The Astonishing Mister Michael R Jensen: homeopath

You know the line: I am rarely shocked by anything any more

Well, tonight I witnessed such an act of intellectual bastardry that I’m still aghast as I type.

I’ll be brief. Tonight ABC Television’s 730 program aired an awesome segment regarding the State and Federal Governments’ proposed withdrawal of funding for our free Pertussis boosters provided to parents and carers of babies.

Mr Michael R Jensen, a South Coast NSW homeopath, decided he would visit the 730 Facebook page. It was his usual incoherent raving, to which we have become unfortunately accustomed.

Jensen posted one of his home-made pieces of misinformation (which in itself is embarrassingly inept – Varicella notifications increased when Varicella was declared a notifiable disease – go figure). The only thing is, Jensen used this drivel to attack the Pertussis vaccine. Yeah, I know.

Yes: embarrassingly wrong, inept, and dishonest.

That was bad. However, what he did next is astonishing in its dishonesty, chicanery, and fraud.

He was roundly panned for the post above. He realised his mistake, in using his Varicella crayon drawing to attack the Pertussis vaccine. He politely directed others to see his “corrected” picture.

Ever the charmer

So, let’s have a look at his “corrected one” which he posted to show how his claims are above scrutiny, and that everyone who questions his claims are “quacks” and “morons”. You won’t believe this.

You really did that? I can’t believe you did that.

Oh, yes he did. He quickly painted over the Varicella text, and called it “Australian Government Official Statistics on Pertussis notifications”. He really did.

When called out again, he simply told people to “read the pic”.

We did read the pic. Twice. That’s why you’re in this mess, Fr Michael.

This person touts himself as the principal of a distance naturopathy course. This will be investigated; and this post will be sent to any and all accrediting bodies to which he is answerable (if they exist).

Jensen also has two YouTube channels: in one he calls himself “Dr Mike Jensen”, for his health series; in the other he calls himself “Fr Michael Jensen”, for his spirituality teachings (read cult leader in the process of unravelling).

I leave you with Father Michael Jensen: deluded healer, fraud, charlatan, mountebank…

Do not seek health advice from this person

Mr Jensen is also a friend of Meryl Dorey, and a frequent commenter on the AVN Facebook page. But, you probably knew that.

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