

  4. Paul Bawden says:

    I think a bottle of 1945 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Jeroboam, would be rather nice this time of year, it costs $114,614 a bottle, but that doesnt matter because Big-Pharma is going to pick up the tab on this one. Thanks Big-Pharma, we love you.

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