Monika Milka threatens the internet (oh, and health)

Today, homeopath to Wolverine, Adelaide renowned worm-killer, and Mycobacterium farmerMonika Milka, issued a legal threat to the internet.

She has warned the internet to stop using publicly available information, posted on her public Facebook page, or there will be legal ramifications for the misuse of her life misunderstandings.

I would go into more detail, but, all I really have to say is this. And, maybe this (2.4.). And this: you’re not very good at this are you?


Thanks to Scott Hansen for capturing this piece of Milka of Human Kindness. She replied on the above post, only to delete all the people questioning her abilities at, well, everything.

When all else looks dark, go for the barbed wire reach around, I always say.

Monika : truer words…and then some…  ♥♥♥

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