Media Watch, WIN TV, and the anti-vaccine Meryl Dorey

Only three days ago I wrote that findings had been handed down against the arrogant and recalcitrant WIN TV, by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA):  “WIN TV breached for vaccination story” – ACMA. WIN News – with the now overseas based journalist Michaela Gray in charge – included anti-vaccination zealot Meryl Dorey in an otherwise accurate news segment. Dorey was allowed to link autism and vaccines, in a news segment, in the middle of a Measles outbreak.

From the ACMA press release:

Included in the story was the following unqualified statement made by a non-expert: ‘All vaccinations, in the medical literature, have been linked with the possibility of causing autism…’

Tonight Media Watch followed up its story, on this very topic, from last year. And, again, Jonathan Holmes concisely stated what everyone is thinking: ACMA does not have enough power to force on-air corrections to be made, especially in such important areas such as public health; even when we would expect the broadcaster to admit fault and correct the record, without compulsion, for the sake of their viewers. WIN just refuses to carry out its ethical responsibilities. As Jonathan Holmes states:

…WIN TV has refused. And there’s nothing more the ACMA can do. It’s been asking for years for the power to order on-air corrections. The issue is being considered right now by a Senate Committee which is due to report next week.

In my view, WIN TV shouldn’t need to be compelled. It should just do it.


In this regard, WIN TV is no better than Meryl Dorey herself. The hubris shown by WIN will lead to tighter regulation, due to the hubris of WIN. Sound familiar?

Here is tonight’s segment. Enjoy:

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