Quick update – Billy DeMoss and the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia

Over the last few months I’ve been following the links between the anti-vaccination movement and chiropractic, in Australia. Previous posts can be found here.

Recently I came across a Californian chiropractor named Billy DeMoss. There ain’t a conspiracy he don’t like, bro. DeMoss is always welcome Down Here by board members of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. This is of great concern.

Tonight DeMoss shared this screed. I won’t go through it. The whole thing is false, and defamatory. Remember, this guy is welcome here by the premier chiropractic representative body, the CAA.

DeMoss 17 Paul Offit etcBut, he went one better. He went the whole Wakefield. He went the whole Wakefield-is-a-hero. This is to be expected from DeMoss. I’d be surprised if he didn’t go there, given he has previously Icked out. But, I want you to pay close attention to one of the people who liked this foam.

DeMoss 18 Wakefield Shakespeare likesSee where it says “Adjustasaurus Rex”? Well, this is Tim Shakespeare, CAANSW Board Member; he practices at Healing Wave Chiropractic in the Newcastle area.

A Board Member of the NSW Branch of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia likes this:

one of the highlights of THE WAVE for me was listening to and meeting Dr Andrew Wakefield who has always been one of my heroes for standing up against corporate greed and the dope/vaccine cartel

No wonder there is a gulf of incredulity which exists between what we say and what we do.

Do everyone a favour, and stop wasting everyone’s time: if you are an anti-vaccine chiropractor just come out and say so.

Update August 8 2013

DeMoss has posted a supercapslock version of his MMR has a “total 100% association with the autism epidemic” lie, in this video. Forward to 1:10. It’s an eye opener. Still welcome Down Under, CAA?

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