Quick update – Billy DeMoss and the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia

Over the last few months I’ve been following the links between the anti-vaccination movement and chiropractic, in Australia. Previous posts can be found here.

Recently I came across a Californian chiropractor named Billy DeMoss. There ain’t a conspiracy he don’t like, bro. DeMoss is always welcome Down Here by board members of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. This is of great concern.

Tonight DeMoss shared this screed. I won’t go through it. The whole thing is false, and defamatory. Remember, this guy is welcome here by the premier chiropractic representative body, the CAA.

DeMoss 17 Paul Offit etcBut, he went one better. He went the whole Wakefield. He went the whole Wakefield-is-a-hero. This is to be expected from DeMoss. I’d be surprised if he didn’t go there, given he has previously Icked out. But, I want you to pay close attention to one of the people who liked this foam.

DeMoss 18 Wakefield Shakespeare likesSee where it says “Adjustasaurus Rex”? Well, this is Tim Shakespeare, CAANSW Board Member; he practices at Healing Wave Chiropractic in the Newcastle area.

A Board Member of the NSW Branch of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia likes this:

one of the highlights of THE WAVE for me was listening to and meeting Dr Andrew Wakefield who has always been one of my heroes for standing up against corporate greed and the dope/vaccine cartel

No wonder there is a gulf of incredulity which exists between what we say and what we do.

Do everyone a favour, and stop wasting everyone’s time: if you are an anti-vaccine chiropractor just come out and say so.

Update August 8 2013

DeMoss has posted a supercapslock version of his MMR has a “total 100% association with the autism epidemic” lie, in this video. Forward to 1:10. It’s an eye opener. Still welcome Down Under, CAA?

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16 Responses to Quick update – Billy DeMoss and the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia

  1. @advodiaboli says:

    NURSE! The paranoid obsessive bald man is making even less sense these days.

  2. Can I get a refund on the 10 minutes, 12 seconds, I spent listening to Billy D? I think I lost some brain cells.

  3. Andy says:

    But Wakefield was a vaccine developer. He wasn’t anti-vaccine. Surely he’s part of the “dope/vaccine cartel”?!?

    Now, tell me, if the CAA are strong opponents of vaccination and the CBA have today issued an order for all anti-vax material to be removed from chiro clinics, where will the showdown be held – and are there tickets available?

    • Anonymous says:

      Due to regulations and CBA taking away freedom of speech for Chiropractors concerning vaccination, as a Chiropractor in Australia I cannot comment either for or against vaccines as it is seen as outside my scope of practice. Billy is in tge US and can say what he wants. Don’t drag the rants of an outsider in here. If I agree with him or not is none of your business and a personal choice. Same said for CAA board members.

      • Heh. I don’t think you understand the point of this series. It is to highlight instances where Australian chiropractors display their anti-vaccinationism. DeMoss is a lovely vehicle for this to happen. He is all the crazy. That CAA members, and ASRF board members, like his rants is extremely telling.

        Don’t go the old “freedom of speech” argument. It’s nothing of the kind. It’s about best practice. Anti-vaccinationism is not best practice. It is embarrassing. You should be embarrassed. I’m going to start a petition calling for Free Speech to usurp Patriotism as the last refuge of the scoundrel.

      • M smith says:

        The issue is simple.

        We have two things going in here

        This man talks utter nonsense. Pseudo scientific twaddle. It is so far removed from scientific reality it can’t even see it in the rearview mirror any more. What he says is completely asinine.

        A great number of chiropractors in Australia are being taken to task for their non evidenced based claims and beliefs. Whether it be the completely ridiculous subluxation theory of disease (we even have CAA regional board members calling it a vertebral “dislocation”) , or their dangerous and ill founded anti vax ideology.

        Now the fact that many people represented in item 2 (including CAA board members) like the rantings of the man from item 1 is telling. No one with even an ounce of scientific credibility can think this man is talking any sort of sense. To actively endorse this man as some of them do is shameful.

  4. @seminyaksunset says:

    Zombie pseudo science wandering the graveyards of intelligence.

  5. Rod Craven says:

    I read some of DeMoss’ crap on his FB page. Then I wanted to breath in some car exhaust fumes. Only problem was, I didn’t have a car.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea he’s out there. Has the guts to raise some facts. So what if what he says in his own unique way is true? I have personally had reactions to a vaccine. The MMR dit not stop me from getting mumps or rubella. There is more going on than we are led to believe.

      • Facts? You have just stated that Billy DeMoss states facts. Have you heard of the Nirvana Fallacy? You really ought to bone up on your vaccine claims, Jan. Can you just confirm to me that you are chiropractor Jan Jones of Townsville?

      • M smith says:

        We have a great difference of opinion over what the “facts” are.

        I would suggest your “facts” are rather just opinion. The evidenced based “facts” do not support yours, or in fact Billy’s, opinions.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do you ask? What does my oppinion or stance on vaccines matter?So you can add me to your list? I don’t push it on any of my patients. You won’t find a single article written by me on the subject. I have never done a talk on the subject. I don’t have any antivaccine info at the practise available from me to patients. If patients ask I tell them to research the subject and make their own informed decision. And yes my kids have received vaccines. All of them? No, only ones for lifethreatening diseases, I do come from Africa where some of them are still very much active. Do I stick to the rules? As best I can. Anything else you want to know? Feel free to e-mail me. Does this qualify for your list? Now you know exactly where I stand. The reason I commented is that I am tired of my profession being made out as crazy lunatics and the examples used or mentioned are usually the minority in the profession. I am here to help people. Isn’t that what all health professions are about? We all want to better the world, help people live long and healthy. Our overall goal is the same. Yes there are different views and philosophies. That makes us human. We are inquisitive creatures. God made us that way. Yes I am a Christian.

      • Answer my question. Are you Jan Jones, chiropractor from Townsville?

        You say: “The reason I commented is that I am tired of my profession being made out as crazy lunatics and the examples used or mentioned are usually the minority in the profession.”

        You are commenting here as a chiropractor. And yet you state that DeMoss states facts.

      • Anonymous says:

        Seeing that you are already reading into comments, what do you think? I said he mentioned some facts. He said there can be side-effects. He said there is profit made from vaccines. Pretty sure these are facts. So reasonablehank how come you write on this? What is your gripe with chiropractic? Why are you witchhunting? Have even been to a chiropractor and followed care? If not what makes you qualified,Peter Tierney, to make these statement? Or is this all for personal gain.

      • “What is your gripe with chiropractic?”
        – My gripe is with anti-vaccinationists who are chiropractors, at the moment.
        “Why are you witchhunting?”
        – DRINK
        “Have even been to a chiropractor and followed care?”
        – What has this got to do with anti-vaccine chiropractors? In any case, many decades ago, yes.
        “If not what makes you qualified,Peter Tierney, to make these statement? Or is this all for personal gain.”
        – Again, what this has to do with anti-vaccination chiropractors making anti-vaccination statements and being held to account for making anti-vaccination statements, I don’t know.

        Can you confirm you are Jan Jones, Townsville chiropractor. Are you a member of the CAA? Because, here you are, a chiropractor, defending anti-vaccination wingnuttery, on a public forum, and accusing me of having some finger in some pie for writing about it.

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