That Measles Lie, by Meryl Dorey

Remember this? This is one of the many outrageous comments that led to the formation of a citizens activist group called Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network. This group had seen enough to believe that the deceptively titled Australian Vaccination Network, and it self-appointed President, Meryl Dorey, needed to be held to higher account. This is from April 26 2009:


Well, here is the evidence for that:

The WHO’s newest measles summary in the Weekly Epidemiological Record reports more than 26,000 cases of measles in 36 European countries from January-October 2011, with more than 14,000 of those in France.  Despite strong health systems, Western European countries have reported 83% of these cases. These outbreaks have caused nine deaths, including six in France, and 7288 hospitalizations.

And, here is an older post from Jason Brown citing more evidence for that: You didn’t die from it 30 years ago and you’re not going to die from it today.

Let’s fast forward over two years, and see where Dorey has changed her mind to better reflect the evidence (as any true skeptic would). This is from today, August 18 2012, on the AVN Facebook page:

Way to restate what you recanted to the HCCC, right?

Dorey has attempted a neat little trick, here. She is picking out a small cohort (children’s Measles deaths), conveniently ignoring the official statistics for deaths, and the serious long-term sequelae of contracting Measles as a child (for one example, SSPE anyone?).

This is from the Australian Immunisation Handbook:

In the 30 years (1976–2005) since measles vaccination was recommended in Australia, there have been 95 deaths recorded  from measles, 1 death in 2004 being the only one recorded since 1995.

So, what can we do to reduce Measles incidence and, therefore, Measles related deaths?

Immunise. Immunise. And Immunise.

Remember, all recent Measles outbreaks are traced back to unvaccinated individuals.

Measles immunisation confers immunity in 99% of those who receive the recommended schedule:

…approximately 5% of recipients fail to develop immunity to measles after 1 dose. Following a second vaccine dose, approximately 99% of subjects overall  will be immune to measles.

The vast majority of those who contract Measles are unvaccinated and undervaccinated (over 80 %).

Do not listen to untrained, unqualified anti-vaccination campaigners who attempt to tell you that Measles (and Pertussis) are benign diseases. Measles can kill. Measles can kill many years after infection. Having Measles is unpleasant for those who contract it.

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