Messenger’s Mendacious Mail-outs

Everyone remembers Stephanie Messenger: childhood infectious disease advocate? Her hideous childhood infectious disease advocacy book has been gaining some prominence again of late, given that it has unfortunately made its way on to the Amazon and Book Depository lists. Booktopia removed it, much to their credit.

I’ve just received an email outlining Messenger’s next foray into disease advocacy; video production. It’s all about the message with Messenger. Facts, substantiation, and all that other fancy stuff are for chumps, right? What really matters is that she can get enough stories together, regardless of veracity or accuracy, so she can paint a whopping big target around that stray Texan gunfire, thus proving that the truth is there; you’ve just got to make it up, and make it fit. It doesn’t matter if it’s only your gut instinct. Guts know more than health care professionals.

Here is Messenger’s email, from January 3 2013

My mission this year is to film as many stories about vaccine damage as possible. The reasoning behind this is to expose the damage being done on Youtube. I would like to place a story a week on this valuable medium.
Parents vaccinate out of fear of disease (and ignorance of side effects). They will also stop vaccinating out of fear of side effects.
The films will be between 3 and 5 minutes only – parents telling their story which they have prepared. No names need go on the film. It is a very effective tool to use testimonials from the actual people involved. If the kids are present as well that will add value, but is not Completely necessary.

As I am in Brisbane, I would like to do as many as possible here first and also Northern NSW – Ballina/Lismore and north, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and also west to Toowoomba. So, if you know people or are a person with personal experience of vaccine damage, please get in contact so we can make a time for me to come and do the filming. I will help you fine tune your script first so that it will run smoothly. I anticipate we’ll just need 1 hour tops. It does not matter if the child has recovered or the damage was minimal. What I have found from doing this work for 19 years now, is that people often do not know what side effects there are. If you do know your child is affected, you can be educating people about this. It also does not matter if it was 5 months ago, 5 years ago or 50 years ago. Let’s just get the stories out there.

It is not important whether the damage done has been confirmed by the medical industry. Parents, Mums in particular, know very well what has happened to their babies and children.
Please pass this on to other parents so we can get this rolling asap.
I would like the first one to go up on the 16th February as this is the Day of Remembrance for the Vaccine Damaged, Disabled and Deceased.
Thanks everyone for doing your bit to get this happening.
Stephanie Messenger


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0 Responses to Messenger’s Mendacious Mail-outs

  1. Jason says:

    Testimonials of vaccine damage without medical confirmation? Three words:

    Munchausen’s by Proxy

  2. Marty says:

    “They will also stop vaccinating out of fear of side effects.”

    Sounds like motive. As I’ve said many times before, if there’s a conspiracy, it’s between anti-vax proponents and the homoeopaths/chiropractors/[insert long list of quacks here] in order to boost their own business, and the only way they have to make illegitimate medicine lucrative is by making their “competition”, legitimate medicine, look bad.

  3. Jamie says:

    “I will help you fine tune your script” = “I will tell you exactly what to say”

  4. Christine Bayne says:

    I wonder how much bile rises in Stephanie’s throat when she utters the words “vaccination doesn’t cause SIDS” just to try and protect her SIDS organisation’s Deductible Gift Recipient status with the ATO. Those words must nearly choke her.

    And no mention of her own son who tragically passed away from a genetic disease? If she’s stopped blaming vaccinations for that, well, wonders never cease. I’m pleased to see she is completely upfront about the fear of side-effects will stop people from vaccinating. It’s an abhorrent thing to spread misinformation like this, but her honesty in why she’s doing it is refreshing when compared to the Dorey’s of this world.

  5. We can only hope that this film goes the same way as Helen and Orion Beaufort’s proposed film, “Unvaccinated America”, which never got off the ground due to sparse donations from the anti-vax crowd.

    Nonetheless I had to laugh at the Messenger’s quote, “The reasoning behind this is to expose the damage being done on Youtube”. Is she referring to Gangham Style or what?

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