Anti-vaccine chiropractors: is that compulsion obsessive?

Over a month ago I wrote a post investigating the prevalence of anti-vaccinationism amongst some of the leading lights of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia: The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia: the compulsion of anti-vaccinationism. In the post I highlighted an Adelaide chiropractor and CAA member, Todd Gignac, who had been posting some anti-vaccination misinformation on his Facebook page, in the lead-up to what was sure to be an anti-vaccination seminar.

After my post went around the traps Gignac removed all the anti-vaccine posts from his Facebook page, including a legendary graph from Raymond Obomsawin. Lucky we have screenshots, hey.

Today, in a re-hash of his vaccines didn’t save us gambit, Gignac posted another anti-vaccine screed, replete with Obomsawin. For a very thorough investigation of Obomsawin’s graphs, please see this post from Robert Webb: Analysis of Anti-Vax Graphs.

Gignac prefaces the post:

Hmmm…makes one wonder about all the other diseases that we attribute vaccination  for abolishing.  Sure would be easy for the drug industry to lay claim  and propagandize for decades until it became “obvious” to the public.  Folks, is it possible that the drug industry, the government, and the  media in which they control ARE NOT being transparent?  P.S. similar graphs are readily available for Polio, Measles, etc.

So intellectually dishonest

So pretty…so wrong…so intellectually dishonest

I don’t know what it is with these guys. They have been roundly criticised for their incorrect information and their inept grasp of what constitutes appropriate health care provision…yet, they continue to do it.

This compulsion toward anti-vaccinationism: is it obsessive? Is it pathological? Is it appropriate? The biggest question for the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia is: is it ethical?

Let’s see if this graph also gets deleted from Gignac’s page, only to require another blog post in a month, when he does it again. If he is doing this in public, then, what the hell is he saying in private, to his customers?

As before, here are the contact details for AHPRA, who should be notified about this guy.

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