Monika Milka threatens the internet (oh, and health)

Today, homeopath to Wolverine, Adelaide renowned worm-killer, and Mycobacterium farmerMonika Milka, issued a legal threat to the internet.

She has warned the internet to stop using publicly available information, posted on her public Facebook page, or there will be legal ramifications for the misuse of her life misunderstandings.

I would go into more detail, but, all I really have to say is this. And, maybe this (2.4.). And this: you’re not very good at this are you?


Thanks to Scott Hansen for capturing this piece of Milka of Human Kindness. She replied on the above post, only to delete all the people questioning her abilities at, well, everything.

When all else looks dark, go for the barbed wire reach around, I always say.

Monika : truer words…and then some…  ♥♥♥

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27 Responses to Monika Milka threatens the internet (oh, and health)

  1. Dan Buzzard says:

    Oh, this is too easy. She doesn’t even pretend to have a brain.

  2. You know, I think trying to forbid your opponents quoting you is as old as the Internet. Trying to discredit your opponents by claiming they practise sodomy and SM is certainly at least as old as civilisation.

    Well, that’s me terrified into silence. I shall remove all references to her on my website forthwith.

  3. @advodiaboli says:

    Bwahahaha. She forgot to include “IT IS MY WILL”.
    What can I say? Nothing. I’ll leave it to a grieving wife:

    “In 2005, my husband, Ross, was diagnosed with cancer of the bile ducts. After surgery and various courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments failed to halt the diseases, my husband sought the help of Monica Milka who did ‘alternative therapies’. Monika assured my husband that she could cure him and commenced treating him with all types of sprays, medicines and injections. The many injections she gave to his stomach were to ‘kill the worms’ that were causing the problem but in fact left him very sore. She also took photos of his eyes and then showed him those supposed images on a computer screen, pointing out the ‘areas of improvement’ and telling him how well he was doing. Ross paid Monica over $500 per week. Initially he paid by visa card so received a receipt for this payment but later on he began to pay cash and no longer received any receipts.”
    Page 42 dear readers:

    • monika milka says:

      well well Val you never came into my clinic or even supoported your husband with any of his healing until you came across Julie Mitchelmore…who ha shares in buying Tontine pillows on special at a great price…you sat in the car in 40degrees heat & would not budge nor accept a glass of cold water from me…so sorry but you had no idea of the price or charges of his treatment…which after the first initial visit, where he obtain all his products which did cost $500.00 approximately & was 3 months supply of stock, & there after was only $150.00 which even my staff witnessed…however you didnt as you were not one bit supportive until you met Julie, who only was on the scene because of a orion testing I sent Ross for…& still have the remarkable & impressive results…not until you forbid him from taking my medicine & went with some internet suggested products which wre too harsh for him, coerce by Julie & which I may add cost $1000.00 a bottle of products that did not agree with him. Obviously, you had no idea of in his last breathes he made Peter drive him to me & confessed the whole ordeal you both put him through…not to mention …am I right in saying you were also having an affair with an employer in his machinery shed & his quality living on my tonics & treatment was causing you grief…I also have the photos framed & all of how he was able to race around the track with his sons…after he started my treatments, which were very successful to his healing…& one of his dreams to be able to do…oh & are you still lookking for the money he hid from you…oh tuff titty’s I know exactly where it is…& you will never know. The monies if ever exposed will be for his children, cause as much as you want to play the grieving widow…it aint cutting it with ME…now if you really want the true story…you may have to payt for it & I would think twice before you try & ruin anything good that was left to a dying man, which was your husband…so go see how much Julie can help you now…you evill bitches…!

      • Wait. You’re testing “who ha”s now? I hope you don’t inject them.

        Monika, you sound like Vicky Pollard.

      • Jason says:

        Ah. Homepathic grammar. Dilute your paragraph breaks down to zero and your argument is all the more powerful.


      • She spelt it wrong, it should be:

        You evil biatches…!

      • monika milka says:

        Hi reasonablehank, can you please remove this email & the one below with my mobile phone number. Being illiterate with this stuff, as you know & have mentioned in past comments. Being not very savvy, unlike you ,I was sending the emails without realizing they were not private & you were going to submit them to your blog.I wish them to be removed & appreciate your doing so, I would sincerely, like the whole blog on me removed, as on reading on this blog & other articles on myself, I have realized I should never have read them, however, thinking I was stronger & could handle it, I found it greatly distressed me & I am not as strong as I thought I was. These articles are mean & nasty & not researched & have given me much grief & still are from many angles & have also destroyed my spirit & soul & a big portion of my life since, this all went down in 2008. The issues have all been dealt with & trust me are going to haunt me & deter me for a very long time. I have paid a high penalty for this all & have lost more than you will ever realize. I am so very sorry for all this happening, more than anyone will ever know. I need to try & move on & I find it very hard with this bullying, mocking & taunting, which for anyone is a devastating price to pay. Especially, when no one has ever asked me the facts & really have no idea what went on. So once again can you please remove the two emails you submitted last night, the email to Val & my mobile phone number, which for some reason went under david’s post in reply. Cheers & Thank you.

      • Note: I have redacted Milka’s phone number. It is not my problem if she can not work out that commenting under a blog post means that you are commenting under a blog post. Everything else stays. The community needs to know the nature of the person providing them with health advice.

        Monika. Stick to take-away meals. Leave health care to the trained people who understand health care.

      • Kathy Isaacs says:

        You do understand that this was a quote from the SA Parliament’s report of the Inquiry into Bogus, Unregistered and Deregistered Health Practitioners, not a post from Val, right?

  4. Maybe her next tactic will be to post a “cease and desist” message on this public Facebook page and finish with GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY”! That’ll really scare people – not!

  5. dave says:

    Ironically I know this loonie well, and did at one stage have some massages and homopathic treatments from her. When she wanted to give me injections without the use of sterile swabs I realised how crazy and dangerous she was and never went back again

    • monika milka says:

      Oh david if I knew you were puzzled by the very large alcohol wipes, I ddin’t even think, about the little ones you are use to at home, recreational & all…no wonder you didnt know what they were…ofcourse I had alcohol wipes…seriously, while you were laying face down, its understandable you also couldn’t see the infestation of bacteria, you were harbouring & why I was treating you…oh how pleasurable it is sometimes to be blind, you really should be looking in your own backyard or back something…you are married & have children are you not…this hidden closet stuff is not acceptible…just saying hey, without prejudice & all…!

  6. Christine Bayne says:

    Monika, are you a registered therapist? If so, do you think it within the code of conduct to be conversing with a patient (current or not) in such a manner on a public blog post? I suggest David take the appropriate steps in ensuring that future patients of yours will not have details of their personal lives published by you for the world to see. It is disgraceful conduct from a health practitioner. The conduct of others, whether right or wrong, doesn’t excuse you from your professional responsibilities.

  7. Rhiana Miles says:

    Some people really are too stupid to be allowed on the internet………..

    Wait? Is this published on the blog as a comment on the blog comment section I just filled out? But this is my private thoughts and ILLEGAL for you to publish. Remove it forthwith.

  8. Sharon says:

    I had a run in with Ms Milka today. Apparently I’m on the “autism gravy train” 🙂

  9. What does it matter if a person has “Aspies” as you put it. Good luck if you ever try to go legal. It is defamatory against those of us who have an ASD, as you are wanting others to view him in a negative way because of his diagnosis. Good luck with that one. Silly, silly woman.

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  11. dan says:

    Hi reasonable hank. Monika has recently been banned from making claims that she can cure cancer and other conditions. Check out the prohibition notice on the Health and community services complaint commision’s website. It now appears she is now limiting her claims of curing illnesses to animals. Surely the veterinary surgeons board would be intetested in this.

  12. Dee Pol says:

    Monika popped up on Facebook recently – she’s back to flogging her useless ‘tonics’ to humans again…

    I don’t think she appreciated me bombing her page with links to the HCSCC directions letter…

    In the space of an hour or two – she scrubbed my comments & then blocked me from commenting…

    Not to worry – seems her page has gone tits up for the meantime…

    Quite happy to play whack-a-mole with her 😀

  13. While I do understand your enthusiasm concern Milka may have waned, as Dee noted she is quite active again. I have been engaged in a series of postings concerning her antics and thought you may be interested

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